All words with 9 letters or fewer in the OWL2, with definitions
AA : rough, cindery lava [n -S]
AAH : to exclaim in amazement, joy, or surprise [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AAHED : aah [v]
AAHING : aah [v]
AAHS : aah [v]
AAL : an East Indian shrub [n -S]
AALII : a tropical tree [n -S]
AALIIS : aalii [n]
AALS : aal [n]
AARDVARK : an African mammal [n -S]
AARDVARKS : aardvark [n]
AARDWOLF : an African mammal [n -WOLVES]
AARGH : used to express disgust [interj]
AARRGH : aargh [interj]
AARRGHH : aargh [interj]
AAS : aa [n]
AASVOGEL : a vulture [n -S]
AASVOGELS : aasvogel [n]
AB : an abdominal muscle [n -S]
ABA : a sleeveless garment worn by Arabs [n -S]
ABACA : a Philippine plant [n -S]
ABACAS : abaca [n]
ABACI : abacus [n]
ABACK : toward the back [adv]
ABACUS : a calculating device [n -CI or -CUSES]
ABACUSES : abacus [n]
ABAFT : toward the stern [adv]
ABAKA : abaca [n -S]
ABAKAS : abaka [n]
ABALONE : an edible shellfish [n -S]
ABALONES : abalone [n]
ABAMP : abampere [n -S]
ABAMPERE : a unit of electric current [n -S]
ABAMPERES : abampere [n]
ABAMPS : abamp [n]
ABANDON : to leave or give up completely [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABANDONED : abandon [v]
ABANDONS : abandon [v]
ABAPICAL : directed away from the apex [adj]
ABAS : aba [n]
ABASE : to lower in rank, prestige, or esteem [v ABASED, ABASING, ABASES] : ABASEDLY [adv]
ABASED : abase [v]
ABASEDLY : abase [adv]
ABASER : one that abases [n -S]
ABASERS : abaser [n]
ABASES : abase [v]
ABASH : to make ashamed or embarrassed [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ABASHED : abash [v]
ABASHES : abash [v]
ABASHING : abash [v]
ABASIA : a defect in muscular coordination in walking [n -S]
ABASIAS : abasia [n]
ABASING : abase [v]
ABATABLE : abate [adj]
ABATE : to reduce in degree or intensity [v ABATED, ABATING, ABATES] : ABATABLE [adj]
ABATED : abate [v]
ABATER : one that abates [n -S]
ABATERS : abater [n]
ABATES : abate [v]
ABATING : abate [v]
ABATIS : a barrier made of felled trees [n ABATISES]
ABATISES : abatis [n]
ABATOR : one that unlawfully seizes an inheritance [n -S]
ABATORS : abator [n]
ABATTIS : abatis [n -TISES]
ABATTISES : abattis [n]
ABATTOIR : a slaughterhouse [n -S]
ABATTOIRS : abattoir [n]
ABAXIAL : situated away from the axis [adj]
ABAXILE : abaxial [adj]
ABAYA : a long loose robe worn by Arab women [n -S]
ABAYAS : abaya [n]
ABBA : father -- used as a title of honor [n -S]
ABBACIES : abbacy [n]
ABBACY : the office of an abbot [n -CIES]
ABBAS : abba [n]
ABBATIAL : pertaining to an abbot [adj]
ABBE : an abbot [n -S]
ABBES : abbe [n]
ABBESS : the female superior of a convent of nuns [n -ES]
ABBESSES : abbess [n]
ABBEY : a monastery or convent [n -BEYS]
ABBEYS : abbey [n]
ABBOT : the superior of a monastery [n -S]
ABBOTCIES : abbotcy [n]
ABBOTCY : abbacy [n -CIES]
ABBOTS : abbot [n]
ABDICATE : to give up formally [v -CATED, -CATING, -CATES]
ABDICATED : abdicate [v]
ABDICATES : abdicate [v]
ABDOMEN : the body cavity containing the viscera [n -MENS or -MINA]
ABDOMENS : abdomen [n]
ABDOMINA : abdomen [n]
ABDUCE : to abduct [v -DUCED, -DUCING, -DUCES]
ABDUCED : abduce [v]
ABDUCENS : a cranial nerve [n -CENTES]
ABDUCENT : serving to abduct [adj]
ABDUCES : abduce [v]
ABDUCING : abduce [v]
ABDUCT : to draw away from the original position [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABDUCTED : abduct [v]
ABDUCTEE : one that has been abducted [n -S]
ABDUCTEES : abductee [n]
ABDUCTING : abduct [v]
ABDUCTOR : an abducent muscle [n -ES or -S]
ABDUCTORS : abductor [n]
ABDUCTS : abduct [v]
ABEAM : at right angles to the keel of a ship [adv]
ABED : in bed [adv]
ABEGGING : begging [adj]
ABELE : a Eurasian tree [n -S]
ABELES : abele [n]
ABELIA : an Asian or Mexican shrub [n -S]
ABELIAN : being a commutative group in mathematics [adj]
ABELIAS : abelia [n]
ABELMOSK : a tropical herb [n -S]
ABELMOSKS : abelmosk [n]
ABERRANT : a deviant [n -S]
ABERRANTS : aberrant [n]
ABET : to encourage and support [v ABETTED, ABETTING, ABETS]
ABETMENT : the act of abetting [n -S]
ABETMENTS : abetment [n]
ABETS : abet [v]
ABETTAL : abetment [n -S]
ABETTALS : abettal [n]
ABETTED : abet [v]
ABETTER : abettor [n -S]
ABETTERS : abetter [n]
ABETTING : abet [v]
ABETTOR : one that abets [n -S]
ABETTORS : abettor [n]
ABEYANCE : temporary inactivity [n -S]
ABEYANCES : abeyance [n]
ABEYANCY : abeyance [n -CIES]
ABEYANT : marked by abeyance [adj]
ABFARAD : a unit of capacitance [n -S]
ABFARADS : abfarad [n]
ABHENRIES : abhenry [n]
ABHENRY : a unit of inductance [n -RIES or -RYS]
ABHENRYS : abhenry [n]
ABHOR : to loathe [v -HORRED, -HORRING, -HORS]
ABHORRED : abhor [v]
ABHORRER : one that abhors [n -S]
ABHORRERS : abhorrer [n]
ABHORRING : abhor [v]
ABHORS : abhor [v]
ABIDANCE : the act of abiding [n -S]
ABIDANCES : abidance [n]
ABIDE : to accept without objection [v ABODE or ABIDED, ABIDING, ABIDES]
ABIDED : abide [v]
ABIDER : one that abides [n -S]
ABIDERS : abider [n]
ABIDES : abide [v]
ABIDING : abide [v]
ABIGAIL : a lady’s maid [n -S]
ABIGAILS : abigail [n]
ABILITIES : ability [n]
ABILITY : the quality of being able to do something [n -TIES]
ABIOSES : abiosis [n]
ABIOSIS : absence of life [n -OSES] : ABIOTIC [adj]
ABIOTIC : abiosis [adj]
ABJECT : sunk to a low condition [adj] : ABJECTLY [adv]
ABJECTLY : abject [adv]
ABJURE : to renounce under oath [v -JURED, -JURING, -JURES]
ABJURED : abjure [v]
ABJURER : one that abjures [n -S]
ABJURERS : abjurer [n]
ABJURES : abjure [v]
ABJURING : abjure [v]
ABLATE : to remove by cutting [v -LATED, -LATING, -LATES]
ABLATED : ablate [v]
ABLATES : ablate [v]
ABLATING : ablate [v]
ABLATION : surgical removal of a bodily part [n -S]
ABLATIONS : ablation [n]
ABLATIVE : a grammatical case [n -S]
ABLATIVES : ablative [n]
ABLATOR : one that ablates [n -S]
ABLATORS : ablator [n]
ABLAUT : a patterned change in root vowels of verb forms [n -S]
ABLAUTS : ablaut [n]
ABLAZE : being on fire [adj]
ABLE : having sufficient power, skill, or resources [adj ABLER, ABLEST] / a communications code word for the letter A [n -S]
ABLED : capable of unimpaired function [adj]
ABLEGATE : a papal envoy [n -S]
ABLEGATES : ablegate [n]
ABLEISM : prejudice or discrimination against disabled people [n -S]
ABLEISMS : ableism [n]
ABLEIST : one that practices ableism [n -S]
ABLEISTS : ableist [n]
ABLER : able [adj]
ABLES : able [n]
ABLEST : able [adj]
ABLINGS : ablins [adv]
ABLINS : perhaps [adv]
ABLOOM : blooming [adj]
ABLUENT : a cleansing agent [n -S]
ABLUENTS : abluent [n]
ABLUSH : blushing [adj]
ABLUTED : washed clean [adj]
ABLUTION : a washing [n -S]
ABLUTIONS : ablution [n]
ABLY : in an able manner [adv]
ABMHO : a unit of electrical conductance [n -MHOS]
ABMHOS : abmho [n]
ABNEGATE : to deny to oneself [v -GATED, -GATING, -GATES]
ABNEGATED : abnegate [v]
ABNEGATES : abnegate [v]
ABNORMAL : a mentally deficient person [n -S]
ABNORMALS : abnormal [n]
ABO : an aborigine (an original inhabitant) -- an offensive term [n -S]
ABOARD : into, in, or on a ship, train, or airplane [adv]
ABODED : abode [v]
ABODES : abode [v]
ABODING : abode [v]
ABOHM : a unit of electrical resistance [n -S]
ABOHMS : abohm [n]
ABOIDEAU : a type of dike [n -DEAUS or -DEAUX]
ABOIDEAUS : aboideau [n]
ABOIDEAUX : aboideau [n]
ABOIL : boiling [adj]
ABOITEAU : aboideau [n -TEAUS or -TEAUX]
ABOITEAUS : aboiteau [n]
ABOITEAUX : aboiteau [n]
ABOLISH : to do away with [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ABOLISHED : abolish [v]
ABOLISHES : abolish [v]
ABOLLA : a cloak worn in ancient Rome [n -LAE]
ABOLLAE : abolla [n]
ABOMA : a South American snake [n -S]
ABOMAS : aboma [n]
ABOMASA : abomasum [n]
ABOMASAL : pertaining to the abomasum [adj]
ABOMASI : abomasus [n]
ABOMASUM : the fourth stomach of a ruminant [n -SA]
ABOMASUS : abomasum [n -MASI]
ABOON : above [adv]
ABORAL : situated away from the mouth [adj] : ABORALLY [adv]
ABORALLY : aboral [adv]
ABORNING : while being born [adv]
ABORT : to bring forth a fetus prematurely [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABORTED : abort [v]
ABORTER : one that aborts [n -S]
ABORTERS : aborter [n]
ABORTING : abort [v]
ABORTION : induced expulsion of a nonviable fetus [n -S]
ABORTIONS : abortion [n]
ABORTIVE : failing to succeed [adj]
ABORTS : abort [v]
ABORTUS : an aborted fetus [n -ES]
ABORTUSES : abortus [n]
ABOS : abo [n]
ABOUGHT : abye [v]
ABOULIA : abulia [n -S] : ABOULIC [adj]
ABOULIAS : aboulia [n]
ABOULIC : aboulia [adj]
ABOUND : to have a large number or amount [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABOUNDED : abound [v]
ABOUNDING : abound [v]
ABOUNDS : abound [v]
ABOUT : approximately [adv]
ABOVE : something that is above (in a higher place) [n -S]
ABOVES : above [n]
ABRACHIA : a lack of arms [n -S]
ABRACHIAS : abrachia [n]
ABRADANT : an abrasive [n -S]
ABRADANTS : abradant [n]
ABRADE : to wear away by friction [v ABRADED, ABRADING, ABRADES]
ABRADED : abrade [v]
ABRADER : a tool for abrading [n -S]
ABRADERS : abrader [n]
ABRADES : abrade [v]
ABRADING : abrade [v]
ABRASION : the act of abrading [n -S]
ABRASIONS : abrasion [n]
ABRASIVE : an abrading substance [n -S]
ABRASIVES : abrasive [n]
ABREACT : to release repressed emotions by reliving the original traumatic experience [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABREACTED : abreact [v]
ABREACTS : abreact [v]
ABREAST : side by side [adv]
ABRI : a bomb shelter [n -S]
ABRIDGE : to reduce the length of [v ABRIDGED, ABRIDGING, ABRIDGES]
ABRIDGED : abridge [v]
ABRIDGER : one that abridges [n -S]
ABRIDGERS : abridger [n]
ABRIDGES : abridge [v]
ABRIDGING : abridge [v]
ABRIS : abri [n]
ABROACH : astir [adj]
ABROAD : out of one’s own country [adv]
ABROGATE : to abolish by authoritative action [v -GATED, -GATING, -GATES]
ABROGATED : abrogate [v]
ABROGATES : abrogate [v]
ABROSIA : a fasting from food [n -S]
ABROSIAS : abrosia [n]
ABRUPT : rudely brief [adj -RUPTER, -RUPTEST] : ABRUPTLY [adv]
ABRUPTER : abrupt [adj]
ABRUPTEST : abrupt [adj]
ABRUPTLY : abrupt [adv]
ABS : ab [n]
ABSCESS : to form an abscess (a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ABSCESSED : abscess [v]
ABSCESSES : abscess [v]
ABSCISED : abscise [v]
ABSCISES : abscise [v]
ABSCISIN : a regulatory substance found in plants [n -S]
ABSCISING : abscise [v]
ABSCISINS : abscisin [n]
ABSCISSA : a particular geometric coordinate [n -SAS or -SAE]
ABSCISSAE : abscissa [n]
ABSCISSAS : abscissa [n]
ABSCOND : to depart suddenly and secretly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABSCONDED : abscond [v]
ABSCONDS : abscond [v]
ABSEIL : to rappel [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABSEILED : abseil [v]
ABSEILING : abseil [v]
ABSEILS : abseil [v]
ABSENCE : the state of being away [n -S]
ABSENCES : absence [n]
ABSENT : to take or keep away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABSENTED : absent [v]
ABSENTEE : one that is not present [n -S]
ABSENTEES : absentee [n]
ABSENTER : one that absents himself [n -S]
ABSENTERS : absenter [n]
ABSENTING : absent [v]
ABSENTLY : in an inattentive manner [adv]
ABSENTS : absent [v]
ABSINTH : absinthe [n -S]
ABSINTHE : a bitter liqueur [n -S]
ABSINTHES : absinthe [n]
ABSINTHS : absinth [n]
ABSOLUTE : free from restriction [adj -LUTER, -LUTEST] / something that is absolute [n -S]
ABSOLUTER : absolute [adj]
ABSOLUTES : absolute [n]
ABSOLVE : to free from the consequences of an action [v -SOLVED, -SOLVING, -SOLVES]
ABSOLVED : absolve [v]
ABSOLVER : one that absolves [n -S]
ABSOLVERS : absolver [n]
ABSOLVES : absolve [v]
ABSOLVING : absolve [v]
ABSONANT : unreasonable [adj]
ABSORB : to take up or in [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABSORBED : absorb [v]
ABSORBER : one that absorbs [n -S]
ABSORBERS : absorber [n]
ABSORBING : absorb [v]
ABSORBS : absorb [v]
ABSTAIN : to refrain voluntarily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABSTAINED : abstain [v]
ABSTAINS : abstain [v]
ABSTERGE : to cleanse by wiping [v -STERGED, -STERGING, -STERGES]
ABSTERGED : absterge [v]
ABSTERGES : absterge [v]
ABSTRACT : difficult to understand [adj -STRACTER, -STRACTEST] / to take away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABSTRACTS : abstract [v]
ABSTRICT : to form by cutting off [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ABSTRICTS : abstrict [v]
ABSTRUSE : difficult to understand [adj -STRUSER, -STRUSEST]
ABSTRUSER : abstruse [adj]
ABSURD : ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable [adj -SURDER, -SURDEST] : ABSURDLY [adv] / the condition in which man exists in an irrational and meaningless universe [n -S]
ABSURDER : absurd [adj]
ABSURDEST : absurd [adj]
ABSURDLY : absurd [adv]
ABSURDS : absurd [n]
ABUBBLE : bubbling [adj]
ABULIA : loss of will power [n -S] : ABULIC [adj]
ABULIAS : abulia [n]
ABULIC : abulia [adj]
ABUNDANT : in great quantity [adj present]
ABUSABLE : abuse [adj]
ABUSE : to use wrongly or improperly [v ABUSED, ABUSING, ABUSES] : ABUSABLE [adj]
ABUSED : abuse [v]
ABUSER : one that abuses [n -S]
ABUSERS : abuser [n]
ABUSES : abuse [v]
ABUSING : abuse [v]
ABUSIVE : characterized by wrong or improper use [adj]
ABUT : to touch along a border [v ABUTTED, ABUTTING, ABUTS]
ABUTILON : a flowering plant [n -S]
ABUTILONS : abutilon [n]
ABUTMENT : something that abuts [n -S]
ABUTMENTS : abutment [n]
ABUTS : abut [v]
ABUTTAL : an abutment [n -S]
ABUTTALS : abuttal [n]
ABUTTED : abut [v]
ABUTTER : one that abuts [n -S]
ABUTTERS : abutter [n]
ABUTTING : abut [v]
ABUZZ : buzzing [adj]
ABVOLT : a unit of electromotive force [n -S]
ABVOLTS : abvolt [n]
ABWATT : a unit of power [n -S]
ABWATTS : abwatt [n]
ABY : to pay the penalty for [v ABOUGHT, ABYING, ABYS]
ABYES : abye [v]
ABYING : abye [v]
ABYS : aby [v]
ABYSM : an abyss [n -S]
ABYSMAL : immeasurably deep [adj]
ABYSMS : abysm [n]
ABYSS : a bottomless chasm [n -ES] : ABYSSAL [adj]
ABYSSAL : abyss [adj]
ABYSSES : abyss [n]
ACACIA : a flowering tree or shrub [n -S]
ACACIAS : acacia [n]
ACADEME : a place of instruction [n -S]
ACADEMES : academe [n]
ACADEMIA : scholastic life or environment [n -S]
ACADEMIAS : academia [n]
ACADEMIC : a college student or teacher [n -S]
ACADEMICS : academic [n]
ACADEMIES : academy [n]
ACADEMY : a secondary school [n -MIES]
ACAJOU : a tropical tree [n -S]
ACAJOUS : acajou [n]
ACALEPH : a jellyfish [n -LEPHAE or -LEPHS]
ACALEPHAE : acaleph [n]
ACALEPHE : acaleph [n -S]
ACALEPHES : acalephe [n]
ACALEPHS : acaleph [n]
ACANTHA : a sharp spiny part [n -THAE]
ACANTHAE : acantha [n]
ACANTHI : acanthus [n]
ACANTHUS : a prickly herb [n -THI or -THUSES]
ACAPNIA : a lack of carbon dioxide in blood and tissues [n -S]
ACAPNIAS : acapnia [n]
ACARBOSE : a drug for treating diabetes [n -S]
ACARBOSES : acarbose [n]
ACARI : acarus [n]
ACARID : a type of arachnid [n -S]
ACARIDAN : acarid [n -S]
ACARIDANS : acaridan [n]
ACARIDS : acarid [n]
ACARINE : acarid [n -S]
ACARINES : acarine [n]
ACAROID : resembling an acarid [adj]
ACARPOUS : not producing fruit [adj]
ACARUS : a mite [n -RI]
ACAUDAL : having no tail [adj]
ACAUDATE : acaudal [adj]
ACAULINE : having no stem [adj]
ACAULOSE : acauline [adj]
ACAULOUS : acauline [adj]
ACCEDE : to consent [v -CEDED, -CEDING, -CEDES]
ACCEDED : accede [v]
ACCEDER : one that accedes [n -S]
ACCEDERS : acceder [n]
ACCEDES : accede [v]
ACCEDING : accede [v]
ACCENT : to pronounce with prominence [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCENTED : accent [v]
ACCENTING : accent [v]
ACCENTOR : a songbird [n -S]
ACCENTORS : accentor [n]
ACCENTS : accent [v]
ACCEPT : to receive willingly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCEPTED : accept [v]
ACCEPTEE : one that is accepted [n -S]
ACCEPTEES : acceptee [n]
ACCEPTER : one that accepts [n -S]
ACCEPTERS : accepter [n]
ACCEPTING : accept [v]
ACCEPTOR : accepter [n -S]
ACCEPTORS : acceptor [n]
ACCEPTS : accept [v]
ACCESS : to get at [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ACCESSED : access [v]
ACCESSES : access [v]
ACCESSING : access [v]
ACCIDENT : an unexpected or unintentional occurrence [n -S]
ACCIDENTS : accident [n]
ACCIDIA : acedia [n -S]
ACCIDIAS : accidia [n]
ACCIDIE : acedia [n -S]
ACCIDIES : accidie [n]
ACCLAIM : to shout approval of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCLAIMED : acclaim [v]
ACCLAIMS : acclaim [v]
ACCOLADE : an expression of praise [n -S]
ACCOLADES : accolade [n]
ACCORD : to bring into agreement [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCORDED : accord [v]
ACCORDER : one that accords [n -S]
ACCORDERS : accorder [n]
ACCORDING : accord [v]
ACCORDS : accord [v]
ACCOST : to approach and speak to first [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCOSTED : accost [v]
ACCOSTING : accost [v]
ACCOSTS : accost [v]
ACCOUNT : to give an explanation [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCOUNTED : account [v]
ACCOUNTS : account [v]
ACCOUTER : to equip [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCOUTERS : accouter [v]
ACCOUTRE : to accouter [v -TRED, -TRING, -TRES]
ACCOUTRED : accoutre [v]
ACCOUTRES : accoutre [v]
ACCREDIT : to give official authorization to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCREDITS : accredit [v]
ACCRETE : to grow together [v -CRETED, -CRETING, -CRETES]
ACCRETED : accrete [v]
ACCRETES : accrete [v]
ACCRETING : accrete [v]
ACCRUAL : the act of accruing [n -S]
ACCRUALS : accrual [n]
ACCRUE : to come as an increase or addition [v -CRUED, -CRUING, -CRUES]
ACCRUED : accrue [v]
ACCRUES : accrue [v]
ACCRUING : accrue [v]
ACCURACY : the quality of being accurate [n -CIES]
ACCURATE : free from error [adj]
ACCURSED : damnable [adj]
ACCURST : accursed [adj]
ACCUSAL : the act of accusing [n -S]
ACCUSALS : accusal [n]
ACCUSANT : an accuser [n -S]
ACCUSANTS : accusant [n]
ACCUSE : to make an assertion against [v -CUSED, -CUSING, -CUSES]
ACCUSED : accuse [v]
ACCUSER : one that accuses [n -S]
ACCUSERS : accuser [n]
ACCUSES : accuse [v]
ACCUSING : accuse [v]
ACCUSTOM : to make familiar [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACCUSTOMS : accustom [v]
ACE : to score a point against in a single stroke [v ACED, ACING, ACES]
ACED : ace [v]
ACEDIA : apathy [n -S]
ACEDIAS : acedia [n]
ACELDAMA : a place of bloodshed [n -S]
ACELDAMAS : aceldama [n]
ACENTRIC : having no center [adj]
ACEQUIA : an irrigation ditch or canal [n -S]
ACEQUIAS : acequia [n]
ACERATE : acerose [adj]
ACERATED : acerose [adj]
ACERBATE : to make sour [v -BATED, -BATING, -BATES]
ACERBATED : acerbate [v]
ACERBATES : acerbate [v]
ACERBER : acerb [adj]
ACERBEST : acerb [adj]
ACERBIC : acerb [adj]
ACERBITY : sourness [n -TIES]
ACEROLA : a West Indian shrub [n -S]
ACEROLAS : acerola [n]
ACEROSE : needle-shaped [adj]
ACEROUS : acerose [adj]
ACERVATE : growing in compact clusters [adj]
ACERVULI : spore-producing organs of certain fungi [n]
ACES : ace [v]
ACESCENT : something that is slightly sour [n -S]
ACESCENTS : acescent [n]
ACETA : acetum [n]
ACETAL : a flammable liquid [n -S]
ACETALS : acetal [n]
ACETAMID : an amide of acetic acid [n -S]
ACETAMIDS : acetamid [n]
ACETATE : a salt of acetic acid [n -S] : ACETATED [adj]
ACETATED : acetate [adj]
ACETATES : acetate [n]
ACETIC : pertaining to vinegar [adj]
ACETIFIED : acetify [v]
ACETIFIES : acetify [v]
ACETIFY : to convert into vinegar [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
ACETIN : a chemical compound [n -S]
ACETINS : acetin [n]
ACETONE : a flammable liquid [n -S] : ACETONIC [adj]
ACETONES : acetone [n]
ACETONIC : acetone [adj]
ACETOSE : acetous [adj]
ACETOUS : tasting like vinegar [adj]
ACETOXYL : a univalent radical [n -S]
ACETOXYLS : acetoxyl [n]
ACETUM : vinegar [n -TA]
ACETYL : a univalent radical [n -S] : ACETYLIC [adj]
ACETYLIC : acetyl [adj]
ACETYLS : acetyl [n]
ACHE : to suffer a dull, continuous pain [v ACHED, ACHING, ACHES]
ACHED : ache [v]
ACHENE : a type of fruit [n -S] : ACHENIAL [adj]
ACHENES : achene [n]
ACHENIAL : achene [adj]
ACHES : ache [v]
ACHIER : achy [adj]
ACHIEST : achy [adj]
ACHIEVE : to carry out successfully [v ACHIEVED, ACHIEVING, ACHIEVES]
ACHIEVED : achieve [v]
ACHIEVER : one that achieves [n -S]
ACHIEVERS : achiever [n]
ACHIEVES : achieve [v]
ACHIEVING : achieve [v]
ACHILLEA : yarrow [n -S]
ACHILLEAS : achillea [n]
ACHINESS : the state of being achy [n -ES]
ACHING : ache [v]
ACHINGLY : in an aching manner [adv]
ACHIOTE : a yellowish red dye [n -S]
ACHIOTES : achiote [n]
ACHIRAL : pertaining to a symmetrical molecule [adj]
ACHOLIA : a lack of bile [n -S]
ACHOLIAS : acholia [n]
ACHOO : ahchoo [interj]
ACHROMAT : a type of lens [n -S]
ACHROMATS : achromat [n]
ACHROMIC : having no color [adj]
ACHY : aching [adj ACHIER, ACHIEST]
ACICULA : a needlelike part or process [n -LAE or -LAS] : ACICULAR [adj]
ACICULAE : acicula [n]
ACICULAR : acicula [adj]
ACICULAS : acicula [n]
ACICULUM : a bristlelike part [n -LA or -LUMS]
ACICULUMS : aciculum [n]
ACID : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ACIDEMIA : a condition of increased acidity of the blood [n -S]
ACIDEMIAS : acidemia [n]
ACIDHEAD : one who uses LSD [n -S]
ACIDHEADS : acidhead [n]
ACIDIC : sour [adj]
ACIDIFIED : acidify [v]
ACIDIFIES : acidify [v]
ACIDIFY : to convert into an acid [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
ACIDITIES : acidity [n]
ACIDITY : sourness [n -TIES]
ACIDLY : sourly [adv]
ACIDNESS : acidity [n -ES]
ACIDOSES : acidosis [n]
ACIDOSIS : an abnormal condition of the blood [n -DOSES] : ACIDOTIC [adj]
ACIDOTIC : acidosis [adj]
ACIDS : acid [n]
ACIDURIA : a condition of having excessive amounts of acid in the urine [n -S]
ACIDURIAS : aciduria [n]
ACIDY : sour [adj]
ACIERATE : to turn into steel [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
ACIERATED : acierate [v]
ACIERATES : acierate [v]
ACIFORM : needle-shaped [adj]
ACINAR : acinus [adj]
ACING : ace [v]
ACINI : acinus [n]
ACINIC : acinus [adj]
ACINOSE : acinus [adj]
ACINOUS : acinus [adj]
ACINUS : a small, saclike division of a gland [n -NI] : ACINAR, ACINIC, ACINOSE, ACINOUS [adj]
ACKEE : akee [n -S]
ACKEES : ackee [n]
ACLINIC : having no inclination [adj]
ACMATIC : acme [adj]
ACME : the highest point [n -S] : ACMATIC, ACMIC [adj]
ACMES : acme [n]
ACMIC : acme [adj]
ACNE : a skin disease [n -S] : ACNED [adj]
ACNED : acne [adj]
ACNES : acne [n]
ACNODE : an element of a mathematical set that is isolated from the other elements [n -S]
ACNODES : acnode [n]
ACOCK : cocked [adj]
ACOELOUS : lacking a true body cavity [adj]
ACOLD : cold [adj]
ACOLYTE : an assistant [n -S]
ACOLYTES : acolyte [n]
ACONITE : a poisonous herb [n -S] : ACONITIC [adj]
ACONITES : aconite [n]
ACONITIC : aconite [adj]
ACONITUM : aconite [n -S]
ACONITUMS : aconitum [n]
ACORN : the fruit of the oak tree [n -S] : ACORNED [adj]
ACORNED : acorn [adj]
ACORNS : acorn [n]
ACOUSTIC : a hearing aid [n -S]
ACOUSTICS : acoustic [n]
ACQUAINT : to cause to know [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACQUAINTS : acquaint [v]
ACQUEST : something acquired [n -S]
ACQUESTS : acquest [n]
ACQUIRE : to come into possession of [v -QUIRED, -QUIRING, -QUIRES]
ACQUIRED : acquire [v]
ACQUIREE : one that is acquired [n -S]
ACQUIREES : acquiree [n]
ACQUIRER : one that acquires [n -S]
ACQUIRERS : acquirer [n]
ACQUIRES : acquire [v]
ACQUIRING : acquire [v]
ACQUIT : to free or clear from a charge of fault or crime [v -QUITTED, -QUITTING, -QUITS]
ACQUITS : acquit [v]
ACQUITTED : acquit [v]
ACQUITTER : one that acquits [n -S]
ACRASIA : a lack of self-control [n -S]
ACRASIAS : acrasia [n]
ACRASIN : a substance secreted by the cells of a slime mold [n -S]
ACRASINS : acrasin [n]
ACRE : a unit of area [n -S]
ACREAGE : area in acres [n -S]
ACREAGES : acreage [n]
ACRED : owning many acres [adj]
ACRES : acre [n]
ACRID : sharp and harsh to the taste or smell [adj -RIDER, -RIDEST]
ACRIDER : acrid [adj]
ACRIDEST : acrid [adj]
ACRIDINE : a chemical compound [n -S]
ACRIDINES : acridine [n]
ACRIDITY : the state of being acrid [n -TIES]
ACRIDLY : in an acrid manner [adv]
ACRIMONY : sharpness or bitterness of speech or temper [n -NIES]
ACROBAT : one skilled in feats of agility and balance [n -S]
ACROBATS : acrobat [n]
ACRODONT : an animal having rootless teeth [n -S]
ACRODONTS : acrodont [n]
ACROGEN : a plant growing at the apex only [n -S]
ACROGENS : acrogen [n]
ACROLECT : a high form of a language [n -S]
ACROLECTS : acrolect [n]
ACROLEIN : a flammable liquid [n -S]
ACROLEINS : acrolein [n]
ACROLITH : a type of statue [n -S]
ACROLITHS : acrolith [n]
ACROMIA : acromion [n]
ACROMIAL : acromion [adj]
ACROMION : the outward end of the shoulder blade [n -MIA] : ACROMIAL [adj]
ACRONIC : occurring at sunset [adj]
ACRONYM : a word formed from the initials of a compound term or series of words [n -S]
ACRONYMS : acronym [n]
ACROSOME : a thin sac at the head of a sperm [n -S]
ACROSOMES : acrosome [n]
ACROSS : from one side of to the other [prep]
ACROSTIC : a poem in which certain letters taken in order form a word or phrase [n -S]
ACROSTICS : acrostic [n]
ACROTIC : acrotism [adj]
ACROTISM : weakness of the pulse [n -S] : ACROTIC [adj]
ACROTISMS : acrotism [n]
ACRYLATE : an acrylic [n -S]
ACRYLATES : acrylate [n]
ACRYLIC : a type of resin [n -S]
ACRYLICS : acrylic [n]
ACT : to do something [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ACTA : recorded proceedings [n]
ACTABLE : suitable for performance on the stage [adj]
ACTED : act [v]
ACTIN : a protein in muscle tissue [n -S]
ACTINAL : having tentacles [adj]
ACTING : the occupation of an actor [n -S]
ACTINGS : acting [n]
ACTINIA : a marine animal [n -IAE or -IAS]
ACTINIAE : actinia [n]
ACTINIAN : actinia [n -S]
ACTINIANS : actinian [n]
ACTINIAS : actinia [n]
ACTINIC : pertaining to actinism [adj]
ACTINIDE : any of a series of radioactive elements [n -S]
ACTINIDES : actinide [n]
ACTINISM : the property of radiant energy that effects chemical changes [n -S]
ACTINISMS : actinism [n]
ACTINIUM : a radioactive element [n -S]
ACTINIUMS : actinium [n]
ACTINOID : an actinide [n -S]
ACTINOIDS : actinoid [n]
ACTINON : an isotope of radon [n -S]
ACTINONS : actinon [n]
ACTINS : actin [n]
ACTION : the process of acting [n -S]
ACTIONER : a film with exciting action [n -S]
ACTIONERS : actioner [n]
ACTIONS : action [n]
ACTIVATE : to set in motion [v -VATED, -VATING, -VATES]
ACTIVATED : activate [v]
ACTIVATES : activate [v]
ACTIVE : a participating member of an organization [n -S]
ACTIVELY : with activity [adv]
ACTIVES : active [n]
ACTIVISM : a doctrine that emphasizes direct and decisive action [n -S]
ACTIVISMS : activism [n]
ACTIVIST : an advocate of activism [n -S]
ACTIVISTS : activist [n]
ACTIVITY : brisk action or movement [n -TIES]
ACTIVIZE : to activate [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
ACTIVIZED : activize [v]
ACTIVIZES : activize [v]
ACTOR : a theatrical performer [n -S] : ACTORISH, ACTORLY [adj]
ACTORISH : actor [adj]
ACTORLY : actor [adj]
ACTORS : actor [n]
ACTRESS : a female actor [n -ES] : ACTRESSY [adj]
ACTRESSES : actress [n]
ACTRESSY : actress [adj]
ACTS : act [v]
ACTUAL : existing in fact [adj] : ACTUALLY [adv]
ACTUALLY : actual [adv]
ACTUARIES : actuary [n]
ACTUARY : a statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums [n -ARIES]
ACTUATE : to set into action or motion [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
ACTUATED : actuate [v]
ACTUATES : actuate [v]
ACTUATING : actuate [v]
ACTUATOR : one that actuates [n -S]
ACTUATORS : actuator [n]
ACUATE : sharp [adj]
ACUITIES : acuity [n]
ACUITY : sharpness [n -ITIES]
ACULEATE : having a sting [adj]
ACULEI : aculeus [n]
ACULEUS : a sharp-pointed part [n -LEI]
ACUMEN : mental keenness [n -S]
ACUMENS : acumen [n]
ACUTANCE : a measure of photographic clarity [n -S]
ACUTANCES : acutance [n]
ACUTE : marked by sharpness or severity [adj ACUTER, ACUTEST] : ACUTELY [adv] / a type of accent mark [n -S]
ACUTELY : acute [adv]
ACUTER : acute [adj]
ACUTES : acute [n]
ACUTEST : acute [adj]
ACYCLIC : not cyclic [adj]
ACYL : a univalent radical [n -S]
ACYLATE : to introduce acyl into [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
ACYLATED : acylate [v]
ACYLATES : acylate [v]
ACYLATING : acylate [v]
ACYLOIN : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ACYLOINS : acyloin [n]
ACYLS : acyl [n] AD : an advertisement [n -S]
ADAGE : a traditional saying expressing a common observation [n -S] : ADAGIAL [adj]
ADAGES : adage [n]
ADAGIAL : adage [adj]
ADAGIO : a musical composition or movement played in a slow tempo [n -GIOS]
ADAGIOS : adagio [n]
ADAMANCE : adamancy [n -S]
ADAMANCES : adamance [n]
ADAMANCY : unyielding hardness [n -CIES]
ADAMANT : an extremely hard substance [n -S]
ADAMANTS : adamant [n]
ADAMSITE : a lung-irritating gas [n -S]
ADAMSITES : adamsite [n]
ADAPT : to make suitable [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADAPTED : adapt [v]
ADAPTER : one that adapts [n -S]
ADAPTERS : adapter [n]
ADAPTING : adapt [v]
ADAPTION : the act of adapting [n -S] : ADAPTIVE [adj]
ADAPTIONS : adaption [n]
ADAPTIVE : adaption [adj]
ADAPTOR : adapter [n -S]
ADAPTORS : adaptor [n]
ADAPTS : adapt [v]
ADAXIAL : situated on the same side as [adj]
ADD : to combine or join so as to bring about an increase [v -ED, -ING, -S] : ADDABLE [adj]
ADDABLE : add [adj]
ADDAX : a large antelope [n -ES]
ADDAXES : addax [n]
ADDED : add [v]
ADDEDLY : additionally [adv]
ADDEND : a number to be added to another [n -S]
ADDENDA : addendum [n]
ADDENDS : addend [n]
ADDENDUM : something added or to be added [n -DA]
ADDER : a venomous snake [n -S]
ADDERS : adder [n]
ADDIBLE : capable of being added [adj]
ADDICT : to devote or surrender to something habitually or compulsively [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADDICTED : addict [v]
ADDICTING : addict [v]
ADDICTS : addict [v]
ADDING : add [v]
ADDITION : something added [n -S]
ADDITIONS : addition [n]
ADDITIVE : a substance added to another to impart desirable qualities [n -S]
ADDITIVES : additive [n]
ADDITORY : making an addition [adj]
ADDLE : to confuse [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
ADDLED : addle [v]
ADDLES : addle [v]
ADDLING : addle [v]
ADDRESSED : address [v]
ADDRESSEE : one that is addressed [n -S]
ADDRESSER : one that addresses [n -S]
ADDRESSES : address [v]
ADDREST : address [v]
ADDS : add [v]
ADDUCE : to bring forward as evidence [v -DUCED, -DUCING, -DUCES]
ADDUCED : adduce [v]
ADDUCENT : serving to adduct [adj]
ADDUCER : one that adduces [n -S]
ADDUCERS : adducer [n]
ADDUCES : adduce [v]
ADDUCING : adduce [v]
ADDUCT : to draw toward the main axis [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADDUCTED : adduct [v]
ADDUCTING : adduct [v]
ADDUCTOR : an adducent muscle [n -S]
ADDUCTORS : adductor [n]
ADDUCTS : adduct [v]
ADEEM : to take away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADEEMED : adeem [v]
ADEEMING : adeem [v]
ADEEMS : adeem [v]
ADENINE : an alkaloid [n -S]
ADENINES : adenine [n]
ADENITIS : inflammation of a lymph node [n -TISES]
ADENOID : an enlarged lymphoid growth behind the pharynx [n -S]
ADENOIDS : adenoid [n]
ADENOMA : a tumor of glandular origin [n -MAS or -MATA]
ADENOMAS : adenoma [n]
ADENOMATA : adenoma [n]
ADENOSES : adenosis [n]
ADENOSIS : abnormal growth of glandular tissue [n -NOSES]
ADENYL : a univalent radical [n -S]
ADENYLS : adenyl [n]
ADEPT : highly skilled [adj ADEPTER, ADEPTEST] : ADEPTLY [adv] / an adept person [n -S]
ADEPTER : adept [adj]
ADEPTEST : adept [adj]
ADEPTLY : adept [adv]
ADEPTS : adept [n]
ADEQUACY : the state of being adequate [n -CIES]
ADEQUATE : sufficient for a specific requirement [adj]
ADHERE : to become or remain attached or close to something [v -HERED, -HERING, -HERES]
ADHERED : adhere [v]
ADHEREND : the surface to which an adhesive adheres [n -S]
ADHERENDS : adherend [n]
ADHERENT : a supporter [n -S]
ADHERENTS : adherent [n]
ADHERER : one that adheres [n -S]
ADHERERS : adherer [n]
ADHERES : adhere [v]
ADHERING : adhere [v]
ADHESION : the act of adhering [n -S]
ADHESIONS : adhesion [n]
ADHESIVE : a substance that causes adhesion [n -S]
ADHESIVES : adhesive [n]
ADHIBIT : to take or let in [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADHIBITED : adhibit [v]
ADHIBITS : adhibit [v]
ADIEU : a farewell [n ADIEUS or ADIEUX]
ADIEUS : adieu [n]
ADIEUX : adieu [n]
ADIOS : used to express farewell [interj]
ADIPIC : adipose [adj]
ADIPOSE : animal fat [n -S] : ADIPIC [adj]
ADIPOSES : adiposis [n]
ADIPOSIS : obesity [n -POSES]
ADIPOUS : pertaining to adipose [adj]
ADIT : an entrance [n -S]
ADITS : adit [n]
ADJACENT : next to [adj]
ADJOIN : to lie next to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADJOINED : adjoin [v]
ADJOINING : adjoin [v]
ADJOINS : adjoin [v]
ADJOINT : a type of mathematical matrix [n -S]
ADJOINTS : adjoint [n]
ADJOURN : to suspend until a later time [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADJOURNED : adjourn [v]
ADJOURNS : adjourn [v]
ADJUDGE : to determine judicially [v -JUDGED, -JUDGING, -JUDGES]
ADJUDGED : adjudge [v]
ADJUDGES : adjudge [v]
ADJUDGING : adjudge [v]
ADJUNCT : something attached in a subordinate position [n -S]
ADJUNCTS : adjunct [n]
ADJURE : to command solemnly [v -JURED, -JURING, -JURES]
ADJURED : adjure [v]
ADJURER : one that adjures [n -S]
ADJURERS : adjurer [n]
ADJURES : adjure [v]
ADJURING : adjure [v]
ADJUROR : adjurer [n -S]
ADJURORS : adjuror [n]
ADJUST : to bring to a more satisfactory state [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADJUSTED : adjust [v]
ADJUSTER : one that adjusts [n -S]
ADJUSTERS : adjuster [n]
ADJUSTING : adjust [v]
ADJUSTOR : adjuster [n -S]
ADJUSTORS : adjustor [n]
ADJUSTS : adjust [v]
ADJUTANT : an assistant [n -S]
ADJUTANTS : adjutant [n]
ADJUVANT : an assistant [n -S]
ADJUVANTS : adjuvant [n]
ADMAN : a man employed in the advertising business [n ADMEN]
ADMASS : mass-media advertising [n -ES]
ADMASSES : admass [n]
ADMEN : adman [n]
ADMIRAL : a high-ranking naval officer [n -S]
ADMIRALS : admiral [n]
ADMIRE : to regard with wonder, pleasure, and approval [v -MIRED, -MIRING, -MIRES]
ADMIRED : admire [v]
ADMIRER : one that admires [n -S]
ADMIRERS : admirer [n]
ADMIRES : admire [v]
ADMIRING : admire [v]
ADMIT : to allow to enter [v -MITTED, -MITTING, -MITS]
ADMITS : admit [v]
ADMITTED : admit [v]
ADMITTEE : one that is admitted [n -S]
ADMITTEES : admittee [n]
ADMITTER : one that admits [n -S]
ADMITTERS : admitter [n]
ADMITTING : admit [v]
ADMIX : to mix [v -MIXED or -MIXT, -MIXING, -MIXES]
ADMIXED : admix [v]
ADMIXES : admix [v]
ADMIXING : admix [v]
ADMIXT : admix [v]
ADMONISH : to reprove mildly or kindly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ADNATE : joined to another part or organ [adj]
ADNATION : the state of being adnate [n -S]
ADNATIONS : adnation [n]
ADNEXA : conjoined anatomical parts [n] : ADNEXAL [adj]
ADNEXAL : adnexa [adj]
ADNOUN : an adjective when used as a noun [n -S]
ADNOUNS : adnoun [n]
ADO : bustling excitement [n ADOS]
ADOBE : an unburnt, sun-dried brick [n -S]
ADOBES : adobe [n]
ADOBO : a Philippine dish of fish or meat [n -BOS]
ADOBOS : adobo [n]
ADONIS : a handsome young man [n -ISES]
ADONISES : adonis [n]
ADOPT : to take into one’s family by legal means [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADOPTED : adopt [v]
ADOPTEE : one that is adopted [n -S]
ADOPTEES : adoptee [n]
ADOPTER : one that adopts [n -S]
ADOPTERS : adopter [n]
ADOPTING : adopt [v]
ADOPTION : the act of adopting [n -S] : ADOPTIVE [adj]
ADOPTIONS : adoption [n]
ADOPTIVE : adoption [adj]
ADOPTS : adopt [v]
ADORABLE : worthy of being adored [adj] : ADORABLY [adv]
ADORABLY : adorable [adv]
ADORE : to love deeply [v ADORED, ADORING, ADORES]
ADORED : adore [v]
ADORER : one that adores [n -S]
ADORERS : adorer [n]
ADORES : adore [v]
ADORING : adore [v]
ADORN : to add something to for the purpose of making more attractive [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADORNED : adorn [v]
ADORNER : one that adorns [n -S]
ADORNERS : adorner [n]
ADORNING : adorn [v]
ADORNS : adorn [v]
ADOS : ado [n]
ADOWN : downward [adv]
ADOZE : dozing [adj]
ADRENAL : an endocrine gland [n -S]
ADRENALS : adrenal [n]
ADRIFT : drifting [adj]
ADROITER : adroit [adj]
ADROITEST : adroit [adj]
ADROITLY : adroit [adv]
ADS : ad [n]
ADSCRIPT : a distinguishing symbol written after another character [n -S]
ADSCRIPTS : adscript [n]
ADSORB : to gather on a surface in a condensed layer [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADSORBED : adsorb [v]
ADSORBER : one that absorbs [n -S]
ADSORBERS : adsorber [n]
ADSORBING : adsorb [v]
ADSORBS : adsorb [v]
ADULARIA : a mineral [n -S]
ADULARIAS : adularia [n]
ADULATE : to praise excessively [v -LATED, -LATING, -LATES]
ADULATED : adulate [v]
ADULATES : adulate [v]
ADULATING : adulate [v]
ADULATOR : one that adulates [n -S]
ADULATORS : adulator [n]
ADULT : a fully developed individual [n -S]
ADULTERY : voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse [n -TERIES]
ADULTLY : in a manner typical of an adult [adv]
ADULTS : adult [n]
ADUMBRAL : shadowy [adj]
ADUNC : bent inward [adj]
ADUNCATE : adunc [adj]
ADUNCOUS : adunc [adj]
ADUST : scorched [adj]
ADVANCE : to move or cause to move ahead [v -VANCED, -VANCING, -VANCES]
ADVANCED : advance [v]
ADVANCER : one that advances [n -S]
ADVANCERS : advancer [n]
ADVANCES : advance [v]
ADVANCING : advance [v]
ADVECT : to convey or transport by the flow of a fluid [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADVECTED : advect [v]
ADVECTING : advect [v]
ADVECTS : advect [v]
ADVENT : arrival [n -S]
ADVENTS : advent [n]
ADVERB : a word used to modify the meaning of a verb, adjective, or other adverb [n -S]
ADVERBS : adverb [n]
ADVERSE : acting in opposition [adj]
ADVERSITY : ADVERT : to call attention [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ADVERTED : advert [v]
ADVERTS : advert [v]
ADVICE : recommendation regarding a decision or course of conduct [n -S]
ADVICES : advice [n]
ADVISE : to give advice to [v -VISED, -VISING, -VISES]
ADVISED : advise [v]
ADVISEE : one that is advised [n -S]
ADVISEES : advisee [n]
ADVISER : one that advises [n -S]
ADVISERS : adviser [n]
ADVISES : advise [v]
ADVISING : advise [v]
ADVISOR : adviser [n -S]
ADVISORS : advisor [n]
ADVISORY : a report giving information [n -RIES]
ADVOCACY : the act of advocating [n -CIES]
ADVOCATE : to speak in favor of [v -CATED, -CATING, -CATES]
ADVOCATED : advocate [v]
ADVOCATES : advocate [v]
ADVOWSON : the right of presenting a nominee to a vacant church office [n -S]
ADVOWSONS : advowson [n]
ADWOMAN : a woman employed in the advertising business [n ADWOMEN]
ADWOMEN : adwoman [n]
ADYNAMIA : lack of physical strength [n -S] : ADYNAMIC [adj]
ADYNAMIAS : adynamia [n]
ADYNAMIC : adynamia [adj]
ADYTA : adytum [n]
ADYTUM : an inner sanctuary in an ancient temple [n -TA]
ADZ : to shape (wood) with an adz (a cutting tool) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ADZE : adz [n -S]
ADZED : adz [v]
ADZES : adz [v]
ADZING : adz [v]
ADZUKI : a type of bean [n -S]
ADZUKIS : adzuki [n]
AE : one [adj]
AECIA : aecium [n]
AECIAL : pertaining to an aecium [adj]
AECIDIA : aecidium [n]
AECIDIAL : pertaining to an aecium [adj]
AECIDIUM : an aecium [n -IA]
AECIUM : a spore-producing organ of certain fungi [n -IA]
AEDES : any of a genus of mosquitoes [n AEDES]
AEDILE : a magistrate of ancient Rome [n -S]
AEDILES : aedile [n]
AEDINE : pertaining to an aedes [adj]
AEGIS : protection [n -GISES]
AEGISES : aegis [n]
AENEOUS : having a greenish gold color [adj]
AENEUS : aeneous [adj]
AEOLIAN : eolian [adj]
AEON : eon [n -S]
AEONIAN : eonian [adj]
AEONIC : eonian [adj]
AEONS : aeon [n]
AEQUORIN : a protein secreted by jellyfish [n -S]
AEQUORINS : aequorin [n]
AERATE : to supply with air [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
AERATED : aerate [v]
AERATES : aerate [v]
AERATING : aerate [v]
AERATION : the act of aerating [n -S]
AERATIONS : aeration [n]
AERATOR : one that aerates [n -S]
AERATORS : aerator [n]
AERIAL : an antenna [n -S]
AERIALLY : in a manner pertaining to the air [adv]
AERIALS : aerial [n]
AERIE : a bird’s nest built high on a mountain or cliff [n -S] : AERIED [adj]
AERIED : aerie [adj]
AERIER : aery [adj]
AERIES : aerie [n]
AERIEST : aery [adj]
AERIFIED : aerify [v]
AERIFIES : aerify [v]
AERIFORM : having the form of air [adj]
AERIFY : to aerate [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
AERIFYING : aerify [v]
AERILY : in an aery manner [adv]
AERO : pertaining to aircraft [adj]
AEROBAT : one that performs feats in an aircraft [n -S]
AEROBATS : aerobat [n]
AEROBE : an organism that requires oxygen to live [n -S] : AEROBIC [adj]
AEROBES : aerobe [n]
AEROBIA : aerobium [n]
AEROBIC : aerobe [adj]
AEROBICS : exercises for conditioning the heart and lungs by increasing oxygen consumption [n]
AEROBIUM : aerobe [n -BIA]
AERODUCT : a type of jet engine [n -S]
AERODUCTS : aeroduct [n]
AERODYNE : an aircraft that is heavier than air [n -S]
AERODYNES : aerodyne [n]
AEROFOIL : airfoil [n -S]
AEROFOILS : aerofoil [n]
AEROGEL : a highly porous solid [n -S]
AEROGELS : aerogel [n]
AEROGRAM : an airmail letter [n -S]
AEROGRAMS : aerogram [n]
AEROLITE : a meteorite containing more stone than iron [n -S]
AEROLITES : aerolite [n]
AEROLITH : aerolite [n -S]
AEROLITHS : aerolith [n]
AEROLOGY : the study of the atmosphere [n -GIES]
AERONAUT : one who operates an airship [n -S]
AERONAUTS : aeronaut [n]
AERONOMY : the study of the upper atmosphere [n -MIES]
AEROSAT : a satellite for use in air-traffic control [n -S]
AEROSATS : aerosat [n]
AEROSOL : a gaseous suspension of fine solid or liquid particles [n -S]
AEROSOLS : aerosol [n]
AEROSTAT : an aircraft that is lighter than air [n -S]
AEROSTATS : aerostat [n]
AERUGO : a green film that forms on copper [n -GOS]
AERUGOS : aerugo [n]
AERY : airy [adj AERIER, AERIEST] / {aerie=n} [n AERIES]
AESTHETE : esthete [n -S]
AESTHETES : aesthete [n]
AESTIVAL : estival [adj]
AETHER : the upper region of the atmosphere [n -S] : AETHERIC [adj]
AETHERIC : aether [adj]
AETHERS : aether [n]
AFAR : a great distance [n -S]
AFARS : afar [n]
AFEARD : afraid [adj]
AFEARED : afeard [adj]
AFEBRILE : having no fever [adj]
AFF : off [adv]
AFFABLE : easy to talk to [adj] : AFFABLY [adv]
AFFABLY : affable [adv]
AFFAIR : anything done or to be done [n -S]
AFFAIRE : a brief amorous relationship [n -S]
AFFAIRES : affaire [n]
AFFAIRS : affair [n]
AFFECT : to give a false appearance of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFECTED : affect [v]
AFFECTER : one that affects [n -S]
AFFECTERS : affecter [n]
AFFECTING : affect [v]
AFFECTS : affect [v]
AFFERENT : a nerve that conveys impulses toward a nerve center [n -S]
AFFERENTS : afferent [n]
AFFIANCE : to betroth [v -ANCED, -ANCING, -ANCES]
AFFIANCED : affiance [v]
AFFIANCES : affiance [v]
AFFIANT : one who makes a written declaration under oath [n -S]
AFFIANTS : affiant [n]
AFFICHE : a poster [n -S]
AFFICHES : affiche [n]
AFFINAL : related by marriage [adj]
AFFINE : a relative by marriage [n -S]
AFFINED : closely related [adj]
AFFINELY : in the manner of a type of mathematical mapping [adv]
AFFINES : affine [n]
AFFINITY : a natural attraction or inclination [n -TIES]
AFFIRM : to state positively [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFIRMED : affirm [v]
AFFIRMER : one that affirms [n -S]
AFFIRMERS : affirmer [n]
AFFIRMING : affirm [v]
AFFIRMS : affirm [v]
AFFIX : to attach [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
AFFIXAL : pertaining to a prefix or suffix [adj]
AFFIXED : affix [v]
AFFIXER : one that affixes [n -S]
AFFIXERS : affixer [n]
AFFIXES : affix [v]
AFFIXIAL : affixal [adj]
AFFIXING : affix [v]
AFFLATUS : a creative inspiration [n -ES]
AFFLICT : to distress with mental or physical pain [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFLICTED : afflict [v]
AFFLICTS : afflict [v]
AFFLUENT : a stream that flows into another [n -S]
AFFLUENTS : affluent [n]
AFFLUX : a flowing toward a point [n -ES]
AFFLUXES : afflux [n]
AFFORD : to have sufficient means for [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFORDED : afford [v]
AFFORDING : afford [v]
AFFORDS : afford [v]
AFFOREST : to convert into forest [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFORESTS : afforest [v]
AFFRAY : to frighten [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFRAYED : affray [v]
AFFRAYER : one that affrays [n -S]
AFFRAYERS : affrayer [n]
AFFRAYING : affray [v]
AFFRAYS : affray [v]
AFFRIGHT : to frighten [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFRIGHTS : affright [v]
AFFRONT : to insult openly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AFFRONTED : affront [v]
AFFRONTS : affront [v]
AFFUSION : an act of pouring a liquid on [n -S]
AFFUSIONS : affusion [n]
AFGHAN : a woolen blanket or shawl [n -S]
AFGHANI : a monetary unit of Afghanistan [n -S]
AFGHANIS : afghani [n]
AFGHANS : afghan [n]
AFIELD : in the field [adv]
AFIRE : being on fire [adj]
AFLAME : flaming [adj]
AFLOAT : floating [adj]
AFLUTTER : nervously excited [adj]
AFOOT : on foot [adv]
AFORE : before [adv]
AFOUL : entangled [adj]
AFRAID : filled with apprehension [adj]
AFREET : an evil spirit in Arabic mythology [n -S]
AFREETS : afreet [n]
AFRESH : anew [adv]
AFRIT : afreet [n -S]
AFRITS : afrit [n]
AFT : toward the stern [adv]
AFTER : behind in place or order [prep]
AFTERS : dessert [n]
AFTERTAX : remaining after payment of taxes [adj]
AFTMOST : nearest the stern [adj]
AFTOSA : a disease of hoofed mammals [n -S]
AFTOSAS : aftosa [n]
AG : agriculture [n -S]
AGA : a high-ranking Turkish military officer [n -S]
AGAIN : once more [adv]
AGAINST : in opposition to [prep]
AGALLOCH : the fragrant wood of a tropical tree [n -S]
AGALLOCHS : agalloch [n]
AGALWOOD : agalloch [n -S]
AGALWOODS : agalwood [n]
AGAMA : a tropical lizard [n -S]
AGAMAS : agama [n]
AGAMETE : an asexual reproductive cell [n -S]
AGAMETES : agamete [n]
AGAMIC : asexual [adj]
AGAMID : an Old World lizard [n -S]
AGAMIDS : agamid [n]
AGAMOUS : agamic [adj]
AGAPAE : agape [n]
AGAPAI : agape [n]
AGAPE : a communal meal of fellowship [n -PES or -PAE or -PAI] : AGAPEIC [adj]
AGAPEIC : agape [adj]
AGAPES : agape [n]
AGAR : a viscous substance obtained from certain seaweeds [n -S]
AGARIC : any of a family of fungi [n -S]
AGARICS : agaric [n]
AGAROSE : a sugar obtained from agar [n -S]
AGAROSES : agarose [n]
AGARS : agar [n]
AGAS : aga [n]
AGATE : a variety of quartz [n -S] : AGATOID [adj]
AGATES : agate [n]
AGATIZE : to cause to resemble agate [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
AGATIZED : agatize [v]
AGATIZES : agatize [v]
AGATIZING : agatize [v]
AGATOID : agate [adj]
AGAVE : a tropical plant [n -S]
AGAVES : agave [n]
AGAZE : gazing [adj]
AGE : to grow old [v AGED, AGING or AGEING, AGES]
AGED : age [v]
AGEDLY : oldly [adv]
AGEDNESS : oldness [n -ES]
AGEE : to one side [adv]
AGEING : aging [n -S]
AGEINGS : ageing [n]
AGEISM : discrimination based on age [n -S]
AGEISMS : ageism [n]
AGEIST : an advocate of ageism [n -S]
AGEISTS : ageist [n]
AGELESS : never growing old [adj]
AGELONG : lasting for a long time [adj]
AGEMATE : a person of the same age as another [n -S]
AGEMATES : agemate [n]
AGENCIES : agency [n]
AGENCY : an organization that does business for others [n -CIES]
AGENDA : a list of things to be done [n -S]
AGENDAS : agenda [n]
AGENDUM : an item on an agenda [n -S]
AGENDUMS : agendum [n]
AGENE : a chemical compound used in bleaching flour [n -S]
AGENES : agene [n]
AGENESES : agenesis [n]
AGENESIA : agenesis [n -S]
AGENESIAS : agenesia [n]
AGENESIS : absence or imperfect development of a bodily part [n AGENESES] : AGENETIC [adj]
AGENETIC : agenesis [adj]
AGENIZE : to treat with agene [v -NIZED, -NIZING, -NIZES]
AGENIZED : agenize [v]
AGENIZES : agenize [v]
AGENIZING : agenize [v]
AGENT : to act as a representative for [v -ED, -ING, -S] : AGENTIAL [adj]
AGENTED : agent [v]
AGENTIAL : agent [adj]
AGENTING : the business or activities of an agent [n -S]
AGENTINGS : agenting [n]
AGENTIVE : a word part that denotes the doer of an action [n -S]
AGENTIVES : agentive [n]
AGENTRIES : agentry [n]
AGENTRY : the office or duties of an agent [n -RIES]
AGENTS : agent [v]
AGER : one that ages [n -S]
AGERATUM : a flowering plant [n -S]
AGERATUMS : ageratum [n]
AGERS : ager [n]
AGES : age [v]
AGGADA : haggadah [n -DAS or -DOT or -DOTH]
AGGADAH : haggadah [n -DAHS or -DOT or -DOTH]
AGGADAHS : aggadah [n]
AGGADAS : aggada [n]
AGGADIC : haggadic [adj]
AGGADOT : aggadah [n]
AGGADOTH : aggadah [n]
AGGER : a mound of earth used as a fortification [n -S]
AGGERS : agger [n]
AGGIE : a type of playing marble [n -S]
AGGIES : aggie [n]
AGGRADE : to fill with detrital material [v -GRADED, -GRADING, -GRADES]
AGGRADED : aggrade [v]
AGGRADES : aggrade [v]
AGGRADING : aggrade [v]
AGGRESS : to commit the first act of hostility [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
AGGRESSED : aggress [v]
AGGRESSES : aggress [v]
AGGRIEVED : aggrieve [v]
AGGRIEVES : aggrieve [v]
AGGRO : a rivalry or grievance [n -GROS]
AGGROS : aggro [n]
AGHA : aga [n -S]
AGHAS : agha [n]
AGHAST : shocked by something horrible [adj]
AGILE : able to move quickly and easily [adj] : AGILELY [adv]
AGILELY : agile [adv]
AGILITIES : agility [n]
AGILITY : the quality of being agile [n -TIES]
AGIN : against [prep]
AGING : the process of growing old [n -S]
AGINGS : aging [n]
AGINNER : one that is against change [n -S]
AGINNERS : aginner [n]
AGIO : a premium paid for the exchange of one currency for another [n AGIOS]
AGIOS : agio [n]
AGIOTAGE : the business of a broker [n -S]
AGIOTAGES : agiotage [n]
AGISM : ageism [n -S]
AGISMS : agism [n]
AGIST : to feed and take care of for a fee, as livestock [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AGISTED : agist [v]
AGISTING : agist [v]
AGISTS : agist [v]
AGITA : a feeling of agitation [n -S]
AGITABLE : agitate [adj]
AGITAS : agita [n]
AGITATE : to move with a violent, irregular action [v -TATED, -TATING, -TATES] : AGITABLE [adj]
AGITATED : agitate [v]
AGITATES : agitate [v]
AGITATING : agitate [v]
AGITATO : fast and stirring -- used as a musical direction [adj]
AGITATOR : one that agitates [n -S]
AGITATORS : agitator [n]
AGITPROP : pro-Communist propaganda [n -S]
AGITPROPS : agitprop [n]
AGLARE : glaring [adj]
AGLEAM : gleaming [adj]
AGLEE : agley [adv]
AGLET : a metal sheath at the end of a lace [n -S]
AGLETS : aglet [n]
AGLEY : awry [adv]
AGLIMMER : glimmering [adj]
AGLITTER : glittering [adj]
AGLOW : glowing [adj]
AGLY : agley [adv]
AGLYCON : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
AGLYCONE : aglycon [n -S]
AGLYCONES : aglycone [n]
AGLYCONS : aglycon [n]
AGMA : eng [n -S]
AGMAS : agma [n]
AGMINATE : clustered together [adj]
AGNAIL : a piece of loose skin at the base of a fingernail [n -S]
AGNAILS : agnail [n]
AGNATE : a relative on the father’s side [n -S] : AGNATIC [adj]
AGNATES : agnate [n]
AGNATIC : agnate [adj]
AGNATION : the relationship of agnates [n -S]
AGNATIONS : agnation [n]
AGNIZE : to acknowledge [v -NIZED, -NIZING, -NIZES]
AGNIZED : agnize [v]
AGNIZES : agnize [v]
AGNIZING : agnize [v]
AGNOMEN : an additional name given to an ancient Roman [n -MINA or -MENS]
AGNOMENS : agnomen [n]
AGNOMINA : agnomen [n]
AGNOSIA : loss of ability to recognize familiar objects [n -S]
AGNOSIAS : agnosia [n]
AGNOSTIC : one who disclaims any knowledge of God [n -S]
AGNOSTICS : agnostic [n]
AGO : in the past [adv]
AGOG : in a state of eager curiosity [adv]
AGON : the dramatic conflict between the main characters in a Greek play [n -S or -ES]
AGONAL : pertaining to agony [adj]
AGONE : ago [adv]
AGONES : agon [n]
AGONIC : not forming an angle [adj]
AGONIES : agony [n]
AGONISE : to agonize [v -NISED, -NISING, -NISES]
AGONISED : agonise [v]
AGONISES : agonise [v]
AGONISING : agonise [v]
AGONIST : one that is engaged in a struggle [n -S]
AGONISTS : agonist [n]
AGONIZE : to suffer extreme pain [v -NIZED, -NIZING, -NIZES]
AGONIZED : agonize [v]
AGONIZES : agonize [v]
AGONIZING : agonize [v]
AGONS : agon [n]
AGONY : extreme pain [n -NIES]
AGORA : a marketplace in ancient Greece [n -RAS or -RAE] / a monetary unit of Israel [n AGOROT or AGOROTH]
AGORAE : agora [n]
AGORAS : agora [n]
AGOROT : agora [n]
AGOROTH : agora [n]
AGOUTI : a burrowing rodent [n -S or -ES]
AGOUTIES : agouty [n]
AGOUTIS : agouti [n]
AGOUTY : agouti [n -TIES]
AGRAFE : agraffe [n -S]
AGRAFES : agrafe [n]
AGRAFFE : an ornamental clasp [n -S]
AGRAFFES : agraffe [n]
AGRAPHA : the sayings of Jesus not found in the Bible [n]
AGRAPHIA : a mental disorder marked by inability to write [n -S] : AGRAPHIC [adj]
AGRAPHIAS : agraphia [n]
AGRAPHIC : agraphia [adj]
AGRARIAN : one who favors equal distribution of land [n -S]
AGRARIANS : agrarian [n]
AGRAVIC : pertaining to a condition of no gravitation [adj]
AGREE : to have the same opinion [v AGREED, AGREEING, AGREES]
AGREED : agree [v]
AGREEING : agree [v]
AGREES : agree [v]
AGRESTAL : growing wild [adj]
AGRESTIC : rural [adj]
AGRIA : severe pustular eruption [n -S]
AGRIAS : agria [n]
AGRIMONY : a perennial herb [n -NIES]
AGROLOGY : the science of soils in relation to crops [n -GIES]
AGRONOMY : the application of scientific principles to the cultivation of land [n -MIES]
AGROUND : on the ground [adv]
AGRYPNIA : insomnia [n -S]
AGRYPNIAS : agrypnia [n]
AGS : ag [n]
AGUACATE : an avocado [n -S]
AGUACATES : aguacate [n]
AGUE : a malarial fever [n -S] : AGUELIKE, AGUISH [adj], AGUISHLY [adv]
AGUELIKE : ague [adj]
AGUES : ague [n]
AGUEWEED : a flowering plant [n -S]
AGUEWEEDS : agueweed [n]
AGUISH : ague [adj]
AGUISHLY : ague [adv]
AH : aah [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AHA : used to express surprise, triumph, or derision [interj]
AHCHOO : used to represent the sound of a sneeze [interj]
AHEAD : at or to the front [adv]
AHED : ah [v]
AHEM : used to attract attention [interj]
AHI : a marine food fish [n -S]
AHIMSA : the Hindu principle of nonviolence [n -S]
AHIMSAS : ahimsa [n]
AHING : ah [v]
AHIS : ahi [n]
AHOLD : a hold or grasp of something [n -S]
AHOLDS : ahold [n]
AHORSE : on a horse [adv]
AHOY : used in hailing a ship or person [interj]
AHS : ah [v]
AHULL : abandoned and flooded, as a ship [adj]
AI : a three-toed sloth [n -S]
AIBLINS : ablins [adv]
AID : to help [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIDE : an assistant [n -S]
AIDED : aid [v]
AIDER : one that aids [n -S]
AIDERS : aider [n]
AIDES : aide [n]
AIDFUL : helpful [adj]
AIDING : aid [v]
AIDLESS : helpless [adj]
AIDMAN : a corpsman [n AIDMEN]
AIDMEN : aidman [n]
AIDS : aid [v]
AIGLET : aglet [n -S]
AIGLETS : aiglet [n]
AIGRET : aigrette [n -S]
AIGRETS : aigret [n]
AIGRETTE : a tuft of feathers worn as a head ornament [n -S]
AIGRETTES : aigrette [n]
AIGUILLE : a sharp, pointed mountain peak [n -S]
AIGUILLES : aiguille [n]
AIKIDO : a Japanese art of self-defense [n -DOS]
AIKIDOS : aikido [n]
AIL : to cause pain or discomfort to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AILED : ail [v]
AILERON : a movable control surface on an airplane wing [n -S]
AILERONS : aileron [n]
AILING : ail [v]
AILMENT : a physical or mental disorder [n -S]
AILMENTS : ailment [n]
AILS : ail [v]
AIM : to direct toward a specified object or goal [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIMED : aim [v]
AIMER : one that aims [n -S]
AIMERS : aimer [n]
AIMFUL : full of purpose [adj] : AIMFULLY [adv]
AIMFULLY : aimful [adv]
AIMING : aim [v]
AIMLESS : lacking direction or purpose [adj]
AIMS : aim [v]
AIN : ayin [n -S]
AINS : ain [n]
AINSELL : own self [n -S]
AINSELLS : ainsell [n]
AIOLI : garlic mayonnaise [n -S]
AIOLIS : aioli [n]
AIR : early [adv AIRER, AIREST] / to expose to the air (the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIRBAG : an inflatable safety device in an automobile [n -S]
AIRBAGS : airbag [n]
AIRBOAT : a boat used in swampy areas [n -S]
AIRBOATS : airboat [n]
AIRBORNE : flying [adj]
AIRBOUND : stopped up by air [adj]
AIRBRUSH : to apply in a fine spray by compressed air, as paint [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
AIRBURST : an explosion in the air [n -S]
AIRBURSTS : airburst [n]
AIRBUS : a passenger airplane [n -BUSES or -BUSSES]
AIRBUSES : airbus [n]
AIRBUSSES : airbus [n]
AIRCHECK : a recording made from a radio broadcast [n -S]
AIRCHECKS : aircheck [n]
AIRCOACH : the cheaper class of accommodations in commercial aircraft [n -ES]
AIRCRAFT : any machine or device capable of flying [n AIRCRAFT]
AIRCREW : the crew of an aircraft [n -S]
AIRCREWS : aircrew [n]
AIRDATE : the scheduled date of a broadcast [n -S]
AIRDATES : airdate [n]
AIRDROME : an airport [n -S]
AIRDROMES : airdrome [n]
AIRDROP : to drop from an aircraft [v -DROPPED, -DROPPING, -DROPS]
AIRDROPS : airdrop [v]
AIRED : air [v]
AIRER : a frame on which to dry clothes [n -S]
AIRERS : airer [n]
AIREST : air [adv]
AIRFARE : payment for travel by airplane [n -S]
AIRFARES : airfare [n]
AIRFIELD : an airport [n -S]
AIRFIELDS : airfield [n]
AIRFLOW : a flow of air [n -S]
AIRFLOWS : airflow [n]
AIRFOIL : a part of an aircraft designed to provide lift or control [n -S]
AIRFOILS : airfoil [n]
AIRFRAME : the framework and external covering of an airplane [n -S]
AIRFRAMES : airframe [n]
AIRGLOW : a glow in the upper atmosphere [n -S]
AIRGLOWS : airglow [n]
AIRHEAD : a stupid person [n -S]
AIRHEADS : airhead [n]
AIRHOLE : a hole to let air in or out [n -S]
AIRHOLES : airhole [n]
AIRIER : airy [adj]
AIRIEST : airy [adj]
AIRILY : in an airy manner [adv]
AIRINESS : the state of being airy [n -ES]
AIRING : an exposure to the air [n -S]
AIRINGS : airing [n]
AIRLESS : having no air [adj]
AIRLIFT : to transport by airplane [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIRLIFTED : airlift [v]
AIRLIFTS : airlift [v]
AIRLIKE : resembling air [adj]
AIRLINE : an air transportation system [n -S]
AIRLINER : a large passenger aircraft [n -S]
AIRLINERS : airliner [n]
AIRLINES : airline [n]
AIRMAIL : to send mail by airplane [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIRMAILED : airmail [v]
AIRMAILS : airmail [v]
AIRMAN : an aviator [n AIRMEN]
AIRMEN : airman [n]
AIRN : iron [n -S]
AIRNS : airn [n]
AIRPARK : a small airport [n -S]
AIRPARKS : airpark [n]
AIRPLANE : a winged aircraft propelled by jet engines or propellers [n -S]
AIRPLANES : airplane [n]
AIRPLAY : the playing of a record on a radio program [n -PLAYS]
AIRPLAYS : airplay [n]
AIRPORT : a tract of land maintained for the landing and takeoff of aircraft [n -S]
AIRPORTS : airport [n]
AIRPOST : a system of conveying mail by airplane [n -S]
AIRPOSTS : airpost [n]
AIRPOWER : the military strength of a nation’s air force [n -S]
AIRPOWERS : airpower [n]
AIRPROOF : to make impermeable to air [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIRPROOFS : airproof [v]
AIRS : air [v]
AIRSCAPE : a view of the earth from an aircraft or a high position [n -S]
AIRSCAPES : airscape [n]
AIRSCREW : an airplane propeller [n -S]
AIRSCREWS : airscrew [n]
AIRSHED : the air supply of a given region [n -S]
AIRSHEDS : airshed [n]
AIRSHIP : a lighter-than-air aircraft having propulsion and steering systems [n -S]
AIRSHIPS : airship [n]
AIRSHOT : an aircheck [n -S]
AIRSHOTS : airshot [n]
AIRSHOW : an exhibition of aircraft stunts [n -S]
AIRSHOWS : airshow [n]
AIRSICK : nauseated from flying in an airplane [adj]
AIRSPACE : the portion of the atmosphere above a particular land area [n -S]
AIRSPACES : airspace [n]
AIRSPEED : the speed of an aircraft with relation to the air [n -S]
AIRSPEEDS : airspeed [n]
AIRSTRIP : a runway [n -S]
AIRSTRIPS : airstrip [n]
AIRT : to guide [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIRTED : airt [v]
AIRTH : to airt [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AIRTHED : airth [v]
AIRTHING : airth [v]
AIRTHS : airth [v]
AIRTIGHT : not allowing air to escape or enter [adj]
AIRTIME : the time when a broadcast begins [n -S]
AIRTIMES : airtime [n]
AIRTING : airt [v]
AIRTS : airt [v]
AIRWARD : toward the sky [adv]
AIRWAVE : the medium of radio and television transmission [n -S]
AIRWAVES : airwave [n]
AIRWAY : a passageway in which air circulates [n -WAYS]
AIRWAYS : airway [n]
AIRWISE : skillful in aviation [adj]
AIRWOMAN : a female aviator [n -WOMEN]
AIRWOMEN : airwoman [n]
AIRY : having the nature of air [adj AIRIER, AIRIEST]
AIS : ai [n]
AISLE : a passageway between sections of seats [n -S] : AISLED [adj]
AISLED : aisle [adj]
AISLES : aisle [n]
AISLEWAY : an aisle [n -WAYS]
AISLEWAYS : aisleway [n]
AIT : a small island [n -S]
AITCH : the letter H [n -ES]
AITCHES : aitch [n]
AITS : ait [n]
AIVER : a draft horse [n -S]
AIVERS : aiver [n]
AJAR : partly open [adj]
AJEE : agee [adv]
AJIVA : inanimate matter [n -S]
AJIVAS : ajiva [n]
AJOWAN : the fruit of an Egyptian plant [n -S]
AJOWANS : ajowan [n]
AJUGA : a flowering plant [n -S]
AJUGAS : ajuga [n]
AKEE : a tropical tree [n -S]
AKEES : akee [n]
AKELA : a leader of a cub scout pack [n -S]
AKELAS : akela [n]
AKENE : achene [n -S]
AKENES : akene [n]
AKIMBO : having hands on hips and elbows bent outward [adj]
AKIN : related by blood [adj]
AKINESIA : loss of muscle function [n -S] : AKINETIC [adj]
AKINESIAS : akinesia [n]
AKINETIC : akinesia [adj]
AKVAVIT : aquavit [n -S]
AKVAVITS : akvavit [n]
AL : an East Indian tree [n -S]
ALA : a wing or winglike part [n ALAE]
ALACHLOR : an herbicide [n -S]
ALACHLORS : alachlor [n]
ALACK : used to express sorrow or regret [interj]
ALACRITY : cheerful promptness [n -TIES]
ALAE : ala [n]
ALAMEDA : a shaded walkway [n -S]
ALAMEDAS : alameda [n]
ALAMO : a softwood tree [n -MOS]
ALAMODE : a silk fabric [n -S]
ALAMODES : alamode [n]
ALAMOS : alamo [n]
ALAN : a large hunting dog [n -S]
ALAND : alan [n -S]
ALANDS : aland [n]
ALANE : alone [adj]
ALANG : along [adv]
ALANIN : alanine [n -S]
ALANINE : an amino acid [n -S]
ALANINES : alanine [n]
ALANINS : alanin [n]
ALANS : alan [n]
ALANT : alan [n -S]
ALANTS : alant [n]
ALANYL : a univalent radical [n -S]
ALANYLS : alanyl [n]
ALAR : pertaining to wings [adj]
ALARM : to frighten by a sudden revelation of danger [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALARMED : alarm [v]
ALARMING : alarm [v]
ALARMISM : the practice of alarming others needlessly [n -S]
ALARMISMS : alarmism [n]
ALARMIST : one who alarms others needlessly [n -S]
ALARMISTS : alarmist [n]
ALARMS : alarm [v]
ALARUM : to alarm [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALARUMED : alarum [v]
ALARUMING : alarum [v]
ALARUMS : alarum [v]
ALARY : alar [adj]
ALAS : used to express sorrow or regret [interj]
ALASKA : a heavy fabric [n -S]
ALASKAS : alaska [n]
ALASTOR : an avenging deity in Greek tragedy [n -S]
ALASTORS : alastor [n]
ALATE : a winged insect [n -S]
ALATED : having wings [adj]
ALATES : alate [n]
ALATION : the state of having wings [n -S]
ALATIONS : alation [n]
ALB : a long-sleeved vestment [n -S]
ALBA : the white substance of the brain [n -S]
ALBACORE : a marine food fish [n -S]
ALBACORES : albacore [n]
ALBAS : alba [n]
ALBATA : an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc [n -S]
ALBATAS : albata [n]
ALBEDO : the ratio of the light reflected by a planet to that received by it [n -DOS or -DOES]
ALBEDOES : albedo [n]
ALBEDOS : albedo [n]
ALBEIT : although [conj]
ALBICORE : albacore [n -S]
ALBICORES : albicore [n]
ALBINAL : albinic [adj]
ALBINIC : pertaining to albinism [adj]
ALBINISM : the condition of being an albino [n -S]
ALBINISMS : albinism [n]
ALBINO : an organism lacking normal pigmentation [n -NOS]
ALBINOS : albino [n]
ALBITE : a mineral [n -S] : ALBITIC [adj]
ALBITES : albite [n]
ALBITIC : albite [adj]
ALBIZIA : a tropical tree [n -S]
ALBIZIAS : albizia [n]
ALBIZZIA : albizia [n -S]
ALBIZZIAS : albizzia [n]
ALBS : alb [n]
ALBUM : a book for preserving photographs or stamps [n -S]
ALBUMEN : the white of an egg [n -S]
ALBUMENS : albumen [n]
ALBUMIN : a simple protein [n -S]
ALBUMINS : albumin [n]
ALBUMOSE : a proteose [n -S]
ALBUMOSES : albumose [n]
ALBUMS : album [n]
ALBURNUM : sapwood [n -S]
ALBURNUMS : alburnum [n]
ALCADE : alcalde [n -S]
ALCADES : alcade [n]
ALCAHEST : alkahest [n -S]
ALCAHESTS : alcahest [n]
ALCAIC : a type of verse form [n -S]
ALCAICS : alcaic [n]
ALCAIDE : the commander of a Spanish fortress [n -S]
ALCAIDES : alcaide [n]
ALCALDE : the mayor of a Spanish town [n -S]
ALCALDES : alcalde [n]
ALCAYDE : alcaide [n -S]
ALCAYDES : alcayde [n]
ALCAZAR : a Spanish fortress or palace [n -S]
ALCAZARS : alcazar [n]
ALCHEMIC : alchemy [adj]
ALCHEMIES : alchemy [n]
ALCHEMY : a medieval form of chemistry [n -MIES] : ALCHEMIC [adj]
ALCHYMIES : alchymy [n]
ALCHYMY : alchemy [n -MIES]
ALCID : a diving seabird [n -S]
ALCIDINE : pertaining to a family of seabirds [adj]
ALCIDS : alcid [n]
ALCOHOL : a flammable liquid [n -S]
ALCOHOLS : alcohol [n]
ALCOVE : a recessed section of a room [n -S] : ALCOVED [adj]
ALCOVED : alcove [adj]
ALCOVES : alcove [n]
ALDEHYDE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ALDEHYDES : aldehyde [n]
ALDER : a shrub or small tree [n -S]
ALDERFLY : a winged insect [n -FLIES]
ALDERMAN : a member of a municipal legislative body [n ALDERMEN]
ALDERMEN : alderman [n]
ALDERS : alder [n]
ALDICARB : a pesticide [n -S]
ALDICARBS : aldicarb [n]
ALDOL : a chemical compound [n -S]
ALDOLASE : an enzyme [n -S]
ALDOLASES : aldolase [n]
ALDOLS : aldol [n]
ALDOSE : a type of sugar [n -S]
ALDOSES : aldose [n]
ALDRIN : an insecticide [n -S]
ALDRINS : aldrin [n]
ALE : an alcoholic beverage [n -S]
ALEATORY : pertaining to luck [adj]
ALEC : a herring [n -S]
ALECS : alec [n]
ALEE : toward the side of a vessel sheltered from the wind [adv]
ALEF : aleph [n -S]
ALEFS : alef [n]
ALEGAR : sour ale [n -S]
ALEGARS : alegar [n]
ALEHOUSE : a tavern where ale is sold [n -S]
ALEHOUSES : alehouse [n]
ALEMBIC : an apparatus formerly used in distilling [n -S]
ALEMBICS : alembic [n]
ALENCON : a needlepoint lace [n -S]
ALENCONS : alencon [n]
ALEPH : a Hebrew letter [n -S]
ALEPHS : aleph [n]
ALERT : ready for sudden action [adj ALERTER, ALERTEST] : ALERTLY [adv] / to warn [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALERTED : alert [v]
ALERTER : alert [adj]
ALERTEST : alert [adj]
ALERTING : alert [v]
ALERTLY : alert [adv]
ALERTS : alert [v]
ALES : ale [n]
ALEURON : aleurone [n -S]
ALEURONE : protein matter found in the seeds of certain plants [n -S]
ALEURONES : aleurone [n]
ALEURONS : aleuron [n]
ALEVIN : a young fish [n -S]
ALEVINS : alevin [n]
ALEWIFE : a marine fish [n -WIVES]
ALEWIVES : alewife [n]
ALEXIA : a cerebral disorder marked by the loss of the ability to read [n -S]
ALEXIAS : alexia [n]
ALEXIN : a substance in the blood that aids in the destruction of bacteria [n -S]
ALEXINE : alexin [n -S]
ALEXINES : alexine [n]
ALEXINS : alexin [n]
ALFA : a communications code word for the letter A [n -S]
ALFAKI : alfaqui [n -S]
ALFAKIS : alfaki [n]
ALFALFA : a plant cultivated for use as hay and forage [n -S]
ALFALFAS : alfalfa [n]
ALFAQUI : a teacher of Muslim law [n -S]
ALFAQUIN : alfaqui [n -S]
ALFAQUINS : alfaquin [n]
ALFAQUIS : alfaqui [n]
ALFAS : alfa [n]
ALFORJA : a leather bag [n -S]
ALFORJAS : alforja [n]
ALFREDO : served with a white cheese sauce [adj]
ALFRESCO : outdoors [adv]
ALGA : any of a group of primitive aquatic plants [n -GAE or -GAS] : ALGAL [adj]
ALGAE : alga [n]
ALGAL : alga [adj]
ALGAROBA : the mesquite [n -S]
ALGAROBAS : algaroba [n]
ALGAS : alga [n]
ALGEBRA : a branch of mathematics [n -S]
ALGEBRAS : algebra [n]
ALGERINE : a woolen fabric [n -S]
ALGERINES : algerine [n]
ALGICIDE : a substance used to kill algae [n -S]
ALGICIDES : algicide [n]
ALGID : cold [adj]
ALGIDITY : coldness [n -TIES]
ALGIN : a viscous substance obtained from certain algae [n -S]
ALGINATE : a chemical salt [n -S]
ALGINATES : alginate [n]
ALGINS : algin [n]
ALGOID : resembling algae [adj]
ALGOLOGY : the study of algae [n -GIES]
ALGOR : coldness [n -S]
ALGORISM : the Arabic system of arithmetic notation [n -S]
ALGORISMS : algorism [n]
ALGORS : algor [n]
ALGUM : almug [n -S]
ALGUMS : algum [n]
ALIAS : an assumed name [n -ES]
ALIASES : alias [n]
ALIASING : the appearance of distortions in computer graphics [n -S]
ALIASINGS : aliasing [n]
ALIBI : to make excuses for oneself [v -BIED, -BIING, -BIES or -BIS]
ALIBIED : alibi [v]
ALIBIES : alibi [v]
ALIBIING : alibi [v]
ALIBIS : alibi [v]
ALIBLE : nourishing [adj]
ALIDAD : alidade [n -S]
ALIDADE : a device used in angular measurement [n -S]
ALIDADES : alidade [n]
ALIDADS : alidad [n]
ALIEN : to transfer to another, as property [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALIENAGE : the state of being foreign [n -S]
ALIENAGES : alienage [n]
ALIENATE : to make indifferent or unfriendly [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
ALIENATED : alienate [v]
ALIENATES : alienate [v]
ALIENED : alien [v]
ALIENEE : one to whom property is transferred [n -S]
ALIENEES : alienee [n]
ALIENER : alienor [n -S]
ALIENERS : aliener [n]
ALIENING : alien [v]
ALIENISM : alienage [n -S]
ALIENISMS : alienism [n]
ALIENIST : a physician who treats mental disorders [n -S]
ALIENISTS : alienist [n]
ALIENLY : in a foreign manner [adv]
ALIENOR : one that transfers property [n -S]
ALIENORS : alienor [n]
ALIENS : alien [v]
ALIF : an Arabic letter [n -S]
ALIFORM : shaped like a wing [adj]
ALIFS : alif [n]
ALIGHT : to come down from something [v ALIGHTED or ALIT, ALIGHTING, ALIGHTS]
ALIGHTED : alight [v]
ALIGHTING : alight [v]
ALIGHTS : alight [v]
ALIGN : to arrange in a straight line [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALIGNED : align [v]
ALIGNER : one that aligns [n -S]
ALIGNERS : aligner [n]
ALIGNING : align [v]
ALIGNS : align [v]
ALIKE : having close resemblance [adj]
ALIMENT : to nourish [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALIMENTED : aliment [v]
ALIMENTS : aliment [v]
ALIMONIES : alimony [n]
ALIMONY : an allowance paid to a woman by her divorced husband [n -NIES]
ALINED : aline [v]
ALINER : aligner [n -S]
ALINERS : aliner [n]
ALINES : aline [v]
ALINING : aline [v]
ALIPED : an animal having a membrane connecting the toes [n -S]
ALIPEDS : aliped [n]
ALIQUANT : not dividing evenly into another number [adj]
ALIQUOT : a number that divides evenly into another [n -S]
ALIQUOTS : aliquot [n]
ALIST : leaning to one side [adj]
ALIT : alight [v]
ALIUNDE : from a source extrinsic to the matter at hand [adv]
ALIVE : having life [adj]
ALIYA : aliyah [n -S]
ALIYAH : the immigration of Jews to Israel [n -YAHS or -YOS or -YOT]
ALIYAHS : aliyah [n]
ALIYAS : aliya [n]
ALIYOS : aliyah [n]
ALIYOT : aliyah [n]
ALIZARIN : a red dye [n -S]
ALIZARINS : alizarin [n]
ALKAHEST : the hypothetical universal solvent sought by alchemists [n -S]
ALKAHESTS : alkahest [n]
ALKALI : a type of chemical compound [n -LIES or -LIS] : ALKALIC [adj]
ALKALIC : alkali [adj]
ALKALIES : alkali [n]
ALKALIFY : to alkalize [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
ALKALIN : alkaline [adj]
ALKALINE : containing an alkali [adj]
ALKALIS : alkali [n]
ALKALISE : to alkalize [v -LISED, -LISING, -LISES]
ALKALISED : alkalise [v]
ALKALISES : alkalise [v]
ALKALIZE : to convert into an alkali [v -LIZED, -LIZING, -LIZES]
ALKALIZED : alkalize [v]
ALKALIZES : alkalize [v]
ALKALOID : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ALKALOIDS : alkaloid [n]
ALKANE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ALKANES : alkane [n]
ALKANET : a European plant [n -S]
ALKANETS : alkanet [n]
ALKENE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ALKENES : alkene [n]
ALKIE : alky [n -S]
ALKIES : alkie [n]
ALKINE : alkyne [n -S]
ALKINES : alkine [n]
ALKOXIDE : a type of chemical salt [n -S]
ALKOXIDES : alkoxide [n]
ALKOXY : containing a univalent radical composed of alkyl united with oxygen [adj]
ALKY : one who is habitually drunk [n -KIES]
ALKYD : a synthetic resin [n -S]
ALKYDS : alkyd [n]
ALKYL : a univalent radical [n -S] : ALKYLIC [adj]
ALKYLATE : to combine with alkyl [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
ALKYLATED : alkylate [v]
ALKYLATES : alkylate [v]
ALKYLIC : alkyl [adj]
ALKYLS : alkyl [n]
ALKYNE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ALKYNES : alkyne [n]
ALL : everything that one has [n -S]
ALLANITE : a mineral [n -S]
ALLANITES : allanite [n]
ALLAY : to reduce in intensity or severity [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALLAYED : allay [v]
ALLAYER : one that allays [n -S]
ALLAYERS : allayer [n]
ALLAYING : allay [v]
ALLAYS : allay [v]
ALLEE : a tree-lined walkway [n -S]
ALLEES : allee [n]
ALLEGE : to assert without proof or before proving [v -LEGED, -LEGING, -LEGES]
ALLEGED : allege [v]
ALLEGER : one that alleges [n -S]
ALLEGERS : alleger [n]
ALLEGES : allege [v]
ALLEGING : allege [v]
ALLEGORY : a story presenting a moral principle [n -RIES]
ALLEGRO : a musical passage played in rapid tempo [n -GROS]
ALLEGROS : allegro [n]
ALLELE : any of several forms of a gene [n -S] : ALLELIC [adj]
ALLELES : allele [n]
ALLELIC : allele [adj]
ALLELISM : the state of possessing alleles [n -S]
ALLELISMS : allelism [n]
ALLELUIA : a song of praise to God [n -S]
ALLELUIAS : alleluia [n]
ALLERGEN : a substance capable of inducing an allergy [n -S]
ALLERGENS : allergen [n]
ALLERGIC : pertaining to allergy [adj]
ALLERGIES : allergy [n]
ALLERGIN : allergen [n -S]
ALLERGINS : allergin [n]
ALLERGY : a state of hypersensitive reaction to certain things [n -GIES]
ALLEY : a narrow passageway [n -LEYS]
ALLEYS : alley [n]
ALLEYWAY : an alley [n -WAYS]
ALLEYWAYS : alleyway [n]
ALLHEAL : a medicinal herb [n -S]
ALLHEALS : allheal [n]
ALLIABLE : capable of being allied [adj]
ALLIANCE : an association formed to further the common interests of its members [n -S]
ALLIANCES : alliance [n]
ALLICIN : a liquid compound [n -S]
ALLICINS : allicin [n]
ALLIED : ally [v]
ALLIES : ally [v]
ALLIUM : a bulbous herb [n -S]
ALLIUMS : allium [n]
ALLOBAR : a change in barometric pressure [n -S]
ALLOBARS : allobar [n]
ALLOCATE : to set apart for a particular purpose [v -CATED, -CATING, -CATES]
ALLOCATED : allocate [v]
ALLOCATES : allocate [v]
ALLOD : allodium [n -S]
ALLODIA : allodium [n]
ALLODIAL : allodium [adj]
ALLODIUM : land held in absolute ownership [n -DIA] : ALLODIAL [adj]
ALLODS : allod [n]
ALLOGAMY : fertilization of a flower by pollen from another [n -MIES]
ALLONGE : an addition to a document [n -S]
ALLONGES : allonge [n]
ALLONYM : the name of one person assumed by another [n -S]
ALLONYMS : allonym [n]
ALLOPATH : one who treats diseases by producing effects incompatible with those of the disease [n -S]
ALLOPATHS : allopath [n]
ALLOSAUR : a large dinosaur [n -S]
ALLOSAURS : allosaur [n]
ALLOT : to give as a share or portion [v -LOTTED, -LOTTING, -LOTS]
ALLOTS : allot [v]
ALLOTTED : allot [v]
ALLOTTEE : one to whom something is allotted [n -S]
ALLOTTEES : allottee [n]
ALLOTTER : one that allots [n -S]
ALLOTTERS : allotter [n]
ALLOTTING : allot [v]
ALLOTYPE : a type of antibody [n -S]
ALLOTYPES : allotype [n]
ALLOTYPY : the condition of being an allotype [n -TYPIES]
ALLOVER : a fabric having a pattern extending over the entire surface [n -S]
ALLOVERS : allover [n]
ALLOW : to put no obstacle in the way of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALLOWED : allow [v]
ALLOWING : allow [v]
ALLOWS : allow [v]
ALLOXAN : a chemical compound [n -S]
ALLOXANS : alloxan [n]
ALLOY : to combine to form an alloy (a homogenous mixture of metals) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALLOYED : alloy [v]
ALLOYING : alloy [v]
ALLOYS : alloy [v]
ALLS : all [n]
ALLSEED : a plant having many seeds [n -S]
ALLSEEDS : allseed [n]
ALLSORTS : assorted small candies [n]
ALLSPICE : a tropical tree [n -S]
ALLSPICES : allspice [n]
ALLUDE : to make an indirect reference [v -LUDED, -LUDING, -LUDES]
ALLUDED : allude [v]
ALLUDES : allude [v]
ALLUDING : allude [v]
ALLURE : to attract with something desirable [v -LURED, -LURING, -LURES]
ALLURED : allure [v]
ALLURER : one that allures [n -S]
ALLURERS : allurer [n]
ALLURES : allure [v]
ALLURING : allure [v]
ALLUSION : the act of alluding [n -S] : ALLUSIVE [adj]
ALLUSIONS : allusion [n]
ALLUSIVE : allusion [adj]
ALLUVIA : alluvium [n]
ALLUVIAL : soil composed of alluvium [n -S]
ALLUVIALS : alluvial [n]
ALLUVION : alluvium [n -S]
ALLUVIONS : alluvion [n]
ALLUVIUM : detrital material deposited by running water [n -VIA or -VIUMS]
ALLUVIUMS : alluvium [n]
ALLY : to unite in a formal relationship [v -LIED, -LYING, -LIES]
ALLYING : ally [v]
ALLYL : a univalent radical [n -S] : ALLYLIC [adj]
ALLYLIC : allyl [adj]
ALLYLS : allyl [n]
ALMA : almah [n -S]
ALMAGEST : a medieval treatise on astrology or alchemy [n -S]
ALMAGESTS : almagest [n]
ALMAH : an Egyptian girl who sings and dances professionally [n -S]
ALMAHS : almah [n]
ALMANAC : an annual publication containing general information [n -S]
ALMANACK : almanac [n -S]
ALMANACKS : almanack [n]
ALMANACS : almanac [n]
ALMAS : alma [n]
ALME : almah [n -S]
ALMEH : almah [n -S]
ALMEHS : almeh [n]
ALMEMAR : a bema [n -S]
ALMEMARS : almemar [n]
ALMES : alme [n]
ALMIGHTY : having absolute power over all [adj]
ALMNER : almoner [n -S]
ALMNERS : almner [n]
ALMOND : the edible nut of a small tree [n -S] : ALMONDY [adj]
ALMONDS : almond [n]
ALMONDY : almond [adj]
ALMONER : one that distributes alms [n -S]
ALMONERS : almoner [n]
ALMONRIES : almonry [n]
ALMONRY : a place where alms are distributed [n -RIES]
ALMOST : very nearly [adv]
ALMS : money or goods given to the poor [n ALMS]
ALMSMAN : one who receives alms [n ALMSMEN]
ALMSMEN : almsman [n]
ALMUCE : a hooded cape [n -S]
ALMUCES : almuce [n]
ALMUD : a Spanish unit of capacity [n -S]
ALMUDE : almud [n -S]
ALMUDES : almude [n]
ALMUDS : almud [n]
ALMUG : a precious wood mentioned in the Bible [n -S]
ALMUGS : almug [n]
ALNICO : an alloy containing aluminum, nickel, and cobalt [n -COS]
ALNICOS : alnico [n]
ALODIA : alodium [n]
ALODIAL : alodium [adj]
ALODIUM : allodium [n -DIA] : ALODIAL [adj]
ALOE : an African plant [n -S] : ALOETIC [adj]
ALOES : aloe [n]
ALOETIC : aloe [adj]
ALOFT : in or into the air [adv]
ALOGICAL : being outside the bounds of that to which logic can apply [adj]
ALOHA : love -- used as a greeting or farewell [n -S]
ALOHAS : aloha [n]
ALOIN : a laxative [n -S]
ALOINS : aloin [n]
ALONE : apart from others [adj]
ALONG : onward [adv]
ALOOF : distant in interest or feeling [adj] : ALOOFLY [adv]
ALOOFLY : aloof [adv]
ALOPECIA : baldness [n -S] : ALOPECIC [adj]
ALOPECIAS : alopecia [n]
ALOPECIC : alopecia [adj]
ALOUD : audibly [adv]
ALOW : in or to a lower position [adv]
ALP : a high mountain [n -S]
ALPACA : a ruminant mammal [n -S]
ALPACAS : alpaca [n]
ALPHA : a Greek letter [n -S]
ALPHABET : to arrange in the customary order of the letters of a language [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALPHABETS : alphabet [v]
ALPHAS : alpha [n]
ALPHORN : a wooden horn used by Swiss herdsmen [n -S]
ALPHORNS : alphorn [n]
ALPHOSIS : lack of skin pigmentation [n -SISES]
ALPHYL : a univalent radical [n -S]
ALPHYLS : alphyl [n]
ALPINE : a plant native to high mountain regions [n -S]
ALPINELY : in a lofty manner [adv]
ALPINES : alpine [n]
ALPINISM : mountain climbing [n -S]
ALPINISMS : alpinism [n]
ALPINIST : a mountain climber [n -S]
ALPINISTS : alpinist [n]
ALPS : alp [n]
ALREADY : by this time [adv]
ALRIGHT : satisfactory [adj]
ALS : al [n]
ALSIKE : a European clover [n -S]
ALSIKES : alsike [n]
ALSO : in addition [adv]
ALT : a high-pitched musical note [n -S]
ALTAR : a raised structure used in worship [n -S]
ALTARS : altar [n]
ALTER : to make different [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ALTERANT : something that alters [n -S]
ALTERANTS : alterant [n]
ALTERED : alter [v]
ALTERER : one that alters [n -S]
ALTERERS : alterer [n]
ALTERING : alter [v]
ALTERITY : the state of being other or different [n -TIES]
ALTERS : alter [v]
ALTHAEA : althea [n -S]
ALTHAEAS : althaea [n]
ALTHEA : a flowering plant [n -S]
ALTHEAS : althea [n]
ALTHO : although [conj]
ALTHORN : a brass wind instrument [n -S]
ALTHORNS : althorn [n]
ALTHOUGH : despite the fact that [conj]
ALTITUDE : the vertical elevation of an object above a given level [n -S]
ALTITUDES : altitude [n]
ALTO : a low female singing voice [n -TOS]
ALTOIST : one who plays the alto saxophone [n -S]
ALTOISTS : altoist [n]
ALTOS : alto [n]
ALTRUISM : selfless devotion to the welfare of others [n -S]
ALTRUISMS : altruism [n]
ALTRUIST : one that practices altruism [n -S]
ALTRUISTS : altruist [n]
ALTS : alt [n]
ALUDEL : a pear-shaped vessel [n -S]
ALUDELS : aludel [n]
ALULA : a tuft of feathers on the first digit of a bird’s wing [n -LAE] : ALULAR [adj]
ALULAE : alula [n]
ALULAR : alula [adj]
ALUM : a chemical compound [n -S]
ALUMIN : alumina [n -S]
ALUMINA : an oxide of aluminum [n -S]
ALUMINAS : alumina [n]
ALUMINE : alumina [n -S]
ALUMINES : alumine [n]
ALUMINIC : aluminum [adj]
ALUMINS : alumin [n]
ALUMINUM : a metallic element [n -S] : ALUMINIC [adj]
ALUMINUMS : aluminum [n]
ALUMNA : a female graduate [n -NAE]
ALUMNAE : alumna [n]
ALUMNI : alumnus [n]
ALUMNUS : a male graduate [n -NI]
ALUMROOT : a flowering plant [n -S]
ALUMROOTS : alumroot [n]
ALUMS : alum [n]
ALUNITE : a mineral [n -S]
ALUNITES : alunite [n]
ALVEOLAR : a sound produced with the tongue touching a place just behind the front teeth [n -S]
ALVEOLARS : alveolar [n]
ALVEOLI : alveolus [n]
ALVEOLUS : a small anatomical cavity [n -LI]
ALVINE : pertaining to the abdomen and lower intestines [adj]
ALWAY : always [adv]
ALWAYS : at all times [adv]
ALYSSUM : a flowering plant [n -S]
ALYSSUMS : alyssum [n]
AM : be [v]
AMA : amah [n -S]
AMADAVAT : an Asian songbird [n -S]
AMADAVATS : amadavat [n]
AMADOU : a substance prepared from fungi for use as tinder [n -S]
AMADOUS : amadou [n]
AMAH : an Oriental nurse [n -S]
AMAHS : amah [n]
AMAIN : with full strength [adv]
AMALGAM : an alloy of mercury with another metal [n -S]
AMALGAMS : amalgam [n]
AMANDINE : prepared with almonds [adj]
AMANITA : any of a genus of poisonous fungi [n -S]
AMANITAS : amanita [n]
AMANITIN : a chemical compound [n -S]
AMANITINS : amanitin [n]
AMARANTH : a flowering plant [n -S]
AMARANTHS : amaranth [n]
AMARELLE : a variety of sour cherry [n -S]
AMARELLES : amarelle [n]
AMARETTI : macaroons made with bitter almonds [n]
AMARETTO : a kind of liqueur [n -TOS]
AMARETTOS : amaretto [n]
AMARNA : pertaining to a certain historical period of ancient Egypt [adj]
AMARONE : a dry red wine [n -S]
AMARONES : amarone [n]
AMAS : ama [n]
AMASS : to gather [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
AMASSED : amass [v]
AMASSER : one that amasses [n -S]
AMASSERS : amasser [n]
AMASSES : amass [v]
AMASSING : amass [v]
AMATEUR : one that engages in an activity for pleasure [n -S]
AMATEURS : amateur [n]
AMATIVE : amorous [adj]
AMATOL : a powerful explosive [n -S]
AMATOLS : amatol [n]
AMATORY : pertaining to sexual love [adj]
AMAZE : to overwhelm with surprise or wonder [v AMAZED, AMAZING, AMAZES] : AMAZEDLY [adv]
AMAZED : amaze [v]
AMAZEDLY : amaze [adv]
AMAZES : amaze [v]
AMAZING : amaze [v]
AMAZON : a tall, powerful woman [n -S]
AMAZONS : amazon [n]
AMBAGE : a winding path [n -S]
AMBAGES : ambage [n]
AMBARI : ambary [n -S]
AMBARIES : ambary [n]
AMBARIS : ambari [n]
AMBARY : an East Indian plant [n -RIES]
AMBEER : tobacco juice [n -S]
AMBEERS : ambeer [n]
AMBER : a fossil resin [n -S]
AMBERIES : ambery [n]
AMBERINA : a type of glassware [n -S]
AMBERINAS : amberina [n]
AMBEROID : ambroid [n -S]
AMBEROIDS : amberoid [n]
AMBERS : amber [n]
AMBERY : ambry [n -BERIES]
AMBIANCE : ambience [n -S]
AMBIANCES : ambiance [n]
AMBIENCE : the character, mood, or atmosphere of a place or situation [n -S]
AMBIENCES : ambience [n]
AMBIENT : ambience [n -S]
AMBIENTS : ambient [n]
AMBIT : the external boundary of something [n -S]
AMBITION : to seek with eagerness [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AMBITIONS : ambition [v]
AMBITS : ambit [n]
AMBIVERT : a person whose personality type is intermediate between introvert and extravert [n -S]
AMBIVERTS : ambivert [n]
AMBLE : to saunter [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
AMBLED : amble [v]
AMBLER : one that ambles [n -S]
AMBLERS : ambler [n]
AMBLES : amble [v]
AMBLING : amble [v]
AMBO : a pulpit in an early Christian church [n AMBOS or AMBONES]
AMBOINA : amboyna [n -S]
AMBOINAS : amboina [n]
AMBONES : ambo [n]
AMBOS : ambo [n]
AMBOYNA : the mottled wood of an Indonesian tree [n -S]
AMBOYNAS : amboyna [n]
AMBRIES : ambry [n]
AMBROID : a synthetic amber [n -S]
AMBROIDS : ambroid [n]
AMBROSIA : the food of the Greek and Roman gods [n -S]
AMBROSIAS : ambrosia [n]
AMBRY : a recess in a church wall for sacred vessels [n -BRIES]
AMBSACE : bad luck [n -S]
AMBSACES : ambsace [n]
AMBULANT : ambulating [adj]
AMBULATE : to move or walk about [v -LATED, -LATING, -LATES]
AMBULATED : ambulate [v]
AMBULATES : ambulate [v]
AMBUSH : to attack from a concealed place [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
AMBUSHED : ambush [v]
AMBUSHER : one that ambushes [n -S]
AMBUSHERS : ambusher [n]
AMBUSHES : ambush [v]
AMBUSHING : ambush [v]
AMEBA : amoeba [n -BAS or -BAE] : AMEBAN, AMEBIC, AMEBOID [adj]
AMEBAE : ameba [n]
AMEBAN : ameba [adj]
AMEBAS : ameba [n]
AMEBEAN : alternately responding [adj]
AMEBIC : ameba [adj]
AMEBOID : ameba [adj]
AMEER : amir [n -S]
AMEERATE : amirate [n -S]
AMEERATES : ameerate [n]
AMEERS : ameer [n]
AMELCORN : a variety of wheat [n -S]
AMELCORNS : amelcorn [n]
AMEN : a word used at the end of a prayer to express agreement [n -S]
AMENABLE : capable of being persuaded [adj] : AMENABLY [adv]
AMENABLY : amenable [adv]
AMEND : to improve [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AMENDED : amend [v]
AMENDER : one that amends [n -S]
AMENDERS : amender [n]
AMENDING : amend [v]
AMENDS : amend [v]
AMENITIES : amenity [n]
AMENITY : the quality of being pleasant or agreeable [n -TIES]
AMENS : amen [n]
AMENT : a mentally deficient person [n -S]
AMENTIA : mental deficiency [n -S]
AMENTIAS : amentia [n]
AMENTS : ament [n]
AMERCE : to punish by imposing an arbitrary fine [v AMERCED, AMERCING, AMERCES]
AMERCED : amerce [v]
AMERCER : one that amerces [n -S]
AMERCERS : amercer [n]
AMERCES : amerce [v]
AMERCING : amerce [v]
AMESACE : ambsace [n -S]
AMESACES : amesace [n]
AMETHYST : a variety of quartz [n -S]
AMETHYSTS : amethyst [n]
AMI : a friend [n -S]
AMIA : a freshwater fish [n -S]
AMIABLE : having a pleasant disposition [adj] : AMIABLY [adv]
AMIABLY : amiable [adv]
AMIANTUS : a variety of asbestos [n -ES]
AMIAS : amia [n]
AMICABLE : friendly [adj] : AMICABLY [adv]
AMICABLY : amicable [adv]
AMICE : a vestment worn about the neck and shoulders [n -S]
AMICES : amice [n]
AMICI : amicus [n]
AMICUS : one not party to a lawsuit but permitted by the court to advise it [n AMICI]
AMID : amide [n -S]
AMIDASE : an enzyme [n -S]
AMIDASES : amidase [n]
AMIDE : a type of chemical compound [n -S] : AMIDIC [adj]
AMIDES : amide [n]
AMIDIC : amide [adj]
AMIDIN : the soluble matter of starch [n -S]
AMIDINE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
AMIDINES : amidine [n]
AMIDINS : amidin [n]
AMIDO : containing an amide united with an acid radical [adj]
AMIDOGEN : a univalent chemical radical [n -S]
AMIDOGENS : amidogen [n]
AMIDOL : a chemical compound [n -S]
AMIDOLS : amidol [n]
AMIDONE : a chemical compound [n -S]
AMIDONES : amidone [n]
AMIDS : amid [n]
AMIDSHIP : toward the middle of a ship [adv]
AMIDST : in the midst of [prep]
AMIE : a female friend [n -S]
AMIES : amie [n]
AMIGA : a female friend [n -S]
AMIGAS : amiga [n]
AMIGO : a friend [n -GOS]
AMIGOS : amigo [n]
AMIN : amine [n -S]
AMINE : a type of chemical compound [n -S] : AMINIC [adj]
AMINES : amine [n]
AMINIC : amine [adj]
AMINITIES : aminity [n]
AMINITY : the state of being an amine [n -TIES]
AMINO : containing an amine united with a nonacid radical [adj]
AMINS : amin [n]
AMIR : a Muslim prince or governor [n -S]
AMIRATE : the rank of an amir [n -S]
AMIRATES : amirate [n]
AMIRS : amir [n]
AMIS : ami [n]
AMISS : being out of proper order [adj]
AMITIES : amity [n]
AMITOSES : amitosis [n]
AMITOSIS : a type of cell division [n -TOSES] : AMITOTIC [adj]
AMITOTIC : amitosis [adj]
AMITROLE : an herbicide [n -S]
AMITROLES : amitrole [n]
AMITY : friendship [n -TIES]
AMMETER : an instrument for measuring amperage [n -S]
AMMETERS : ammeter [n]
AMMINE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
AMMINES : ammine [n]
AMMINO : pertaining to an ammine [adj]
AMMO : ammunition [n -MOS]
AMMOCETE : the larva of a lamprey [n -S]
AMMOCETES : ammocete [n]
AMMONAL : a powerful explosive [n -S]
AMMONALS : ammonal [n]
AMMONIA : a pungent gas [n -S]
AMMONIAC : a gum resin [n -S]
AMMONIACS : ammoniac [n]
AMMONIAS : ammonia [n]
AMMONIC : pertaining to ammonia [adj]
AMMONIFY : to treat with ammonia [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
AMMONITE : the coiled shell of an extinct mollusk [n -S]
AMMONITES : ammonite [n]
AMMONIUM : a univalent chemical radical [n -S]
AMMONIUMS : ammonium [n]
AMMONO : containing ammonia [adj]
AMMONOID : ammonite [n -S]
AMMONOIDS : ammonoid [n]
AMMOS : ammo [n]
AMNESIA : loss of memory [n -S]
AMNESIAC : one suffering from amnesia [n -S]
AMNESIACS : amnesiac [n]
AMNESIAS : amnesia [n]
AMNESIC : amnesiac [n -S]
AMNESICS : amnesic [n]
AMNESTIC : pertaining to amnesia [adj]
AMNESTIED : amnesty [v]
AMNESTIES : amnesty [v]
AMNESTY : to pardon [v -TIED, -TYING, -TIES]
AMNIA : amnion [n]
AMNIC : amnion [adj]
AMNIO : a surgical insertion of a needle into the uterus [n -NIOS]
AMNION : a membranous sac enclosing an embryo [n -NIONS or -NIA] : AMNIC, AMNIONIC, AMNIOTIC [adj]
AMNIONIC : amnion [adj]
AMNIONS : amnion [n]
AMNIOS : amnio [n]
AMNIOTE : a vertebrate that develops an amnion during the embryonic stage [n -S]
AMNIOTES : amniote [n]
AMNIOTIC : amnion [adj]
AMOEBA : a unicellular microscopic organism [n -BAS or -BAE] : AMOEBAN, AMOEBIC, AMOEBOID [adj]
AMOEBAE : amoeba [n]
AMOEBAN : amoeba [adj]
AMOEBAS : amoeba [n]
AMOEBEAN : amebean [adj]
AMOEBIC : amoeba [adj]
AMOEBOID : amoeba [adj]
AMOK : a murderous frenzy [n -S]
AMOKS : amok [n]
AMOLE : a plant root used as a substitute for soap [n -S]
AMOLES : amole [n]
AMONG : in the midst of [prep]
AMONGST : among [prep]
AMORAL : lacking a sense of right and wrong [adj] : AMORALLY [adv]
AMORALLY : amoral [adv]
AMORETTI : amoretto [n]
AMORETTO : a cupid [n -TI or -TOS]
AMORETTOS : amoretto [n]
AMORINI : amorino [n]
AMORINO : an amoretto [n -NI]
AMORIST : a lover [n -S]
AMORISTS : amorist [n]
AMOROSO : tenderly -- used as a musical direction [adv]
AMOROUS : pertaining to love [adj]
AMORT : being without life [adj]
AMORTISE : to amortize [v -TISED, -TISING, -TISES]
AMORTISED : amortise [v]
AMORTISES : amortise [v]
AMORTIZE : to liquidate gradually, as a debt [v -TIZED, -TIZING, -TIZES]
AMORTIZED : amortize [v]
AMORTIZES : amortize [v]
AMOSITE : a type of asbestos [n -S]
AMOSITES : amosite [n]
AMOTION : the removal of a corporate officer from his office [n -S]
AMOTIONS : amotion [n]
AMOUNT : to combine to yield a sum [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AMOUNTED : amount [v]
AMOUNTING : amount [v]
AMOUNTS : amount [v]
AMOUR : a love affair [n -S]
AMOURS : amour [n]
AMP : to amplify [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AMPED : amp [v]
AMPERAGE : the strength of an electric current expressed in amperes [n -S]
AMPERAGES : amperage [n]
AMPERE : a unit of electric current strength [n -S]
AMPERES : ampere [n]
AMPHIBIA : organisms adapted for life both on land and in water [n]
AMPHIOXI : lancelets [n]
AMPHIPOD : a small crustacean [n -S]
AMPHIPODS : amphipod [n]
AMPHORA : a narrow-necked jar used in ancient Greece [n -RAE or -RAS] : AMPHORAL [adj]
AMPHORAE : amphora [n]
AMPHORAL : amphora [adj]
AMPHORAS : amphora [n]
AMPING : amp [v]
AMPLE : abundant [adj -PLER, -PLEST] : AMPLY [adv]
AMPLER : ample [adj]
AMPLEST : ample [adj]
AMPLEXUS : the mating embrace of frogs [n -ES]
AMPLIFIED : amplify [v]
AMPLIFIES : amplify [v]
AMPLIFY : to make larger or more powerful [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
AMPLY : ample [adv]
AMPOULE : ampule [n -S]
AMPOULES : ampoule [n]
AMPS : amp [v]
AMPUL : ampule [n -S]
AMPULE : a small glass vial [n -S]
AMPULES : ampule [n]
AMPULLA : a globular bottle used in ancient Rome [n -LAE] : AMPULLAR [adj]
AMPULLAE : ampulla [n]
AMPULLAR : ampulla [adj]
AMPULS : ampul [n]
AMPUTATE : to cut off by surgical means [v -TATED, -TATING, -TATES]
AMPUTATED : amputate [v]
AMPUTATES : amputate [v]
AMPUTEE : one that has had a limb amputated [n -S]
AMPUTEES : amputee [n]
AMREETA : amrita [n -S]
AMREETAS : amreeta [n]
AMRITA : a beverage that bestows immortality in Hindu mythology [n -S]
AMRITAS : amrita [n]
AMTRAC : a military vehicle equipped to move on land and water [n -S]
AMTRACK : amtrac [n -S]
AMTRACKS : amtrack [n]
AMTRACS : amtrac [n]
AMU : a unit of mass [n -S]
AMUCK : amok [n -S]
AMUCKS : amuck [n]
AMULET : an object worn to protect against evil or injury [n -S]
AMULETS : amulet [n]
AMUS : amu [n]
AMUSABLE : amuse [adj]
AMUSE : to occupy pleasingly [v AMUSED, AMUSING, AMUSES] : AMUSABLE [adj], AMUSEDLY [adv]
AMUSED : amuse [v]
AMUSEDLY : amuse [adv]
AMUSER : one that amuses [n -S]
AMUSERS : amuser [n]
AMUSES : amuse [v]
AMUSIA : the inability to recognize musical sounds [n -S]
AMUSIAS : amusia [n]
AMUSING : amuse [v]
AMUSIVE : amusing [adj]
AMYGDALA : an almond-shaped anatomical part [n -LAE]
AMYGDALAE : amygdala [n]
AMYGDALE : amygdule [n -S]
AMYGDALES : amygdale [n]
AMYGDULE : a small gas bubble in lava [n -S]
AMYGDULES : amygdule [n]
AMYL : a univalent radical [n -S]
AMYLASE : an enzyme [n -S]
AMYLASES : amylase [n]
AMYLENE : a flammable liquid [n -S]
AMYLENES : amylene [n]
AMYLIC : pertaining to amyl [adj]
AMYLOGEN : amylose [n -S]
AMYLOGENS : amylogen [n]
AMYLOID : a hard protein deposit resulting from degeneration of tissue [n -S]
AMYLOIDS : amyloid [n]
AMYLOSE : the relatively soluble component of starch [n -S]
AMYLOSES : amylose [n]
AMYLS : amyl [n]
AMYLUM : starch [n -S]
AMYLUMS : amylum [n]
AN : used before words beginning with a vowel sound [indefinite_article]
ANA : a collection of miscellaneous information about a particular subject [n -S]
ANABAENA : a freshwater alga [n -S]
ANABAENAS : anabaena [n]
ANABAS : a freshwater fish [n -ES]
ANABASES : anabasis [n]
ANABASIS : a military advance [n -ASES]
ANABATIC : pertaining to rising wind currents [adj]
ANABLEPS : a freshwater fish [n -ES]
ANABOLIC : pertaining to a process by which food is built up into protoplasm [adj]
ANACONDA : a large snake [n -S]
ANACONDAS : anaconda [n]
ANADEM : a wreath for the head [n -S]
ANADEMS : anadem [n]
ANAEMIA : anemia [n -S] : ANAEMIC [adj]
ANAEMIAS : anaemia [n]
ANAEMIC : anaemia [adj]
ANAEROBE : an organism that does not require oxygen to live [n -S]
ANAEROBES : anaerobe [n]
ANAGLYPH : a type of carved ornament [n -S]
ANAGLYPHS : anaglyph [n]
ANAGOGE : a spiritual interpretation of words [n -S] : ANAGOGIC [adj]
ANAGOGES : anagoge [n]
ANAGOGIC : anagoge [adj]
ANAGOGIES : anagogy [n]
ANAGOGY : anagoge [n -GIES]
ANAGRAM : to transpose the letters of a word or phrase to form a new one [v -GRAMMED, -GRAMMING, -GRAMS]
ANAGRAMS : anagram [v]
ANAL : pertaining to the anus [adj]
ANALCIME : analcite [n -S]
ANALCIMES : analcime [n]
ANALCITE : a mineral [n -S]
ANALCITES : analcite [n]
ANALECTA : analects [n]
ANALECTS : selections from a literary work or group of works [n]
ANALEMMA : a type of graduated scale [n -MAS or -MATA]
ANALEMMAS : analemma [n]
ANALGIA : inability to feel pain [n -S]
ANALGIAS : analgia [n]
ANALITIES : anality [n]
ANALITY : a type of psychological state [n -TIES]
ANALLY : at or through the anus [adv]
ANALOG : analogue [n -S]
ANALOGIC : pertaining to an analogy [adj]
ANALOGIES : analogy [n]
ANALOGS : analog [n]
ANALOGUE : something that bears an analogy to something else [n -S]
ANALOGUES : analogue [n]
ANALOGY : resemblance in some respects between things otherwise unlike [n -GIES]
ANALYSE : to analyze [v -LYSED, -LYSING, -LYSES]
ANALYSED : analyse [v]
ANALYSER : analyzer [n -S]
ANALYSERS : analyser [n]
ANALYSES : analysis [n]
ANALYSING : analyse [v]
ANALYSIS : the separation of a whole into its parts [n -YSES]
ANALYST : one that analyzes [n -S]
ANALYSTS : analyst [n]
ANALYTE : a substance being analyzed [n -S]
ANALYTES : analyte [n]
ANALYTIC : pertaining to analysis [adj]
ANALYZE : to subject to analysis [v -LYZED, -LYZING, -LYZES]
ANALYZED : analyze [v]
ANALYZER : one that analyzes [n -S]
ANALYZERS : analyzer [n]
ANALYZES : analyze [v]
ANALYZING : analyze [v]
ANANKE : a compelling necessity in ancient Greek religion [n -S]
ANANKES : ananke [n]
ANAPAEST : anapest [n -S]
ANAPAESTS : anapaest [n]
ANAPEST : a type of metrical foot [n -S]
ANAPESTS : anapest [n]
ANAPHASE : a stage of mitosis [n -S]
ANAPHASES : anaphase [n]
ANAPHOR : a word or phrase that takes reference from a preceding word or phrase [n -S]
ANAPHORA : the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of several successive verses or sentences [n -S]
ANAPHORAS : anaphora [n]
ANAPHORS : anaphor [n]
ANARCH : an advocate of anarchy [n -S]
ANARCHIC : anarchy [adj]
ANARCHIES : anarchy [n]
ANARCHS : anarch [n]
ANARCHY : absence of government [n -CHIES] : ANARCHIC [adj]
ANAS : ana [n]
ANASARCA : a form of dropsy [n -S]
ANASARCAS : anasarca [n]
ANATASE : a mineral [n -S]
ANATASES : anatase [n]
ANATHEMA : a formal ecclesiastical ban or curse [n -MAS or -MATA]
ANATHEMAS : anathema [n]
ANATOMIC : anatomy [adj]
ANATOMIES : anatomy [n]
ANATOMY : the structure of an organism [n -MIES] : ANATOMIC [adj]
ANATOXIN : a toxoid [n -S]
ANATOXINS : anatoxin [n]
ANATTO : annatto [n -TOS]
ANATTOS : anatto [n]
ANCESTOR : to be an ancestor (a person from whom one is descended) of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANCESTORS : ancestor [v]
ANCESTRY : a line or body of ancestors [n -TRIES]
ANCHO : a chili pepper [n -CHOS]
ANCHOR : to secure by means of an anchor (a device for holding a floating vessel in place) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANCHORED : anchor [v]
ANCHORET : a recluse [n -S]
ANCHORETS : anchoret [n]
ANCHORING : anchor [v]
ANCHORS : anchor [v]
ANCHOS : ancho [n]
ANCHOVIES : anchovy [n]
ANCHOVY : a small food fish [n -VIES]
ANCHUSA : a hairy-stemmed plant [n -S]
ANCHUSAS : anchusa [n]
ANCHUSIN : a red dye [n -S]
ANCHUSINS : anchusin [n]
ANCIENT : of or pertaining to time long past [adj -CIENTER, -CIENTEST] / one who lived in ancient times [n -S]
ANCIENTER : ancient [adj]
ANCIENTS : ancient [n]
ANCILLA : a helper [n -LAE or -LAS]
ANCILLAE : ancilla [n]
ANCILLAS : ancilla [n]
ANCON : the elbow [n -ES] : ANCONAL, ANCONEAL, ANCONOID [adj]
ANCONAL : ancon [adj]
ANCONE : ancon [n -S]
ANCONEAL : ancon [adj]
ANCONES : ancon [n]
ANCONOID : ancon [adj]
ANCRESS : a female recluse [n -ES]
ANCRESSES : ancress [n]
AND : an added condition or stipulation [n -S]
ANDANTE : a moderately slow musical passage [n -S]
ANDANTES : andante [n]
ANDESITE : a volcanic rock [n -S]
ANDESITES : andesite [n]
ANDESYTE : andesite [n -S]
ANDESYTES : andesyte [n]
ANDIRON : a metal support for holding wood in a fireplace [n -S]
ANDIRONS : andiron [n]
ANDRO : a steroid sex hormone [n -DROS]
ANDROGEN : a male sex hormone [n -S]
ANDROGENS : androgen [n]
ANDROID : a synthetic man [n -S]
ANDROIDS : android [n]
ANDROS : andro [n]
ANDS : and [n]
ANE : one [n -S]
ANEAR : to approach [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANEARED : anear [v]
ANEARING : anear [v]
ANEARS : anear [v]
ANECDOTA : anecdote [n]
ANECDOTE : a brief story [n -DOTES or -DOTA]
ANECDOTES : anecdote [n]
ANECHOIC : neither having nor producing echoes [adj]
ANELED : anele [v]
ANELES : anele [v]
ANELING : anele [v]
ANEMIA : a disorder of the blood [n -S] : ANEMIC [adj]
ANEMIAS : anemia [n]
ANEMIC : anemia [adj]
ANEMONE : a flowering plant [n -S]
ANEMONES : anemone [n]
ANEMOSES : anemosis [n]
ANEMOSIS : separation of rings of growth in timber due to wind [n -MOSES]
ANENST : anent [prep]
ANENT : in regard to [prep]
ANERGIA : anergy [n -S]
ANERGIAS : anergia [n]
ANERGIC : anergy [adj]
ANERGIES : anergy [n]
ANERGY : lack of energy [n -GIES] : ANERGIC [adj]
ANEROID : a type of barometer [n -S]
ANEROIDS : aneroid [n]
ANES : ane [n]
ANESTRI : anestrus [n]
ANESTRUS : a period of sexual dormancy [n -TRI]
ANETHOL : anethole [n -S]
ANETHOLE : a chemical compound [n -S]
ANETHOLES : anethole [n]
ANETHOLS : anethol [n]
ANEURIN : thiamine [n -S]
ANEURINS : aneurin [n]
ANEURISM : aneurysm [n -S]
ANEURISMS : aneurism [n]
ANEURYSM : an abnormal blood-filled dilation of a blood vessel [n -S]
ANEURYSMS : aneurysm [n]
ANEW : once more [adv]
ANGA : any of the eight practices of yoga [n -S]
ANGAKOK : an Eskimo medicine man [n -S]
ANGAKOKS : angakok [n]
ANGARIA : angary [n -S]
ANGARIAS : angaria [n]
ANGARIES : angary [n]
ANGARY : the right of a warring state to seize neutral property [n -RIES]
ANGAS : anga [n]
ANGEL : to support financially [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANGELED : angel [v]
ANGELIC : pertaining to an angel (a winged celestial being) [adj]
ANGELICA : an aromatic herb [n -S]
ANGELICAS : angelica [n]
ANGELING : angel [v]
ANGELS : angel [v]
ANGELUS : a Roman Catholic prayer [n -ES]
ANGELUSES : angelus [n]
ANGER : to make angry [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANGERED : anger [v]
ANGERING : anger [v]
ANGERLY : in an angry manner [adv]
ANGERS : anger [v]
ANGINA : a disease marked by spasmodic attacks of intense pain [n -S] : ANGINAL, ANGINOSE, ANGINOUS [adj]
ANGINAL : angina [adj]
ANGINAS : angina [n]
ANGINOSE : angina [adj]
ANGINOUS : angina [adj]
ANGIOMA : a tumor composed of blood or lymph vessels [n -MAS or -MATA]
ANGIOMAS : angioma [n]
ANGIOMATA : angioma [n]
ANGLE : to fish with a hook and line [v -GLED, -GLING, -GLES]
ANGLED : angle [v]
ANGLEPOD : a flowering plant [n -S]
ANGLEPODS : anglepod [n]
ANGLER : one that angles [n -S]
ANGLERS : angler [n]
ANGLES : angle [v]
ANGLICE : in readily understood English [adv]
ANGLING : the sport of fishing [n -S]
ANGLINGS : angling [n]
ANGLO : a white North American of non-Hispanic or non-French descent [n -GLOS]
ANGLOS : anglo [n]
ANGORA : the long, silky hair of a domestic goat [n -S]
ANGORAS : angora [n]
ANGRIER : angry [adj]
ANGRIEST : angry [adj]
ANGRILY : angry [adv]
ANGRY : feeling strong displeasure or hostility [adj -GRIER, -GRIEST] : ANGRILY [adv]
ANGST : a feeling of anxiety or dread [n -S]
ANGSTROM : a unit of length [n -S]
ANGSTROMS : angstrom [n]
ANGSTS : angst [n]
ANGUINE : resembling a snake [adj]
ANGUISH : to suffer extreme pain [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ANGUISHED : anguish [v]
ANGUISHES : anguish [v]
ANGULAR : having sharp corners [adj]
ANGULATE : to make angular [v -LATED, -LATING, -LATES]
ANGULATED : angulate [v]
ANGULATES : angulate [v]
ANGULOSE : angular [adj]
ANGULOUS : angular [adj]
ANHINGA : an aquatic bird [n -S]
ANHINGAS : anhinga [n]
ANI : a tropical American bird [n -S]
ANIL : a West Indian shrub [n -S]
ANILE : resembling an old woman [adj]
ANILIN : aniline [n -S]
ANILINE : a chemical compound [n -S]
ANILINES : aniline [n]
ANILINS : anilin [n]
ANILITIES : anility [n]
ANILITY : the state of being anile [n -TIES]
ANILS : anil [n]
ANIMA : the soul [n -S]
ANIMACIES : animacy [n]
ANIMACY : the state of being alive [n -CIES]
ANIMAL : a living organism typically capable of voluntary motion and sensation [n -S] : ANIMALIC [adj]
ANIMALIC : animal [adj]
ANIMALLY : physically [adv]
ANIMALS : animal [n]
ANIMAS : anima [n]
ANIMATE : to give life to [v -MATED, -MATING, -MATES]
ANIMATED : animate [v]
ANIMATER : animator [n -S]
ANIMATERS : animater [n]
ANIMATES : animate [v]
ANIMATING : animate [v]
ANIMATO : in a lively manner -- used as a musical direction [adv]
ANIMATOR : one that animates [n -S]
ANIMATORS : animator [n]
ANIME : a resin obtained from a tropical tree [n -S]
ANIMES : anime [n]
ANIMI : anime [n -S]
ANIMIS : animi [n]
ANIMISM : the belief that souls may exist apart from bodies [n -S]
ANIMISMS : animism [n]
ANIMIST : an adherent of animism [n -S]
ANIMISTS : animist [n]
ANIMUS : a feeling of hostility [n -ES]
ANIMUSES : animus [n]
ANION : a negatively charged ion [n -S] : ANIONIC [adj]
ANIONIC : anion [adj]
ANIONS : anion [n]
ANIS : ani [n]
ANISE : a North African plant [n -S]
ANISEED : the seed of the anise used as a flavoring [n -S]
ANISEEDS : aniseed [n]
ANISES : anise [n]
ANISETTE : a liqueur flavored with aniseed [n -S]
ANISETTES : anisette [n]
ANISIC : pertaining to an anise [adj]
ANISOLE : a chemical compound [n -S]
ANISOLES : anisole [n]
ANKERITE : a mineral [n -S]
ANKERITES : ankerite [n]
ANKH : an Egyptian symbol of enduring life [n -S]
ANKHS : ankh [n]
ANKLE : to walk [v -KLED, -KLING, -KLES]
ANKLED : ankle [v]
ANKLES : ankle [v]
ANKLET : an ornament for the ankle [n -S]
ANKLETS : anklet [n]
ANKLING : ankle [v]
ANKUS : an elephant goad [n -ES]
ANKUSES : ankus [n]
ANKUSH : ankus [n -ES]
ANKUSHES : ankush [n]
ANKYLOSE : to unite or grow together, as the bones of a joint [v -LOSED, -LOSING, -LOSES]
ANKYLOSED : ankylose [v]
ANKYLOSES : ankylose [v]
ANLACE : a medieval dagger [n -S]
ANLACES : anlace [n]
ANLAGE : the initial cell structure from which an embryonic organ develops [n -GEN or -GES]
ANLAGEN : anlage [n]
ANLAGES : anlage [n]
ANLAS : anlace [n -ES]
ANLASES : anlas [n]
ANNA : a former coin of India and Pakistan [n -S]
ANNAL : a record of a single year [n -S]
ANNALIST : a historian [n -S]
ANNALISTS : annalist [n]
ANNALS : annal [n]
ANNAS : anna [n]
ANNATES : the first year’s revenue of a bishop paid to the pope [n]
ANNATTO : a yellowish-red dye [n -TOS]
ANNATTOS : annatto [n]
ANNEAL : to toughen [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANNEALED : anneal [v]
ANNEALER : one that anneals [n -S]
ANNEALERS : annealer [n]
ANNEALING : anneal [v]
ANNEALS : anneal [v]
ANNELID : any of a phylum of segmented worms [n -S]
ANNELIDS : annelid [n]
ANNEX : to add or attach [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ANNEXE : something added or attached [n -S]
ANNEXED : annex [v]
ANNEXES : annexe [n]
ANNEXING : annex [v]
ANNONA : a tropical tree [n -S]
ANNONAS : annona [n]
ANNOTATE : to furnish with critical or explanatory notes [v -TATED, -TATING, -TATES]
ANNOTATED : annotate [v]
ANNOTATES : annotate [v]
ANNOUNCE : to make known publicly [v -NOUNCED, -NOUNCING, -NOUNCES]
ANNOUNCED : announce [v]
ANNOUNCES : announce [v]
ANNOY : to be troublesome to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANNOYED : annoy [v]
ANNOYER : one that annoys [n -S]
ANNOYERS : annoyer [n]
ANNOYING : annoy [v]
ANNOYS : annoy [v]
ANNUAL : a publication issued once a year [n -S]
ANNUALLY : once a year [adv]
ANNUALS : annual [n]
ANNUITIES : annuity [n]
ANNUITY : an allowance or income paid at regular intervals [n -TIES]
ANNUL : to make or declare void or invalid [v -NULLED, -NULLING, -NULS]
ANNULAR : shaped like a ring [adj]
ANNULATE : composed of or furnished with rings [adj]
ANNULET : a small ring [n -S]
ANNULETS : annulet [n]
ANNULI : annulus [n]
ANNULLED : annul [v]
ANNULLING : annul [v]
ANNULOSE : annulus [adj]
ANNULS : annul [v]
ANNULUS : a ring or ringlike part [n -LI or -LUSES] : ANNULOSE [adj]
ANNULUSES : annulus [n]
ANOA : a wild ox [n -S]
ANOAS : anoa [n]
ANODAL : anode [adj]
ANODALLY : anode [adv]
ANODE : a positively charged electrode [n -S] : ANODAL, ANODIC [adj], ANODALLY [adv]
ANODES : anode [n]
ANODIC : anode [adj]
ANODIZE : to coat with a protective film by chemical means [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
ANODIZED : anodize [v]
ANODIZES : anodize [v]
ANODIZING : anodize [v]
ANODYNE : a medicine that relieves pain [n -S] : ANODYNIC [adj]
ANODYNES : anodyne [n]
ANODYNIC : anodyne [adj]
ANOINT : to apply oil to as a sacred rite [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANOINTED : anoint [v]
ANOINTER : one that anoints [n -S]
ANOINTERS : anointer [n]
ANOINTING : anoint [v]
ANOINTS : anoint [v]
ANOLE : a tropical lizard [n -S]
ANOLES : anole [n]
ANOLYTE : the part of an electricity-conducting solution nearest the anode [n -S]
ANOLYTES : anolyte [n]
ANOMALIES : anomaly [n]
ANOMALY : a deviation from the common rule, type, or form [n -LIES]
ANOMIC : anomie [adj]
ANOMIE : a collapse of the social structures governing a given society [n -S] : ANOMIC [adj]
ANOMIES : anomy [n]
ANOMY : anomie [n -MIES]
ANON : at another time [adv]
ANONYM : a false or assumed name [n -S]
ANONYMS : anonym [n]
ANOOPSIA : a visual defect [n -S]
ANOOPSIAS : anoopsia [n]
ANOPIA : anoopsia [n -S]
ANOPIAS : anopia [n]
ANOPSIA : anoopsia [n -S]
ANOPSIAS : anopsia [n]
ANORAK : a parka [n -S]
ANORAKS : anorak [n]
ANORETIC : anorexic [n -S]
ANORETICS : anoretic [n]
ANOREXIA : loss of appetite [n -S]
ANOREXIAS : anorexia [n]
ANOREXIC : one affected with anorexia [n -S]
ANOREXICS : anorexic [n]
ANOREXIES : anorexy [n]
ANOREXY : anorexia [n -OREXIES]
ANORTHIC : denoting a certain type of crystal system [adj]
ANOSMIA : loss of the sense of smell [n -S] : ANOSMIC [adj]
ANOSMIAS : anosmia [n]
ANOSMIC : anosmia [adj]
ANOTHER : one more [adj]
ANOVULAR : not involving ovulation [adj]
ANOXEMIA : a disorder of the blood [n -S] : ANOXEMIC [adj]
ANOXEMIAS : anoxemia [n]
ANOXEMIC : anoxemia [adj]
ANOXIA : absence of oxygen [n -S] : ANOXIC [adj]
ANOXIAS : anoxia [n]
ANOXIC : anoxia [adj]
ANSA : the projecting part of Saturn’s rings [n -SAE]
ANSAE : ansa [n]
ANSATE : having a handle [adj]
ANSATED : ansate [adj]
ANSERINE : a chemical compound [n -S]
ANSERINES : anserine [n]
ANSEROUS : silly [adj]
ANSWER : to say, write, or act in return [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANSWERED : answer [v]
ANSWERER : one that answers [n -S]
ANSWERERS : answerer [n]
ANSWERING : answer [v]
ANSWERS : answer [v]
ANT : a small insect [n -S]
ANTA : a pilaster formed at the termination of a wall [n -TAE or -TAS]
ANTACID : a substance that neutralizes acid [n -S]
ANTACIDS : antacid [n]
ANTAE : anta [n]
ANTALGIC : an anodyne [n -S]
ANTALGICS : antalgic [n]
ANTAS : anta [n]
ANTBEAR : an aardvark [n -S]
ANTBEARS : antbear [n]
ANTE : to put a fixed stake into the pot before the cards are dealt in poker [v ANTED or ANTEED, ANTEING, ANTES]
ANTEATER : any of several mammals that feed on ants [n -S]
ANTEATERS : anteater [n]
ANTECEDE : to precede [v -CEDED, -CEDING, -CEDES]
ANTECEDED : antecede [v]
ANTECEDES : antecede [v]
ANTED : ante [v]
ANTEDATE : to be of an earlier date than [v -DATED, -DATING, -DATES]
ANTEDATED : antedate [v]
ANTEDATES : antedate [v]
ANTEED : ante [v]
ANTEFIX : an upright ornament at the eaves of a tiled roof [n -FIXES or -FIXA or -FIXAE]
ANTEFIXA : antefix [n]
ANTEFIXAE : antefix [n]
ANTEFIXES : antefix [n]
ANTEING : ante [v]
ANTELOPE : a ruminant mammal [n -S]
ANTELOPES : antelope [n]
ANTENNA : a metallic device for sending or receiving radio waves [n -NAE or -NAS] : ANTENNAL [adj]
ANTENNAE : antenna [n]
ANTENNAL : antenna [adj]
ANTENNAS : antenna [n]
ANTEPAST : an appetizer [n -S]
ANTEPASTS : antepast [n]
ANTERIOR : situated in or toward the front [adj]
ANTEROOM : a waiting room [n -S]
ANTEROOMS : anteroom [n]
ANTES : ante [v]
ANTETYPE : an earlier form [n -S]
ANTETYPES : antetype [n]
ANTEVERT : to displace by tipping forward [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANTEVERTS : antevert [v]
ANTHELIA : halolike areas seen in the sky opposite the sun [n]
ANTHELIX : the inner curved ridge on the cartilage of the external ear [n -LICES or -LIXES]
ANTHEM : to praise in a song [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANTHEMED : anthem [v]
ANTHEMIA : decorative floral patterns used in Greek art [n]
ANTHEMIC : pertaining to an anthem (a song of praise) [adj]
ANTHEMING : anthem [v]
ANTHEMS : anthem [v]
ANTHER : the pollen-bearing part of a stamen [n -S] : ANTHERAL [adj]
ANTHERAL : anther [adj]
ANTHERID : a male reproductive organ of certain plants [n -S]
ANTHERIDS : antherid [n]
ANTHERS : anther [n]
ANTHESES : anthesis [n]
ANTHESIS : the full bloom of a flower [n -THESES]
ANTHILL : a mound formed by ants in building their nest [n -S]
ANTHILLS : anthill [n]
ANTHODIA : flower heads of certain plants [n]
ANTHOID : resembling a flower [adj]
ANTHRACES : anthrax [n]
ANTHRAX : an infectious disease [n -THRACES]
ANTI : one that is opposed [n -S]
ANTIACNE : effective against acne [adj]
ANTIAIR : directed against attacking aircraft [adj]
ANTIAR : an arrow poison [n -S]
ANTIARIN : antiar [n -S]
ANTIARINS : antiarin [n]
ANTIARS : antiar [n]
ANTIATOM : an atom comprised of antiparticles [n -S]
ANTIATOMS : antiatom [n]
ANTIBIAS : opposed to bias [adj]
ANTIBODY : a body protein that produces immunity against certain microorganisms or toxins [n -BODIES]
ANTIBOSS : opposed to bosses [adj]
ANTIBUG : effective against bugs [adj]
ANTIC : to act in a clownish manner [v -TICKED, -TICKING, -TICS]
ANTICAR : opposed to cars [adj]
ANTICITY : opposed to cities [adj]
ANTICK : to antic [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ANTICKED : antic [v]
ANTICKING : antic [v]
ANTICKS : antick [v]
ANTICLY : in a clownish manner [adv]
ANTICOLD : effective against the common cold [adj]
ANTICS : antic [v]
ANTICULT : opposed to cults [adj]
ANTIDORA : holy breads [n]
ANTIDOTE : to counteract the effects of a poison with a remedy [v -DOTED, -DOTING, -DOTES]
ANTIDOTED : antidote [v]
ANTIDOTES : antidote [v]
ANTIDRUG : opposed to illicit drugs [adj]
ANTIFAT : preventing the formation of fat [adj]
ANTIFLU : combating the flu [adj]
ANTIFOAM : reducing or preventing foam [adj]
ANTIFOG : preventing the buildup of moisture on a surface [adj]
ANTIFUR : opposed to the wearing of animal furs [adj]
ANTIGANG : opposed to gangs [adj]
ANTIGAY : opposed to homosexuals [adj]
ANTIGEN : a substance that stimulates the production of antibodies [n -S]
ANTIGENE : antigen [n -S]
ANTIGENES : antigene [n]
ANTIGENS : antigen [n]
ANTIGUN : opposed to guns [adj]
ANTIHERO : a protagonist who is notably lacking in heroic qualities [n -ROES]
ANTIJAM : blocking interfering signals [adj]
ANTIKING : a usurping king [n -S]
ANTIKINGS : antiking [n]
ANTILEAK : preventing leaks [adj]
ANTILEFT : opposed to leftism [adj]
ANTILIFE : opposed to life [adj]
ANTILOCK : designed to prevent the wheels of a vehicle from locking [adj]
ANTILOG : the number corresponding to a given logarithm [n -S]
ANTILOGS : antilog [n]
ANTILOGY : a contradiction in terms or ideas [n -GIES]
ANTIMALE : opposed to men [adj]
ANTIMAN : antimale [adj]
ANTIMASK : a comic performance between the acts of a masque [n -S]
ANTIMASKS : antimask [n]
ANTIMERE : a part of an organism symmetrical with a part on the opposite side of the main axis [n -S]
ANTIMERES : antimere [n]
ANTIMINE : effective against mines [adj]
ANTIMONY : a metallic element [n -NIES]
ANTING : the deliberate placing, by certain birds, of living ants among the feathers [n -S]
ANTINGS : anting [n]
ANTINODE : a region between adjacent nodes [n -S]
ANTINODES : antinode [n]
ANTINOME : one that is opposite to another [n -S]
ANTINOMES : antinome [n]
ANTINOMY : a contradiction between two seemingly valid principles [n -MIES]
ANTINUKE : opposing the use of nuclear power plants or nuclear weapons [adj]
ANTIPHON : a psalm or hymn sung responsively [n -S]
ANTIPHONS : antiphon [n]
ANTIPILL : opposing the use of contraceptive pills [adj]
ANTIPODE : an exact opposite [n -S]
ANTIPODES : antipode [n]
ANTIPOLE : the opposite pole [n -S]
ANTIPOLES : antipole [n]
ANTIPOPE : one claiming to be pope in opposition to the one chosen by church law [n -S]
ANTIPOPES : antipope [n]
ANTIPORN : opposed to pornography [adj]
ANTIPOT : opposing the use of pot (marijuana) [adj]
ANTIPYIC : a medicine that prevents the formation of pus [n -S]
ANTIPYICS : antipyic [n]
ANTIQUE : to give an appearance of age to [v -TIQUED, -TIQUING, -TIQUES]
ANTIQUED : antique [v]
ANTIQUER : one that antiques [n -S]
ANTIQUERS : antiquer [n]
ANTIQUES : antique [v]
ANTIQUING : antique [v]
ANTIRAPE : concerned with preventing rape [adj]
ANTIRED : opposed to communism [adj]
ANTIRIOT : designed to prevent or end riots [adj]
ANTIROCK : opposed to rock music [adj]
ANTIROLL : designed to reduce roll [adj]
ANTIRUST : something that prevents rust [n -S]
ANTIRUSTS : antirust [n]
ANTIS : anti [n]
ANTISAG : designed to prevent sagging [adj]
ANTISERA : serums that contain antibodies [n]
ANTISEX : opposed to sexual activity [adj]
ANTISHIP : designed for use against ships [adj]
ANTISKID : designed to prevent skidding [adj]
ANTISLIP : designed to prevent slipping [adj]
ANTISMOG : designed to reduce pollutants that cause smog [adj]
ANTISMUT : opposed to pornography [adj]
ANTISNOB : opposed to snobbery [adj]
ANTISPAM : designed to block spam (unsolicited e-mail) [adj]
ANTISTAT : designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity [adj]
ANTITANK : designed to combat tanks [adj]
ANTITAX : opposing taxes [adj]
ANTITYPE : an opposite type [n -S]
ANTITYPES : antitype [n]
ANTIWAR : opposing war [adj]
ANTIWEAR : designed to reduce the effects of long or hard use [adj]
ANTIWEED : concerned with the destruction of weeds [adj]
ANTLER : the horn of an animal of the deer family [n -S] : ANTLERED [adj]
ANTLERED : antler [adj]
ANTLERS : antler [n]
ANTLIKE : resembling an ant [adj]
ANTLION : a predatory insect [n -S]
ANTLIONS : antlion [n]
ANTONYM : a word opposite in meaning to another [n -S]
ANTONYMS : antonym [n]
ANTONYMY : the state of being an antonym [n -MIES]
ANTRA : antrum [n]
ANTRAL : pertaining to an antrum [adj]
ANTRE : a cave [n -S]
ANTRES : antre [n]
ANTRORSE : directed forward or upward [adj]
ANTRUM : a cavity in a bone [n -TRA or -TRUMS]
ANTRUMS : antrum [n]
ANTS : ant [n]
ANTSIER : antsy [adj]
ANTSIEST : antsy [adj]
ANTSY : fidgety [adj -SIER, -SIEST]
ANURAL : anurous [adj]
ANURAN : a frog or toad [n -S]
ANURANS : anuran [n]
ANURESES : anuresis [n]
ANURESIS : inability to urinate [n -RESES] : ANURETIC [adj]
ANURETIC : anuresis [adj]
ANURIA : absence of urine [n -S] : ANURIC [adj]
ANURIAS : anuria [n]
ANURIC : anuria [adj]
ANUROUS : having no tail [adj]
ANUS : the excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal [n -ES]
ANUSES : anus [n]
ANVIL : to shape on an anvil (a heavy iron block) [v -VILED, -VILING, -VILS or -VILLED, -VILLING, -VILS]
ANVILED : anvil [v]
ANVILING : anvil [v]
ANVILLED : anvil [v]
ANVILLING : anvil [v]
ANVILS : anvil [v]
ANVILTOP : an anvil-shaped cloud mass [n -S]
ANVILTOPS : anviltop [n]
ANXIETIES : anxiety [n]
ANXIETY : painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind [n -ETIES]
ANXIOUS : full of anxiety [adj]
ANY : one, no matter which [adj]
ANYBODIES : anybody [n]
ANYBODY : a person of some importance [n -BODIES]
ANYHOW : in any way [adv]
ANYMORE : at the present time [adv]
ANYON : a subatomic particle [n -S]
ANYONE : any person [pron]
ANYONS : anyon [n]
ANYPLACE : in any place [adv]
ANYTHING : a thing of any kind [n -S]
ANYTHINGS : anything [n]
ANYTIME : at any time [adv]
ANYWAY : in any way [adv]
ANYWAYS : anyway [adv]
ANYWHERE : any place [n -S]
ANYWHERES : anywhere [n]
ANYWISE : in any way [adv]
AORIST : a verb tense [n -S] : AORISTIC [adj]
AORISTIC : aorist [adj]
AORISTS : aorist [n]
AORTA : a main artery [n -TAS or -TAE] : AORTAL, AORTIC [adj]
AORTAE : aorta [n]
AORTAL : aorta [adj]
AORTAS : aorta [n]
AORTIC : aorta [adj]
AOUDAD : a wild sheep [n -S]
AOUDADS : aoudad [n]
APACE : swiftly [adv]
APACHE : a Parisian gangster [n -S]
APACHES : apache [n]
APAGOGE : establishment of a thesis by showing its contrary to be absurd [n -S] : APAGOGIC [adj]
APAGOGES : apagoge [n]
APAGOGIC : apagoge [adj]
APANAGE : appanage [n -S]
APANAGES : apanage [n]
APAREJO : a type of saddle [n -JOS]
APAREJOS : aparejo [n]
APART : not together [adv]
APATETIC : having coloration serving as natural camouflage [adj]
APATHIES : apathy [n]
APATHY : lack of emotion [n -THIES]
APATITE : a mineral [n -S]
APATITES : apatite [n]
APE : to mimic [v APED, APING, APES]
APEAK : in a vertical position [adv]
APED : ape [v]
APEEK : apeak [adv]
APELIKE : resembling an ape (a large, tailless primate) [adj]
APER : one that apes [n -S]
APERCU : a brief summary [n -S]
APERCUS : apercu [n]
APERIENT : a mild laxative [n -S]
APERIENTS : aperient [n]
APERIES : apery [n]
APERITIF : an alcoholic drink taken before a meal [n -S]
APERITIFS : aperitif [n]
APERS : aper [n]
APERTURE : an opening [n -S]
APERTURES : aperture [n]
APERY : the act of aping [n -ERIES]
APES : ape [v]
APETALIES : apetaly [n]
APETALY : the state of having no petals [n -ALIES]
APEX : the highest point [n APEXES or APICES]
APEXES : apex [n]
APHAGIA : inability to swallow [n -S]
APHAGIAS : aphagia [n]
APHANITE : an igneous rock [n -S]
APHANITES : aphanite [n]
APHASIA : loss of the ability to use words [n -S]
APHASIAC : one suffering from aphasia [n -S]
APHASIACS : aphasiac [n]
APHASIAS : aphasia [n]
APHASIC : aphasiac [n -S]
APHASICS : aphasic [n]
APHELIA : aphelion [n]
APHELIAN : aphelion [adj]
APHELION : the point in a planetary orbit farthest from the sun [n -ELIA or -ELIONS] : APHELIAN [adj]
APHELIONS : aphelion [n]
APHESES : aphesis [n]
APHESIS : the loss of an unstressed vowel from the beginning of a word [n -ESES] : APHETIC [adj]
APHETIC : aphesis [adj]
APHID : any of a family of small, soft-bodied insects [n -S]
APHIDES : aphis [n]
APHIDIAN : an aphid [n -S]
APHIDIANS : aphidian [n]
APHIDS : aphid [n]
APHIS : an aphid [n APHIDES]
APHOLATE : a chemical used to control houseflies [n -S]
APHOLATES : apholate [n]
APHONIA : loss of voice [n -S]
APHONIAS : aphonia [n]
APHONIC : one affected with aphonia [n -S]
APHONICS : aphonic [n]
APHORISE : to aphorize [v -RISED, -RISING, -RISES]
APHORISED : aphorise [v]
APHORISES : aphorise [v]
APHORISM : a brief statement of a truth or principle [n -S]
APHORISMS : aphorism [n]
APHORIST : one that aphorizes [n -S]
APHORISTS : aphorist [n]
APHORIZE : to write or speak in aphorisms [v -RIZED, -RIZING, -RIZES]
APHORIZED : aphorize [v]
APHORIZES : aphorize [v]
APHOTIC : lacking light [adj]
APHTHA : a small blister in the mouth or stomach [n -THAE] : APHTHOUS [adj]
APHTHAE : aphtha [n]
APHTHOUS : aphtha [adj]
APHYLLIES : aphylly [n]
APHYLLY : the state of being leafless [n -LIES]
APIAN : pertaining to bees [adj]
APIARIAN : an apiarist [n -S]
APIARIANS : apiarian [n]
APIARIES : apiary [n]
APIARIST : a person who raises bees [n -S]
APIARISTS : apiarist [n]
APIARY : a place where bees are kept [n -ARIES]
APICAL : a sound articulated with the apex (tip) of the tongue [n -S]
APICALLY : at or toward the apex [adv]
APICALS : apical [n]
APICES : apex [n]
APICULI : apiculus [n]
APICULUS : a sharp point at the end of a leaf [n -LI]
APIECE : for each one [adv]
APIMANIA : an excessive interest in bees [n -S]
APIMANIAS : apimania [n]
APING : ape [v]
APIOLOGY : the study of bees [n -GIES]
APISH : slavishly or foolishly imitative [adj] : APISHLY [adv]
APISHLY : apish [adv]
APLASIA : defective development of an organ or part [n -S]
APLASIAS : aplasia [n]
APLASTIC : not plastic [adj]
APLENTY : being in sufficient quantity [adj]
APLITE : a fine-grained rock [n -S] : APLITIC [adj]
APLITES : aplite [n]
APLITIC : aplite [adj]
APLOMB : self-confidence [n -S]
APLOMBS : aplomb [n]
APNEA : temporary cessation of respiration [n -S] : APNEAL, APNEIC [adj]
APNEAL : apnea [adj]
APNEAS : apnea [n]
APNEIC : apnea [adj]
APNOEA : apnea [n -S] : APNOEAL, APNOEIC [adj]
APNOEAL : apnoea [adj]
APNOEAS : apnoea [n]
APNOEIC : apnoea [adj]
APO : a type of protein [n APOS]
APOAPSES : apoapsis [n]
APOAPSIS : the high point in an orbit [n -APSIDES or -APSES]
APOCARP : a fruit having separated carpels [n -S]
APOCARPS : apocarp [n]
APOCARPY : the state of being an apocarp [n -PIES]
APOCOPE : an omission of the last sound of a word [n -S] : APOCOPIC [adj]
APOCOPES : apocope [n]
APOCOPIC : apocope [adj]
APOCRINE : pertaining to a type of gland [adj]
APOD : an apodal animal [n -S]
APODAL : having no feet or footlike appendages [adj]
APODOSES : apodosis [n]
APODOSIS : the main clause of a conditional sentence [n -OSES]
APODOUS : apodal [adj]
APODS : apod [n]
APOGAMIC : apogamy [adj]
APOGAMIES : apogamy [n]
APOGAMY : a form of plant reproduction [n -MIES] : APOGAMIC [adj]
APOGEAL : apogee [adj]
APOGEAN : apogee [adj]
APOGEE : the point in the orbit of a body which is farthest from the earth [n -S] : APOGEAL, APOGEAN, APOGEIC [adj]
APOGEES : apogee [n]
APOGEIC : apogee [adj]
APOLLO : a handsome young man [n -LOS]
APOLLOS : apollo [n]
APOLOG : apologue [n -S]
APOLOGAL : pertaining to an apologue [adj]
APOLOGIA : a formal justification or defense [n -GIAS or -GIAE]
APOLOGIAE : apologia [n]
APOLOGIAS : apologia [n]
APOLOGIES : apology [n]
APOLOGS : apolog [n]
APOLOGUE : an allegory [n -S]
APOLOGUES : apologue [n]
APOLOGY : an expression of regret for some error or offense [n -GIES]
APOLUNE : the point in the orbit of a body which is farthest from the moon [n -S]
APOLUNES : apolune [n]
APOMICT : an organism produced by apomixis [n -S]
APOMICTS : apomict [n]
APOMIXES : apomixis [n]
APOMIXIS : a type of reproductive process [n -MIXES]
APOPHONY : ablaut [n -NIES]
APOPHYGE : a concave curve in a column [n -S]
APOPHYGES : apophyge [n]
APOPLEXY : a sudden loss of sensation and muscular control [n -PLEXIES]
APORIA : an expression of doubt for rhetorical effect [n -S]
APORIAS : aporia [n]
APORT : on or toward the left side of a ship [adv]
APOS : apo [n]
APOSPORY : a type of reproduction without spore formation [n -RIES]
APOSTACY : apostasy [n -CIES]
APOSTASY : an abandonment of one’s faith or principles [n -SIES]
APOSTATE : one who commits apostasy [n -S]
APOSTATES : apostate [n]
APOSTIL : a marginal note [n -S]
APOSTILS : apostil [n]
APOSTLE : a disciple sent forth by Christ to preach the gospel [n -S]
APOSTLES : apostle [n]
APOTHECE : a spore-producing organ of certain fungi [n -S]
APOTHECES : apothece [n]
APOTHEGM : a maxim [n -S]
APOTHEGMS : apothegm [n]
APOTHEM : the perpendicular from the center to any side of a regular polygon [n -S]
APOTHEMS : apothem [n]
APP : a computer program for a major task [n -S]
APPAL : to appall [v -PALLED, -PALLING, -PALS]
APPALL : to fill with horror or dismay [v -ED, -ING, -S]
APPALLED : appall [v]
APPALLING : appall [v]
APPALLS : appall [v]
APPALS : appal [v]
APPANAGE : land or revenue granted to a member of a royal family [n -S]
APPANAGES : appanage [n]
APPARAT : a political organization [n -S]
APPARATS : apparat [n]
APPAREL : to provide with outer garments [v -ELED, -ELING, -ELS or -ELLED, -ELLING, -ELS]
APPARELED : apparel [v]
APPARELS : apparel [v]
APPARENT : easily seen [adj]
APPEAL : to make an earnest request [v -ED, -ING, -S]
APPEALED : appeal [v]
APPEALER : one that appeals [n -S]
APPEALERS : appealer [n]
APPEALING : appeal [v]
APPEALS : appeal [v]
APPEAR : to come into view [v -ED, -ING, -S]
APPEARED : appear [v]
APPEARING : appear [v]
APPEARS : appear [v]
APPEASE : to bring to a state of peace or contentment [v -PEASED, -PEASING, -PEASES]
APPEASED : appease [v]
APPEASER : one that appeases [n -S]
APPEASERS : appeaser [n]
APPEASES : appease [v]
APPEASING : appease [v]
APPEL : a feint in fencing [n -S]
APPELLEE : the defendant in a type of judicial proceeding [n -S]
APPELLEES : appellee [n]
APPELLOR : a confessed criminal who accuses an accomplice [n -S]
APPELLORS : appellor [n]
APPELS : appel [n]
APPEND : to add as a supplement [v -ED, -ING, -S]
APPENDED : append [v]
APPENDING : append [v]
APPENDIX : a collection of supplementary material at the end of a book [n -DIXES or -DICES]
APPENDS : append [v]
APPESTAT : the mechanism in the central nervous system that regulates appetite [n -S]
APPESTATS : appestat [n]
APPETENT : marked by strong desire [adj]
APPETITE : a desire for food or drink [n -S]
APPETITES : appetite [n]
APPLAUD : to express approval by clapping the hands [v -ED, -ING, -S]
APPLAUDED : applaud [v]
APPLAUDS : applaud [v]
APPLAUSE : the sound made by persons applauding [n -S]
APPLAUSES : applause [n]
APPLE : an edible fruit [n -S]
APPLES : apple [n]
APPLET : a computer program for a simple task [n -S]
APPLETS : applet [n]
APPLIED : apply [v]
APPLIER : one that applies [n -S]
APPLIERS : applier [n]
APPLIES : apply [v]
APPLIQUE : to apply as a decoration to a larger surface [v -QUED, -QUEING, -QUES]
APPLIQUED : applique [v]
APPLIQUES : applique [v]
APPLY : to bring into contact with something [v -PLIED, -PLYING, -PLIES]
APPLYING : apply [v]
APPOINT : to name or assign to a position or office [v -ED, -ING, -S]
APPOINTED : appoint [v]
APPOINTS : appoint [v]
APPOSE : to place side by side [v -POSED, -POSING, -POSES]
APPOSED : appose [v]
APPOSER : one that apposes [n -S]
APPOSERS : apposer [n]
APPOSES : appose [v]
APPOSING : appose [v]
APPOSITE : relevant [adj]
APPRAISE : to set a value on [v -PRAISED, -PRAISING, -PRAISES]
APPRAISED : appraise [v]
APPRAISER : one that appraises [n -S]
APPRAISES : appraise [v]
APPRISED : apprise [v]
APPRISER : one that apprises [n -S]
APPRISERS : appriser [n]
APPRISES : apprise [v]
APPRISING : apprise [v]
APPRIZE : to appraise [v -PRIZED, -PRIZING, -PRIZES]
APPRIZED : apprize [v]
APPRIZER : one that apprizes [n -S]
APPRIZERS : apprizer [n]
APPRIZES : apprize [v]
APPRIZING : apprize [v]
APPROACH : to come near or nearer to [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
APPROVAL : the act of approving [n -S]
APPROVALS : approval [n]
APPROVE : to regard favorably [v -PROVED, -PROVING, -PROVES]
APPROVED : approve [v]
APPROVER : one that approves [n -S]
APPROVERS : approver [n]
APPROVES : approve [v]
APPROVING : approve [v]
APPS : app [n]
APPULSE : the approach of one moving body toward another [n -S]
APPULSES : appulse [n]
APRACTIC : apraxia [adj]
APRAXIA : loss of the ability to perform coordinated movements [n -S] : APRACTIC, APRAXIC [adj]
APRAXIAS : apraxia [n]
APRAXIC : apraxia [adj]
APRES : after [prep]
APRICOT : an edible fruit [n -S]
APRICOTS : apricot [n]
APRON : to provide with an apron (a garment worn to protect one’s clothing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
APRONED : apron [v]
APRONING : apron [v]
APRONS : apron [v]
APROPOS : relevant [adj]
APROTIC : being a type of solvent [adj]
APSE : a domed, semicircular projection of a building [n -S] : APSIDAL [adj]
APSES : apse [n]
APSIDAL : apse [adj]
APSIDES : apsis [n]
APSIS : an apse [n -SIDES]
APT : suitable [adj APTER, APTEST]
APTER : apt [adj]
APTERAL : apterous [adj]
APTERIA : apterium [n]
APTERIUM : a bare area of skin between feathers [n -RIA]
APTEROUS : having no wings [adj]
APTERYX : the kiwi [n -ES]
APTERYXES : apteryx [n]
APTEST : apt [adj]
APTITUDE : an ability [n -S]
APTITUDES : aptitude [n]
APTLY : in an apt manner [adv]
APTNESS : the quality of being apt [n -ES]
APTNESSES : aptness [n]
APYRASE : an enzyme [n -S]
APYRASES : apyrase [n]
APYRETIC : having no fever [adj]
AQUA : water [n AQUAE or AQUAS]
AQUACADE : a swimming and diving exhibition [n -S]
AQUACADES : aquacade [n]
AQUAE : aqua [n]
AQUAFARM : to cultivate food fish [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AQUAFARMS : aquafarm [v]
AQUALUNG : an underwater breathing apparatus -- a trademark [n -S]
AQUALUNGS : aqualung [n]
AQUANAUT : a scuba diver trained to live in underwater installations [n -S]
AQUANAUTS : aquanaut [n]
AQUARIA : aquarium [n]
AQUARIAL : pertaining to an aquarium [adj]
AQUARIAN : a member of the old sects that used water rather than wine in religious ceremonies [n -S]
AQUARIANS : aquarian [n]
AQUARIST : one who keeps an aquarium [n -S]
AQUARISTS : aquarist [n]
AQUARIUM : a water-filled enclosure in which aquatic animals are kept [n -IUMS or -IA]
AQUARIUMS : aquarium [n]
AQUAS : aqua [n]
AQUATIC : an organism living or growing in or near water [n -S]
AQUATICS : aquatic [n]
AQUATINT : to etch, using a certain process [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AQUATINTS : aquatint [v]
AQUATONE : a type of printing process [n -S]
AQUATONES : aquatone [n]
AQUAVIT : a Scandinavian liquor [n -S]
AQUAVITS : aquavit [n]
AQUEDUCT : a water conduit [n -S]
AQUEDUCTS : aqueduct [n]
AQUEOUS : pertaining to water [adj]
AQUIFER : a water-bearing rock formation [n -S]
AQUIFERS : aquifer [n]
AQUILINE : curving like an eagle’s beak [adj]
AQUIVER : quivering [adj]
AR : the letter R [n -S]
ARABESK : a design of intertwined floral figures [n -S]
ARABESKS : arabesk [n]
ARABIC : derived from gum arabic [adj]
ARABICA : an evergreen shrub that produces coffee beans [n -S]
ARABICAS : arabica [n]
ARABIZE : to cause to acquire Arabic customs [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
ARABIZED : arabize [v]
ARABIZES : arabize [v]
ARABIZING : arabize [v]
ARABLE : land suitable for cultivation [n -S]
ARABLES : arable [n]
ARACEOUS : belonging to the arum family of plants [adj]
ARACHNID : any of a class of segmented invertebrate animals [n -S]
ARACHNIDS : arachnid [n]
ARAK : arrack [n -S]
ARAKS : arak [n]
ARAME : an edible seaweed [n -S]
ARAMES : arame [n]
ARAMID : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
ARAMIDS : aramid [n]
ARANEID : a spider [n -S]
ARANEIDS : araneid [n]
ARAPAIMA : a large food fish [n -S]
ARAPAIMAS : arapaima [n]
ARAROBA : a Brazilian tree [n -S]
ARAROBAS : araroba [n]
ARB : a type of stock trader [n -S]
ARBALEST : a type of crossbow [n -S]
ARBALESTS : arbalest [n]
ARBALIST : arbalest [n -S]
ARBALISTS : arbalist [n]
ARBELEST : arbalest [n -S]
ARBELESTS : arbelest [n]
ARBITER : one chosen or appointed to judge a disputed issue [n -S] : ARBITRAL [adj]
ARBITERS : arbiter [n]
ARBITRAL : arbiter [adj]
ARBOR : a tree [n -ES] / a shady garden shelter [n -S]
ARBOREAL : living in trees [adj]
ARBORED : having trees [adj]
ARBORES : arbor [n]
ARBORETA : places for the study and exhibition of trees [n]
ARBORIST : a tree specialist [n -S]
ARBORISTS : arborist [n]
ARBORIZE : to form many branches [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
ARBORIZED : arborize [v]
ARBORIZES : arborize [v]
ARBOROUS : pertaining to trees [adj]
ARBORS : arbor [n]
ARBOUR : a shady garden shelter [n -S] : ARBOURED [adj]
ARBOURED : arbour [adj]
ARBOURS : arbour [n]
ARBS : arb [n]
ARBUSCLE : a dwarf tree [n -S]
ARBUSCLES : arbuscle [n]
ARBUTE : an evergreen tree [n -S] : ARBUTEAN [adj]
ARBUTEAN : arbute [adj]
ARBUTES : arbute [n]
ARBUTUS : an evergreen tree [n -ES]
ARBUTUSES : arbutus [n]
ARC : to move in a curved course [v ARCED, ARCING, ARCS or ARCKED, ARCKING, ARCS]
ARCADE : to provide with an arcade (a series of arches) [v -CADED, -CADING, -CADES]
ARCADED : arcade [v]
ARCADES : arcade [v]
ARCADIA : a region of simple pleasure and quiet [n -S]
ARCADIAN : one who lives in an arcadia [n -S]
ARCADIANS : arcadian [n]
ARCADIAS : arcadia [n]
ARCADING : an arcade [n -S]
ARCADINGS : arcading [n]
ARCANA : arcanum [n]
ARCANE : mysterious [adj]
ARCANUM : a mystery [n -NA or -NUMS]
ARCANUMS : arcanum [n]
ARCATURE : a small arcade [n -S]
ARCATURES : arcature [n]
ARCED : arc [v]
ARCH : to bend like an arch (a curved structure spanning an opening) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ARCHAEA : a large group of microorganisms [n] : ARCHAEAL [adj]
ARCHAEAL : archaea [adj]
ARCHAEAN : a microorganism of the archaea [n -S]
ARCHAEANS : archaean [n]
ARCHAEON : archaean [n -CHAEA]
ARCHAIC : pertaining to an earlier time [adj]
ARCHAISE : to archaize [v -ISED, -ISING, -ISES]
ARCHAISED : archaise [v]
ARCHAISES : archaise [v]
ARCHAISM : an archaic word, idiom, or expression [n -S]
ARCHAISMS : archaism [n]
ARCHAIST : one that archaizes [n -S]
ARCHAISTS : archaist [n]
ARCHAIZE : to use archaisms [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
ARCHAIZED : archaize [v]
ARCHAIZES : archaize [v]
ARCHDUKE : an Austrian prince [n -S]
ARCHDUKES : archduke [n]
ARCHEAN : archaean [n -CHAEA]
ARCHED : arch [v]
ARCHER : one that shoots with a bow and arrow [n -S]
ARCHERIES : archery [n]
ARCHERS : archer [n]
ARCHERY : the sport of shooting with a bow and arrow [n -CHERIES]
ARCHES : arch [v]
ARCHFOE : a principal foe [n -S]
ARCHFOES : archfoe [n]
ARCHIL : orchil [n -S]
ARCHILS : archil [n]
ARCHINE : a Russian unit of linear measure [n -S]
ARCHINES : archine [n]
ARCHING : a series of arches [n -S]
ARCHINGS : arching [n]
ARCHIVAL : archive [adj]
ARCHIVE : to file in an archive (a place where records are kept) [v -CHIVED, -CHIVING, -CHIVES] : ARCHIVAL [adj]
ARCHIVED : archive [v]
ARCHIVES : archive [v]
ARCHIVING : archive [v]
ARCHLY : slyly [adv]
ARCHNESS : slyness [n -ES]
ARCHON : a magistrate of ancient Athens [n -S]
ARCHONS : archon [n]
ARCHWAY : a passageway under an arch [n -WAYS]
ARCHWAYS : archway [n]
ARCIFORM : having the form of an arch [adj]
ARCING : arc [v]
ARCKED : arc [v]
ARCKING : arc [v]
ARCO : with the bow -- used as a direction to players of stringed instruments [adv]
ARCS : arc [v]
ARCSINE : the inverse function to the sine [n -S]
ARCSINES : arcsine [n]
ARCTIC : a warm, waterproof overshoe [n -S]
ARCTICS : arctic [n]
ARCUATE : curved like a bow [adj]
ARCUATED : arcuate [adj]
ARCUS : an arch-shaped cloud [n -ES]
ARCUSES : arcus [n]
ARDEB : an Egyptian unit of capacity [n -S]
ARDEBS : ardeb [n]
ARDENCIES : ardency [n]
ARDENCY : ardor [n -CIES]
ARDENT : characterized by intense emotion [adj] : ARDENTLY [adv]
ARDENTLY : ardent [adv]
ARDOR : intensity of emotion [n -S]
ARDORS : ardor [n]
ARDOUR : ardor [n -S]
ARDOURS : ardour [n]
ARDUOUS : involving great labor or hardship [adj]
ARE : a unit of surface measure [n -S]
AREA : a particular extent of space or surface [n -S] : AREAL [adj], AREALLY [adv] / a section of the cerebral cortex having a specific function [n AREAE]
AREAE : area [n]
AREAL : area [adj]
AREALLY : area [adv]
AREAS : area [n]
AREAWAY : a sunken area leading to a basement entrance [n -WAYS]
AREAWAYS : areaway [n]
ARECA : a tropical tree [n -S]
ARECAS : areca [n]
AREIC : pertaining to a region of the earth contributing little surface drainage [adj]
ARENA : an enclosed area for contests [n -S]
ARENAS : arena [n]
ARENE : an aromatic compound [n -S]
ARENES : arene [n]
ARENITE : rock made up chiefly of sand grains [n -S]
ARENITES : arenite [n]
ARENOSE : sandy [adj]
ARENOUS : arenose [adj]
AREOLA : a small space in a network of leaf veins [n -LAE or -LAS] : AREOLAR, AREOLATE [adj]
AREOLAE : areola [n]
AREOLAR : areola [adj]
AREOLAS : areola [n]
AREOLATE : areola [adj]
AREOLE : areola [n -S]
AREOLES : areole [n]
AREOLOGY : the study of the planet Mars [n -GIES]
AREPA : a cornmeal cake [n -S]
AREPAS : arepa [n]
ARES : are [n]
ARETE : a sharp mountain ridge [n -S]
ARETES : arete [n]
ARETHUSA : a flowering plant [n -S]
ARETHUSAS : arethusa [n]
ARF : a barking sound [n -S]
ARFS : arf [n]
ARGAL : argol [n -S]
ARGALA : a type of stork [n -S]
ARGALAS : argala [n]
ARGALI : a wild sheep [n -S]
ARGALIS : argali [n]
ARGALS : argal [n]
ARGENT : silver [n -S] : ARGENTAL, ARGENTIC [adj]
ARGENTAL : argent [adj]
ARGENTIC : argent [adj]
ARGENTS : argent [n]
ARGENTUM : silver [n -S]
ARGENTUMS : argentum [n]
ARGIL : a white clay [n -S]
ARGILS : argil [n]
ARGINASE : an enzyme [n -S]
ARGINASES : arginase [n]
ARGININE : an amino acid [n -S]
ARGININES : arginine [n]
ARGLE : to argue [v -GLED, -GLING, -GLES]
ARGLED : argle [v]
ARGLES : argle [v]
ARGLING : argle [v]
ARGOL : a crust deposited in wine casks during aging [n -S]
ARGOLS : argol [n]
ARGON : a gaseous element [n -S]
ARGONAUT : a marine mollusk [n -S]
ARGONAUTS : argonaut [n]
ARGONS : argon [n]
ARGOSIES : argosy [n]
ARGOSY : a large merchant ship [n -SIES]
ARGOT : a specialized vocabulary [n -S] : ARGOTIC [adj]
ARGOTIC : argot [adj]
ARGOTS : argot [n]
ARGUABLE : capable of being argued about [adj] : ARGUABLY [adv]
ARGUABLY : arguable [adv]
ARGUE : to present reasons for or against [v -GUED, -GUING, -GUES]
ARGUED : argue [v]
ARGUER : one that argues [n -S]
ARGUERS : arguer [n]
ARGUES : argue [v]
ARGUFIED : argufy [v]
ARGUFIER : one that argufies [n -S]
ARGUFIERS : argufier [n]
ARGUFIES : argufy [v]
ARGUFY : to argue stubbornly [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
ARGUFYING : argufy [v]
ARGUING : argue [v]
ARGUMENT : a discussion involving differing points of view [n -S]
ARGUMENTS : argument [n]
ARGUS : an East Indian pheasant [n -ES]
ARGUSES : argus [n]
ARGYLE : a knitting pattern [n -S]
ARGYLES : argyle [n]
ARGYLL : argyle [n -S]
ARGYLLS : argyll [n]
ARHAT : a Buddhist who has attained nirvana [n -S]
ARHATS : arhat [n]
ARIA : an elaborate melody for a single voice [n -S]
ARIARY : a monetary unit of Madagascar [n ARIARY]
ARIAS : aria [n]
ARID : extremely dry [adj -IDER, -IDEST] : ARIDLY [adv]
ARIDER : arid [adj]
ARIDEST : arid [adj]
ARIDITIES : aridity [n]
ARIDITY : the state of being arid [n -TIES]
ARIDLY : arid [adv]
ARIDNESS : aridity [n -ES]
ARIEL : an African gazelle [n -S]
ARIELS : ariel [n]
ARIETTA : a short aria [n -S]
ARIETTAS : arietta [n]
ARIETTE : arietta [n -S]
ARIETTES : ariette [n]
ARIGHT : rightly; correctly [adv]
ARIL : an outer covering of certain seeds [n -S] : ARILED, ARILLATE, ARILLOID [adj]
ARILED : aril [adj]
ARILLATE : aril [adj]
ARILLODE : a type of aril [n -S]
ARILLODES : arillode [n]
ARILLOID : aril [adj]
ARILS : aril [n]
ARIOSE : characterized by melody [adj]
ARIOSI : arioso [n]
ARIOSO : a musical passage resembling an aria [n -SOS or -SI]
ARIOSOS : arioso [n]
ARISEN : arise [v]
ARISES : arise [v]
ARISING : arise [v]
ARISTA : a bristlelike structure or appendage [n -TAE or -TAS] : ARISTATE [adj]
ARISTAE : arista [n]
ARISTAS : arista [n]
ARISTATE : arista [adj]
ARISTO : an aristocrat [n -TOS]
ARISTOS : aristo [n]
ARK : a large boat [n -S]
ARKOSE : a type of sandstone [n -S] : ARKOSIC [adj]
ARKOSES : arkose [n]
ARKOSIC : arkose [adj]
ARKS : ark [n]
ARLES : money paid to bind a bargain [n]
ARM : to supply with weapons [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARMADA : a fleet of warships [n -S]
ARMADAS : armada [n]
ARMAGNAC : a French brandy [n -S]
ARMAGNACS : armagnac [n]
ARMAMENT : a military force equipped for war [n -S]
ARMAMENTS : armament [n]
ARMATURE : to furnish with armor [v -TURED, -TURING, -TURES]
ARMATURED : armature [v]
ARMATURES : armature [v]
ARMBAND : a band worn around an arm (an upper appendage of the human body) [n -S]
ARMBANDS : armband [n]
ARMCHAIR : a chair with armrests [n -S]
ARMCHAIRS : armchair [n]
ARMED : arm [v]
ARMER : one that arms [n -S]
ARMERS : armer [n]
ARMET : a medieval helmet [n -S]
ARMETS : armet [n]
ARMFUL : as much as the arm can hold [n ARMFULS or ARMSFUL]
ARMFULS : armful [n]
ARMHOLE : an opening for the arm in a garment [n -S]
ARMHOLES : armhole [n]
ARMIES : army [n]
ARMIGER : one who carries the armor of a knight [n -S]
ARMIGERO : armiger [n -GEROS]
ARMIGEROS : armigero [n]
ARMIGERS : armiger [n]
ARMILLA : a thin membrane around the stem of certain fungi [n -LAE or -LAS]
ARMILLAE : armilla [n]
ARMILLAS : armilla [n]
ARMING : the act of one that arms [n -S]
ARMINGS : arming [n]
ARMLESS : having no arms [adj]
ARMLET : an armband [n -S]
ARMLETS : armlet [n]
ARMLIKE : resembling an arm [adj]
ARMLOAD : an armful [n -S]
ARMLOADS : armload [n]
ARMLOCK : a hold in wrestling [n -S]
ARMLOCKS : armlock [n]
ARMOIRE : a large, ornate cabinet [n -S]
ARMOIRES : armoire [n]
ARMONICA : a type of musical instrument [n -S]
ARMONICAS : armonica [n]
ARMOR : to furnish with armor (a defensive covering) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARMORED : armor [v]
ARMORER : one that makes or repairs armor [n -S]
ARMORERS : armorer [n]
ARMORIAL : a treatise on heraldry [n -S]
ARMORIALS : armorial [n]
ARMORIES : armory [n]
ARMORING : armor [v]
ARMORS : armor [v]
ARMORY : a place where weapons are stored [n -MORIES]
ARMOUR : to armor [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARMOURED : armour [v]
ARMOURER : armorer [n -S]
ARMOURERS : armourer [n]
ARMOURIES : armoury [n]
ARMOURING : armour [v]
ARMOURS : armour [v]
ARMOURY : armory [n -MOURIES]
ARMPIT : the hollow under the arm at the shoulder [n -S]
ARMPITS : armpit [n]
ARMREST : a support for the arm [n -S]
ARMRESTS : armrest [n]
ARMS : arm [v]
ARMSFUL : armful [n]
ARMURE : a woven fabric [n -S]
ARMURES : armure [n]
ARMY : a large body of men trained and armed for war [n -MIES]
ARMYWORM : a destructive moth larva [n -S]
ARMYWORMS : armyworm [n]
ARNATTO : annatto [n -TOS]
ARNATTOS : arnatto [n]
ARNICA : a perennial herb [n -S]
ARNICAS : arnica [n]
ARNOTTO : a tropical tree [n -TOS]
ARNOTTOS : arnotto [n]
AROID : a flowering plant [n -S]
AROIDS : aroid [n]
AROINT : to drive away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AROINTED : aroint [v]
AROINTING : aroint [v]
AROINTS : aroint [v]
AROMA : a pleasant odor [n -S]
AROMAS : aroma [n]
AROMATIC : a fragrant plant or substance [n -S]
AROMATICS : aromatic [n]
AROSE : arise [v]
AROUND : on all sides of [prep]
AROUSAL : the act of arousing [n -S]
AROUSALS : arousal [n]
AROUSED : arouse [v]
AROUSER : one that arouses [n -S]
AROUSERS : arouser [n]
AROUSES : arouse [v]
AROUSING : arouse [v]
AROYNT : to aroint [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AROYNTED : aroynt [v]
AROYNTING : aroynt [v]
AROYNTS : aroynt [v]
ARPEGGIO : a technique of playing a musical chord [n -GIOS]
ARPEGGIOS : arpeggio [n]
ARPEN : arpent [n -S]
ARPENS : arpen [n]
ARPENT : an old French unit of area [n -S]
ARPENTS : arpent [n]
ARQUEBUS : an early portable firearm [n -ES]
ARRACK : an Oriental liquor [n -S]
ARRACKS : arrack [n]
ARRAIGN : to call before a court of law to answer an indictment [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARRAIGNED : arraign [v]
ARRAIGNS : arraign [v]
ARRANGE : to put in definite or proper order [v -RANGED, -RANGING, -RANGES]
ARRANGED : arrange [v]
ARRANGER : one that arranges [n -S]
ARRANGERS : arranger [n]
ARRANGES : arrange [v]
ARRANGING : arrange [v]
ARRANT : outright [adj] : ARRANTLY [adv]
ARRANTLY : arrant [adv]
ARRAS : a tapestry [n -ES] : ARRASED [adj]
ARRASED : arras [adj]
ARRASES : arras [n]
ARRAY : to place in proper or desired order [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARRAYAL : the act of arraying [n -S]
ARRAYALS : arrayal [n]
ARRAYED : array [v]
ARRAYER : one that arrays [n -S]
ARRAYERS : arrayer [n]
ARRAYING : array [v]
ARRAYS : array [v]
ARREAR : an unpaid and overdue debt [n -S]
ARREARS : arrear [n]
ARREST : to seize and hold by legal authority [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARRESTED : arrest [v]
ARRESTEE : one that is arrested [n -S]
ARRESTEES : arrestee [n]
ARRESTER : one that arrests [n -S]
ARRESTERS : arrester [n]
ARRESTING : arrest [v]
ARRESTOR : arrester [n -S]
ARRESTORS : arrestor [n]
ARRESTS : arrest [v]
ARRHIZAL : rootless [adj]
ARRIBA : used to express pleasure [interj]
ARRIS : a ridge formed by the meeting of two surfaces [n -RISES]
ARRISES : arris [n]
ARRIVAL : the act of arriving [n -S]
ARRIVALS : arrival [n]
ARRIVE : to reach a destination [v -RIVED, -RIVING, -RIVES]
ARRIVED : arrive [v]
ARRIVER : one that arrives [n -S]
ARRIVERS : arriver [n]
ARRIVES : arrive [v]
ARRIVING : arrive [v]
ARROBA : a Spanish unit of weight [n -S]
ARROBAS : arroba [n]
ARROGANT : overly convinced of one’s own worth or importance [adj]
ARROGATE : to claim or take without right [v -GATED, -GATING, -GATES]
ARROGATED : arrogate [v]
ARROGATES : arrogate [v]
ARROW : to indicate the proper position of with an arrow (a linear figure with a wedge-shaped end) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARROWED : arrow [v]
ARROWING : arrow [v]
ARROWS : arrow [v]
ARROWY : moving swiftly [adj]
ARROYO : a brook or creek [n -ROYOS]
ARROYOS : arroyo [n]
ARS : ar [n]
ARSE : the buttocks -- usually considered vulgar [n -S]
ARSENAL : a collection or supply of weapons [n -S]
ARSENALS : arsenal [n]
ARSENATE : a chemical salt [n -S]
ARSENATES : arsenate [n]
ARSENIC : a metallic element [n -S]
ARSENICS : arsenic [n]
ARSENIDE : an arsenic compound [n -S]
ARSENIDES : arsenide [n]
ARSENITE : a chemical salt [n -S]
ARSENITES : arsenite [n]
ARSENO : containing a certain bivalent chemical radical [adj]
ARSENOUS : pertaining to arsenic [adj]
ARSES : arse [n]
ARSHIN : archine [n -S]
ARSHINS : arshin [n]
ARSINE : a poisonous gas [n -S]
ARSINES : arsine [n]
ARSINO : containing a certain univalent chemical radical [adj]
ARSIS : the unaccented part of a musical measure [n ARSES]
ARSON : the malicious or fraudulent burning of property [n -S] : ARSONOUS [adj]
ARSONIST : one that commits arson [n -S]
ARSONISTS : arsonist [n]
ARSONOUS : arson [adj]
ARSONS : arson [n]
ART : an esthetically pleasing and meaningful arrangement of elements [n -S]
ARTAL : rotl [n]
ARTEFACT : artifact [n -S]
ARTEFACTS : artefact [n]
ARTEL : a collective farm in Russia [n -S]
ARTELS : artel [n]
ARTERIAL : a type of highway [n -S]
ARTERIALS : arterial [n]
ARTERIES : artery [n]
ARTERY : a vessel that carries blood away from the heart [n -TERIES]
ARTFUL : crafty [adj] : ARTFULLY [adv]
ARTFULLY : artful [adv]
ARTICLE : to charge with specific offenses [v -CLED, -CLING, -CLES]
ARTICLED : article [v]
ARTICLES : article [v]
ARTICLING : article [v]
ARTIER : arty [adj]
ARTIEST : arty [adj]
ARTIFACT : an object made by man [n -S]
ARTIFACTS : artifact [n]
ARTIFICE : a clever stratagem [n -S]
ARTIFICES : artifice [n]
ARTILY : in an arty manner [adv]
ARTINESS : the quality of being arty [n -ES]
ARTISAN : a trained or skilled workman [n -S]
ARTISANS : artisan [n]
ARTIST : one who practices one of the fine arts [n -S]
ARTISTE : a skilled public performer [n -S]
ARTISTES : artiste [n]
ARTISTIC : characteristic of art [adj]
ARTISTRY : artistic quality or workmanship [n -RIES]
ARTISTS : artist [n]
ARTLESS : lacking cunning or guile [adj]
ARTS : art [n]
ARTSIER : artsy [adj]
ARTSIEST : artsy [adj]
ARTSY : arty [adj -SIER, -SIEST]
ARTWORK : illustrative or decorative work in printed matter [n -S]
ARTWORKS : artwork [n]
ARTY : showily or pretentiously artistic [adj ARTIER, ARTIEST]
ARUGOLA : arugula [n -S]
ARUGOLAS : arugola [n]
ARUGULA : a European annual herb [n -S]
ARUGULAS : arugula [n]
ARUM : a flowering plant [n -S]
ARUMS : arum [n]
ARUSPEX : haruspex [n -PICES]
ARUSPICES : aruspex [n]
ARVAL : pertaining to plowed land [adj]
ARVO : afternoon [n -VOS]
ARVOS : arvo [n]
ARYL : a univalent radical [n -S]
ARYLS : aryl [n]
ARYTHMIA : an irregularity in the rhythm of the heartbeat [n -S] : ARYTHMIC [adj]
ARYTHMIAS : arythmia [n]
ARYTHMIC : arythmia [adj]
AS : to the same degree [adv]
ASANA : a posture in yoga [n -S]
ASANAS : asana [n]
ASARUM : a perennial herb [n -S]
ASARUMS : asarum [n]
ASBESTIC : asbestos [adj]
ASBESTOS : a mineral [n -ES] : ASBESTIC [adj]
ASBESTUS : asbestos [n -ES]
ASCARED : afraid [adj]
ASCARID : a parasitic worm [n -S]
ASCARIDES : ascaris [n]
ASCARIDS : ascarid [n]
ASCARIS : ascarid [n -RIDES]
ASCEND : to go or move upward [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASCENDED : ascend [v]
ASCENDER : one that ascends [n -S]
ASCENDERS : ascender [n]
ASCENDING : ascend [v]
ASCENDS : ascend [v]
ASCENT : the act of ascending [n -S]
ASCENTS : ascent [n]
ASCESES : ascesis [n]
ASCESIS : the conduct of an ascetic [n -CESES]
ASCETIC : one who practices extreme self-denial for religious reasons [n -S]
ASCETICS : ascetic [n]
ASCI : ascus [n]
ASCIDIA : ascidium [n]
ASCIDIAN : a small marine animal [n -S]
ASCIDIANS : ascidian [n]
ASCIDIUM : a flask-shaped plant appendage [n -DIA]
ASCITES : accumulation of serous fluid in the abdomen [n ASCITES] : ASCITIC [adj]
ASCITIC : ascites [adj]
ASCOCARP : a spore-producing organ of certain fungi [n -S]
ASCOCARPS : ascocarp [n]
ASCORBIC : relieving scurvy [adj]
ASCOT : a broad neck scarf [n -S]
ASCOTS : ascot [n]
ASCRIBE : to attribute to a specified cause, source, or origin [v -CRIBED, -CRIBING, -CRIBES]
ASCRIBED : ascribe [v]
ASCRIBES : ascribe [v]
ASCRIBING : ascribe [v]
ASCUS : a spore sac in certain fungi [n ASCI]
ASDIC : sonar [n -S]
ASDICS : asdic [n]
ASEA : at sea [adv]
ASEPSES : asepsis [n]
ASEPSIS : the condition of being aseptic [n -SEPSES]
ASEPTIC : free from germs [adj]
ASEXUAL : occurring or performed without sexual action [adj]
ASH : to convert into ash (the residue of a substance that has been burned) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ASHAMED : feeling shame, guilt, or disgrace [adj]
ASHCAKE : a cornmeal cake [n -S]
ASHCAKES : ashcake [n]
ASHCAN : a metal receptacle for garbage [n -S]
ASHCANS : ashcan [n]
ASHED : ash [v]
ASHEN : consisting of ashes [adj]
ASHES : ash [v]
ASHFALL : a deposit of volcanic ash [n -S]
ASHFALLS : ashfall [n]
ASHIER : ashy [adj]
ASHIEST : ashy [adj]
ASHINESS : the condition of being ashy [n -ES]
ASHING : ash [v]
ASHLAR : to build with squared stones [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASHLARED : ashlar [v]
ASHLARING : ashlar [v]
ASHLARS : ashlar [v]
ASHLER : to ashlar [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASHLERED : ashler [v]
ASHLERING : ashler [v]
ASHLERS : ashler [v]
ASHLESS : having no ashes [adj]
ASHMAN : one who collects and removes ashes [n ASHMEN]
ASHMEN : ashman [n]
ASHORE : toward or on the shore [adv]
ASHPLANT : a walking stick [n -S]
ASHPLANTS : ashplant [n]
ASHRAM : a secluded dwelling of a Hindu sage [n -S]
ASHRAMS : ashram [n]
ASHTRAY : a receptacle for tobacco ashes [n -TRAYS]
ASHTRAYS : ashtray [n]
ASHY : covered with ashes [adj ASHIER, ASHIEST]
ASIDE : a comment by an actor intended to be heard by the audience but not the other actors [n -S]
ASIDES : aside [n]
ASININE : obstinately stupid or silly [adj]
ASK : to put a question to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASKANCE : with a side glance [adv]
ASKANT : askance [adv]
ASKED : ask [v]
ASKER : one that asks [n -S]
ASKERS : asker [n]
ASKESES : askesis [n]
ASKESIS : ascesis [n ASKESES]
ASKEW : to one side [adv]
ASKING : the act of one who asks [n -S]
ASKINGS : asking [n]
ASKOI : askos [n]
ASKOS : an oil jar used in ancient Greece [n ASKOI]
ASKS : ask [v]
ASLANT : slanting [adj]
ASLEEP : sleeping [adj]
ASLOPE : sloping [adj]
ASLOSH : covered with water [adj]
ASOCIAL : one that avoids the company of others [n -S]
ASOCIALS : asocial [n]
ASP : a venomous snake [n -S]
ASPARKLE : sparkling [adj]
ASPECT : appearance of something to the eye or mind [n -S]
ASPECTS : aspect [n]
ASPEN : any of several poplars [n -S]
ASPENS : aspen [n]
ASPER : a Turkish money of account [n -S]
ASPERATE : to make uneven [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
ASPERATED : asperate [v]
ASPERATES : asperate [v]
ASPERGES : a Roman Catholic rite [n ASPERGES]
ASPERITY : acrimony [n -TIES]
ASPERS : asper [n]
ASPERSE : to spread false charges against [v -PERSED, -PERSING, -PERSES]
ASPERSED : asperse [v]
ASPERSER : one that asperses [n -S]
ASPERSERS : asperser [n]
ASPERSES : asperse [v]
ASPERSING : asperse [v]
ASPERSOR : asperser [n -S]
ASPERSORS : aspersor [n]
ASPHALT : to coat with asphalt (a substance used for paving and roofing) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASPHALTED : asphalt [v]
ASPHALTS : asphalt [v]
ASPHERIC : varying slightly from an exactly spherical shape [adj]
ASPHODEL : a flowering plant [n -S]
ASPHODELS : asphodel [n]
ASPHYXIA : unconsciousness caused by lack of oxygen [n -S]
ASPHYXIAS : asphyxia [n]
ASPHYXIES : asphyxy [n]
ASPHYXY : asphyxia [n -PHYXIES]
ASPIC : the asp [n -S]
ASPICS : aspic [n]
ASPIRANT : one that aspires [n -S]
ASPIRANTS : aspirant [n]
ASPIRATA : a type of plosive [n -TAE]
ASPIRATAE : aspirata [n]
ASPIRATE : to pronounce with an initial release of breath [v -RATED, -RATING, -RATES]
ASPIRATED : aspirate [v]
ASPIRATES : aspirate [v]
ASPIRE : to have an earnest desire or ambition [v -PIRED, -PIRING, -PIRES]
ASPIRED : aspire [v]
ASPIRER : an aspirant [n -S]
ASPIRERS : aspirer [n]
ASPIRES : aspire [v]
ASPIRIN : a pain reliever [n -S]
ASPIRING : aspire [v]
ASPIRINS : aspirin [n]
ASPIS : aspic [n -PISES]
ASPISES : aspis [n]
ASPISH : resembling an asp [adj]
ASPS : asp [n]
ASQUINT : with a sidelong glance [adv]
ASRAMA : ashram [n -S]
ASRAMAS : asrama [n]
ASS : a hoofed mammal [n -ES]
ASSAGAI : to pierce with a light spear [v -GAIED, -GAIING, -GAIS]
ASSAGAIED : assagai [v]
ASSAGAIS : assagai [v]
ASSAI : a tropical tree [n -S]
ASSAIL : to attack [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSAILED : assail [v]
ASSAILER : one that assails [n -S]
ASSAILERS : assailer [n]
ASSAILING : assail [v]
ASSAILS : assail [v]
ASSAIS : assai [n]
ASSASSIN : a murderer [n -S]
ASSASSINS : assassin [n]
ASSAULT : to attack [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSAULTED : assault [v]
ASSAULTS : assault [v]
ASSAY : to attempt [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSAYED : assay [v]
ASSAYER : one that assays [n -S]
ASSAYERS : assayer [n]
ASSAYING : assay [v]
ASSAYS : assay [v]
ASSEGAI : to assagai [v -GAIED, -GAIING, -GAIS]
ASSEGAIED : assegai [v]
ASSEGAIS : assegai [v]
ASSEMBLE : to come or bring together [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
ASSEMBLED : assemble [v]
ASSEMBLES : assemble [v]
ASSEMBLY : the act of assembling [n -BLIES]
ASSENT : to express agreement [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSENTED : assent [v]
ASSENTER : one that assents [n -S]
ASSENTERS : assenter [n]
ASSENTING : assent [v]
ASSENTOR : assenter [n -S]
ASSENTORS : assentor [n]
ASSENTS : assent [v]
ASSERT : to state positively [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSERTED : assert [v]
ASSERTER : one that asserts [n -S]
ASSERTERS : asserter [n]
ASSERTING : assert [v]
ASSERTOR : asserter [n -S]
ASSERTORS : assertor [n]
ASSERTS : assert [v]
ASSES : ass [n]
ASSESS : to estimate the value of for taxation [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ASSESSED : assess [v]
ASSESSES : assess [v]
ASSESSING : assess [v]
ASSESSOR : one that assesses [n -S]
ASSESSORS : assessor [n]
ASSET : a useful quality or thing [n -S]
ASSETS : asset [n]
ASSHOLE : a stupid, incompetent, or detestable person -- an offensive term [n -S]
ASSHOLES : asshole [n]
ASSIGN : to set apart for a particular purpose [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSIGNAT : one of the notes issued as currency by the French revolutionary government [n -S]
ASSIGNATS : assignat [n]
ASSIGNED : assign [v]
ASSIGNEE : one to whom property or right is legally transferred [n -S]
ASSIGNEES : assignee [n]
ASSIGNER : one that assigns [n -S]
ASSIGNERS : assigner [n]
ASSIGNING : assign [v]
ASSIGNOR : one who legally transfers property or right [n -S]
ASSIGNORS : assignor [n]
ASSIGNS : assign [v]
ASSIST : to give aid or support to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSISTED : assist [v]
ASSISTER : one that assists [n -S]
ASSISTERS : assister [n]
ASSISTING : assist [v]
ASSISTOR : assister [n -S]
ASSISTORS : assistor [n]
ASSISTS : assist [v]
ASSIZE : a session of a legislative or judicial body [n -S]
ASSIZES : assize [n]
ASSLIKE : resembling an ass [adj]
ASSOIL : to pardon [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSOILED : assoil [v]
ASSOILING : assoil [v]
ASSOILS : assoil [v]
ASSONANT : a word or syllable that resembles another in sound [n -S]
ASSONANTS : assonant [n]
ASSORT : to distribute into groups according to kind or class [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASSORTED : assort [v]
ASSORTER : one that assorts [n -S]
ASSORTERS : assorter [n]
ASSORTING : assort [v]
ASSORTS : assort [v]
ASSUAGE : to make less severe [v -SUAGED, -SUAGING, -SUAGES]
ASSUAGED : assuage [v]
ASSUAGER : one that assuages [n -S]
ASSUAGERS : assuager [n]
ASSUAGES : assuage [v]
ASSUAGING : assuage [v]
ASSUME : to take on [v -SUMED, -SUMING, -SUMES]
ASSUMED : assume [v]
ASSUMER : one that assumes [n -S]
ASSUMERS : assumer [n]
ASSUMES : assume [v]
ASSUMING : assume [v]
ASSURE : to insure [v -SURED, -SURING, -SURES]
ASSURED : an insured person [n -S]
ASSUREDS : assured [n]
ASSURER : one that assures [n -S]
ASSURERS : assurer [n]
ASSURES : assure [v]
ASSURING : assure [v]
ASSUROR : assurer [n -S]
ASSURORS : assuror [n]
ASSWAGED : asswage [v]
ASSWAGES : asswage [v]
ASSWAGING : asswage [v]
ASTASIA : inability to stand resulting from muscular incoordination [n -S]
ASTASIAS : astasia [n]
ASTATIC : unstable [adj]
ASTATINE : a radioactive element [n -S]
ASTATINES : astatine [n]
ASTER : a flowering plant [n -S]
ASTERIA : a gemstone cut to exhibit asterism [n -S]
ASTERIAS : asteria [n]
ASTERISK : to mark with an asterisk (a star-shaped printing mark) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASTERISKS : asterisk [v]
ASTERISM : a property of certain minerals of showing a starlike luminous figure [n -S]
ASTERISMS : asterism [n]
ASTERN : at or toward the rear of a ship [adv]
ASTERNAL : not connected to the sternum [adj]
ASTEROID : a type of celestial body [n -S]
ASTEROIDS : asteroid [n]
ASTERS : aster [n]
ASTHENIA : lack of strength [n -S]
ASTHENIAS : asthenia [n]
ASTHENIC : a slender, lightly muscled person [n -S]
ASTHENICS : asthenic [n]
ASTHENIES : astheny [n]
ASTHENY : asthenia [n -NIES]
ASTHMA : a respiratory disease [n -S]
ASTHMAS : asthma [n]
ASTIGMIA : a visual defect [n -S]
ASTIGMIAS : astigmia [n]
ASTILBE : an Asian perennial [n -S]
ASTILBES : astilbe [n]
ASTIR : moving about [adj]
ASTOMOUS : having no stomata [adj]
ASTONIED : astony [v]
ASTONIES : astony [v]
ASTONISH : to fill with sudden wonder or surprise [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ASTONY : to astonish [v -TONIED, -TONYING, -TONIES]
ASTONYING : astony [v]
ASTOUND : to amaze [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASTOUNDED : astound [v]
ASTOUNDS : astound [v]
ASTRAGAL : a convex molding [n -S]
ASTRAGALS : astragal [n]
ASTRAL : a type of oil lamp [n -S]
ASTRALLY : in a stellar manner [adv]
ASTRALS : astral [n]
ASTRAY : off the right course [adv]
ASTRICT : to restrict [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ASTRICTED : astrict [v]
ASTRICTS : astrict [v]
ASTRIDE : with one leg on each side [adv]
ASTRINGE : to bind or draw together [v -TRINGED, -TRINGING, -TRINGES]
ASTRINGED : astringe [v]
ASTRINGES : astringe [v]
ASTUTE : shrewd [adj] : ASTUTELY [adv]
ASTUTELY : astute [adv]
ASTYLAR : having no columns [adj]
ASUNDER : into pieces [adv]
ASWARM : swarming [adj]
ASWIRL : swirling [adj]
ASWOON : swooning [adj]
ASYLA : asylum [n]
ASYLUM : an institution for the care of the mentally ill [n -LUMS or -LA]
ASYLUMS : asylum [n]
ASYNDETA : omissions of certain conjunctions [n]
AT : in the position of [prep]
ATABAL : a type of drum [n -S]
ATABALS : atabal [n]
ATABRINE : a drug to treat malaria [n -S]
ATABRINES : atabrine [n]
ATACTIC : showing no regularity of structure [adj]
ATAGHAN : yataghan [n -S]
ATAGHANS : ataghan [n]
ATALAYA : a watchtower [n -S]
ATALAYAS : atalaya [n]
ATAMAN : a hetman [n -S]
ATAMANS : ataman [n]
ATAMASCO : a flowering plant [n -COS]
ATAMASCOS : atamasco [n]
ATAP : the nipa palm tree [n -S]
ATAPS : atap [n]
ATARAXIA : peace of mind [n -S]
ATARAXIAS : ataraxia [n]
ATARAXIC : a tranquilizing drug [n -S]
ATARAXICS : ataraxic [n]
ATARAXIES : ataraxy [n]
ATARAXY : ataraxia [n -RAXIES]
ATAVIC : pertaining to a remote ancestor [adj]
ATAVISM : the reappearance of a genetic characteristic after several generations of absence [n -S]
ATAVISMS : atavism [n]
ATAVIST : an individual displaying atavism [n -S]
ATAVISTS : atavist [n]
ATAXIA : loss of muscular coordination [n -S]
ATAXIAS : ataxia [n]
ATAXIC : one suffering from ataxia [n -S]
ATAXICS : ataxic [n]
ATAXIES : ataxy [n]
ATAXY : ataxia [n ATAXIES]
ATE : blind impulse or reckless ambition that drives one to ruin [n -S]
ATECHNIC : lacking technical knowledge [adj]
ATELIC : pertaining to a type of verb form [adj]
ATELIER : a workshop or studio [n -S]
ATELIERS : atelier [n]
ATEMOYA : a fruit of a hybrid tropical tree [n -S]
ATEMOYAS : atemoya [n]
ATENOLOL : a drug to treat hypertension [n -S]
ATENOLOLS : atenolol [n]
ATES : ate [n]
ATHANASY : immortality [n -SIES]
ATHEISM : the belief that there is no God [n -S]
ATHEISMS : atheism [n]
ATHEIST : a believer in atheism [n -S]
ATHEISTS : atheist [n]
ATHELING : an Anglo-Saxon prince or nobleman [n -S]
ATHELINGS : atheling [n]
ATHENEUM : a literary institution [n -S]
ATHENEUMS : atheneum [n]
ATHEROMA : a disease of the arteries [n -MAS or -MATA]
ATHEROMAS : atheroma [n]
ATHETOID : affected with a type of nervous disorder [adj]
ATHIRST : having a strong desire [adj]
ATHLETE : one skilled in feats of physical strength and agility [n -S] : ATHLETIC [adj]
ATHLETES : athlete [n]
ATHLETIC : athlete [adj]
ATHODYD : a type of jet engine [n -S]
ATHODYDS : athodyd [n]
ATHWART : from side to side [adv]
ATILT : being in a tilted position [adj]
ATINGLE : tingling [adj]
ATLANTES : atlas [n]
ATLAS : a male figure used as a supporting column [n ATLANTES or ATLASES]
ATLASES : atlas [n]
ATLATL : a device for throwing a spear or dart [n -S]
ATLATLS : atlatl [n]
ATMA : atman [n -S]
ATMAN : the individual soul in Hinduism [n -S]
ATMANS : atman [n]
ATMAS : atma [n]
ATOLL : a ring-shaped coral island [n -S]
ATOLLS : atoll [n]
ATOM : the smallest unit of an element [n -S] : ATOMIC, ATOMICAL [adj]
ATOMIC : atom [adj]
ATOMICAL : atom [adj]
ATOMICS : the science dealing with atoms [n]
ATOMIES : atomy [n]
ATOMISE : to atomize [v -ISED, -ISING, -ISES]
ATOMISED : atomise [v]
ATOMISER : atomizer [n -S]
ATOMISERS : atomiser [n]
ATOMISES : atomise [v]
ATOMISING : atomise [v]
ATOMISM : the theory that the universe is composed of simple, indivisible, minute particles [n -S]
ATOMISMS : atomism [n]
ATOMIST : an adherent of atomism [n -S]
ATOMISTS : atomist [n]
ATOMIZE : to reduce to a fine spray [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
ATOMIZED : atomize [v]
ATOMIZER : a device for atomizing liquids [n -S]
ATOMIZERS : atomizer [n]
ATOMIZES : atomize [v]
ATOMIZING : atomize [v]
ATOMS : atom [n]
ATOMY : a tiny particle [n -MIES]
ATONABLE : atone [adj]
ATONAL : lacking tonality [adj] : ATONALLY [adv]
ATONALLY : atonal [adv]
ATONE : to make amends or reparation [v ATONED, ATONING, ATONES] : ATONABLE [adj]
ATONED : atone [v]
ATONER : one that atones [n -S]
ATONERS : atoner [n]
ATONES : atone [v]
ATONIA : atony [n -S]
ATONIAS : atonia [n]
ATONIC : an unaccented syllable or word [n -S]
ATONICS : atonic [n]
ATONIES : atony [n]
ATONING : atone [v]
ATONY : muscular weakness [n -NIES]
ATOP : being on or at the top [adj]
ATOPIC : atopy [adj]
ATOPIES : atopy [n]
ATOPY : a type of allergy [n -PIES] : ATOPIC [adj]
ATRAZINE : an herbicide [n -S]
ATRAZINES : atrazine [n]
ATREMBLE : trembling [adj]
ATRESIA : absence or closure of a natural bodily passage [n -S] : ATRESIC, ATRETIC [adj]
ATRESIAS : atresia [n]
ATRESIC : atresia [adj]
ATRETIC : atresia [adj]
ATRIA : atrium [n]
ATRIAL : pertaining to an atrium [adj]
ATRIP : aweigh [adj]
ATRIUM : the main room of an ancient Roman house [n ATRIA or ATRIUMS]
ATRIUMS : atrium [n]
ATROCITY : a heinous act [n -TIES]
ATROPHIA : a wasting away of the body or any of its parts [n -S] : ATROPHIC [adj]
ATROPHIAS : atrophia [n]
ATROPHIC : atrophia [adj]
ATROPHIED : atrophy [v]
ATROPHIES : atrophy [v]
ATROPHY : to waste away [v -PHIED, -PHYING, -PHIES]
ATROPIN : atropine [n -S]
ATROPINE : a poisonous alkaloid [n -S]
ATROPINES : atropine [n]
ATROPINS : atropin [n]
ATROPISM : atropine poisoning [n -S]
ATROPISMS : atropism [n]
ATT : a monetary unit of Laos [n ATT]
ATTABOY : used to express encouragement or approval [interj]
ATTACH : to connect as an associated part [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ATTACHE : a diplomatic official [n -S]
ATTACHED : attach [v]
ATTACHER : one that attaches [n -S]
ATTACHERS : attacher [n]
ATTACHES : attach [v]
ATTACHING : attach [v]
ATTACK : to set upon violently [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTACKED : attack [v]
ATTACKER : one that attacks [n -S]
ATTACKERS : attacker [n]
ATTACKING : attack [v]
ATTACKS : attack [v]
ATTAGIRL : used to express encouragement or approval [interj]
ATTAIN : to gain or achieve by mental or physical effort [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTAINED : attain [v]
ATTAINER : one that attains [n -S]
ATTAINERS : attainer [n]
ATTAINING : attain [v]
ATTAINS : attain [v]
ATTAINT : to disgrace [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTAINTED : attaint [v]
ATTAINTS : attaint [v]
ATTAR : a fragrant oil [n -S]
ATTARS : attar [n]
ATTEMPER : to modify the temperature of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTEMPERS : attemper [v]
ATTEMPT : to make an effort to do or accomplish [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTEMPTED : attempt [v]
ATTEMPTS : attempt [v]
ATTEND : to be present at [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTENDED : attend [v]
ATTENDEE : an attender [n -S]
ATTENDEES : attendee [n]
ATTENDER : one that attends [n -S]
ATTENDERS : attender [n]
ATTENDING : attend [v]
ATTENDS : attend [v]
ATTENT : heedful [adj]
ATTEST : to affirm to be true or genuine [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTESTED : attest [v]
ATTESTER : one that attests [n -S]
ATTESTERS : attester [n]
ATTESTING : attest [v]
ATTESTOR : attester [n -S]
ATTESTORS : attestor [n]
ATTESTS : attest [v]
ATTIC : a story or room directly below the roof of a house [n -S]
ATTICISM : a concise and elegant expression [n -S]
ATTICISMS : atticism [n]
ATTICIST : one who uses atticisms [n -S]
ATTICISTS : atticist [n]
ATTICIZE : to use atticisms [v -CIZED, -CIZING, -CIZES]
ATTICIZED : atticize [v]
ATTICIZES : atticize [v]
ATTICS : attic [n]
ATTIRE : to clothe [v -TIRED, -TIRING, -TIRES]
ATTIRED : attire [v]
ATTIRES : attire [v]
ATTIRING : attire [v]
ATTITUDE : a state of mind with regard to some matter [n -S]
ATTITUDES : attitude [n]
ATTORN : to acknowledge a new owner as one’s landlord [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTORNED : attorn [v]
ATTORNEY : a lawyer [n -NEYS]
ATTORNEYS : attorney [n]
ATTORNING : attorn [v]
ATTORNS : attorn [v]
ATTRACT : to cause to approach or adhere [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ATTRACTED : attract [v]
ATTRACTS : attract [v]
ATTRIT : to lose by attrition [v -TRITTED, -TRITTING, -TRITS]
ATTRITED : worn down by rubbing [adj]
ATTRITES : attrite [v]
ATTRITING : attrite [v]
ATTRITS : attrit [v]
ATTRITTED : attrit [v]
ATTUNE : to bring into harmony [v -TUNED, -TUNING, -TUNES]
ATTUNED : attune [v]
ATTUNES : attune [v]
ATTUNING : attune [v]
ATWAIN : in two [adv]
ATWEEN : between [prep]
ATWITTER : twittering [adj]
ATYPIC : atypical [adj]
ATYPICAL : not typical [adj]
AUBADE : a morning song [n -S]
AUBADES : aubade [n]
AUBERGE : an inn [n -S]
AUBERGES : auberge [n]
AUBRETIA : aubrieta [n -S]
AUBRETIAS : aubretia [n]
AUBRIETA : a flowering plant [n -S]
AUBRIETAS : aubrieta [n]
AUBURN : a reddish brown color [n -S]
AUBURNS : auburn [n]
AUCTION : to sell publicly to the highest bidder [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUCTIONED : auction [v]
AUCTIONS : auction [v]
AUCUBA : a shrub of the dogwood family [n -S]
AUCUBAS : aucuba [n]
AUDACITY : boldness [n -TIES]
AUDAD : aoudad [n -S]
AUDADS : audad [n]
AUDIAL : aural [adj]
AUDIBLE : to call a substitute play in football [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
AUDIBLED : audible [v]
AUDIBLES : audible [v]
AUDIBLING : audible [v]
AUDIBLY : in a way so as to be heard [adv]
AUDIENCE : a group of listeners or spectators [n -S]
AUDIENCES : audience [n]
AUDIENT : one that hears [n -S]
AUDIENTS : audient [n]
AUDILE : one whose mental imagery is chiefly auditory [n -S]
AUDILES : audile [n]
AUDING : the process of hearing, recognizing, and interpreting a spoken language [n -S]
AUDINGS : auding [n]
AUDIO : sound reception or transmission [n -DIOS]
AUDIOS : audio [n]
AUDIT : to examine with intent to verify [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUDITED : audit [v]
AUDITEE : one that is audited [n -S]
AUDITEES : auditee [n]
AUDITING : audit [v]
AUDITION : to give a trial performance [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUDITIONS : audition [v]
AUDITIVE : an auditory [n -S]
AUDITIVES : auditive [n]
AUDITOR : one that audits [n -S]
AUDITORS : auditor [n]
AUDITORY : a group of listeners [n -RIES]
AUDITS : audit [v]
AUGEND : a number to which another is to be added [n -S]
AUGENDS : augend [n]
AUGER : a tool for boring [n -S]
AUGERS : auger [n]
AUGHT : a zero [n -S]
AUGHTS : aught [n]
AUGITE : a mineral [n -S] : AUGITIC [adj]
AUGITES : augite [n]
AUGITIC : augite [adj]
AUGMENT : to increase [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUGMENTED : augment [v]
AUGMENTS : augment [v]
AUGUR : to foretell from omens [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUGURAL : pertaining to augury [adj]
AUGURED : augur [v]
AUGURER : one that augurs [n -S]
AUGURERS : augurer [n]
AUGURIES : augury [n]
AUGURING : augur [v]
AUGURS : augur [v]
AUGURY : the practice of auguring [n -RIES]
AUGUST : inspiring reverence or admiration [adj -GUSTER, -GUSTEST] : AUGUSTLY [adv]
AUGUSTER : august [adj]
AUGUSTEST : august [adj]
AUGUSTLY : august [adv]
AUK : a diving seabird [n -S]
AUKLET : a small auk [n -S]
AUKLETS : auklet [n]
AUKS : auk [n]
AULDER : auld [adj]
AULDEST : auld [adj]
AULIC : pertaining to a royal court [adj]
AUNT : the sister of one’s father or mother [n -S]
AUNTHOOD : the state of being an aunt [n -S]
AUNTHOODS : aunthood [n]
AUNTIE : aunt [n -S]
AUNTIES : aunty [n]
AUNTLIER : auntly [adj]
AUNTLIEST : auntly [adj]
AUNTLIKE : resembling an aunt [adj]
AUNTLY : of or suggesting an aunt [adj -LIER, -LIEST]
AUNTS : aunt [n]
AUNTY : aunt [n AUNTIES]
AURA : an invisible emanation [n -RAS or -RAE]
AURAE : aura [n]
AURAL : pertaining to the sense of hearing [adj] : AURALLY [adv]
AURALITY : the quality of being aural [n -TIES]
AURALLY : aural [adv]
AURAR : eyrir [n]
AURAS : aura [n]
AURATE : having ears [adj]
AURATED : aurate [adj]
AUREATE : golden [adj]
AUREI : aureus [n]
AUREOLA : a halo [n -LAS or -LAE]
AUREOLAE : aureola [n]
AUREOLAS : aureola [n]
AUREOLE : to surround with a halo [v -OLED, -OLING, -OLES]
AUREOLED : aureole [v]
AUREOLES : aureole [v]
AUREOLING : aureole [v]
AURES : auris [n]
AUREUS : a gold coin of ancient Rome [n -REI]
AURIC : pertaining to gold [adj]
AURICLE : an ear or ear-shaped part [n -S] : AURICLED [adj]
AURICLED : auricle [adj]
AURICLES : auricle [n]
AURICULA : an auricle [n -LAS or -LAE]
AURICULAE : auricula [n]
AURICULAS : auricula [n]
AURIFORM : ear-shaped [adj]
AURIS : the ear [n AURES]
AURIST : a specialist in diseases of the ear [n -S]
AURISTS : aurist [n]
AUROCHS : an extinct European ox [n -ES]
AUROCHSES : aurochs [n]
AURORA : the rising light of the morning [n -RAS or -RAE] : AURORAL, AUROREAN [adj]
AURORAE : aurora [n]
AURORAL : aurora [adj]
AURORAS : aurora [n]
AUROREAN : aurora [adj]
AUROUS : pertaining to gold [adj]
AURUM : gold [n -S]
AURUMS : aurum [n]
AUSFORM : to subject steel to a strengthening process [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUSFORMED : ausform [v]
AUSFORMS : ausform [v]
AUSPEX : a soothsayer of ancient Rome [n -PICES]
AUSPICE : a favorable omen [n -S]
AUSPICES : auspice [n]
AUSTERE : grave in disposition or appearance [adj -TERER, -TEREST]
AUSTERER : austere [adj]
AUSTEREST : austere [adj]
AUSTRAL : a former monetary unit of Argentina [n -ES or -S]
AUSTRALES : austral [n]
AUSTRALS : austral [n]
AUSUBO : a tropical tree [n -BOS]
AUSUBOS : ausubo [n]
AUTACOID : a hormone [n -S]
AUTACOIDS : autacoid [n]
AUTARCH : an absolute ruler [n -S]
AUTARCHS : autarch [n]
AUTARCHY : absolute rule or power [n -CHIES]
AUTARKIC : autarky [adj]
AUTARKIES : autarky [n]
AUTARKY : national economic self-sufficiency [n -KIES] : AUTARKIC [adj]
AUTECISM : the development of the entire life cycle of a parasitic fungus on a single host [n -S]
AUTECISMS : autecism [n]
AUTEUR : the creator of a film [n -S]
AUTEURS : auteur [n]
AUTHOR : to write [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUTHORED : author [v]
AUTHORING : author [v]
AUTHORS : author [v]
AUTISM : extreme withdrawal into fantasy [n -S]
AUTISMS : autism [n]
AUTIST : an autistic [n -S]
AUTISTIC : one who is affected with autism [n -S]
AUTISTICS : autistic [n]
AUTISTS : autist [n]
AUTO : to ride in an automobile [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AUTOBAHN : a German superhighway [n -BAHNS or -BAHNEN]
AUTOBAHNS : autobahn [n]
AUTOBUS : a bus [n -BUSES or -BUSSES]
AUTOBUSES : autobus [n]
AUTOCADE : a procession of automobiles [n -S]
AUTOCADES : autocade [n]
AUTOCOID : autacoid [n -S]
AUTOCOIDS : autocoid [n]
AUTOCRAT : an absolute ruler [n -S]
AUTOCRATS : autocrat [n]
AUTODYNE : a type of electrical circuit [n -S]
AUTODYNES : autodyne [n]
AUTOED : auto [v]
AUTOGAMY : fertilization of a flower by its own pollen [n -MIES]
AUTOGENY : the production of living organisms from inanimate matter [n -NIES]
AUTOGIRO : a type of airplane [n -ROS]
AUTOGIROS : autogiro [n]
AUTOGYRO : autogiro [n -ROS]
AUTOGYROS : autogyro [n]
AUTOHARP : a type of zither [n -S]
AUTOHARPS : autoharp [n]
AUTOING : auto [v]
AUTOLYSE : to autolyze [v -LYSED, -LYSING, -LYSES]
AUTOLYSED : autolyse [v]
AUTOLYSES : autolyse [v]
AUTOLYZE : to break down tissue by the action of self-contained enzymes [v -LYZED, -LYZING, -LYZES]
AUTOLYZED : autolyze [v]
AUTOLYZES : autolyze [v]
AUTOMAN : an automobile maker [n AUTOMEN]
AUTOMAT : a type of cafeteria [n -S]
AUTOMATA : robots [n]
AUTOMATE : to convert to a system of automatic control [v -MATED, -MATING, -MATES]
AUTOMATED : automate [v]
AUTOMATES : automate [v]
AUTOMATS : automat [n]
AUTOMEN : automan [n]
AUTONOMY : the state of being self-governing [n -MIES]
AUTONYM : a name by which a people refers to itself [n -S]
AUTONYMS : autonym [n]
AUTOPEN : a device for imitating signatures [n -S]
AUTOPENS : autopen [n]
AUTOPSIC : pertaining to an autopsy [adj]
AUTOPSIED : autopsy [v]
AUTOPSIES : autopsy [v]
AUTOPSY : to examine a dead body to determine the cause of death [v -SIED, -SYING, -SIES]
AUTOS : auto [v]
AUTOSOME : a type of chromosome [n -S]
AUTOSOMES : autosome [n]
AUTOTOMY : the shedding of a damaged body part [n -MIES]
AUTOTYPE : a type of photographic process [n -S]
AUTOTYPES : autotype [n]
AUTOTYPY : autotype [n -TYPIES]
AUTUMN : a season of the year [n -S] : AUTUMNAL [adj]
AUTUMNAL : autumn [adj]
AUTUMNS : autumn [n]
AUTUNITE : a mineral [n -S]
AUTUNITES : autunite [n]
AUXESES : auxesis [n]
AUXESIS : an increase in cell size without cell division [n AUXESES]
AUXETIC : a substance that promotes auxesis [n -S]
AUXETICS : auxetic [n]
AUXIN : a substance used to regulate plant growth [n -S] : AUXINIC [adj]
AUXINIC : auxin [adj]
AUXINS : auxin [n]
AVA : at all [adv]
AVADAVAT : a small songbird [n -S]
AVADAVATS : avadavat [n]
AVAIL : to be of use or advantage to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AVAILED : avail [v]
AVAILING : avail [v]
AVAILS : avail [v]
AVANT : culturally or stylistically new [adj]
AVARICE : greed [n -S]
AVARICES : avarice [n]
AVAST : used as a command to stop [interj]
AVATAR : the incarnation of a Hindu deity [n -S]
AVATARS : avatar [n]
AVAUNT : used as an order of dismissal [interj]
AVE : an expression of greeting or farewell [n -S]
AVELLAN : having the four arms shaped like filberts -- used of a heraldic cross [adj]
AVELLANE : avellan [adj]
AVENGE : to exact retribution for [v AVENGED, AVENGING, AVENGES]
AVENGED : avenge [v]
AVENGER : one that avenges [n -S]
AVENGERS : avenger [n]
AVENGES : avenge [v]
AVENGING : avenge [v]
AVENS : a perennial herb [n -ES]
AVENSES : avens [n]
AVENTAIL : ventail [n -S]
AVENTAILS : aventail [n]
AVENUE : a wide street [n -S]
AVENUES : avenue [n]
AVER : to declare positively [v AVERRED, AVERRING, AVERS]
AVERAGE : to calculate the arithmetic mean of [v -AGED, -AGING, -AGES]
AVERAGED : average [v]
AVERAGES : average [v]
AVERAGING : average [v]
AVERMENT : the act of averring [n -S]
AVERMENTS : averment [n]
AVERRED : aver [v]
AVERRING : aver [v]
AVERS : aver [v]
AVERSE : opposed; reluctant [adj] : AVERSELY [adv]
AVERSELY : averse [adv]
AVERSION : a feeling of repugnance [n -S] : AVERSIVE [adj]
AVERSIONS : aversion [n]
AVERSIVE : aversion [adj]
AVERT : to turn away [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AVERTED : avert [v]
AVERTER : one that averts [n -S]
AVERTERS : averter [n]
AVERTING : avert [v]
AVERTS : avert [v]
AVES : ave [n]
AVGAS : gasoline for airplanes [n -GASES or -GASSES]
AVGASES : avgas [n]
AVGASSES : avgas [n]
AVIAN : a bird [n -S]
AVIANIZE : to make less severe by repeated culture in a chick embryo, as a virus [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
AVIANIZED : avianize [v]
AVIANIZES : avianize [v]
AVIANS : avian [n]
AVIARIES : aviary [n]
AVIARIST : the keeper of an aviary [n -S]
AVIARISTS : aviarist [n]
AVIARY : a large enclosure for live birds [n -ARIES]
AVIATE : to fly an aircraft [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
AVIATED : aviate [v]
AVIATES : aviate [v]
AVIATIC : aviation [adj]
AVIATING : aviate [v]
AVIATION : the act of aviating [n -S] : AVIATIC [adj]
AVIATIONS : aviation [n]
AVIATOR : one that aviates [n -S]
AVIATORS : aviator [n]
AVIATRIX : a female aviator [n -TRICES or -TRIXES]
AVICULAR : pertaining to birds [adj]
AVID : eager [adj]
AVIDIN : a protein found in egg white [n -S]
AVIDINS : avidin [n]
AVIDITIES : avidity [n]
AVIDITY : the state of being avid [n -TIES]
AVIDLY : in an avid manner [adv]
AVIDNESS : avidity [n -ES]
AVIFAUNA : the bird life of a particular region [n -NAS or -NAE]
AVIFAUNAE : avifauna [n]
AVIFAUNAS : avifauna [n]
AVIGATOR : one that navigates aircraft [n -S]
AVIGATORS : avigator [n]
AVION : an airplane [n -S]
AVIONIC : avionics [adj]
AVIONICS : the science of electronics applied to aviation [n] : AVIONIC [adj]
AVIONS : avion [n]
AVISO : advice [n -SOS]
AVISOS : aviso [n]
AVO : a monetary unit of Macao [n AVOS]
AVOCADO : the edible fruit of a tropical tree [n -DOS or -DOES]
AVOCADOES : avocado [n]
AVOCADOS : avocado [n]
AVOCET : a shore bird [n -S]
AVOCETS : avocet [n]
AVODIRE : an African tree [n -S]
AVODIRES : avodire [n]
AVOID : to keep away from [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AVOIDED : avoid [v]
AVOIDER : one that avoids [n -S]
AVOIDERS : avoider [n]
AVOIDING : avoid [v]
AVOIDS : avoid [v]
AVOS : avo [n]
AVOSET : avocet [n -S]
AVOSETS : avoset [n]
AVOUCH : to affirm [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
AVOUCHED : avouch [v]
AVOUCHER : one that avouches [n -S]
AVOUCHERS : avoucher [n]
AVOUCHES : avouch [v]
AVOUCHING : avouch [v]
AVOW : to declare openly [v -ED, -ING, -S] : AVOWABLE [adj], AVOWABLY, AVOWEDLY [adv]
AVOWABLE : avow [adj]
AVOWABLY : avow [adv]
AVOWAL : an open declaration [n -S]
AVOWALS : avowal [n]
AVOWED : avow [v]
AVOWEDLY : avow [adv]
AVOWER : one that avows [n -S]
AVOWERS : avower [n]
AVOWING : avow [v]
AVOWS : avow [v]
AVULSE : to tear off forcibly [v AVULSED, AVULSING, AVULSES]
AVULSED : avulse [v]
AVULSES : avulse [v]
AVULSING : avulse [v]
AVULSION : the act of avulsing [n -S]
AVULSIONS : avulsion [n]
AW : used to express protest, disgust, or disbelief [interj]
AWA : away [adv]
AWAIT : to wait for [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AWAITED : await [v]
AWAITER : one that awaits [n -S]
AWAITERS : awaiter [n]
AWAITING : await [v]
AWAITS : await [v]
AWAKED : awake [v]
AWAKEN : to awake [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AWAKENED : awaken [v]
AWAKENER : one that awakens [n -S]
AWAKENERS : awakener [n]
AWAKENING : awaken [v]
AWAKENS : awaken [v]
AWAKES : awake [v]
AWAKING : awake [v]
AWARD : to grant as due or merited [v -ED, -ING, -S]
AWARDED : award [v]
AWARDEE : one that is awarded something [n -S]
AWARDEES : awardee [n]
AWARDER : one that awards [n -S]
AWARDERS : awarder [n]
AWARDING : award [v]
AWARDS : award [v]
AWARE : having perception or knowledge [adj]
AWASH : covered with water [adj]
AWAY : from a certain place [adv]
AWAYNESS : the state of being distant [n -ES]
AWE : to inspire with awe (reverential fear) [v AWED, AWING or AWEING, AWES]
AWEARY : weary [adj]
AWEATHER : toward the windward side of a vessel [adv]
AWED : awe [v]
AWEE : awhile [adv]
AWEIGH : hanging just clear of the bottom -- used of an anchor [adj]
AWEING : awe [v]
AWELESS : lacking awe [adj]
AWES : awe [v]
AWESOME : inspiring awe [adj]
AWFUL : extremely bad or unpleasant [adj -FULLER, -FULLEST] : AWFULLY [adv]
AWFULLER : awful [adj]
AWFULLEST : awful [adj]
AWFULLY : awful [adv]
AWHILE : for a short time [adv]
AWHIRL : whirling [adj]
AWING : awe [v]
AWKWARD : lacking skill, dexterity, or grace [adj -WARDER, -WARDEST]
AWKWARDER : awkward [adj]
AWKWARDLY : in an awkward manner [adv]
AWL : a pointed tool for making small holes [n -S]
AWLESS : aweless [adj]
AWLS : awl [n]
AWLWORT : an aquatic plant [n -S]
AWLWORTS : awlwort [n]
AWMOUS : alms [n AWMOUS]
AWN : a bristlelike appendage of certain grasses [n -S] : AWNED, AWNLESS, AWNY [adj]
AWNED : awn [adj]
AWNING : a rooflike canvas cover [n -S] : AWNINGED [adj]
AWNINGED : awning [adj]
AWNINGS : awning [n]
AWNLESS : awn [adj]
AWNS : awn [n]
AWNY : awn [adj]
AWOKE : awake [v]
AWOKEN : awake [v]
AWOL : one who is absent without leave [n -S]
AWOLS : awol [n]
AWRY : with a turn or twist to one side [adv]
AX : to work on with an ax (a type of cutting tool) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
AXAL : axial [adj]
AXE : to ax [v AXED, AXING, AXES]
AXED : ax [v]
AXEL : a jump in figure skating [n -S]
AXELS : axel [n]
AXEMAN : axman [n AXEMEN]
AXEMEN : axeman [n]
AXENIC : free from germs [adj]
AXES : ax [v]
AXIAL : pertaining to or forming an axis [adj] : AXIALLY [adv]
AXIALITY : the state of being axial [n -TIES]
AXIALLY : axial [adv]
AXIL : the angle between the upper side of a leaf and its supporting stem [n -S]
AXILE : axial [adj]
AXILLA : the armpit [n -LAE or -LAS]
AXILLAE : axilla [n]
AXILLAR : a feather on the undersurface of a bird’s wing [n -S]
AXILLARS : axillar [n]
AXILLARY : an axillar [n -LARIES]
AXILLAS : axilla [n]
AXILS : axil [n]
AXING : ax [v]
AXIOLOGY : the study of values and value judgments [n -GIES]
AXIOM : a self-evident truth [n -S]
AXIOMS : axiom [n]
AXION : a hypothetical subatomic particle [n -S]
AXIONS : axion [n]
AXIS : a straight line about which a body rotates [n AXES] : AXISED [adj] / an Asian deer [n AXISES]
AXISED : axis [adj]
AXISES : axis [n]
AXITE : a fiber of an axon [n -S]
AXITES : axite [n]
AXLE : a shaft upon which a wheel revolves [n -S] : AXLED [adj]
AXLED : axle [adj]
AXLES : axle [n]
AXLETREE : a type of axle [n -S]
AXLETREES : axletree [n]
AXLIKE : resembling an ax [adj]
AXMAN : one who wields an ax [n AXMEN]
AXMEN : axman [n]
AXOLOTL : a salamander of Mexico and western United States [n -S]
AXOLOTLS : axolotl [n]
AXON : the central process of a neuron [n -S] : AXONAL, AXONIC [adj]
AXONAL : axon [adj]
AXONE : axon [n -S]
AXONEMAL : pertaining to an axoneme [adj]
AXONEME : a part of a cilium [n -S]
AXONEMES : axoneme [n]
AXONES : axone [n]
AXONIC : axon [adj]
AXONS : axon [n]
AXOPLASM : the protoplasm of an axon [n -S]
AXOPLASMS : axoplasm [n]
AXSEED : a European herb [n -S]
AXSEEDS : axseed [n]
AY : aye [n AYS]
AYAH : a native maid or nurse in India [n -S]
AYAHS : ayah [n]
AYE : an affirmative vote [n -S]
AYES : aye [n]
AYIN : a Hebrew letter [n -S]
AYINS : ayin [n]
AYS : ay [n]
AYURVEDA : a Hindu system of medicine [n -S]
AYURVEDAS : ayurveda [n]
AZALEA : a flowering shrub [n -S]
AZALEAS : azalea [n]
AZAN : a Muslim call to prayer [n -S]
AZANS : azan [n]
AZIDE : a type of chemical compound [n -S] : AZIDO [adj]
AZIDES : azide [n]
AZIDO : azide [adj]
AZIMUTH : an angle of horizontal deviation [n -S]
AZIMUTHS : azimuth [n]
AZINE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
AZINES : azine [n]
AZLON : a textile fiber [n -S]
AZLONS : azlon [n]
AZO : containing nitrogen [adj]
AZOIC : pertaining to geologic time before the appearance of life [adj]
AZOLE : a type of chemical compound [n -S]
AZOLES : azole [n]
AZON : a radio-controlled aerial bomb [n -S]
AZONAL : pertaining to a type of a soil group [adj]
AZONIC : not restricted to any particular zone [adj]
AZONS : azon [n]
AZOTE : nitrogen [n -S] : AZOTED [adj]
AZOTED : azote [adj]
AZOTEMIA : an excess of nitrogenous substances in the blood [n -S] : AZOTEMIC [adj]
AZOTEMIAS : azotemia [n]
AZOTEMIC : azotemia [adj]
AZOTES : azote [n]
AZOTH : mercury [n -S]
AZOTHS : azoth [n]
AZOTIC : pertaining to azote [adj]
AZOTISE : to azotize [v -TISED, -TISING, -TISES]
AZOTISED : azotise [v]
AZOTISES : azotise [v]
AZOTISING : azotise [v]
AZOTIZE : to treat with nitrogen [v -TIZED, -TIZING, -TIZES]
AZOTIZED : azotize [v]
AZOTIZES : azotize [v]
AZOTIZING : azotize [v]
AZOTURIA : an excess of nitrogenous substances in the urine [n -S]
AZOTURIAS : azoturia [n]
AZUKI : adzuki [n -S]
AZUKIS : azuki [n]
AZULEJO : a type of ceramic tile [n -JOS]
AZULEJOS : azulejo [n]
AZURE : a blue color [n -S]
AZURES : azure [n]
AZURITE : a mineral [n -S]
AZURITES : azurite [n]
AZYGOS : an azygous anatomical part [n -ES]
AZYGOSES : azygos [n]
AZYGOUS : not being one of a pair [adj]
BA : the eternal soul, in Egyptian mythology [n -S]
BAA : to bleat [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BAAED : baa [v]
BAAING : baa [v]
BAAL : a false god [n -S or -IM]
BAALIM : baal [n]
BAALISM : the worship of a baal [n -S]
BAALISMS : baalism [n]
BAALS : baal [n]
BAAS : master; boss [n -ES]
BAASES : baas [n]
BAASKAAP : the policy of domination by white people in South Africa [n -S]
BAASKAAPS : baaskaap [n]
BAASKAP : the policy of domination by white people in South Africa [n -S]
BAASKAPS : baaskap [n]
BAASSKAP : baaskap [n -S]
BAASSKAPS : baasskap [n]
BABA : a rum cake [n -S]
BABAS : baba [n]
BABASSU : a palm tree [n -S]
BABASSUS : babassu [n]
BABBITRY : conventional middle-class attitudes and behavior stressing respectability and material success [n -RIES]
BABBITT : to line with babbitt (an alloy of tin, copper, and antimony) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BABBITTED : babbitt [v]
BABBITTS : babbitt [v]
BABBLE : to talk idly or excessively [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BABBLED : babble [v]
BABBLER : one that babbles [n -S]
BABBLERS : babbler [n]
BABBLES : babble [v]
BABBLING : idle talk [n -S]
BABBLINGS : babbling [n]
BABE : a baby [n -S]
BABEL : confusion [n -S]
BABELS : babel [n]
BABES : babe [n]
BABESIA : a parasitic protozoan [n -S]
BABESIAS : babesia [n]
BABICHE : rawhide thongs [n -S]
BABICHES : babiche [n]
BABIED : baby [v]
BABIER : baby [adj]
BABIES : baby [v]
BABIEST : baby [adj]
BABIRUSA : a wild pig [n -S]
BABIRUSAS : babirusa [n]
BABKA : a coffee cake [n -S]
BABKAS : babka [n]
BABOO : a Hindu gentleman [n -BOOS]
BABOOL : babul [n -S]
BABOOLS : babool [n]
BABOON : a large ape [n -S]
BABOONS : baboon [n]
BABOOS : baboo [n]
BABU : baboo [n -S]
BABUL : a North African tree [n -S]
BABULS : babul [n]
BABUS : babu [n]
BABUSHKA : a woman’s scarf [n -S]
BABUSHKAS : babushka [n]
BABY : to coddle [v -BIED, -BYING, -BIES] / resembling a baby (an infant) [adj BABIER, BABIEST]
BABYDOLL : short, sheer pajamas for women [n -S]
BABYDOLLS : babydoll [n]
BABYHOOD : the state of being a baby (an infant) [n -S]
BABYHOODS : babyhood [n]
BABYING : baby [v]
BABYISH : resembling a baby [adj]
BABYSAT : babysit [v]
BABYSIT : to care for a child temporarily [v -SAT, -SITTING, -SITS]
BABYSITS : babysit [v]
BACALAO : codfish [n -LAOS]
BACALAOS : bacalao [n]
BACCA : a berry [n -CAE]
BACCAE : bacca [n]
BACCARA : baccarat [n -S]
BACCARAS : baccara [n]
BACCARAT : a card game [n -S]
BACCARATS : baccarat [n]
BACCATE : pulpy like a berry [adj]
BACCATED : baccate [adj]
BACCHANT : a carouser [n -S or -ES]
BACCHANTS : bacchant [n]
BACCHIC : riotous [adj]
BACCHII : bacchius [n]
BACCHIUS : a type of metrical foot [n -CHII]
BACH : to live as a bachelor [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BACHED : bach [v]
BACHELOR : an unmarried man [n -S]
BACHELORS : bachelor [n]
BACHES : bach [v]
BACHING : bach [v]
BACILLAR : rod-shaped [adj]
BACILLI : bacillus [n]
BACILLUS : any of a class of rod-shaped bacteria [n -LI]
BACK : to support [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BACKACHE : a pain in the back [n -S]
BACKACHES : backache [n]
BACKBEAT : a type of rhythm in music [n -S]
BACKBEATS : backbeat [n]
BACKBEND : an acrobatic feat [n -S]
BACKBENDS : backbend [n]
BACKBIT : backbite [v]
BACKBITE : to slander [v -BIT, -BITTEN, -BITING, -BITES]
BACKBITES : backbite [v]
BACKBONE : the spine [n -S]
BACKBONES : backbone [n]
BACKCAST : a backward movement in casting a fishing line [n -S]
BACKCASTS : backcast [n]
BACKCHAT : repartee [n -S]
BACKCHATS : backchat [n]
BACKDATE : to predate [v -DATED, -DATING, -DATES]
BACKDATED : backdate [v]
BACKDATES : backdate [v]
BACKDOOR : secretive [adj]
BACKDROP : to provide with a scenic background [v -DROPPED or -DROPT, -DROPPING, -DROPS]
BACKDROPS : backdrop [v]
BACKDROPT : backdrop [v]
BACKED : back [v]
BACKER : a supporter [n -S]
BACKERS : backer [n]
BACKFILL : to refill [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BACKFILLS : backfill [v]
BACKFIRE : to result in undesirable consequences [v -FIRED, -FIRING, -FIRES]
BACKFIRED : backfire [v]
BACKFIRES : backfire [v]
BACKFIT : to retrofit [v -FITTED, -FITTING, -FITS]
BACKFITS : backfit [v]
BACKFLIP : to perform a backward somersault [v -FLIPPED, -FLIPPING, -FLIPS]
BACKFLIPS : backflip [v]
BACKFLOW : a flowing back toward a source [n -S]
BACKFLOWS : backflow [n]
BACKHAND : to strike with the back of the hand [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BACKHANDS : backhand [v]
BACKHAUL : to return after delivering a load [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BACKHAULS : backhaul [v]
BACKHOE : to use a backhoe (a type of excavating machine) [v -HOED, -HOEING, -HOES]
BACKHOED : backhoe [v]
BACKHOES : backhoe [v]
BACKING : support [n -S]
BACKINGS : backing [n]
BACKLAND : a region remote from cities [n -S]
BACKLANDS : backland [n]
BACKLASH : to cause a reaction [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BACKLESS : having no back [adj]
BACKLIST : to include in a publisher’s list of older book titles [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BACKLISTS : backlist [v]
BACKLIT : illuminated from behind [adj]
BACKLOAD : to defer a financial obligation [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BACKLOADS : backload [v]
BACKLOG : to accumulate [v -LOGGED, -LOGGING, -LOGS]
BACKLOGS : backlog [v]
BACKMOST : hindmost [adj]
BACKOUT : a reversal of launching procedures [n -S]
BACKOUTS : backout [n]
BACKPACK : to hike with a pack on one’s back [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BACKPACKS : backpack [v]
BACKREST : a back support [n -S]
BACKRESTS : backrest [n]
BACKROOM : made or operating inconspicuously [adj]
BACKRUSH : the seaward return of water from a wave [n -ES]
BACKS : back [v]
BACKSAW : a type of saw [n -S]
BACKSAWS : backsaw [n]
BACKSEAT : a rear seat [n -S]
BACKSEATS : backseat [n]
BACKSET : a setback [n -S]
BACKSETS : backset [n]
BACKSIDE : the hind part [n -S]
BACKSIDES : backside [n]
BACKSLAP : to show much approval [v -SLAPPED, -SLAPPING, -SLAPS]
BACKSLAPS : backslap [v]
BACKSLID : backslide [v]
BACKSLIDE : to revert to sin [v -SLID, -SLIDING, -SLIDES]
BACKSPIN : a backward rotation [n -S]
BACKSPINS : backspin [n]
BACKSTAB : to attack or betray behind one’s back [v -STABBED, -STABBING, -STABS]
BACKSTABS : backstab [v]
BACKSTAY : a support for a mast [n -STAYS]
BACKSTAYS : backstay [n]
BACKSTOPS : backstop [v]
BACKUP : a substitute [n -S]
BACKUPS : backup [n]
BACKWARD : toward the back [adv]
BACKWASH : to spray water backward [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BACKWOOD : uncouth [adj]
BACKWRAP : a wraparound garment that fastens in the back [n -S]
BACKWRAPS : backwrap [n]
BACKYARD : an area at the rear of a house [n -S]
BACKYARDS : backyard [n]
BACLOFEN : a muscle relaxant [n -S]
BACLOFENS : baclofen [n]
BACON : a side of a pig cured and smoked [n -S]
BACONS : bacon [n]
BACTERIA : microscopic organisms [n]
BACTERIN : a vaccine prepared from dead bacteria [n -S]
BACTERINS : bacterin [n]
BACULA : baculum [n]
BACULINE : pertaining to a rod [adj]
BACULUM : a bone in the penis of many mammals [n -LA or -LUMS]
BACULUMS : baculum [n]
BAD : very good [adj BADDER, BADDEST] / not good in any way [adj WORSE, WORST] / something that is bad [n -S]
BADASS : ready to cause or get into trouble -- an offensive term [adj] / a person who is badass -- an offensive term [n -ES]
BADASSED : badass [adj]
BADASSES : badass [n]
BADDER : bad [adj]
BADDEST : bad [adj]
BADDIE : a bad person [n -S]
BADDIES : baddy [n]
BADDY : baddie [n -DIES]
BADE : bid [v]
BADGE : to supply with an insignia [v BADGED, BADGING, BADGES]
BADGED : badge [v]
BADGER : to harass [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BADGERED : badger [v]
BADGERING : badger [v]
BADGERLY : bothersome [adj]
BADGERS : badger [v]
BADGES : badge [v]
BADGING : badge [v]
BADINAGE : to banter [v -NAGED, -NAGING, -NAGES]
BADINAGED : badinage [v]
BADINAGES : badinage [v]
BADLAND : a barren, hilly area [n -S]
BADLANDS : badland [n]
BADLY : in a bad manner [adv]
BADMAN : an outlaw [n BADMEN]
BADMEN : badman [n]
BADMOUTH : to criticize [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BADMOUTHS : badmouth [v]
BADNESS : the state of being bad [n -ES]
BADNESSES : badness [n]
BADS : bad [n]
BAFF : to strike under a golf ball [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BAFFED : baff [v]
BAFFIES : baffy [n]
BAFFING : baff [v]
BAFFLE : to confuse [v -FLED, -FLING, -FLES]
BAFFLED : baffle [v]
BAFFLER : one that baffles [n -S]
BAFFLERS : baffler [n]
BAFFLES : baffle [v]
BAFFLING : baffle [v]
BAFFS : baff [v]
BAFFY : a wooden golf club [n -FIES]
BAG : to put into a bag (a flexible container) [v BAGGED, BAGGING, BAGS]
BAGASS : bagasse [n -ES]
BAGASSE : crushed sugarcane [n -S]
BAGASSES : bagasse [n]
BAGEL : a ring-shaped roll [n -S]
BAGELS : bagel [n]
BAGFUL : as much as a bag can hold [n BAGFULS or BAGSFUL]
BAGFULS : bagful [n]
BAGGAGE : luggage [n -S]
BAGGAGES : baggage [n]
BAGGED : bag [v]
BAGGER : one that bags [n -S]
BAGGERS : bagger [n]
BAGGIE : the stomach [n -S]
BAGGIER : baggy [adj]
BAGGIES : baggie [n]
BAGGIEST : baggy [adj]
BAGGILY : baggy [adv]
BAGGING : material for making bags [n -S]
BAGGINGS : bagging [n]
BAGGY : loose-fitting [adj -GIER, -GIEST] : BAGGILY [adv]
BAGHOUSE : a facility for removing particulates from exhaust gases [n -S]
BAGHOUSES : baghouse [n]
BAGLIKE : resembling a bag [adj]
BAGMAN : a traveling salesman [n BAGMEN]
BAGMEN : bagman [n]
BAGNIO : a brothel [n -NIOS]
BAGNIOS : bagnio [n]
BAGPIPE : to play a bagpipe (a wind instrument) [v -PIPED, -PIPING, -PIPES]
BAGPIPED : bagpipe [v]
BAGPIPER : one that plays bagpipes [n -S]
BAGPIPERS : bagpiper [n]
BAGPIPES : bagpipe [v]
BAGPIPING : bagpipe [v]
BAGS : bag [v]
BAGSFUL : bagful [n]
BAGUET : baguette [n -S]
BAGUETS : baguet [n]
BAGUETTE : a rectangular gem [n -S]
BAGUETTES : baguette [n]
BAGWIG : a type of wig [n -S]
BAGWIGS : bagwig [n]
BAGWORM : the larva of certain moths [n -S]
BAGWORMS : bagworm [n]
BAH : an exclamation of disgust [interj]
BAHADUR : a Hindu title of respect [n -S]
BAHADURS : bahadur [n]
BAHT : a monetary unit of Thailand [n -S]
BAHTS : baht [n]
BAIDARKA : bidarka [n -S]
BAIDARKAS : baidarka [n]
BAIL : to transfer property temporarily [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BAILABLE [adj]
BAILABLE : bail [adj]
BAILED : bail [v]
BAILEE : a person to whom property is bailed [n -S]
BAILEES : bailee [n]
BAILER : bailor [n -S]
BAILERS : bailer [n]
BAILEY : an outer castle wall [n -LEYS]
BAILEYS : bailey [n]
BAILIE : a Scottish magistrate [n -S]
BAILIES : bailie [n]
BAILIFF : a court officer [n -S]
BAILIFFS : bailiff [n]
BAILING : bail [v]
BAILMENT : the act of bailing [n -S]
BAILMENTS : bailment [n]
BAILOR : a person who bails property to another [n -S]
BAILORS : bailor [n]
BAILOUT : the act of parachuting from an aircraft [n -S]
BAILOUTS : bailout [n]
BAILS : bail [v]
BAILSMAN : one who provides security for another [n BAILSMEN]
BAILSMEN : bailsman [n]
BAIRN : a child [n -S] : BAIRNISH [adj]
BAIRNISH : bairn [adj]
BAIRNLIER : bairnly [adj]
BAIRNLY : childish [adj -LIER, -LIEST]
BAIRNS : bairn [n]
BAIT : to lure [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BAITED : bait [v]
BAITER : one that baits [n -S]
BAITERS : baiter [n]
BAITFISH : a fish used as bait [n -ES]
BAITH : both [adj]
BAITING : bait [v]
BAITS : bait [v]
BAIZA : a monetary unit of Oman [n -S]
BAIZAS : baiza [n]
BAIZE : a green, woolen fabric [n -S]
BAIZES : baize [n]
BAKE : to prepare food in an oven [v BAKED, BAKING, BAKES]
BAKED : bake [v]
BAKELITE : any of various synthetic resins and plastics -- a trademark [n -S]
BAKELITES : bakelite [n]
BAKEMEAT : a pastry [n -S]
BAKEMEATS : bakemeat [n]
BAKER : one that bakes [n -S]
BAKERIES : bakery [n]
BAKERS : baker [n]
BAKERY : a place where baked goods are sold [n -ERIES]
BAKES : bake [v]
BAKESHOP : a bakery [n -S]
BAKESHOPS : bakeshop [n]
BAKEWARE : dishes used for baking [n -S]
BAKEWARES : bakeware [n]
BAKING : a quantity baked [n -S]
BAKINGS : baking [n]
BAKLAVA : a Turkish pastry [n -S]
BAKLAVAS : baklava [n]
BAKLAWA : baklava [n -S]
BAKLAWAS : baklawa [n]
BAKSHISH : to give a tip [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BAL : a balmoral [n -S]
BALANCE : to weigh [v -ANCED, -ANCING, -ANCES]
BALANCED : balance [v]
BALANCER : one that balances [n -S]
BALANCERS : balancer [n]
BALANCES : balance [v]
BALANCING : balance [v]
BALAS : a red variety of spinel [n -ES]
BALASES : balas [n]
BALATA : a tropical tree [n -S]
BALATAS : balata [n]
BALBOA : a monetary unit of Panama [n -S]
BALBOAS : balboa [n]
BALCONIES : balcony [n]
BALCONY : an elevated platform [n -NIES]
BALD : lacking hair [adj BALDER, BALDEST] / to become bald [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALDED : bald [v]
BALDER : bald [adj]
BALDEST : bald [adj]
BALDHEAD : a bald person [n -S]
BALDHEADS : baldhead [n]
BALDIES : baldy [n]
BALDING : bald [v]
BALDISH : somewhat bald [adj]
BALDLY : in a plain and blunt manner [adv]
BALDNESS : the state of being bald [n -ES]
BALDPATE : a baldhead [n -S]
BALDPATES : baldpate [n]
BALDRIC : a shoulder belt [n -S]
BALDRICK : baldric [n -S]
BALDRICKS : baldrick [n]
BALDRICS : baldric [n]
BALDS : bald [v]
BALDY : a bald person [n BALDIES]
BALE : to form into tightly compressed bundles [v BALED, BALING, BALES]
BALED : bale [v]
BALEEN : whalebone [n -S]
BALEENS : baleen [n]
BALEFIRE : a bonfire [n -S]
BALEFIRES : balefire [n]
BALEFUL : menacing [adj]
BALER : one that bales [n -S]
BALERS : baler [n]
BALES : bale [v]
BALING : bale [v]
BALISAUR : a long-tailed badger [n -S]
BALISAURS : balisaur [n]
BALK : to stop short and refuse to proceed [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALKED : balk [v]
BALKER : one that balks [n -S]
BALKERS : balker [n]
BALKIER : balky [adj]
BALKIEST : balky [adj]
BALKILY : balky [adv]
BALKING : balk [v]
BALKLINE : the starting line in track events [n -S]
BALKLINES : balkline [n]
BALKS : balk [v]
BALKY : stubborn [adj BALKIER, BALKIEST] : BALKILY [adv]
BALL : to form into a ball (a spherical object) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALLAD : a narrative poem or song [n -S] : BALLADIC [adj]
BALLADE : a type of poem [n -S]
BALLADES : ballade [n]
BALLADIC : ballad [adj]
BALLADRY : ballad poetry [n -RIES]
BALLADS : ballad [n]
BALLAST : to stabilize [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALLASTED : ballast [v]
BALLASTS : ballast [v]
BALLED : ball [v]
BALLER : one that balls [n -S]
BALLERS : baller [n]
BALLET : a classical dance form [n -S] : BALLETIC [adj]
BALLETIC : ballet [adj]
BALLETS : ballet [n]
BALLGAME : a game played with a ball [n -S]
BALLGAMES : ballgame [n]
BALLHAWK : a very good defensive ballplayer [n -S]
BALLHAWKS : ballhawk [n]
BALLIES : bally [n]
BALLING : ball [v]
BALLISTA : an ancient weapon [n -TAE]
BALLISTAE : ballista [n]
BALLON : lightness of movement [n -S]
BALLONET : a small balloon [n -S]
BALLONETS : ballonet [n]
BALLONNE : a ballet jump [n -S]
BALLONNES : ballonne [n]
BALLONS : ballon [n]
BALLOON : to swell out [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALLOONED : balloon [v]
BALLOONS : balloon [v]
BALLOT : to vote [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALLOTED : ballot [v]
BALLOTER : one that ballots [n -S]
BALLOTERS : balloter [n]
BALLOTING : ballot [v]
BALLOTS : ballot [v]
BALLPARK : a facility in which ballgames are played [n -S]
BALLPARKS : ballpark [n]
BALLROOM : a large room for dancing [n -S]
BALLROOMS : ballroom [n]
BALLS : ball [v]
BALLSIER : ballsy [adj]
BALLSIEST : ballsy [adj]
BALLSY : aggressively tough -- an offensive term [adj BALLSIER, BALLSIEST]
BALLUTE : a small inflatable parachute [n -S]
BALLUTES : ballute [n]
BALLY : a noisy uproar [n -LIES]
BALLYARD : a ballpark [n -S]
BALLYARDS : ballyard [n]
BALLYHOO : to promote by uproar [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALLYHOOS : ballyhoo [v]
BALLYRAG : to bullyrag [v -RAGGED, -RAGGING, -RAGS]
BALLYRAGS : ballyrag [v]
BALM : a fragrant resin [n -S] : BALMLIKE [adj]
BALMIER : balmy [adj]
BALMIEST : balmy [adj]
BALMILY : balmy [adv]
BALMLIKE : balm [adj]
BALMORAL : a type of shoe [n -S]
BALMORALS : balmoral [n]
BALMS : balm [n]
BALNEAL : pertaining to baths [adj]
BALONEY : bologna [n -NEYS]
BALONEYS : baloney [n]
BALS : bal [n]
BALSA : a tropical tree [n -S]
BALSAM : to anoint with balsam (an aromatic, resinous substance) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BALSAMED : balsam [v]
BALSAMIC : containing balsam [adj]
BALSAMING : balsam [v]
BALSAMS : balsam [v]
BALSAS : balsa [n]
BALUSTER : a railing support [n -S]
BALUSTERS : baluster [n]
BAM : to strike with a dull resounding noise [v BAMMED, BAMMING, BAMS]
BAMBINI : bambino [n]
BAMBINO : a baby [n -NOS or -NI]
BAMBINOS : bambino [n]
BAMBOO : a tropical grass [n -BOOS]
BAMBOOS : bamboo [n]
BAMMED : bam [v]
BAMMING : bam [v]
BAMS : bam [v]
BAN : a monetary unit of Romania [n BANI] / to prohibit [v BANNED, BANNING, BANS]
BANAL : ordinary [adj] : BANALLY [adv]
BANALITY : something banal [n -TIES]
BANALIZE : to make banal [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
BANALIZED : banalize [v]
BANALIZES : banalize [v]
BANALLY : banal [adv]
BANANA : an edible fruit [n -S]
BANANAS : banana [n]
BANAUSIC : practical [adj]
BANCO : a bet in certain gambling games [n -COS]
BANCOS : banco [n]
BAND : to decorate with flexible strips of material [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BANDA : a style of Mexican dance music [n -S]
BANDAGE : to cover a wound with a strip of cloth [v -DAGED, -DAGING, -DAGES]
BANDAGED : bandage [v]
BANDAGER : one that bandages [n -S]
BANDAGERS : bandager [n]
BANDAGES : bandage [v]
BANDAGING : bandage [v]
BANDAID : providing superficial relief [adj]
BANDANA : bandanna [n -S]
BANDANAS : bandana [n]
BANDANNA : a large, colored handkerchief [n -S]
BANDANNAS : bandanna [n]
BANDAS : banda [n]
BANDBOX : a lightweight box [n -ES]
BANDBOXES : bandbox [n]
BANDEAU : a headband [n -DEAUX or -DEAUS]
BANDEAUS : bandeau [n]
BANDEAUX : bandeau [n]
BANDED : band [v]
BANDER : one that bands [n -S]
BANDEROL : a streamer [n -S]
BANDEROLS : banderol [n]
BANDERS : bander [n]
BANDIED : bandy [v]
BANDIES : bandy [v]
BANDING : band [v]
BANDIT : a robber [n -DITS or -DITTI]
BANDITO : a bandit [n -TOS]
BANDITOS : bandito [n]
BANDITRY : robbery by bandits [n -TRIES]
BANDITS : bandit [n]
BANDITTI : bandit [n]
BANDMATE : a fellow member of a band [n -S]
BANDMATES : bandmate [n]
BANDOG : a watchdog [n -S]
BANDOGS : bandog [n]
BANDORA : bandore [n -S]
BANDORAS : bandora [n]
BANDORE : an ancient lute [n -S]
BANDORES : bandore [n]
BANDS : band [v]
BANDSAW : a type of power saw [n -S]
BANDSAWS : bandsaw [n]
BANDSMAN : a member of a musical band [n BANDSMEN]
BANDSMEN : bandsman [n]
BANDY : to throw to and fro [v -DIED, -DYING, -DIES]
BANDYING : bandy [v]
BANE : to kill with poison [v BANED, BANING, BANES]
BANED : bane [v]
BANEFUL : poisonous [adj]
BANES : bane [v]
BANG : to hit sharply [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BANGED : bang [v]
BANGER : a sausage [n -S]
BANGERS : banger [n]
BANGING : bang [v]
BANGKOK : a straw hat [n -S]
BANGKOKS : bangkok [n]
BANGLE : a bracelet [n -S]
BANGLES : bangle [n]
BANGS : bang [v]
BANGTAIL : a racehorse [n -S]
BANGTAILS : bangtail [n]
BANI : ban [n]
BANIAN : a Hindu merchant [n -S]
BANIANS : banian [n]
BANING : bane [v]
BANISH : to expel [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BANISHED : banish [v]
BANISHER : one that banishes [n -S]
BANISHERS : banisher [n]
BANISHES : banish [v]
BANISHING : banish [v]
BANISTER : a handrail [n -S]
BANISTERS : banister [n]
BANJAX : to damage or ruin [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BANJAXED : banjax [v]
BANJAXES : banjax [v]
BANJAXING : banjax [v]
BANJO : a musical instrument [n -JOS or -JOES]
BANJOES : banjo [n]
BANJOIST : one who plays the banjo [n -S]
BANJOISTS : banjoist [n]
BANJOS : banjo [n]
BANK : to keep money in a bank (an institution dealing in money matters) [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BANKABLE [adj]
BANKABLE : bank [adj]
BANKBOOK : a depositor’s book [n -S]
BANKBOOKS : bankbook [n]
BANKCARD : a credit card issued by a bank [n -S]
BANKCARDS : bankcard [n]
BANKED : bank [v]
BANKER : one who works in a bank [n -S] : BANKERLY [adj]
BANKERLY : banker [adj]
BANKERS : banker [n]
BANKING : the business of a bank [n -S]
BANKINGS : banking [n]
BANKIT : a raised sidewalk [n -S]
BANKITS : bankit [n]
BANKNOTE : a promissory note [n -S]
BANKNOTES : banknote [n]
BANKROLL : to supply the capital for [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BANKROLLS : bankroll [v]
BANKRUPT : to impoverish [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BANKRUPTS : bankrupt [v]
BANKS : bank [v]
BANKSIA : an Australian plant [n -S]
BANKSIAS : banksia [n]
BANKSIDE : the slope of a river bank [n -S]
BANKSIDES : bankside [n]
BANNABLE : liable to be banned [adj]
BANNED : ban [v] BANNER : to furnish with a banner (a type of flag) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BANNERED : banner [v]
BANNERET : a small banner [n -S]
BANNERETS : banneret [n]
BANNERING : banner [v]
BANNEROL : a banderol [n -S]
BANNEROLS : bannerol [n]
BANNERS : banner [v]
BANNET : a bonnet [n -S]
BANNETS : bannet [n]
BANNING : ban [v]
BANNOCK : a type of cake [n -S]
BANNOCKS : bannock [n]
BANNS : a marriage notice [n]
BANQUET : to feast [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BANQUETED : banquet [v]
BANQUETS : banquet [v]
BANS : ban [v]
BANSHEE : a female spirit [n -S]
BANSHEES : banshee [n]
BANSHIE : banshee [n -S]
BANSHIES : banshie [n]
BANTAM : a small fowl [n -S]
BANTAMS : bantam [n]
BANTENG : a wild ox [n -S]
BANTENGS : banteng [n]
BANTER : to exchange mildly teasing remarks [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BANTERED : banter [v]
BANTERER : one that banters [n -S]
BANTERERS : banterer [n]
BANTERING : banter [v]
BANTERS : banter [v]
BANTIES : banty [n]
BANTLING : a very young child [n -S]
BANTLINGS : bantling [n]
BANTY : a bantam [n -TIES]
BANYAN : an East Indian tree [n -S]
BANYANS : banyan [n]
BANZAI : a Japanese battle cry [n -S]
BANZAIS : banzai [n]
BAOBAB : a tropical tree [n -S]
BAOBABS : baobab [n]
BAP : a small bun or roll [n -S]
BAPS : bap [n]
BAPTISE : to baptize [v -TISED, -TISING, -TISES]
BAPTISED : baptise [v]
BAPTISES : baptise [v]
BAPTISIA : a flowering plant [n -S]
BAPTISIAS : baptisia [n]
BAPTISING : baptise [v]
BAPTISM : a Christian ceremony [n -S]
BAPTISMS : baptism [n]
BAPTIST : one who baptizes [n -S]
BAPTISTS : baptist [n]
BAPTIZE : to administer baptism to [v -TIZED, -TIZING, -TIZES]
BAPTIZED : baptize [v]
BAPTIZER : a baptist [n -S]
BAPTIZERS : baptizer [n]
BAPTIZES : baptize [v]
BAPTIZING : baptize [v]
BAR : to exclude [v BARRED, BARRING, BARS]
BARATHEA : a silk fabric [n -S]
BARATHEAS : barathea [n]
BARB : to furnish with a barb (a sharp projection) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARBAL : pertaining to the beard [adj]
BARBARIC : uncivilized [adj]
BARBASCO : a tropical tree [n -COS or -COES]
BARBASCOS : barbasco [n]
BARBATE : bearded [adj]
BARBE : a medieval cloth headdress [n -S]
BARBECUE : to cook over live coals or an open fire [v -CUED, -CUING, -CUES]
BARBECUED : barbecue [v]
BARBECUES : barbecue [v]
BARBED : barb [v]
BARBEL : an organ of a fish [n -S]
BARBELL : an exercise apparatus [n -S]
BARBELLS : barbell [n]
BARBELS : barbel [n]
BARBEQUE : barbecue [v -QUED, -QUING, -QUES]
BARBEQUED : barbeque [v]
BARBEQUES : barbeque [v]
BARBER : to cut hair [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARBERED : barber [v]
BARBERING : barber [v]
BARBERRY : a shrub [n -RIES]
BARBERS : barber [v]
BARBES : barbe [n]
BARBET : a tropical bird [n -S]
BARBETS : barbet [n]
BARBETTE : a platform [n -S]
BARBETTES : barbette [n]
BARBICAN : an outer fortification [n -S]
BARBICANS : barbican [n]
BARBICEL : a part of a feather [n -S]
BARBICELS : barbicel [n]
BARBIE : a portable fireplace for cooking [n -S]
BARBIES : barbie [n]
BARBING : barb [v]
BARBITAL : a sedative [n -S]
BARBITALS : barbital [n]
BARBLESS : having no barbs [adj]
BARBS : barb [v]
BARBULE : a small barb [n -S]
BARBULES : barbule [n]
BARBUT : a type of helmet [n -S]
BARBUTS : barbut [n]
BARBWIRE : barbed wire [n -S]
BARBWIRES : barbwire [n]
BARCA : a double-ended boat [n -S]
BARCAS : barca [n]
BARCHAN : a type of sand dune [n -S]
BARCHANS : barchan [n]
BARD : to armor a horse [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARDED : barde [v]
BARDES : barde [v]
BARDIC : poetic [adj]
BARDING : barde [v]
BARDS : bard [v]
BARE : naked [adj BARER, BAREST] / to {expose=v} [v BARED, BARING, BARES]
BAREBACK : without a saddle [adv]
BAREBOAT : a pleasure boat rented without personnel [n -S]
BAREBOATS : bareboat [n]
BARED : bare [v]
BAREFIT : barefoot [adj]
BAREFOOT : being without shoes [adj]
BAREGE : a sheer fabric [n -S]
BAREGES : barege [n]
BAREHAND : to catch with a bare hand [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BAREHANDS : barehand [v]
BAREHEAD : without a hat [adv]
BARELY : scarcely [adv]
BARENESS : the state of being bare [n -ES]
BARER : bare [adj]
BARES : bare [v]
BARESARK : an ancient warrior [n -S]
BARESARKS : baresark [n]
BAREST : bare [adj]
BARF : to vomit [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARFED : barf [v]
BARFING : barf [v]
BARFLIES : barfly [n]
BARFLY : a drinker who frequents bars [n -FLIES]
BARFS : barf [v]
BARGAIN : to discuss terms for selling or buying [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARGAINED : bargain [v]
BARGAINS : bargain [v]
BARGE : to move by barge (a long, large boat) [v BARGED, BARGING, BARGES]
BARGED : barge [v]
BARGEE : a bargeman [n -S]
BARGEES : bargee [n]
BARGELLO : a needlepoint stitch that makes a zigzag pattern [n -LOS]
BARGELLOS : bargello [n]
BARGEMAN : the master or a crew member of a barge [n BARGEMEN]
BARGEMEN : bargeman [n]
BARGES : barge [v]
BARGHEST : a goblin [n -S]
BARGHESTS : barghest [n]
BARGING : barge [v]
BARGUEST : barghest [n -S]
BARGUESTS : barguest [n]
BARHOP : to visit a number of bars during an evening [v -HOPPED, -HOPPING, -HOPS]
BARHOPPED : barhop [v]
BARHOPS : barhop [v]
BARIC : pertaining to barium [adj]
BARILLA : a chemical compound [n -S]
BARILLAS : barilla [n]
BARING : bare [v]
BARISTA : one who makes and serves coffee to the public [n -S]
BARISTAS : barista [n]
BARITE : a mineral [n -S]
BARITES : barite [n]
BARITONE : a male singing voice [n -S]
BARITONES : baritone [n]
BARIUM : a metallic element [n -S]
BARIUMS : barium [n]
BARK : to cry like a dog [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARKED : bark [v]
BARKEEP : a bartender [n -S]
BARKEEPS : barkeep [n]
BARKER : one that barks [n -S]
BARKERS : barker [n]
BARKIER : barky [adj]
BARKIEST : barky [adj]
BARKING : bark [v]
BARKLESS : having no bark; unable to bark [adj]
BARKS : bark [v]
BARKY : covered with bark (tough outer covering of a root or stem) [adj BARKIER, BARKIEST]
BARLEDUC : a fruit jam [n -S]
BARLEDUCS : barleduc [n]
BARLESS : having no restraints [adj]
BARLEY : a cereal grass [n -LEYS]
BARLEYS : barley [n]
BARLOW : a jackknife [n -S]
BARLOWS : barlow [n]
BARM : the foam on malt liquors [n -S]
BARMAID : a female bartender [n -S]
BARMAIDS : barmaid [n]
BARMAN : a male bartender [n BARMEN]
BARMEN : barman [n]
BARMIE : barmy [adj]
BARMIER : barmy [adj]
BARMIEST : barmy [adj]
BARMS : barm [n]
BARMY : full of barm; frothy [adj BARMIER, BARMIEST]
BARN : to store in a barn (a large storage building) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARNACLE : a shellfish [n -S]
BARNACLES : barnacle [n]
BARNED : barn [v]
BARNEY : a noisy argument [n -NEYS]
BARNEYS : barney [n]
BARNIER : barny [adj]
BARNIEST : barny [adj]
BARNING : barn [v]
BARNLIKE : resembling a barn [adj]
BARNS : barn [v]
BARNY : resembling a barn in size, shape, or smell [adj BARNIER, BARNIEST]
BARNYARD : a yard near a barn [n -S]
BARNYARDS : barnyard [n]
BAROGRAM : a barometric reading [n -S]
BAROGRAMS : barogram [n]
BARON : a lower member of nobility [n -S]
BARONAGE : the rank of a baron [n -S]
BARONAGES : baronage [n]
BARONESS : the wife of a baron [n -ES]
BARONET : the holder of a rank below that of a baron [n -S]
BARONETS : baronet [n]
BARONG : a broad knife [n -S]
BARONGS : barong [n]
BARONIAL : pertaining to a baron [adj]
BARONIES : barony [n]
BARONNE : a baroness [n -S]
BARONNES : baronne [n]
BARONS : baron [n]
BARONY : the domain of a baron [n -ONIES]
BAROQUE : an ornate object [n -S]
BAROQUES : baroque [n]
BAROSAUR : a large dinosaur [n -S]
BAROSAURS : barosaur [n]
BAROUCHE : a type of carriage [n -S]
BAROUCHES : barouche [n]
BARQUE : a sailing vessel [n -S]
BARQUES : barque [n]
BARRABLE : capable of being barred [adj]
BARRACK : to shout boisterously [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARRACKED : barrack [v]
BARRACKS : barrack [v]
BARRAGE : to subject to a massive attack [v -RAGED, -RAGING, -RAGES]
BARRAGED : barrage [v]
BARRAGES : barrage [v]
BARRAGING : barrage [v]
BARRANCA : a steep ravine [n -S]
BARRANCAS : barranca [n]
BARRANCO : barranca [n -COS]
BARRANCOS : barranco [n]
BARRATER : barrator [n -S]
BARRATERS : barrater [n]
BARRATOR : one who commits barratry [n -S]
BARRATORS : barrator [n]
BARRATRY : fraud committed by a master or crew of a ship [n -TRIES]
BARRE : to play a type of guitar chord [v BARRED, BARRING, BARRES]
BARRED : barre [v]
BARREL : to move fast [v -RELED, -RELING, -RELS or -RELLED, -RELLING, -RELS]
BARRELED : barrel [v]
BARRELING : barrel [v]
BARRELLED : barrel [v]
BARRELS : barrel [v]
BARREN : unproductive [adj -RENER, -RENEST] : BARRENLY [adv] / a tract of barren land [n -S]
BARRENER : barren [adj]
BARRENEST : barren [adj]
BARRENLY : barren [adv]
BARRENS : barren [n]
BARRES : barre [v]
BARRET : a flat cap [n -S]
BARRETOR : barrator [n -S]
BARRETORS : barretor [n]
BARRETRY : barratry [n -TRIES]
BARRETS : barret [n]
BARRETTE : a hair clip [n -S]
BARRETTES : barrette [n]
BARRIER : an obstacle [n -S]
BARRIERS : barrier [n]
BARRING : barre [v]
BARRIO : a district [n -RIOS]
BARRIOS : barrio [n]
BARROOM : a room where liquor is sold [n -S]
BARROOMS : barroom [n]
BARROW : a type of cart [n -S]
BARROWS : barrow [n]
BARS : bar [v]
BARSTOOL : a stool in a barroom [n -S]
BARSTOOLS : barstool [n]
BARTEND : to tend a barroom [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARTENDED : bartend [v]
BARTENDER : one that bartends [n -S]
BARTENDS : bartend [v]
BARTER : to trade [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BARTERED : barter [v]
BARTERER : one that barters [n -S]
BARTERERS : barterer [n]
BARTERING : barter [v]
BARTERS : barter [v]
BARTISAN : bartizan [n -S]
BARTISANS : bartisan [n]
BARTIZAN : a small turret [n -S]
BARTIZANS : bartizan [n]
BARWARE : barroom equipment [n -S]
BARWARES : barware [n]
BARYE : a unit of pressure [n -S]
BARYES : barye [n]
BARYON : a type of subatomic particle [n -S] : BARYONIC [adj]
BARYONIC : baryon [adj]
BARYONS : baryon [n]
BARYTA : a compound of barium [n -S] : BARYTIC [adj]
BARYTAS : baryta [n]
BARYTE : barite [n -S]
BARYTES : baryte [n]
BARYTIC : baryta [adj]
BARYTON : a stringed instrument [n -S]
BARYTONE : baritone [n -S]
BARYTONES : barytone [n]
BARYTONS : baryton [n]
BAS : ba [n]
BASAL : pertaining to the foundation [adj] : BASALLY [adv]
BASALLY : basal [adv]
BASALT : a volcanic rock [n -S] : BASALTIC [adj]
BASALTES : unglazed stoneware [n BASALTES]
BASALTIC : basalt [adj]
BASALTS : basalt [n]
BASCULE : a type of seesaw [n -S]
BASCULES : bascule [n]
BASE : morally low [adj BASER, BASEST] / to found [v BASED, BASING, BASES]
BASEBALL : a type of ball [n -S]
BASEBALLS : baseball [n]
BASEBORN : of low birth [adj]
BASED : base [v]
BASELESS : having no foundation [adj]
BASELINE : a line at either end of a court in certain sports [n -S]
BASELINES : baseline [n]
BASELY : in a base manner [adv]
BASEMAN : a certain player in baseball [n BASEMEN]
BASEMEN : baseman [n]
BASEMENT : the part of a building below ground level [n -S]
BASEMENTS : basement [n]
BASENESS : the state of being base [n -ES]
BASENJI : a barkless dog [n -S]
BASENJIS : basenji [n]
BASER : base [adj]
BASES : base [v]
BASEST : base [adj]
BASH : to smash [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BASHAW : a pasha [n -S]
BASHAWS : bashaw [n]
BASHED : bash [v]
BASHER : one that bashes [n -S]
BASHERS : basher [n]
BASHES : bash [v]
BASHFUL : shy; timid [adj]
BASHING : an act of beating [n -S]
BASHINGS : bashing [n]
BASHLYK : a cloth hood [n -S]
BASHLYKS : bashlyk [n]
BASIC : a fundamental [n -S]
BASICITY : the state of being alkaline [n -TIES]
BASICS : basic [n]
BASIDIA : basidium [n]
BASIDIAL : basidium [adj]
BASIDIUM : a structure on a fungus [n -IA] : BASIDIAL [adj]
BASIFIED : basify [v]
BASIFIER : one that basifies [n -S]
BASIFIERS : basifier [n]
BASIFIES : basify [v]
BASIFY : to alkalize [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
BASIFYING : basify [v]
BASIL : an aromatic herb [n -S]
BASILAR : basal [adj]
BASILARY : basilar [adj]
BASILECT : the least prestigious language of an area [n -S]
BASILECTS : basilect [n]
BASILIC : pertaining to a basilica [adj]
BASILICA : an ancient Roman building [n -CAS or -CAE]
BASILICAE : basilica [n]
BASILICAS : basilica [n]
BASILISK : a fabled serpent [n -S]
BASILISKS : basilisk [n]
BASILS : basil [n]
BASIN : a large bowl [n -S] : BASINAL, BASINED [adj]
BASINAL : basin [adj]
BASINED : basin [adj]
BASINET : a medieval helmet [n -S]
BASINETS : basinet [n]
BASINFUL : as much as a basin can hold [n -S]
BASINFULS : basinful [n]
BASING : base [v]
BASINS : basin [n]
BASION : a part of the skull [n -S]
BASIONS : basion [n]
BASIS : the foundation of something [n BASES]
BASK : to lie in a pleasant warmth [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BASKED : bask [v]
BASKET : a wooden container [n -S]
BASKETRY : basket weaving [n -RIES]
BASKETS : basket [n]
BASKING : bask [v]
BASKS : bask [v]
BASMATI : aromatic, long-grain rice [n -S]
BASMATIS : basmati [n]
BASOPHIL : a type of cell [n -S]
BASOPHILS : basophil [n]
BASQUE : a bodice [n -S]
BASQUES : basque [n]
BASS : an edible fish [n -ES]
BASSES : bass [n]
BASSETED : basset [v]
BASSETING : basset [v]
BASSETS : basset [v]
BASSETT : a hound [n -S]
BASSETTED : basset [v]
BASSETTS : bassett [n]
BASSI : basso [n]
BASSINET : a basket used as a baby’s crib [n -S]
BASSINETS : bassinet [n]
BASSIST : a person who plays a double bass [n -S]
BASSISTS : bassist [n]
BASSLY : in a low-pitched manner [adv]
BASSNESS : the state of being low in pitch [n -ES]
BASSO : a low-pitched singer [n -SOS or -SI]
BASSOON : a low-pitched instrument [n -S]
BASSOONS : bassoon [n]
BASSOS : basso [n]
BASSWOOD : a linden tree [n -S]
BASSWOODS : basswood [n]
BASSY : low in pitch [adj]
BAST : a woody fiber [n -S]
BASTARD : an illegitimate child [n -S]
BASTARDS : bastard [n]
BASTARDY : the state of being a bastard [n -TARDIES]
BASTE : to sew loosely together [v BASTED, BASTING, BASTES]
BASTED : baste [v]
BASTER : one that bastes [n -S]
BASTERS : baster [n]
BASTES : baste [v]
BASTILE : bastille [n -S]
BASTILES : bastile [n]
BASTILLE : a prison [n -S]
BASTILLES : bastille [n]
BASTING : the thread used by a baster [n -S]
BASTINGS : basting [n]
BASTION : a fortified place [n -S]
BASTIONS : bastion [n]
BASTS : bast [n]
BAT : to hit a baseball [v BATTED, BATTING, BATS]
BATBOY : a boy who minds baseball equipment [n -BOYS]
BATBOYS : batboy [n]
BATCH : to bring together [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BATCHED : batch [v]
BATCHER : one that batches [n -S]
BATCHERS : batcher [n]
BATCHES : batch [v]
BATCHING : batch [v]
BATE : to reduce the force of [v BATED, BATING, BATES]
BATEAU : a flat-bottomed boat [n BATEAUX]
BATEAUX : bateau [n]
BATED : bate [v]
BATES : bate [v]
BATFISH : a batlike fish [n -ES]
BATFISHES : batfish [n]
BATFOWL : to catch birds at night [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BATFOWLED : batfowl [v]
BATFOWLS : batfowl [v]
BATGIRL : a girl who minds baseball equipment [n -S]
BATGIRLS : batgirl [n]
BATH : a washing [n -S]
BATHED : bathe [v]
BATHER : one that bathes [n -S]
BATHERS : bather [n]
BATHES : bathe [v]
BATHETIC : trite [adj]
BATHING : bathe [v]
BATHLESS : not having had a bath [adj]
BATHMAT : a mat used in a bathroom [n -S]
BATHMATS : bathmat [n]
BATHOS : triteness [n -ES]
BATHOSES : bathos [n]
BATHROBE : a housecoat [n -S]
BATHROBES : bathrobe [n]
BATHROOM : a room in which to bathe [n -S]
BATHROOMS : bathroom [n]
BATHS : bath [n]
BATHTUB : a tub in which to bathe [n -S]
BATHTUBS : bathtub [n]
BATHYAL : pertaining to deep water [adj]
BATIK : to dye fabric by a particular process [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BATIKED : batik [v]
BATIKING : batik [v]
BATIKS : batik [v]
BATING : bate [v]
BATISTE : a sheer fabric [n -S]
BATISTES : batiste [n]
BATLIKE : resembling a bat (a flying mammal) [adj]
BATMAN : an orderly [n BATMEN]
BATMEN : batman [n]
BATON : a short rod [n -S]
BATONS : baton [n]
BATS : bat [v]
BATSMAN : one who bats [n BATSMEN]
BATSMEN : batsman [n]
BATT : a sheet of cotton [n -S]
BATTALIA : a military unit [n -S]
BATTALIAS : battalia [n]
BATTEAU : bateau [n -TEAUX]
BATTEAUX : batteau [n]
BATTED : bat [v]
BATTEN : to fasten with strips of wood [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BATTENED : batten [v]
BATTENER : one that battens [n -S]
BATTENERS : battener [n]
BATTENING : batten [v]
BATTENS : batten [v]
BATTER : to beat repeatedly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BATTERED : batter [v]
BATTERER : one that batters [n -S]
BATTERERS : batterer [n]
BATTERIE : a ballet movement [n -S]
BATTERIES : batterie [n]
BATTERING : batter [v]
BATTERS : batter [v]
BATTERY : a device for generating an electric current [n -TERIES]
BATTIER : batty [adj]
BATTIEST : batty [adj]
BATTIK : a dyeing process [n -S]
BATTIKS : battik [n]
BATTING : a batt [n -S]
BATTINGS : batting [n]
BATTLE : to fight [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BATTLED : battle [v]
BATTLER : one that battles [n -S]
BATTLERS : battler [n]
BATTLES : battle [v]
BATTLING : battle [v]
BATTS : batt [n]
BATTU : pertaining to a ballet movement [adj]
BATTUE : a type of hunt [n -S]
BATTUES : battue [n]
BATTY : crazy [adj -TIER, -TIEST]
BATWING : shaped like a bat’s wing [adj]
BAUBEE : bawbee [n -S]
BAUBEES : baubee [n]
BAUBLE : a cheap trinket [n -S]
BAUBLES : bauble [n]
BAUD : a unit of data transmission speed [n -S]
BAUDEKIN : a brocaded fabric [n -S]
BAUDEKINS : baudekin [n]
BAUDRONS : a cat [n -ES]
BAUDS : baud [n]
BAUHINIA : a small tropical tree [n -S]
BAUHINIAS : bauhinia [n]
BAULK : to balk [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BAULKED : baulk [v]
BAULKIER : baulky [adj]
BAULKIEST : baulky [adj]
BAULKING : baulk [v]
BAULKS : baulk [v]
BAUSOND : having white marks [adj]
BAUXITE : an ore of aluminum [n -S] : BAUXITIC [adj]
BAUXITES : bauxite [n]
BAUXITIC : bauxite [adj]
BAWBEE : a Scottish coin [n -S]
BAWBEES : bawbee [n]
BAWCOCK : a fine fellow [n -S]
BAWCOCKS : bawcock [n]
BAWD : a madam [n -S]
BAWDIER : bawdy [adj]
BAWDIES : bawdy [n]
BAWDIEST : bawdy [adj]
BAWDILY : in a bawdy manner [adv]
BAWDRIC : baldric [n -S]
BAWDRICS : bawdric [n]
BAWDRIES : bawdry [n]
BAWDRY : obscenity [n -RIES]
BAWDS : bawd [n]
BAWDY : obscene [adj BAWDIER, BAWDIEST] / obscene language [n BAWDIES]
BAWL : to cry loudly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BAWLED : bawl [v]
BAWLER : one that bawls [n -S]
BAWLERS : bawler [n]
BAWLING : bawl [v]
BAWLS : bawl [v]
BAWSUNT : bausond [adj]
BAWTIE : a dog [n -S]
BAWTIES : bawtie [n]
BAWTY : bawtie [n -TIES]
BAY : to howl [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BAYADEER : bayadere [n -S]
BAYADEERS : bayadeer [n]
BAYADERE : a dancing girl [n -S]
BAYADERES : bayadere [n]
BAYAMO : a strong wind [n -MOS]
BAYAMOS : bayamo [n]
BAYARD : a horse [n -S]
BAYARDS : bayard [n]
BAYBERRY : a berry tree [n -RIES]
BAYED : bay [v]
BAYING : bay [v]
BAYMAN : a person who fishes on a bay [n BAYMEN]
BAYMEN : bayman [n]
BAYONET : to stab with a dagger-like weapon [v -NETED, -NETING, -NETS or -NETTED, -NETTING, -NETS]
BAYONETED : bayonet [v]
BAYONETS : bayonet [v]
BAYOU : a marshy body of water [n -S]
BAYOUS : bayou [n]
BAYS : bay [v]
BAYWOOD : a coarse mahogany [n -S]
BAYWOODS : baywood [n]
BAZAAR : a marketplace [n -S]
BAZAARS : bazaar [n]
BAZAR : bazaar [n -S]
BAZARS : bazar [n]
BAZOO : the mouth [n -ZOOS]
BAZOOKA : a small rocket launcher [n -S]
BAZOOKAS : bazooka [n]
BAZOOMS : a woman’s breasts -- an offensive term [n]
BAZOOS : bazoo [n]
BDELLIUM : a gum resin [n -S]
BDELLIUMS : bdellium [n]
BE : to have actuality [v present sing. 1st person AM, 2d ARE or ART, 3d IS, past sing. 1st and 3d persons WAS, 2d WERE or WAST or WERT, past participle BEEN, present participle BEING]
BEACH : to drive ashore [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BEACHBOY : a male beach attendant [n -BOYS]
BEACHBOYS : beachboy [n]
BEACHED : beach [v]
BEACHES : beach [v]
BEACHIER : beachy [adj]
BEACHIEST : beachy [adj]
BEACHING : beach [v]
BEACHY : sandy or pebbly [adj BEACHIER, BEACHIEST]
BEACON : to warn or guide [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEACONED : beacon [v]
BEACONING : beacon [v]
BEACONS : beacon [v]
BEAD : to adorn with beads (round pieces of glass) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEADED : bead [v]
BEADER : one that beads [n -S]
BEADERS : beader [n]
BEADIER : beady [adj]
BEADIEST : beady [adj]
BEADILY : in a beady manner [adv]
BEADING : beaded material [n -S]
BEADINGS : beading [n]
BEADLE : a parish official [n -S]
BEADLES : beadle [n]
BEADLIKE : beady [adj]
BEADMAN : beadsman [n BEADMEN]
BEADMEN : beadman [n]
BEADROLL : a list of names [n -S]
BEADROLLS : beadroll [n]
BEADS : bead [v]
BEADSMAN : one who prays for another [n BEADSMEN]
BEADSMEN : beadsman [n]
BEADWORK : beading [n -S]
BEADWORKS : beadwork [n]
BEADY : resembling beads [adj BEADIER, BEADIEST]
BEAGLE : a small hound [n -S]
BEAGLES : beagle [n]
BEAK : a bird’s bill [n -S] : BEAKED, BEAKLESS, BEAKLIKE [adj]
BEAKED : beak [adj]
BEAKER : a large cup [n -S]
BEAKERS : beaker [n]
BEAKIER : beaky [adj]
BEAKIEST : beaky [adj]
BEAKLESS : beak [adj]
BEAKLIKE : beak [adj]
BEAKS : beak [n]
BEAKY : resembling a beak [adj BEAKIER, BEAKIEST]
BEAM : to emit in beams (rays of light) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEAMED : beam [v]
BEAMIER : beamy [adj]
BEAMIEST : beamy [adj]
BEAMILY : in a beamy manner [adv]
BEAMING : beam [v]
BEAMISH : cheerful [adj]
BEAMLESS : having no beam [adj]
BEAMLIKE : resembling a beam [adj]
BEAMS : beam [v]
BEAN : to hit on the head [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEANBAG : a small cloth bag [n -S]
BEANBAGS : beanbag [n]
BEANBALL : a baseball thrown at the head [n -S]
BEANBALLS : beanball [n]
BEANED : bean [v]
BEANERIES : beanery [n]
BEANERY : a cheap restaurant [n -ERIES]
BEANIE : a small cap [n -S]
BEANIES : beanie [n]
BEANING : bean [v]
BEANLIKE : resembling a bean [adj]
BEANO : a form of bingo [n BEANOS]
BEANOS : beano [n]
BEANPOLE : a thin pole [n -S]
BEANPOLES : beanpole [n]
BEANS : bean [v]
BEARABLE : bear [adj]
BEARABLY : bear [adv]
BEARCAT : a small mammal [n -S]
BEARCATS : bearcat [n]
BEARD : to oppose boldly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEARDED : beard [v]
BEARDING : beard [v]
BEARDS : beard [v]
BEARER : one that bears [n -S]
BEARERS : bearer [n]
BEARHUG : a rough tight embrace [n -S]
BEARHUGS : bearhug [n]
BEARING : demeanor [n -S]
BEARINGS : bearing [n]
BEARISH : resembling a bear (a large mammal) [adj]
BEARLIKE : bearish [adj]
BEARS : bear [v]
BEARSKIN : the skin of a bear [n -S]
BEARSKINS : bearskin [n]
BEARWOOD : a small tree of the buckthorn family [n -S]
BEARWOODS : bearwood [n]
BEAST : an animal [n -S]
BEASTIE : a tiny animal [n -S]
BEASTIES : beastie [n]
BEASTLIER : beastly [adj]
BEASTLY : resembling a beast [adj -LIER, -LIEST]
BEASTS : beast [n]
BEAT : to strike repeatedly [v BEAT, BEATEN, BEATING, BEATS] : BEATABLE [adj]
BEATABLE : beat [adj]
BEATEN : browbeat [v]
BEATER : one that beats [n -S]
BEATERS : beater [n]
BEATIFIC : blissful [adj]
BEATIFIED : beatify [v]
BEATIFIES : beatify [v]
BEATIFY : to make happy [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
BEATING : a defeat [n -S]
BEATINGS : beating [n]
BEATLESS : having no rhythm [adj]
BEATNIK : a nonconformist [n -S]
BEATNIKS : beatnik [n]
BEATS : browbeat [v]
BEAU : a boyfriend [n BEAUX or BEAUS] : BEAUISH [adj]
BEAUCOUP : an abundance [n -S]
BEAUCOUPS : beaucoup [n]
BEAUISH : beau [adj]
BEAUS : beau [n]
BEAUT : something beautiful [n -S]
BEAUTIES : beauty [n]
BEAUTIFY : to make beautiful [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
BEAUTS : beaut [n]
BEAUTY : one that is lovely [n -TIES]
BEAUX : beau [n]
BEAVER : to work hard [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEAVERED : beaver [v]
BEAVERING : beaver [v]
BEAVERS : beaver [v]
BEBEERU : a tropical tree [n -S]
BEBEERUS : bebeeru [n]
BEBLOOD : to cover with blood [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEBLOODED : beblood [v]
BEBLOODS : beblood [v]
BEBOP : a type of jazz [n -S]
BEBOPPER : one that likes bebop [n -S]
BEBOPPERS : bebopper [n]
BEBOPS : bebop [n]
BECALM : to make calm [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECALMED : becalm [v]
BECALMING : becalm [v]
BECALMS : becalm [v]
BECAME : become [v]
BECAP : to put a cap on [v -CAPPED, -CAPPING, -CAPS]
BECAPPED : becap [v]
BECAPPING : becap [v]
BECAPS : becap [v]
BECARPET : to cover with a carpet [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECARPETS : becarpet [v]
BECAUSE : for the reason that [conj]
BECHALK : to cover with chalk [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECHALKED : bechalk [v]
BECHALKS : bechalk [v]
BECHAMEL : a white sauce [n -S]
BECHAMELS : bechamel [n]
BECHANCED : bechance [v]
BECHANCES : bechance [v]
BECHARM : to hold under a spell [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECHARMED : becharm [v]
BECHARMS : becharm [v]
BECK : to beckon [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECKED : beck [v]
BECKET : a securing rope [n -S]
BECKETS : becket [n]
BECKING : beck [v]
BECKON : to signal by sign or gesture [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECKONED : beckon [v]
BECKONER : one that beckons [n -S]
BECKONERS : beckoner [n]
BECKONING : beckon [v]
BECKONS : beckon [v]
BECKS : beck [v]
BECLAMOR : to clamor loudly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECLAMORS : beclamor [v]
BECLASP : to embrace [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECLASPED : beclasp [v]
BECLASPS : beclasp [v]
BECLOAK : to place a cloak on [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECLOAKED : becloak [v]
BECLOAKS : becloak [v]
BECLOG : to clog thoroughly [v -CLOGGED, -CLOGGING, -CLOGS]
BECLOGGED : beclog [v]
BECLOGS : beclog [v]
BECLOTHED : beclothe [v]
BECLOTHES : beclothe [v]
BECLOUD : to make cloudy [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECLOUDED : becloud [v]
BECLOUDS : becloud [v]
BECLOWN : to cause to appear ridiculous [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECLOWNED : beclown [v]
BECLOWNS : beclown [v]
BECOME : to come to be [v -CAME, -COMING, -COMES]
BECOMES : become [v]
BECOMING : a process of change [n -S]
BECOMINGS : becoming [n]
BECOWARD : to accuse of cowardice [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECOWARDS : becoward [v]
BECRAWL : to crawl over [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECRAWLED : becrawl [v]
BECRAWLS : becrawl [v]
BECRIME : to make guilty of a crime [v -CRIMED, -CRIMING, -CRIMES]
BECRIMED : becrime [v]
BECRIMES : becrime [v]
BECRIMING : becrime [v]
BECROWD : to crowd closely [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECROWDED : becrowd [v]
BECROWDS : becrowd [v]
BECRUST : to cover with a crust [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BECRUSTED : becrust [v]
BECRUSTS : becrust [v]
BECUDGEL : to cudgel thoroughly [v -GELLED, -GELLING, -GELS or -GELED, -GELING, -GELS]
BECUDGELS : becudgel [v]
BECURSE : to curse severely [v -CURSED or -CURST, -CURSING, -CURSES]
BECURSED : becurse [v]
BECURSES : becurse [v]
BECURSING : becurse [v]
BECURST : becurse [v]
BED : to provide with a bed (a piece of furniture used for sleeping) [v BEDDED, BEDDING, BEDS]
BEDABBLE : to soil [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BEDABBLED : bedabble [v]
BEDABBLES : bedabble [v]
BEDAMN : to swear at [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDAMNED : bedamn [v]
BEDAMNING : bedamn [v]
BEDAMNS : bedamn [v]
BEDARKEN : to darken [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDARKENS : bedarken [v]
BEDAUB : to besmear [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDAUBED : bedaub [v]
BEDAUBING : bedaub [v]
BEDAUBS : bedaub [v]
BEDAZZLE : to confuse [v -ZLED, -ZLING, -ZLES]
BEDAZZLED : bedazzle [v]
BEDAZZLES : bedazzle [v]
BEDBOARD : a board placed between a mattress and a bedspring [n -S]
BEDBOARDS : bedboard [n]
BEDBUG : a bloodsucking insect [n -S]
BEDBUGS : bedbug [n]
BEDCHAIR : a chair near a bed [n -S]
BEDCHAIRS : bedchair [n]
BEDCOVER : a cover for a bed [n -S]
BEDCOVERS : bedcover [n]
BEDDABLE : suitable for taking to bed [adj]
BEDDED : bed [v]
BEDDER : one that makes up beds [n -S]
BEDDERS : bedder [n]
BEDDING : material for making up a bed [n -S]
BEDDINGS : bedding [n]
BEDEAFEN : to deafen [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDEAFENS : bedeafen [v]
BEDECK : to clothe with finery [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDECKED : bedeck [v]
BEDECKING : bedeck [v]
BEDECKS : bedeck [v]
BEDEL : an English university officer [n -S]
BEDELL : bedel [n -S]
BEDELLS : bedell [n]
BEDELS : bedel [n]
BEDEMAN : beadsman [n BEDEMEN]
BEDEMEN : bedeman [n]
BEDESMAN : beadsman [n BEDESMEN]
BEDESMEN : bedesman [n]
BEDEVIL : to harass [v -ILED, -ILING, -ILS or -ILLED, -ILLING, -ILS]
BEDEVILED : bedevil [v]
BEDEVILS : bedevil [v]
BEDEW : to wet with dew [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDEWED : bedew [v]
BEDEWING : bedew [v]
BEDEWS : bedew [v]
BEDFAST : confined to bed [adj]
BEDFRAME : the frame of a bed [n -S]
BEDFRAMES : bedframe [n]
BEDGOWN : a dressing gown [n -S]
BEDGOWNS : bedgown [n]
BEDIAPER : to ornament with a kind of design [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDIAPERS : bediaper [v]
BEDIGHT : to bedeck [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDIGHTED : bedight [v]
BEDIGHTS : bedight [v]
BEDIM : to make dim [v -DIMMED, -DIMMING, -DIMS]
BEDIMMED : bedim [v]
BEDIMMING : bedim [v]
BEDIMPLE : to dimple [v -PLED, -PLING, -PLES]
BEDIMPLED : bedimple [v]
BEDIMPLES : bedimple [v]
BEDIMS : bedim [v]
BEDIRTIED : bedirty [v]
BEDIRTIES : bedirty [v]
BEDIZEN : to dress gaudily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDIZENED : bedizen [v]
BEDIZENS : bedizen [v]
BEDLAM : confusion [n -S]
BEDLAMP : a lamp near a bed [n -S]
BEDLAMPS : bedlamp [n]
BEDLAMS : bedlam [n]
BEDLESS : having no bed [adj]
BEDLIKE : resembling a bed [adj]
BEDMAKER : one that makes beds [n -S]
BEDMAKERS : bedmaker [n]
BEDMATE : a bed companion [n -S]
BEDMATES : bedmate [n]
BEDOTTED : covered with dots [adj]
BEDOUIN : a nomadic Arab [n -S]
BEDOUINS : bedouin [n]
BEDPAN : a toilet pan [n -S]
BEDPANS : bedpan [n]
BEDPLATE : a frame support [n -S]
BEDPLATES : bedplate [n]
BEDPOST : a post of a bed [n -S]
BEDPOSTS : bedpost [n]
BEDQUILT : a quilt for a bed [n -S]
BEDQUILTS : bedquilt [n]
BEDRAIL : a board at the side of a bed [n -S]
BEDRAILS : bedrail [n]
BEDRAPED : bedrape [v]
BEDRAPES : bedrape [v]
BEDRAPING : bedrape [v]
BEDRENCH : to drench thoroughly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BEDRID : bedfast [adj]
BEDRIVEL : to cover with saliva [v -ELLED, -ELLING, -ELS or -ELED, -ELING, -ELS]
BEDRIVELS : bedrivel [v]
BEDROCK : the rock under soil [n -S]
BEDROCKS : bedrock [n]
BEDROLL : a portable roll of bedding [n -S]
BEDROLLS : bedroll [n]
BEDROOM : a room for sleeping [n -S]
BEDROOMS : bedroom [n]
BEDRUG : to make sleepy [v -DRUGGED, -DRUGGING, -DRUGS]
BEDRUGGED : bedrug [v]
BEDRUGS : bedrug [v]
BEDS : bed [v]
BEDSHEET : a sheet for a bed [n -S]
BEDSHEETS : bedsheet [n]
BEDSIDE : the side of a bed [n -S]
BEDSIDES : bedside [n]
BEDSIT : a one-room apartment [n -S]
BEDSITS : bedsit [n]
BEDSONIA : a virus [n -S]
BEDSONIAS : bedsonia [n]
BEDSORE : a type of sore [n -S]
BEDSORES : bedsore [n]
BEDSTAND : a table next to a bed [n -S]
BEDSTANDS : bedstand [n]
BEDSTEAD : a support for a bed [n -S]
BEDSTEADS : bedstead [n]
BEDSTRAW : a woody herb [n -S]
BEDSTRAWS : bedstraw [n]
BEDTICK : the cloth case of a mattress [n -S]
BEDTICKS : bedtick [n]
BEDTIME : a time for going to bed [n -S]
BEDTIMES : bedtime [n]
BEDU : a bedouin [n BEDU]
BEDUIN : bedouin [n -S]
BEDUINS : beduin [n]
BEDUMB : to render speechless [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDUMBED : bedumb [v]
BEDUMBING : bedumb [v]
BEDUMBS : bedumb [v]
BEDUNCE : to make a dunce of [v -DUNCED, -DUNCING, -DUNCES]
BEDUNCED : bedunce [v]
BEDUNCES : bedunce [v]
BEDUNCING : bedunce [v]
BEDWARD : toward bed [adv]
BEDWARDS : bedward [adv]
BEDWARF : to cause to appear small by comparison [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEDWARFED : bedwarf [v]
BEDWARFS : bedwarf [v]
BEE : a winged insect [n -S]
BEEBEE : a pellet [n -S]
BEEBEES : beebee [n]
BEEBREAD : a pollen mixture [n -S]
BEEBREADS : beebread [n]
BEECH : a type of tree [n -ES] : BEECHEN [adj]
BEECHEN : beech [adj]
BEECHES : beech [n]
BEECHIER : beechy [adj]
BEECHIEST : beechy [adj]
BEECHNUT : the nut of a beech [n -S]
BEECHNUTS : beechnut [n]
BEECHY : abounding in beeches [adj BEECHIER, BEECHIEST]
BEEDI : bidi [n -DIES]
BEEDIES : beedi [n]
BEEF : a steer or cow fattened for food [n BEEFS or BEEVES] / to add bulk to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEEFALO : the offspring of an American buffalo and domestic cattle [n -LOS or -LOES]
BEEFALOES : beefalo [n]
BEEFALOS : beefalo [n]
BEEFCAKE : pictures of male physiques [n -S]
BEEFCAKES : beefcake [n]
BEEFED : beef [v]
BEEFIER : beefy [adj]
BEEFIEST : beefy [adj]
BEEFILY : in a beefy manner [adv]
BEEFING : beef [v]
BEEFLESS : being without beef [adj]
BEEFS : beef [n]
BEEFWOOD : a hardwood tree [n -S]
BEEFWOODS : beefwood [n]
BEEHIVE : a hive for bees [n -S]
BEEHIVES : beehive [n]
BEELIKE : resembling a bee [adj]
BEELINE : to go quickly in a direct course [v -LINED, -LINING, -LINES]
BEELINED : beeline [v]
BEELINES : beeline [v]
BEELINING : beeline [v]
BEEN : be [v]
BEEP : to honk a horn [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEEPED : beep [v]
BEEPER : a signaling device [n -S]
BEEPERS : beeper [n]
BEEPING : beep [v]
BEEPS : beep [v]
BEER : an alcoholic beverage [n -S]
BEERIER : beery [adj]
BEERIEST : beery [adj]
BEERS : beer [n]
BEERY : affected by beer [adj BEERIER, BEERIEST]
BEES : bee [n]
BEESWAX : a type of wax [n -ES]
BEESWAXES : beeswax [n]
BEESWING : a crust that forms on old wines [n -S]
BEESWINGS : beeswing [n]
BEET : a garden plant [n -S]
BEETLE : to jut out [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BEETLED : beetle [v]
BEETLER : one that operates a cloth-finishing machine [n -S]
BEETLERS : beetler [n]
BEETLES : beetle [v]
BEETLING : beetle [v]
BEETROOT : the root of the beet [n -S]
BEETROOTS : beetroot [n]
BEETS : beet [n]
BEEVES : beef [n]
BEEYARD : an apiary [n -S]
BEEYARDS : beeyard [n]
BEEZER : the nose [n -S]
BEEZERS : beezer [n]
BEFALL : to happen to [v -FELL, -FALLEN, -FALLING, -FALLS]
BEFALLEN : befall [v]
BEFALLING : befall [v]
BEFALLS : befall [v]
BEFELL : befall [v]
BEFINGER : to touch all over [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEFINGERS : befinger [v]
BEFIT : to be suitable to [v -FITTED, -FITTING, -FITS]
BEFITS : befit [v]
BEFITTED : befit [v]
BEFITTING : befit [v]
BEFLAG : to deck with flags [v -FLAGGED, -FLAGGING, -FLAGS]
BEFLAGGED : beflag [v]
BEFLAGS : beflag [v]
BEFLEA : to infest with fleas [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEFLEAED : beflea [v]
BEFLEAING : beflea [v]
BEFLEAS : beflea [v]
BEFLECK : to fleck [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEFLECKED : befleck [v]
BEFLECKS : befleck [v]
BEFLOWER : to cover with flowers [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEFLOWERS : beflower [v]
BEFOG : to envelop in fog [v -FOGGED, -FOGGING, -FOGS]
BEFOGGED : befog [v]
BEFOGGING : befog [v]
BEFOGS : befog [v]
BEFOOL : to deceive [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEFOOLED : befool [v]
BEFOOLING : befool [v]
BEFOOLS : befool [v]
BEFORE : previously [adv]
BEFOUL : to foul [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEFOULED : befoul [v]
BEFOULER : one that befouls [n -S]
BEFOULERS : befouler [n]
BEFOULING : befoul [v]
BEFOULS : befoul [v]
BEFRETS : befret [v]
BEFRETTED : befret [v]
BEFRIEND : to act as a friend to [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEFRIENDS : befriend [v]
BEFRINGE : to border with a fringe [v -FRINGED, -FRINGING, -FRINGES]
BEFRINGED : befringe [v]
BEFRINGES : befringe [v]
BEFUDDLE : to confuse [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
BEFUDDLED : befuddle [v]
BEFUDDLES : befuddle [v]
BEG : to plead [v BEGGED, BEGGING, BEGS]
BEGALL : to make sore by rubbing [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEGALLED : begall [v]
BEGALLING : begall [v]
BEGALLS : begall [v]
BEGAN : begin [v]
BEGAT : beget [v]
BEGAZE : to gaze at [v -GAZED, -GAZING, -GAZES]
BEGAZED : begaze [v]
BEGAZES : begaze [v]
BEGAZING : begaze [v]
BEGET : to cause to exist [v -GOT or -GAT, -GOTTEN, -GETTING, -GETS]
BEGETS : beget [v]
BEGETTER : one that begets [n -S]
BEGETTERS : begetter [n]
BEGETTING : beget [v]
BEGGAR : to impoverish [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEGGARED : beggar [v]
BEGGARIES : beggary [n]
BEGGARING : beggar [v]
BEGGARLY : very poor [adj]
BEGGARS : beggar [v]
BEGGARY : extreme poverty [n -GARIES]
BEGGED : beg [v]
BEGGING : beg [v]
BEGIN : to start [v -GAN, -GUN, -GINNING, -GINS]
BEGINNER : one that begins [n -S]
BEGINNERS : beginner [n]
BEGINNING : begin [v]
BEGINS : begin [v]
BEGIRD : to surround [v -GIRT or -GIRDED, -GIRDING, -GIRDS]
BEGIRDED : begird [v]
BEGIRDING : begird [v]
BEGIRDLE : to surround [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
BEGIRDLED : begirdle [v]
BEGIRDLES : begirdle [v]
BEGIRDS : begird [v]
BEGIRT : begird [v]
BEGLADDED : beglad [v]
BEGLADS : beglad [v]
BEGLAMOR : to dazzle with glamor [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEGLAMORS : beglamor [v]
BEGLOOM : to make gloomy [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEGLOOMED : begloom [v]
BEGLOOMS : begloom [v]
BEGONE : used as an order of dismissal [interj]
BEGONIA : a tropical herb [n -S]
BEGONIAS : begonia [n]
BEGORAH : begorra [interj]
BEGORRA : used as a mild oath [interj]
BEGORRAH : begorra [interj]
BEGOT : beget [v]
BEGOTTEN : beget [v]
BEGRIMED : begrime [v]
BEGRIMES : begrime [v]
BEGRIMING : begrime [v]
BEGRIMMED : begrim [v]
BEGRIMS : begrim [v]
BEGROAN : to groan at [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEGROANED : begroan [v]
BEGROANS : begroan [v]
BEGRUDGE : to concede reluctantly [v -GRUDGED, -GRUDGING, -GRUDGES]
BEGRUDGED : begrudge [v]
BEGRUDGES : begrudge [v]
BEGS : beg [v]
BEGUILED : beguile [v]
BEGUILER : one that beguiles [n -S]
BEGUILERS : beguiler [n]
BEGUILES : beguile [v]
BEGUILING : beguile [v]
BEGUINE : a lively dance [n -S]
BEGUINES : beguine [n]
BEGULF : to engulf [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEGULFED : begulf [v]
BEGULFING : begulf [v]
BEGULFS : begulf [v]
BEGUM : a Muslim lady of high rank [n -S]
BEGUMS : begum [n]
BEGUN : begin [v]
BEHALF : interest, support, or benefit [n -HALVES]
BEHALVES : behalf [n]
BEHAVE : to act properly [v -HAVED, -HAVING, -HAVES]
BEHAVED : behave [v]
BEHAVER : one that behaves [n -S]
BEHAVERS : behaver [n]
BEHAVES : behave [v]
BEHAVING : behave [v]
BEHAVIOR : demeanor [n -S]
BEHAVIORS : behavior [n]
BEHEAD : to cut off the head of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEHEADAL : the act of beheading [n -S]
BEHEADALS : beheadal [n]
BEHEADED : behead [v]
BEHEADER : one that beheads [n -S]
BEHEADERS : beheader [n]
BEHEADING : behead [v]
BEHEADS : behead [v]
BEHELD : behold [v]
BEHEMOTH : a large beast [n -S]
BEHEMOTHS : behemoth [n]
BEHEST : a command [n -S]
BEHESTS : behest [n]
BEHIND : the buttocks [n -S]
BEHINDS : behind [n]
BEHOLD : to view [v -HELD, -HOLDING, -HOLDS]
BEHOLDEN : indebted [adj]
BEHOLDER : one that beholds [n -S]
BEHOLDERS : beholder [n]
BEHOLDING : behold [v]
BEHOLDS : behold [v]
BEHOOF : use, advantage, or benefit [n -HOOVES]
BEHOOVE : to be proper for [v -HOOVED, -HOOVING, -HOOVES]
BEHOOVED : behoove [v]
BEHOOVES : behoof [n]
BEHOOVING : behoove [v]
BEHOVE : to behoove [v -HOVED, -HOVING, -HOVES]
BEHOVED : behove [v]
BEHOVES : behove [v]
BEHOVING : behove [v]
BEHOWL : to howl at [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEHOWLED : behowl [v]
BEHOWLING : behowl [v]
BEHOWLS : behowl [v]
BEIGE : a tan color [n -S]
BEIGES : beige [n]
BEIGNE : beignet [n -S]
BEIGNES : beigne [n]
BEIGNET : a type of fritter or doughnut [n -S]
BEIGNETS : beignet [n]
BEIGY : of the color beige [adj]
BEING : something that exists [n -S]
BEINGS : being [n]
BEJABERS : bejesus [interj]
BEJEEZUS : bejesus [interj]
BEJESUS : used as a mild oath [interj]
BEJEWEL : to adorn with jewels [v -ELED, -ELING, -ELS or -ELLED, -ELLING, -ELS]
BEJEWELED : bejewel [v]
BEJEWELS : bejewel [v]
BEJUMBLE : to jumble [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BEJUMBLED : bejumble [v]
BEJUMBLES : bejumble [v]
BEKISS : to cover with kisses [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BEKISSED : bekiss [v]
BEKISSES : bekiss [v]
BEKISSING : bekiss [v]
BEKNIGHT : to raise to knighthood [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEKNIGHTS : beknight [v]
BEKNOT : to tie in knots [v -KNOTTED, -KNOTTING, -KNOTS]
BEKNOTS : beknot [v]
BEKNOTTED : beknot [v]
BEL : a unit of power [n -S]
BELABOR : to discuss for an absurd amount of time [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELABORED : belabor [v]
BELABORS : belabor [v]
BELABOUR : to belabor [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELABOURS : belabour [v]
BELACED : adorned with lace [adj]
BELADIED : belady [v]
BELADIES : belady [v]
BELADY : to apply the title of lady to [v -DIED, -DYING, -DIES]
BELADYING : belady [v]
BELATED : late or too late [adj]
BELAUD : to praise [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELAUDED : belaud [v]
BELAUDING : belaud [v]
BELAUDS : belaud [v]
BELAY : to fasten a rope [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELAYED : belay [v]
BELAYER : one that belays [n -S]
BELAYERS : belayer [n]
BELAYING : belay [v]
BELAYS : belay [v]
BELCH : to expel gas through the mouth [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BELCHED : belch [v]
BELCHER : one that belches [n -S]
BELCHERS : belcher [n]
BELCHES : belch [v]
BELCHING : belch [v]
BELDAM : an old woman [n -S]
BELDAME : beldam [n -S]
BELDAMES : beldame [n]
BELDAMS : beldam [n]
BELEAP : to leap upon [v -LEAPT or -LEAPED, -LEAPING, -LEAPS]
BELEAPED : beleap [v]
BELEAPING : beleap [v]
BELEAPS : beleap [v]
BELEAPT : beleap [v]
BELFRIED : belfry [adj]
BELFRIES : belfry [n]
BELFRY : a bell tower [n -FRIES] : BELFRIED [adj]
BELGA : a former Belgian monetary unit [n -S]
BELGAS : belga [n]
BELIE : to misrepresent [v BELIED, BELYING, BELIES]
BELIED : belie [v]
BELIEF : acceptance of the truth or actuality of something [n -S]
BELIEFS : belief [n]
BELIER : one that belies [n -S]
BELIERS : belier [n]
BELIES : belie [v]
BELIEVE : to accept as true or real [v -LIEVED, -LIEVING, -LIEVES]
BELIEVED : believe [v]
BELIEVER : one that believes [n -S]
BELIEVERS : believer [n]
BELIEVES : believe [v]
BELIEVING : believe [v]
BELIKE : perhaps [adv]
BELIQUOR : to soak with liquor [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELIQUORS : beliquor [v]
BELITTLE : to disparage [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BELITTLED : belittle [v]
BELITTLES : belittle [v]
BELIVE : in due time [adv]
BELL : to provide with a bell (a ringing device) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELLBIRD : a tropical bird [n -S]
BELLBIRDS : bellbird [n]
BELLBOY : a hotel’s errand boy [n -BOYS]
BELLBOYS : bellboy [n]
BELLE : an attractive woman [n -S]
BELLED : bell [v]
BELLEEK : a very thin translucent porcelain [n -S]
BELLEEKS : belleek [n]
BELLES : belle [n]
BELLHOP : a bellboy [n -S]
BELLHOPS : bellhop [n]
BELLIED : belly [v]
BELLIES : belly [v]
BELLING : a mock serenade for newlyweds [n -S]
BELLINGS : belling [n]
BELLMAN : a town crier [n BELLMEN]
BELLMEN : bellman [n]
BELLOW : to shout in a deep voice [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELLOWED : bellow [v]
BELLOWER : one that bellows [n -S]
BELLOWERS : bellower [n]
BELLOWING : bellow [v]
BELLOWS : bellow [v]
BELLPULL : a cord pulled to ring a bell [n -S]
BELLPULLS : bellpull [n]
BELLS : bell [v]
BELLWORT : a flowering plant [n -S]
BELLWORTS : bellwort [n]
BELLY : to swell out [v -LIED, -LYING, -LIES]
BELLYFUL : an excessive amount [n -S]
BELLYFULS : bellyful [n]
BELLYING : belly [v]
BELON : a flat oyster [n -S]
BELONG : to be a member of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELONGED : belong [v]
BELONGING : belong [v]
BELONGS : belong [v]
BELONS : belon [n]
BELOVED : one who is loved [n -S]
BELOVEDS : beloved [n]
BELOW : something that is beneath [n -S]
BELOWS : below [n]
BELS : bel [n]
BELT : to fasten with a belt (a strap or band worn around the waist) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BELTED : belt [v]
BELTER : one that belts [n -S]
BELTERS : belter [n]
BELTING : material for belts [n -S]
BELTINGS : belting [n]
BELTLESS : having no belt [adj]
BELTLINE : the waistline [n -S]
BELTLINES : beltline [n]
BELTS : belt [v]
BELTWAY : a highway around an urban area [n -WAYS]
BELTWAYS : beltway [n]
BELUGA : a white sturgeon [n -S]
BELUGAS : beluga [n]
BELYING : belie [v]
BEMA : a platform in a synagogue [n -MATA or -MAS]
BEMADAM : to call by the title of madam [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMADAMED : bemadam [v]
BEMADAMS : bemadam [v]
BEMADDEN : to madden [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMADDENS : bemadden [v]
BEMAS : bema [n]
BEMATA : bema [n]
BEMEAN : to debase [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMEANED : bemean [v]
BEMEANING : bemean [v]
BEMEANS : bemean [v]
BEMINGLE : to mix together [v -GLED, -GLING, -GLES]
BEMINGLED : bemingle [v]
BEMINGLES : bemingle [v]
BEMIRE : to soil with mud [v -MIRED, -MIRING, -MIRES]
BEMIRED : bemire [v]
BEMIRES : bemire [v]
BEMIRING : bemire [v]
BEMIST : to envelop in a mist [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMISTED : bemist [v]
BEMISTING : bemist [v]
BEMISTS : bemist [v]
BEMIX : to mix thoroughly [v -MIXED or -MIXT, -MIXING, -MIXES]
BEMIXED : bemix [v]
BEMIXES : bemix [v]
BEMIXING : bemix [v]
BEMIXT : bemix [v]
BEMOAN : to lament [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMOANED : bemoan [v]
BEMOANING : bemoan [v]
BEMOANS : bemoan [v]
BEMOCK : to mock [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMOCKED : bemock [v]
BEMOCKING : bemock [v]
BEMOCKS : bemock [v]
BEMUDDLE : to confuse completely [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
BEMUDDLED : bemuddle [v]
BEMUDDLES : bemuddle [v]
BEMURMUR : to murmur at [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEMURMURS : bemurmur [v]
BEMUSE : to confuse [v -MUSED, -MUSING, -MUSES]
BEMUSED : bemuse [v]
BEMUSES : bemuse [v]
BEMUSING : bemuse [v]
BEMUZZLE : to muzzle [v -ZLED, -ZLING, -ZLES]
BEMUZZLED : bemuzzle [v]
BEMUZZLES : bemuzzle [v]
BEN : an inner room [n -S]
BENADRYL : antihistamine used to treat allergic reactions involving the nasal passages and also to treat motion sickness -- a trademark [n -S]
BENADRYLS : benadryl [n]
BENAMED : bename [v]
BENAMES : bename [v]
BENAMING : bename [v]
BENCH : to take a player out of a game [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BENCHED : bench [v]
BENCHER : a magistrate [n -S]
BENCHERS : bencher [n]
BENCHES : bench [v]
BENCHING : bench [v]
BENCHTOP : suitable for use on a workbench [adj]
BENDABLE : bend [adj]
BENDAY : to reproduce using a certain process [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BENDAYED : benday [v]
BENDAYING : benday [v]
BENDAYS : benday [v]
BENDED : bend [v]
BENDEE : bendy [n -S]
BENDEES : bendee [n]
BENDER : one that bends [n -S]
BENDERS : bender [n]
BENDIER : bendy [adj]
BENDIEST : bendy [adj]
BENDING : bend [v]
BENDS : bend [v]
BENDWAYS : bendwise [adv]
BENDWISE : diagonally [adv]
BENDY : okra [n -DYS] / {flexible=adj} [adj BENDIER, BENDIEST]
BENDYS : bendy [n]
BENE : benne [n -S]
BENEATH : under [prep]
BENEDICK : benedict [n -S]
BENEDICKS : benedick [n]
BENEDICT : a newly married man [n -S]
BENEDICTS : benedict [n]
BENEFIC : kindly [adj]
BENEFICE : to endow with land [v -FICED, -FICING, -FICES]
BENEFICED : benefice [v]
BENEFICES : benefice [v]
BENEFIT : to be helpful or useful to [v -FITED, -FITING, -FITS or -FITTED, -FITTING, -FITS]
BENEFITED : benefit [v]
BENEFITS : benefit [v]
BENEMPT : bename [v]
BENEMPTED : bename [v]
BENES : bene [n]
BENIGN : kind [adj] : BENIGNLY [adv]
BENIGNLY : benign [adv]
BENISON : a blessing [n -S]
BENISONS : benison [n]
BENJAMIN : benzoin [n -S]
BENJAMINS : benjamin [n]
BENNE : the sesame plant [n -S]
BENNES : benne [n]
BENNET : a perennial herb [n -S]
BENNETS : bennet [n]
BENNI : benne [n -S]
BENNIES : benny [n]
BENNIS : benni [n]
BENNY : an amphetamine tablet [n -NIES]
BENOMYL : a chemical compound [n -S]
BENOMYLS : benomyl [n]
BENS : ben [n]
BENT : an inclination [n -S]
BENTHAL : benthic [adj]
BENTHIC : pertaining to oceanic depths [adj]
BENTHON : the organisms living in the benthos [n -S]
BENTHONS : benthon [n]
BENTHOS : benthic sea life [n -ES]
BENTHOSES : benthos [n]
BENTO : obento [n -TOS]
BENTOS : bento [n]
BENTS : bent [n]
BENTWOOD : wood bent for use in furniture [n -S]
BENTWOODS : bentwood [n]
BENUMB : to make numb [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BENUMBED : benumb [v]
BENUMBING : benumb [v]
BENUMBS : benumb [v]
BENZAL : pertaining to a certain chemical group [adj]
BENZENE : a volatile liquid [n -S]
BENZENES : benzene [n]
BENZIDIN : a hydrocarbon [n -S]
BENZIDINE : a hydrocarbon [n -S]
BENZIDINS : benzidin [n]
BENZIN : benzine [n -S]
BENZINE : a volatile liquid [n -S]
BENZINES : benzine [n]
BENZINS : benzin [n]
BENZOATE : a chemical salt [n -S]
BENZOATES : benzoate [n]
BENZOIC : benzoin [adj]
BENZOIN : a gum resin [n -S] : BENZOIC [adj]
BENZOINS : benzoin [n]
BENZOL : a benzene [n -S]
BENZOLE : benzol [n -S]
BENZOLES : benzole [n]
BENZOLS : benzol [n]
BENZOYL : a univalent chemical radical [n -S]
BENZOYLS : benzoyl [n]
BENZYL : a univalent chemical radical [n -S] : BENZYLIC [adj]
BENZYLIC : benzyl [adj]
BENZYLS : benzyl [n]
BEPAINT : to tinge [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEPAINTED : bepaint [v]
BEPAINTS : bepaint [v]
BEPIMPLE : to cover with pimples [v -PLED, -PLING, -PLES]
BEPIMPLED : bepimple [v]
BEPIMPLES : bepimple [v]
BEQUEATH : to grant by testament [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEQUEATHS : bequeath [v]
BEQUEST : a legacy [n -S]
BEQUESTS : bequest [n]
BERAKE : to rake all over [v -RAKED, -RAKING, -RAKES]
BERAKED : berake [v]
BERAKES : berake [v]
BERAKING : berake [v]
BERASCAL : to accuse of being a rascal [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BERASCALS : berascal [v]
BERATE : to scold severely [v -RATED, -RATING, -RATES]
BERATED : berate [v]
BERATES : berate [v]
BERATING : berate [v]
BERBERIN : a medicinal alkaloid [n -S]
BERBERINS : berberin [n]
BERBERIS : a barberry [n -ES]
BERCEUSE : a lullaby [n -S]
BERCEUSES : berceuse [n]
BERDACHE : an American Indian male transvestite [n -S]
BERDACHES : berdache [n]
BEREAVE : to deprive [v -REAVED or -REFT, -REAVING, -REAVES]
BEREAVED : bereave [v]
BEREAVER : one that bereaves [n -S]
BEREAVERS : bereaver [n]
BEREAVES : bereave [v]
BEREAVING : bereave [v]
BEREFT : bereave [v]
BERET : a soft, flat cap [n -S]
BERETS : beret [n]
BERETTA : biretta [n -S]
BERETTAS : beretta [n]
BERG : an iceberg [n -S]
BERGAMOT : a citrus tree [n -S]
BERGAMOTS : bergamot [n]
BERGERE : an upholstered armchair [n -S]
BERGERES : bergere [n]
BERGS : berg [n]
BERHYME : to compose in rhyme [v -RHYMED, -RHYMING, -RHYMES]
BERHYMED : berhyme [v]
BERHYMES : berhyme [v]
BERHYMING : berhyme [v]
BERIBERI : a thiamine deficiency disease [n -S]
BERIBERIS : beriberi [n]
BERIMBAU : a Brazilian musical instrument [n -S]
BERIMBAUS : berimbau [n]
BERIME : to berhyme [v -RIMED, -RIMING, -RIMES]
BERIMED : berime [v]
BERIMES : berime [v]
BERIMING : berime [v]
BERINGED : adorned with rings [adj]
BERK : a foolish person [n -S]
BERKS : berk [n]
BERLIN : a type of carriage [n -S]
BERLINE : a limousine [n -S]
BERLINES : berline [n]
BERLINS : berlin [n]
BERM : to provide with a berm (a ledge) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BERME : berm [n -S]
BERMED : berm [v]
BERMES : berme [n]
BERMING : berm [v]
BERMS : berm [v]
BERMUDAS : knee-length walking shorts [n]
BERNICLE : a wild goose [n -S]
BERNICLES : bernicle [n]
BEROBED : wearing a robe [adj]
BEROUGED : obviously or thickly rouged [adj]
BERRETTA : biretta [n -S]
BERRETTAS : berretta [n]
BERRIED : berry [v]
BERRIES : berry [v]
BERRY : to produce berries (fleshy fruits) [v -RIED, -RYING, -RIES]
BERRYING : berry [v]
BERSEEM : a clover [n -S]
BERSEEMS : berseem [n]
BERSERK : a fierce warrior [n -S]
BERSERKS : berserk [n]
BERTH : to provide with a mooring [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BERTHA : a wide collar [n -S]
BERTHAS : bertha [n]
BERTHED : berth [v]
BERTHING : berth [v]
BERTHS : berth [v]
BERYL : a green mineral [n -S] : BERYLINE [adj]
BERYLINE : beryl [adj]
BERYLS : beryl [n]
BES : beth [n BESES]
BESCORCH : to scorch [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BESCOUR : to scour thoroughly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESCOURED : bescour [v]
BESCOURS : bescour [v]
BESCREEN : to screen [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESCREENS : bescreen [v]
BESEECHED : beseech [v]
BESEECHES : beseech [v]
BESEEM : to be suitable [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESEEMED : beseem [v]
BESEEMING : beseem [v]
BESEEMS : beseem [v]
BESES : bes [n]
BESET : to assail [v -SET, -SETTING, -SETS]
BESETS : beset [v]
BESETTER : one that besets [n -S]
BESETTERS : besetter [n]
BESETTING : beset [v]
BESHADOW : to cast a shadow on [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESHADOWS : beshadow [v]
BESHAME : to put to shame [v -SHAMED, -SHAMING, -SHAMES]
BESHAMED : beshame [v]
BESHAMES : beshame [v]
BESHAMING : beshame [v]
BESHIVER : to break into small pieces [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESHIVERS : beshiver [v]
BESHOUT : to shout at [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESHOUTED : beshout [v]
BESHOUTS : beshout [v]
BESHREW : to curse [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESHREWED : beshrew [v]
BESHREWS : beshrew [v]
BESHROUD : to cover [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESHROUDS : beshroud [v]
BESIDE : next to [prep]
BESIDES : in addition [adv]
BESIEGE : to surround [v -SIEGED, -SIEGING, -SIEGES]
BESIEGED : besiege [v]
BESIEGER : one that besieges [n -S]
BESIEGERS : besieger [n]
BESIEGES : besiege [v]
BESIEGING : besiege [v]
BESLAVED : filled with slaves [adj]
BESLIME : to cover with slime [v -SLIMED, -SLIMING, -SLIMES]
BESLIMED : beslime [v]
BESLIMES : beslime [v]
BESLIMING : beslime [v]
BESMEAR : to smear over [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESMEARED : besmear [v]
BESMEARS : besmear [v]
BESMILE : to smile on [v -SMILED, -SMILING, -SMILES]
BESMILED : besmile [v]
BESMILES : besmile [v]
BESMILING : besmile [v]
BESMIRCH : to dirty [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BESMOKE : to soil with smoke [v -SMOKED, -SMOKING, -SMOKES]
BESMOKED : besmoke [v]
BESMOKES : besmoke [v]
BESMOKING : besmoke [v]
BESMOOTH : to smooth [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESMOOTHS : besmooth [v]
BESMUDGED : besmudge [v]
BESMUDGES : besmudge [v]
BESMUT : to blacken with smut [v -SMUTTED, -SMUTTING, -SMUTS]
BESMUTS : besmut [v]
BESMUTTED : besmut [v]
BESNOW : to cover with snow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESNOWED : besnow [v]
BESNOWING : besnow [v]
BESNOWS : besnow [v]
BESOM : a broom [n -S]
BESOMS : besom [n]
BESOOTHES : besoothe [v]
BESOT : to stupefy [v -SOTTED, -SOTTING, -SOTS]
BESOTS : besot [v]
BESOTTED : besot [v]
BESOTTING : besot [v]
BESOUGHT : beseech [v]
BESPAKE : bespeak [v]
BESPEAK : to claim in advance [v -SPOKE or -SPAKE, -SPOKEN, -SPEAKING, -SPEAKS]
BESPEAKS : bespeak [v]
BESPOKE : bespeak [v]
BESPOKEN : bespeak [v]
BESPOUSED : bespouse [v]
BESPOUSES : bespouse [v]
BESPREADS : bespread [v]
BESPRENT : sprinkled over [adj]
BEST : to outdo [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESTEAD : to help [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESTEADED : bestead [v]
BESTEADS : bestead [v]
BESTED : best [v]
BESTIAL : pertaining to beasts [adj]
BESTIARY : a collection of animal fables [n -ARIES]
BESTING : best [v]
BESTIRRED : bestir [v]
BESTIRS : bestir [v]
BESTOW : to present as a gift [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESTOWAL : a gift [n -S]
BESTOWALS : bestowal [n]
BESTOWED : bestow [v]
BESTOWER : one that bestows [n -S]
BESTOWERS : bestower [n]
BESTOWING : bestow [v]
BESTOWS : bestow [v]
BESTREWN : bestrew [v]
BESTREWS : bestrew [v]
BESTRID : bestride [v]
BESTRIDES : bestride [v]
BESTRODE : bestride [v]
BESTROWN : bestrow [v]
BESTROWS : bestrow [v]
BESTS : best [v]
BESTUDDED : bestud [v]
BESTUDS : bestud [v]
BESWARM : to swarm all over [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BESWARMED : beswarm [v]
BESWARMS : beswarm [v]
BET : to wager [v BET or BETTED, BETTING, BETS]
BETA : a Greek letter [n -S]
BETAINE : an alkaloid [n -S]
BETAINES : betaine [n]
BETAKE : to cause to go [v -TOOK, -TAKEN, -TAKING, -TAKES]
BETAKEN : betake [v]
BETAKES : betake [v]
BETAKING : betake [v]
BETAS : beta [n]
BETATRON : an electron accelerator [n -S]
BETATRONS : betatron [n]
BETATTER : to tatter [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETATTERS : betatter [v]
BETAXED : burdened with taxes [adj]
BETEL : a climbing plant [n -S]
BETELNUT : a seed chewed as a stimulant [n -S]
BETELNUTS : betelnut [n]
BETELS : betel [n]
BETH : a Hebrew letter [n -S]
BETHANK : to thank [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETHANKED : bethank [v]
BETHANKS : bethank [v]
BETHEL : a holy place [n -S]
BETHELS : bethel [n]
BETHESDA : a chapel [n -S]
BETHESDAS : bethesda [n]
BETHINKS : bethink [v]
BETHORN : to fill with thorns [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETHORNED : bethorn [v]
BETHORNS : bethorn [v]
BETHOUGHT : bethink [v]
BETHS : beth [n]
BETHUMP : to thump soundly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETHUMPED : bethump [v]
BETHUMPS : bethump [v]
BETIDE : to befall [v -TIDED, -TIDING, -TIDES]
BETIDED : betide [v]
BETIDES : betide [v]
BETIDING : betide [v]
BETIME : betimes [adv]
BETIMES : soon [adv]
BETISE : stupidity [n -S]
BETISES : betise [n]
BETOKEN : to indicate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETOKENED : betoken [v]
BETOKENS : betoken [v]
BETON : a type of concrete [n -S]
BETONIES : betony [n]
BETONS : beton [n]
BETONY : a European herb [n -NIES]
BETOOK : betake [v]
BETRAY : to aid an enemy of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETRAYAL : the act of betraying [n -S]
BETRAYALS : betrayal [n]
BETRAYED : betray [v]
BETRAYER : one that betrays [n -S]
BETRAYERS : betrayer [n]
BETRAYING : betray [v]
BETRAYS : betray [v]
BETROTH : to engage to marry [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETROTHED : betroth [v]
BETROTHS : betroth [v]
BETS : bet [v]
BETTA : a freshwater fish [n -S]
BETTAS : betta [n]
BETTED : bet [v]
BETTER : to improve [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BETTERED : better [v]
BETTERING : better [v]
BETTERS : better [v]
BETTING : bet [v]
BETTOR : one that bets [n -S]
BETTORS : bettor [n]
BETWEEN : in the space that separates [prep]
BETWIXT : between [prep]
BEUNCLED : having many uncles [adj]
BEVATRON : a proton accelerator [n -S]
BEVATRONS : bevatron [n]
BEVEL : to cut at an angle [v -ELED, -ELING, -ELS or -ELLED, -ELLING, -ELS]
BEVELED : bevel [v]
BEVELER : one that bevels [n -S]
BEVELERS : beveler [n]
BEVELING : bevel [v]
BEVELLED : bevel [v]
BEVELLER : beveler [n -S]
BEVELLERS : beveller [n]
BEVELLING : bevel [v]
BEVELS : bevel [v]
BEVERAGE : a liquid for drinking [n -S]
BEVERAGES : beverage [n]
BEVIES : bevy [n]
BEVOMIT : to vomit all over [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEVOMITED : bevomit [v]
BEVOMITS : bevomit [v]
BEVOR : a piece of armor for the lower face [n -S]
BEVORS : bevor [n]
BEVY : a group [n BEVIES]
BEWAIL : to lament [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEWAILED : bewail [v]
BEWAILER : one that bewails [n -S]
BEWAILERS : bewailer [n]
BEWAILING : bewail [v]
BEWAILS : bewail [v]
BEWARE : to be careful [v -WARED, -WARING, -WARES]
BEWARED : beware [v]
BEWARES : beware [v]
BEWARING : beware [v]
BEWEARIED : beweary [v]
BEWEARIES : beweary [v]
BEWEEP : to lament [v -WEPT, -WEEPING, -WEEPS]
BEWEEPING : beweep [v]
BEWEEPS : beweep [v]
BEWEPT : beweep [v]
BEWIG : to adorn with a wig [v -WIGGED, -WIGGING, -WIGS]
BEWIGGED : bewig [v]
BEWIGGING : bewig [v]
BEWIGS : bewig [v]
BEWILDER : to confuse [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEWILDERS : bewilder [v]
BEWINGED : having wings [adj]
BEWITCH : to affect by witchcraft or magic [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BEWITCHED : bewitch [v]
BEWITCHES : bewitch [v]
BEWORM : to infest with worms [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEWORMED : beworm [v]
BEWORMING : beworm [v]
BEWORMS : beworm [v]
BEWORRIED : beworry [v]
BEWORRIES : beworry [v]
BEWORRY : to worry [v -RIED, -RYING, -RIES]
BEWRAP : to wrap completely [v -WRAPPED or -WRAPT, -WRAPPING, -WRAPS]
BEWRAPPED : bewrap [v]
BEWRAPS : bewrap [v]
BEWRAPT : bewrap [v]
BEWRAY : to divulge [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BEWRAYED : bewray [v]
BEWRAYER : one that bewrays [n -S]
BEWRAYERS : bewrayer [n]
BEWRAYING : bewray [v]
BEWRAYS : bewray [v]
BEY : a Turkish ruler [n BEYS]
BEYLIC : the domain of a bey [n -S]
BEYLICS : beylic [n]
BEYLIK : beylic [n -S]
BEYLIKS : beylik [n]
BEYOND : something that lies farther ahead [n -S]
BEYONDS : beyond [n]
BEYS : bey [n]
BEZANT : a coin of ancient Rome [n -S]
BEZANTS : bezant [n]
BEZAZZ : pizazz [n -ES]
BEZAZZES : bezazz [n]
BEZEL : a slanted surface [n -S]
BEZELS : bezel [n]
BEZIL : bezel [n -S]
BEZILS : bezil [n]
BEZIQUE : a card game [n -S]
BEZIQUES : bezique [n]
BEZOAR : a gastric mass [n -S]
BEZOARS : bezoar [n]
BEZZANT : bezant [n -S]
BEZZANTS : bezzant [n]
BHAKTA : one who practices bhakti [n -S]
BHAKTAS : bhakta [n]
BHAKTI : a selfless devotion to a deity in Hinduism [n -S]
BHAKTIS : bhakti [n]
BHANG : the hemp plant [n -S]
BHANGRA : a form of popular Punjabi dance music [n -S]
BHANGRAS : bhangra [n]
BHANGS : bhang [n]
BHARAL : a goatlike Asian mammal [n -S]
BHARALS : bharal [n]
BHEESTIE : bheesty [n -S]
BHEESTIES : bheesty [n]
BHEESTY : a water carrier [n -TIES]
BHISTIE : bheesty [n -S]
BHISTIES : bhistie [n]
BHOOT : bhut [n -S]
BHOOTS : bhoot [n]
BHUT : a small whirlwind [n -S]
BHUTS : bhut [n]
BI : a bisexual [n -S]
BIACETYL : a chemical flavor enhancer [n -S]
BIACETYLS : biacetyl [n]
BIALI : bialy [n -S]
BIALIES : bialy [n]
BIALIS : biali [n]
BIALY : an onion roll [n -ALYS or -ALIES]
BIALYS : bialy [n]
BIANNUAL : occurring twice a year [adj]
BIAS : to prejudice [v -ASED, -ASING, -ASES or -ASSED, -ASSING, -ASSES] : BIASEDLY [adv]
BIASED : bias [v]
BIASEDLY : bias [adv]
BIASES : bias [v]
BIASING : bias [v]
BIASNESS : the state of being slanted [n -ES]
BIASSED : bias [v]
BIASSES : bias [v]
BIASSING : bias [v]
BIATHLON : an athletic contest [n -S]
BIATHLONS : biathlon [n]
BIAXAL : biaxial [adj]
BIAXIAL : having two axes [adj]
BIB : to tipple [v BIBBED, BIBBING, BIBS]
BIBASIC : dibasic [adj]
BIBB : a mast support [n -S]
BIBBED : bib [v]
BIBBER : a tippler [n -S]
BIBBERIES : bibbery [n]
BIBBERS : bibber [n]
BIBBERY : the act of bibbing [n -BERIES]
BIBBING : bib [v]
BIBBS : bibb [n]
BIBCOCK : a type of faucet [n -S]
BIBCOCKS : bibcock [n]
BIBELOT : a trinket [n -S]
BIBELOTS : bibelot [n]
BIBLE : an authoritative publication [n -S] : BIBLICAL [adj]
BIBLES : bible [n]
BIBLESS : having no bib (a cloth covering) [adj]
BIBLICAL : bible [adj]
BIBLIKE : resembling a bib [adj]
BIBLIST : one who takes the words of the Bible literally [n -S]
BIBLISTS : biblist [n]
BIBS : bib [v]
BIBULOUS : given to drinking [adj]
BICARB : sodium bicarbonate [n -S]
BICARBS : bicarb [n]
BICAUDAL : having two tails [adj]
BICE : a blue or green pigment [n -S]
BICEP : biceps [n -S]
BICEPS : an arm muscle [n -ES]
BICEPSES : biceps [n]
BICES : bice [n]
BICHROME : two-colored [adj]
BICKER : to argue [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BICKERED : bicker [v]
BICKERER : one that bickers [n -S]
BICKERERS : bickerer [n]
BICKERING : bicker [v]
BICKERS : bicker [v]
BICOLOR : something having two colors [n -S]
BICOLORS : bicolor [n]
BICOLOUR : bicolor [n -S]
BICOLOURS : bicolour [n]
BICONVEX : convex on both sides [adj]
BICORN : bicorne [n -S]
BICORNE : a type of hat [n -S]
BICORNES : bicorne [n]
BICORNS : bicorn [n]
BICRON : one billionth of a meter [n -S]
BICRONS : bicron [n]
BICUSPID : a tooth [n -S]
BICUSPIDS : bicuspid [n]
BICYCLE : to ride a bicycle (a two-wheeled vehicle) [v -CLED, -CLING, -CLES]
BICYCLED : bicycle [v]
BICYCLER : one that bicycles [n -S]
BICYCLERS : bicycler [n]
BICYCLES : bicycle [v]
BICYCLIC : having two cycles [adj]
BICYCLING : bicycle [v]
BID : to make a bid (an offer of a price) [v BADE, BIDDEN, BIDDING, BIDS]
BIDARKA : an Eskimo canoe [n -S]
BIDARKAS : bidarka [n]
BIDARKEE : bidarka [n -S]
BIDARKEES : bidarkee [n]
BIDDABLE : obedient [adj] : BIDDABLY [adv]
BIDDABLY : biddable [adv]
BIDDEN : bid [v]
BIDDER : one that bids [n -S]
BIDDERS : bidder [n]
BIDDIES : biddy [n]
BIDDING : a command [n -S]
BIDDINGS : bidding [n]
BIDDY : a hen [n -DIES]
BIDED : bide [v]
BIDENTAL : having two teeth [adj]
BIDER : one that bides [n -S]
BIDERS : bider [n]
BIDES : bide [v]
BIDET : a low basin used for washing [n -S]
BIDETS : bidet [n]
BIDI : a cigarette of India [n -S]
BIDING : bide [v]
BIDIS : bidi [n]
BIDS : bid [v]
BIELD : to shelter [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIELDED : bield [v]
BIELDING : bield [v]
BIELDS : bield [v]
BIENNALE : a biennial show [n -S]
BIENNALES : biennale [n]
BIENNIA : biennium [n]
BIENNIAL : an event that occurs every two years [n -S]
BIENNIALS : biennial [n]
BIENNIUM : a period of two years [n -NIA or -NIUMS]
BIENNIUMS : biennium [n]
BIER : a coffin stand [n -S]
BIERS : bier [n]
BIFACE : a stone tool having a cutting edge [n -S]
BIFACES : biface [n]
BIFACIAL : having two faces [adj]
BIFF : to hit [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIFFED : biff [v]
BIFFIES : biffy [n]
BIFFIN : a cooking apple [n -S]
BIFFING : biff [v]
BIFFINS : biffin [n]
BIFFS : biff [v]
BIFFY : a toilet [n -FIES]
BIFID : divided into two parts [adj] : BIFIDLY [adv]
BIFIDITY : the state of being bifid [n -TIES]
BIFIDLY : bifid [adv]
BIFILAR : having two threads [adj]
BIFLEX : bent in two places [adj]
BIFOCAL : a type of lens [n -S]
BIFOCALS : bifocal [n]
BIFOLD : twofold [adj]
BIFORATE : having two perforations [adj]
BIFORKED : divided into two branches [adj]
BIFORM : having two forms [adj]
BIFORMED : biform [adj]
BIG : of considerable size [adj BIGGER, BIGGEST] / an individual or organization of importance [n -S]
BIGAMIES : bigamy [n]
BIGAMIST : one who commits bigamy [n -S]
BIGAMISTS : bigamist [n]
BIGAMOUS : guilty of bigamy [adj]
BIGAMY : the crime of being married to two people simultaneously [n -MIES]
BIGARADE : a citrus tree [n -S]
BIGARADES : bigarade [n]
BIGAROON : a type of cherry [n -S]
BIGAROONS : bigaroon [n]
BIGEMINY : the state of having a double pulse [n -NIES]
BIGEYE : a marine fish [n -S]
BIGEYES : bigeye [n]
BIGFEET : bigfoot [n]
BIGFOOT : a large hairy humanlike creature [n -FEET or -FOOTS]
BIGFOOTS : bigfoot [n]
BIGGER : big [adj]
BIGGEST : big [adj]
BIGGETY : biggity [adj]
BIGGIE : one that is big [n -S]
BIGGIES : biggy [n]
BIGGIN : a house [n -S]
BIGGING : biggin [n -S]
BIGGINGS : bigging [n]
BIGGINS : biggin [n]
BIGGISH : somewhat big [adj]
BIGGITY : conceited [adj]
BIGGY : biggie [n -GIES]
BIGHEAD : a disease of animals [n -S]
BIGHEADS : bighead [n]
BIGHORN : a wild sheep [n -S]
BIGHORNS : bighorn [n]
BIGHT : to fasten with a loop of rope [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIGHTED : bight [v]
BIGHTING : bight [v]
BIGHTS : bight [v]
BIGLY : in a big manner [adv]
BIGMOUTH : a talkative person [n -S]
BIGMOUTHS : bigmouth [n]
BIGNESS : the state of being big [n -ES]
BIGNESSES : bigness [n]
BIGNONIA : a climbing plant [n -S]
BIGNONIAS : bignonia [n]
BIGOS : a Polish stew [n -ES]
BIGOSES : bigos [n]
BIGOT : a prejudiced person [n -S]
BIGOTED : intolerant [adj]
BIGOTRIES : bigotry [n]
BIGOTRY : prejudice [n -RIES]
BIGOTS : bigot [n]
BIGS : big [n]
BIGSTICK : threatening military force [adj]
BIGTIME : pertaining to the highest level [adj]
BIGWIG : an important person [n -S]
BIGWIGS : bigwig [n]
BIHOURLY : occurring every two hours [adj]
BIJOU : a jewel [n -JOUX or -JOUS]
BIJOUS : bijou [n]
BIJOUX : bijou [n]
BIJUGATE : two-paired [adj]
BIJUGOUS : bijugate [adj]
BIKE : to bicycle [v BIKED, BIKING, BIKES]
BIKED : bike [v]
BIKER : one that bikes [n -S]
BIKERS : biker [n]
BIKES : bike [v]
BIKEWAY : a route for bikes [n -WAYS]
BIKEWAYS : bikeway [n]
BIKIE : biker [n -S]
BIKIES : bikie [n]
BIKING : bike [v]
BIKINI : a type of bathing suit [n -S] : BIKINIED [adj]
BIKINIED : bikini [adj]
BIKINIS : bikini [n]
BILABIAL : a sound articulated with both lips [n -S]
BILABIALS : bilabial [n]
BILANDER : a small ship [n -S]
BILANDERS : bilander [n]
BILAYER : a film with two molecular layers [n -S]
BILAYERS : bilayer [n]
BILBERRY : an edible berry [n -RIES]
BILBIES : bilby [n]
BILBO : a finely tempered sword [n -BOS or -BOES]
BILBOA : bilbo [n -S]
BILBOAS : bilboa [n]
BILBOES : bilbo [n]
BILBOS : bilbo [n]
BILBY : a small nocturnal mammal [n -BIES]
BILE : a fluid secreted by the liver [n -S]
BILES : bile [n]
BILEVEL : a house having two levels [n -S]
BILEVELS : bilevel [n]
BILGE : to spring a leak [v BILGED, BILGING, BILGES]
BILGED : bilge [v]
BILGES : bilge [v]
BILGIER : bilgy [adj]
BILGIEST : bilgy [adj]
BILGING : bilge [v]
BILGY : smelling like seepage [adj BILGIER, BILGIEST]
BILIARY : pertaining to bile [adj]
BILINEAR : pertaining to two lines [adj]
BILIOUS : pertaining to bile [adj]
BILK : to cheat [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BILKED : bilk [v]
BILKER : one that bilks [n -S]
BILKERS : bilker [n]
BILKING : bilk [v]
BILKS : bilk [v]
BILL : to present a statement of costs to [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BILLABLE [adj]
BILLABLE : bill [adj]
BILLBUG : a weevil [n -S]
BILLBUGS : billbug [n]
BILLED : bill [v]
BILLER : one that bills [n -S]
BILLERS : biller [n]
BILLET : to lodge soldiers [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BILLETED : billet [v]
BILLETER : one that billets [n -S]
BILLETERS : billeter [n]
BILLETING : billet [v]
BILLETS : billet [v]
BILLFISH : a fish with long, slender jaws [n -ES]
BILLFOLD : a wallet [n -S]
BILLFOLDS : billfold [n]
BILLHEAD : a letterhead [n -S]
BILLHEADS : billhead [n]
BILLHOOK : a cutting tool [n -S]
BILLHOOKS : billhook [n]
BILLIARD : a carom shot in billiards (a table game) [n -S]
BILLIARDS : billiard [n]
BILLIE : a comrade [n -S]
BILLIES : billy [n]
BILLING : the relative position in which a performer is listed [n -S]
BILLINGS : billing [n]
BILLION : a number [n -S]
BILLIONS : billion [n]
BILLON : an alloy of silver and copper [n -S]
BILLONS : billon [n]
BILLOW : to swell [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BILLOWED : billow [v]
BILLOWIER : billowy [adj]
BILLOWING : billow [v]
BILLOWS : billow [v]
BILLOWY : swelling; surging [adj -LOWIER, -LOWIEST]
BILLS : bill [v]
BILLY : a short club [n -LIES]
BILLYCAN : a pot for heating water [n -S]
BILLYCANS : billycan [n]
BILOBATE : having two lobes [adj]
BILOBED : bilobate [adj]
BILSTED : a hardwood tree [n -S]
BILSTEDS : bilsted [n]
BILTONG : dried and cured meat [n -S]
BILTONGS : biltong [n]
BIMA : bema [n -S]
BIMAH : bema [n -S]
BIMAHS : bimah [n]
BIMANOUS : two-handed [adj]
BIMANUAL : done with two hands [adj]
BIMAS : bima [n]
BIMBETTE : an attractive but empty-headed young woman [n -S]
BIMBETTES : bimbette [n]
BIMBO : a disreputable person [n -BOS or -BOES]
BIMBOES : bimbo [n]
BIMBOS : bimbo [n]
BIMENSAL : occurring every two months [adj]
BIMESTER : a two-month period [n -S]
BIMESTERS : bimester [n]
BIMETAL : something composed of two metals [n -S]
BIMETALS : bimetal [n]
BIMETHYL : ethane [n -S]
BIMETHYLS : bimethyl [n]
BIMODAL : having two statistical modes [adj]
BIMORPH : a device consisting of two crystals cemented together [n -S]
BIMORPHS : bimorph [n]
BIN : to store in a large receptacle [v BINNED, BINNING, BINS]
BINAL : twofold [adj]
BINARIES : binary [n]
BINARISM : a mode of thought based on oppositions [n -S]
BINARISMS : binarism [n]
BINARY : a combination of two things [n -RIES]
BINATE : growing in pairs [adj] : BINATELY [adv]
BINATELY : binate [adv]
BINAURAL : hearing with both ears [adj]
BIND : to tie or secure [v BOUND, BINDING, BINDS] : BINDABLE [adj]
BINDABLE : bind [adj]
BINDER : one that binds [n -S]
BINDERIES : bindery [n]
BINDERS : binder [n]
BINDERY : a place where books are bound [n -ERIES]
BINDI : a dot worn on the forehead by women in India [n -S]
BINDING : the cover and fastenings of a book [n -S]
BINDINGS : binding [n]
BINDIS : bindi [n]
BINDLE : a bundle [n -S]
BINDLES : bindle [n]
BINDS : bind [v]
BINDWEED : a twining plant [n -S]
BINDWEEDS : bindweed [n]
BINE : a twining plant stem [n -S]
BINER : a soldier armed with a carbine [n -S]
BINERS : biner [n]
BINES : bine [n]
BINGE : to indulge in something without restraint [v BINGED, BINGEING or BINGING, BINGES]
BINGED : binge [v]
BINGEING : binge [v]
BINGER : one that binges [n -S]
BINGERS : binger [n]
BINGES : binge [v]
BINGING : binge [v]
BINGO : a game of chance [n -GOS or -GOES]
BINGOES : bingo [n]
BINGOS : bingo [n]
BINIT : a unit of computer information [n -S]
BINITS : binit [n]
BINNACLE : a compass stand [n -S]
BINNACLES : binnacle [n]
BINNED : bin [v]
BINNING : bin [v]
BINOCLE : a binocular [n -S]
BINOCLES : binocle [n]
BINOCS : binoculars [n]
BINOMIAL : an algebraic expression [n -S]
BINOMIALS : binomial [n]
BINS : bin [v]
BINT : a woman [n -S]
BINTS : bint [n]
BIO : a biography [n BIOS]
BIOASSAY : to test a substance (as a drug) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIOASSAYS : bioassay [v]
BIOCHIP : a hypothetical computer component that uses proteins to store or process data [n -S]
BIOCHIPS : biochip [n]
BIOCIDAL : biocide [adj]
BIOCIDE : a substance destructive to living organisms [n -S] : BIOCIDAL [adj]
BIOCIDES : biocide [n]
BIOCLEAN : free of harmful organisms [adj]
BIOCYCLE : a life-supporting region [n -S]
BIOCYCLES : biocycle [n]
BIOETHIC : pertaining to ethical questions arising from advances in biology [adj]
BIOFILM : a thin layer of microorganisms [n -S]
BIOFILMS : biofilm [n]
BIOFUEL : fuel composed of biological raw materials [n -S]
BIOFUELS : biofuel [n]
BIOG : a biography [n -S]
BIOGAS : fuel gas produced by organic waste [n -GASES or -GASSES]
BIOGASES : biogas [n]
BIOGASSES : biogas [n]
BIOGEN : a hypothetical protein molecule [n -S]
BIOGENIC : produced by living organisms [adj]
BIOGENIES : biogeny [n]
BIOGENS : biogen [n]
BIOGENY : the development of life from preexisting life [n -NIES]
BIOGS : biog [n]
BIOHERM : a mass of marine fossils [n -S]
BIOHERMS : bioherm [n]
BIOLOGIC : a drug obtained from an organic source [n -S]
BIOLOGICS : biologic [n]
BIOLOGIES : biology [n]
BIOLOGY : the science of life [n -GIES]
BIOLYSES : biolysis [n]
BIOLYSIS : death [n -YSES] : BIOLYTIC [adj]
BIOLYTIC : biolysis [adj]
BIOMASS : an amount of living matter [n -ES]
BIOMASSES : biomass [n]
BIOME : an ecological community [n -S]
BIOMES : biome [n]
BIOMETER : a device for measuring carbon dioxide given off by living matter [n -S]
BIOMETERS : biometer [n]
BIOMETRY : the statistical study of biological data [n -TRIES]
BIOMORPH : an art form resembling a living organism in shape [n -S]
BIOMORPHS : biomorph [n]
BIONIC : bionics [adj]
BIONICS : a science joining biology and electronics [n] : BIONIC [adj]
BIONOMIC : bionomy [adj]
BIONOMIES : bionomy [n]
BIONOMY : ecology [n -MIES] : BIONOMIC [adj]
BIONT : a living organism [n -S] : BIONTIC [adj]
BIONTIC : biont [adj]
BIONTS : biont [n]
BIOPIC : a biographical movie [n -S]
BIOPICS : biopic [n]
BIOPLASM : living matter [n -S]
BIOPLASMS : bioplasm [n]
BIOPSIC : biopsy [adj]
BIOPSIED : biopsy [v]
BIOPSIES : biopsy [v]
BIOPSY : to examine tissue [v -SIED, -SYING, -SIES] : BIOPSIC, BIOPTIC [adj]
BIOPSYING : biopsy [v]
BIOPTIC : biopsy [adj]
BIOS : bio [n]
BIOSCOPE : an early movie projector [n -S]
BIOSCOPES : bioscope [n]
BIOSCOPY : a type of medical examination [n -PIES]
BIOSOLID : solid organic matter obtained from treated sewage [n -S]
BIOSOLIDS : biosolid [n]
BIOTA : the flora and fauna of a region [n -S]
BIOTAS : biota [n]
BIOTECH : applied biological science [n -S]
BIOTECHS : biotech [n]
BIOTIC : pertaining to life [adj]
BIOTICAL : biotic [adj]
BIOTICS : a life science [n]
BIOTIN : a B vitamin [n -S]
BIOTINS : biotin [n]
BIOTITE : a form of mica [n -S] : BIOTITIC [adj]
BIOTITES : biotite [n]
BIOTITIC : biotite [adj]
BIOTOPE : a stable habitat [n -S]
BIOTOPES : biotope [n]
BIOTOXIN : poison made by a plant or animal [n -S]
BIOTOXINS : biotoxin [n]
BIOTRON : a climate control chamber [n -S]
BIOTRONS : biotron [n]
BIOTYPE : a group of genetically similar organisms [n -S] : BIOTYPIC [adj]
BIOTYPES : biotype [n]
BIOTYPIC : biotype [adj]
BIOVULAR : derived from two ova [adj]
BIPACK : a pair of films [n -S]
BIPACKS : bipack [n]
BIPAROUS : producing offspring in pairs [adj]
BIPARTED : having two parts [adj]
BIPARTY : of two parties [adj]
BIPED : a two-footed animal [n -S] : BIPEDAL [adj]
BIPEDAL : biped [adj]
BIPEDS : biped [n]
BIPHASIC : having two phases [adj]
BIPHENYL : a hydrocarbon [n -S]
BIPHENYLS : biphenyl [n]
BIPLANE : a type of airplane [n -S]
BIPLANES : biplane [n]
BIPOD : a two-legged support [n -S]
BIPODS : bipod [n]
BIPOLAR : having two poles [adj]
BIRACIAL : including members of two races [adj]
BIRADIAL : having dual symmetry [adj]
BIRAMOSE : biramous [adj]
BIRAMOUS : divided into two branches [adj]
BIRCH : to whip [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BIRCHED : birch [v]
BIRCHEN : made of birch wood [adj]
BIRCHES : birch [v]
BIRCHING : birch [v]
BIRD : to hunt birds (winged, warm-blooded vertebrates) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIRDBATH : a bath for birds [n -S]
BIRDBATHS : birdbath [n]
BIRDCAGE : a cage for birds [n -S]
BIRDCAGES : birdcage [n]
BIRDCALL : the call of a bird [n -S]
BIRDCALLS : birdcall [n]
BIRDDOG : to follow closely [v -DOGGED, -DOGGING, -DOGS]
BIRDDOGS : birddog [v]
BIRDED : bird [v]
BIRDER : a bird hunter [n -S]
BIRDERS : birder [n]
BIRDFARM : an aircraft carrier [n -S]
BIRDFARMS : birdfarm [n]
BIRDFEED : birdseed [n -S]
BIRDFEEDS : birdfeed [n]
BIRDIE : to shoot in one stroke under par in golf [v BIRDIED, BIRDIEING, BIRDIES]
BIRDIED : birdie [v]
BIRDIEING : birdie [v]
BIRDIES : birdie [v]
BIRDING : bird-watching [n -S]
BIRDINGS : birding [n]
BIRDLIFE : avifauna [n BIRDLIFE]
BIRDLIKE : resembling a bird [adj]
BIRDLIME : to trap small birds [v -LIMED, -LIMING, -LIMES]
BIRDLIMED : birdlime [v]
BIRDLIMES : birdlime [v]
BIRDMAN : one who keeps birds [n BIRDMEN]
BIRDMEN : birdman [n]
BIRDS : bird [v]
BIRDSEED : a mixture of seeds used for feeding birds [n -S]
BIRDSEEDS : birdseed [n]
BIRDSEYE : a flowering plant [n -S]
BIRDSEYES : birdseye [n]
BIRDSHOT : small shot for shooting birds [n BIRDSHOT]
BIRDSONG : the song of a bird [n -S]
BIRDSONGS : birdsong [n]
BIREME : an ancient galley [n -S]
BIREMES : bireme [n]
BIRETTA : a cap worn by clergymen [n -S]
BIRETTAS : biretta [n]
BIRIANI : biryani [n -S]
BIRIANIS : biriani [n]
BIRK : a birch tree [n -S]
BIRKIE : a lively person [n -S]
BIRKIES : birkie [n]
BIRKS : birk [n]
BIRL : to rotate a floating log [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIRLED : birle [v]
BIRLER : one that birls [n -S]
BIRLERS : birler [n]
BIRLES : birle [v]
BIRLING : a lumberjack’s game [n -S]
BIRLINGS : birling [n]
BIRLS : birl [v]
BIRO : a ballpoint pen -- a trademark [n -S]
BIROS : biro [n]
BIRR : a monetary unit of Ethiopia [n BIRROTCH] / to make a whirring noise [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIRRED : birr [v]
BIRRETTA : biretta [n -S]
BIRRETTAS : birretta [n]
BIRRING : birr [v]
BIRROTCH : birr [n]
BIRRS : birr [v]
BIRSE : a bristle [n -S]
BIRSES : birse [n]
BIRTH : to originate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BIRTHDAY : an anniversary of a birth [n -DAYS]
BIRTHDAYS : birthday [n]
BIRTHED : birth [v]
BIRTHING : birth [v]
BIRTHS : birth [v]
BIRYANI : an Indian dish of meat, fish, or vegetables and rice [n -S]
BIRYANIS : biryani [n]
BIS : twice [adv]
BISCOTTI : biscotto [n]
BISCOTTO : a crisp, anise-flavored cookie [n -COTTI]
BISCUIT : a small cake of shortened bread [n -S] : BISCUITY [adj]
BISCUITS : biscuit [n]
BISCUITY : biscuit [adj]
BISE : a cold wind [n -S]
BISECT : to cut into two parts [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BISECTED : bisect [v]
BISECTING : bisect [v]
BISECTOR : something that bisects [n -S]
BISECTORS : bisector [n]
BISECTS : bisect [v]
BISES : bise [n]
BISEXUAL : one who is attracted to both sexes [n -S]
BISEXUALS : bisexual [n]
BISHOP : to appoint as a bishop (the head of a diocese) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BISHOPED : bishop [v]
BISHOPING : bishop [v]
BISHOPS : bishop [v]
BISK : bisque [n -S]
BISKS : bisk [n]
BISMUTH : a metallic element [n -S]
BISMUTHS : bismuth [n]
BISNAGA : a type of cactus [n -S]
BISNAGAS : bisnaga [n]
BISON : an ox-like animal [n -S]
BISONS : bison [n]
BISQUE : a thick soup [n -S]
BISQUES : bisque [n]
BISTATE : pertaining to two states [adj]
BISTER : a brown pigment [n -S] : BISTERED [adj]
BISTERED : bister [adj]
BISTERS : bister [n]
BISTORT : a perennial herb with roots used as astringents [n -S]
BISTORTS : bistort [n]
BISTOURY : a surgical knife [n -RIES]
BISTRE : bister [n -S] : BISTRED [adj]
BISTRED : bistre [adj]
BISTRES : bistre [n]
BISTRO : a small tavern [n -TROS] : BISTROIC [adj]
BISTROIC : bistro [adj]
BISTROS : bistro [n]
BIT : to restrain [v BITTED, BITTING, BITS]
BITABLE : capable of being bitten [adj]
BITCH : to complain [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BITCHED : bitch [v]
BITCHEN : excellent [adj]
BITCHERY : bitchy behavior [n -ERIES]
BITCHES : bitch [v]
BITCHIER : bitchy [adj]
BITCHIEST : bitchy [adj]
BITCHILY : bitchy [adv]
BITCHING : bitch [v]
BITE : to seize with the teeth [v BIT, BITTEN, BITING, BITES] : BITEABLE [adj]
BITEABLE : bite [adj]
BITER : one that bites [n -S]
BITERS : biter [n]
BITES : bite [v]
BITEWING : a dental X-ray film [n -S]
BITEWINGS : bitewing [n]
BITING : bite [v]
BITINGLY : sarcastically [adv]
BITMAP : an array of binary data [n -S]
BITMAPS : bitmap [n]
BITS : bit [v]
BITSIER : bitsy [adj]
BITSIEST : bitsy [adj]
BITSTOCK : a brace on a drill [n -S]
BITSTOCKS : bitstock [n]
BITSY : tiny [adj -SIER, -SIEST]
BITT : to secure a cable [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BITTED : bitt [v]
BITTEN : bite [v]
BITTER : having a disagreeable taste [adj -TERER, -TEREST] : BITTERLY [adv] / to make bitter [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BITTERED : bitter [v]
BITTERER : bitter [adj]
BITTEREST : bitter [adj]
BITTERING : bitter [v]
BITTERLY : bitter [adv]
BITTERN : a wading bird [n -S]
BITTERNS : bittern [n]
BITTERS : bitter [v]
BITTIER : bitty [adj]
BITTIEST : bitty [adj]
BITTING : an indentation in a key [n -S]
BITTINGS : bitting [n]
BITTOCK : a small amount [n -S]
BITTOCKS : bittock [n]
BITTS : bitt [v]
BITTY : fragmented [adj -TIER, -TIEST]
BITUMEN : an asphalt [n -S]
BITUMENS : bitumen [n]
BIUNIQUE : being a type of correspondence between two sets [adj]
BIVALENT : a pair of chromosomes [n -S]
BIVALENTS : bivalent [n]
BIVALVE : a bivalved mollusk [n -S]
BIVALVED : having a two-valved shell [adj]
BIVALVES : bivalve [n]
BIVINYL : a flammable gas used in making synthetic rubber [n -S]
BIVINYLS : bivinyl [n]
BIVOUAC : to make a camp [v -OUACKED, -OUACKING, -OUACKS or -OUACS]
BIVOUACKS : bivouac [v]
BIVOUACS : bivouac [v]
BIWEEKLY : a publication issued every two weeks [n -LIES]
BIYEARLY : occurring every two years [adj]
BIZ : business [n BIZZES]
BIZARRE : a strangely striped flower [n -S]
BIZARRES : bizarre [n]
BIZARRO : one that is strikingly unusual [n -ROS]
BIZARROS : bizarro [n]
BIZE : bise [n -S]
BIZES : bize [n]
BIZNAGA : bisnaga [n -S]
BIZNAGAS : biznaga [n]
BIZONAL : bizone [adj]
BIZONE : two combined zones [n -S] : BIZONAL [adj]
BIZONES : bizone [n]
BIZZES : biz [n]
BLAB : to talk idly [v BLABBED, BLABBING, BLABS]
BLABBED : blab [v]
BLABBER : to blab [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLABBERED : blabber [v]
BLABBERS : blabber [v]
BLABBING : blab [v]
BLABBY : talkative [adj]
BLABS : blab [v]
BLACK : being of the darkest color [adj BLACKER, BLACKEST] / to make black [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLACKBOY : an Australian plant [n -BOYS]
BLACKBOYS : blackboy [n]
BLACKCAP : a small European bird [n -S]
BLACKCAPS : blackcap [n]
BLACKED : black [v]
BLACKEN : to make black [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLACKENED : blacken [v]
BLACKENS : blacken [v]
BLACKER : black [adj]
BLACKEST : black [adj]
BLACKFIN : a food fish [n -S]
BLACKFINS : blackfin [n]
BLACKFLY : a biting fly [n -FLIES]
BLACKGUM : a tupelo [n -S]
BLACKGUMS : blackgum [n]
BLACKING : black shoe polish [n -S]
BLACKINGS : blacking [n]
BLACKISH : somewhat black [adj]
BLACKLEG : a cattle disease [n -S]
BLACKLEGS : blackleg [n]
BLACKLY : in a black manner [adv]
BLACKOUT : a power failure [n -S]
BLACKOUTS : blackout [n]
BLACKS : black [v]
BLACKTOP : to pave with asphalt [v -TOPPED, -TOPPING, -TOPS]
BLACKTOPS : blacktop [v]
BLADDER : a saclike receptacle [n -S] : BLADDERY [adj]
BLADDERS : bladder [n]
BLADDERY : bladder [adj]
BLADE : to skate on in-line skates [v BLADED, BLADING, BLADES]
BLADED : blade [v]
BLADER : one that blades [n -S]
BLADERS : blader [n]
BLADES : blade [v]
BLADING : the act of skating on in-line skates [n -S]
BLADINGS : blading [n]
BLAE : bluish-black [adj]
BLAFF : a West Indian stew [n -S]
BLAFFS : blaff [n]
BLAGGING : informal talk in public [n -S]
BLAGGINGS : blagging [n]
BLAH : nonsense [n -S]
BLAHS : blah [n]
BLAIN : a blister [n -S]
BLAINS : blain [n]
BLAM : the sound of a gunshot [n -S]
BLAMABLE : being at fault [adj] : BLAMABLY [adv]
BLAMABLY : blamable [adv]
BLAME : to find fault with [v BLAMED, BLAMING, BLAMES]
BLAMED : blame [v]
BLAMEFUL : blamable [adj]
BLAMER : one that blames [n -S]
BLAMERS : blamer [n]
BLAMES : blame [v]
BLAMING : blame [v]
BLAMS : blam [n]
BLANCH : to whiten [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLANCHED : blanch [v]
BLANCHER : a whitener [n -S]
BLANCHERS : blancher [n]
BLANCHES : blanch [v]
BLANCHING : blanch [v]
BLAND : soothing [adj BLANDER, BLANDEST] : BLANDLY [adv]
BLANDER : bland [adj]
BLANDEST : bland [adj]
BLANDISH : to coax by flattery [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLANDLY : bland [adv]
BLANK : empty [adj BLANKER, BLANKEST] / to {delete=v} [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLANKED : blank [v]
BLANKER : blank [adj]
BLANKEST : blank [adj]
BLANKET : to cover uniformly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLANKETED : blanket [v]
BLANKETS : blanket [v]
BLANKING : blank [v]
BLANKLY : in a blank manner [adv]
BLANKS : blank [v]
BLARE : to sound loudly [v BLARED, BLARING, BLARES]
BLARED : blare [v]
BLARES : blare [v]
BLARING : blare [v]
BLARNEY : to beguile with flattery [v -NEYED, -NEYING, -NEYS]
BLARNEYED : blarney [v]
BLARNEYS : blarney [v]
BLASE : indifferent [adj]
BLAST : to use an explosive [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLASTED : blast [v]
BLASTEMA : a region of embryonic cells [n -MAS or -MATA]
BLASTEMAS : blastema [n]
BLASTER : one that blasts [n -S]
BLASTERS : blaster [n]
BLASTIE : a dwarf [n -S]
BLASTIER : blasty [adj]
BLASTIES : blastie [n]
BLASTIEST : blasty [adj]
BLASTING : the act of one that blasts [n -S]
BLASTINGS : blasting [n]
BLASTOFF : the launching of a rocket [n -S]
BLASTOFFS : blastoff [n]
BLASTOMA : a type of tumor [n -MAS or -MATA]
BLASTOMAS : blastoma [n]
BLASTS : blast [v]
BLASTULA : an early embryo [n BLASTULAS or -LAE]
BLASTULAE : blastula [n]
BLASTULAS : blastula [n]
BLATANCY : something blatant [n -CIES]
BLATANT : obvious [adj]
BLATE : timid [adj]
BLATHER : to talk foolishly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLATHERED : blather [v]
BLATHERS : blather [v]
BLATS : blat [v]
BLATTED : blat [v]
BLATTER : to chatter [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLATTERED : blatter [v]
BLATTERS : blatter [v]
BLATTING : blat [v]
BLAUBOK : an extinct antelope [n -S]
BLAUBOKS : blaubok [n]
BLAWED : blaw [v]
BLAWING : blaw [v]
BLAWN : blaw [v]
BLAWS : blaw [v]
BLAZE : to burn brightly [v BLAZED, BLAZING, BLAZES]
BLAZED : blaze [v]
BLAZER : a lightweight jacket [n -S] : BLAZERED [adj]
BLAZERED : blazer [adj]
BLAZERS : blazer [n]
BLAZES : blaze [v]
BLAZING : blaze [v]
BLAZON : to proclaim [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLAZONED : blazon [v]
BLAZONER : one that blazons [n -S]
BLAZONERS : blazoner [n]
BLAZONING : blazon [v]
BLAZONRY : a great display [n -RIES]
BLAZONS : blazon [v]
BLEACH : to whiten [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLEACHED : bleach [v]
BLEACHER : one that bleaches [n -S]
BLEACHERS : bleacher [n]
BLEACHES : bleach [v]
BLEACHING : bleach [v]
BLEAK : dreary [adj BLEAKER, BLEAKEST] / a freshwater fish [n -S]
BLEAKER : bleak [adj]
BLEAKEST : bleak [adj]
BLEAKISH : somewhat bleak [adj]
BLEAKLY : in a bleak manner [adv]
BLEAKS : bleak [n]
BLEAR : to dim [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLEARED : blear [v]
BLEARIER : bleary [adj]
BLEARIEST : bleary [adj]
BLEARILY : bleary [adv]
BLEARING : blear [v]
BLEARS : blear [v]
BLEAT : to utter the cry of a sheep [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLEATED : bleat [v]
BLEATER : one that bleats [n -S]
BLEATERS : bleater [n]
BLEATING : bleat [v]
BLEATS : bleat [v]
BLEB : a blister [n -S] : BLEBBY [adj]
BLEBBING : the forming of a blister [n -S]
BLEBBINGS : blebbing [n]
BLEBBY : bleb [adj]
BLEBS : bleb [n]
BLED : bleed [v]
BLEED : to lose blood [v BLED, BLEEDING, BLEEDS]
BLEEDER : one that bleeds [n -S]
BLEEDERS : bleeder [n]
BLEEDING : the act of losing blood [n -S]
BLEEDINGS : bleeding [n]
BLEEDS : bleed [v]
BLEEP : to blip [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLEEPED : bleep [v]
BLEEPER : one that bleeps [n -S]
BLEEPERS : bleeper [n]
BLEEPING : bleep [v]
BLEEPS : bleep [v]
BLELLUM : a babbler [n -S]
BLELLUMS : blellum [n]
BLEMISH : to mar [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLEMISHED : blemish [v]
BLEMISHES : blemish [v]
BLENCH : to flinch [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLENCHED : blench [v]
BLENCHER : one that blenches [n -S]
BLENCHERS : blencher [n]
BLENCHES : blench [v]
BLENCHING : blench [v]
BLEND : to mix smoothly and inseparably together [v BLENDED or BLENT, BLENDING, BLENDS]
BLENDE : a shiny mineral [n -S]
BLENDED : blend [v]
BLENDER : one that blends [n -S]
BLENDERS : blender [n]
BLENDES : blende [n]
BLENDING : blend [v]
BLENDS : blend [v]
BLENNIES : blenny [n]
BLENNY : a marine fish [n -NIES]
BLENT : blend [v]
BLESBOK : a large antelope [n -S]
BLESBOKS : blesbok [n]
BLESBUCK : blesbok [n -S]
BLESBUCKS : blesbuck [n]
BLESSED : holy [adj -EDER, -EDEST]
BLESSEDER : blessed [adj]
BLESSER : one that blesses [n -S]
BLESSERS : blesser [n]
BLESSES : bless [v]
BLESSING : a prayer [n -S]
BLESSINGS : blessing [n]
BLEST : bless [v]
BLET : a decay of fruit [n -S]
BLETHER : to blather [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLETHERED : blether [v]
BLETHERS : blether [v]
BLETS : blet [n]
BLEW : blow [v]
BLIGHT : to cause decay [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLIGHTED : blight [v]
BLIGHTER : one that blights [n -S]
BLIGHTERS : blighter [n]
BLIGHTIES : blighty [n]
BLIGHTING : blight [v]
BLIGHTS : blight [v]
BLIGHTY : a wound causing one to be sent home to England [n BLIGHTIES]
BLIMEY : used as an expression of surprise [interj]
BLIMP : a nonrigid aircraft [n -S] : BLIMPISH [adj]
BLIMPISH : blimp [adj]
BLIMPS : blimp [n]
BLIMY : blimey [interj]
BLIN : a blintze [n BLINI or BLINIS]
BLIND : sightless [adj BLINDER, BLINDEST] / to make sightless [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLINDAGE : a protective screen [n -S]
BLINDAGES : blindage [n]
BLINDED : blind [v]
BLINDER : an obstruction to sight [n -S]
BLINDERS : blinder [n]
BLINDEST : blind [adj]
BLINDGUT : a cecum [n -S]
BLINDGUTS : blindgut [n]
BLINDING : blind [v]
BLINDLY : in a blind manner [adv]
BLINDS : blind [v]
BLINI : blin [n]
BLINIS : blin [n] BLINK : to open and shut the eyes [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLINKARD : one who habitually blinks [n -S]
BLINKARDS : blinkard [n]
BLINKED : blink [v]
BLINKER : to put blinders on [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLINKERED : blinker [v]
BLINKERS : blinker [v]
BLINKING : blink [v] BLINKS : blink [v]
BLINTZ : blintze [n -ES]
BLINTZE : a thin pancake [n -S]
BLINTZES : blintz [n]
BLIP : to remove sound from a recording [v BLIPPED, BLIPPING, BLIPS]
BLIPPED : blip [v]
BLIPPING : blip [v]
BLIPS : blip [v]
BLISS : to experience or produce ecstasy [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLISSED : bliss [v]
BLISSES : bliss [v]
BLISSFUL : very happy [adj]
BLISSING : bliss [v]
BLISTER : to cause blisters (skin swellings) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLISTERED : blister [v]
BLISTERS : blister [v]
BLISTERY : having blisters [adj]
BLITE : an annual herb [n -S]
BLITES : blite [n]
BLITHELY : blithe [adv]
BLITHER : to blather [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLITHERED : blither [v]
BLITHERS : blither [v]
BLITHEST : blithe [adj]
BLITZ : to subject to a sudden attack [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLITZED : blitz [v]
BLITZER : one that blitzes [n -S]
BLITZERS : blitzer [n]
BLITZES : blitz [v]
BLITZING : blitz [v]
BLIZZARD : a heavy snowstorm [n -S]
BLIZZARDS : blizzard [n]
BLOAT : to swell [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLOATED : bloat [v]
BLOATER : a smoked herring [n -S]
BLOATERS : bloater [n]
BLOATING : bloat [v]
BLOATS : bloat [v]
BLOBBED : blob [v]
BLOBBING : blob [v]
BLOBS : blob [v]
BLOC : a coalition [n -S]
BLOCK : to obstruct [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLOCKADE : to block [v -ADED, -ADING, -ADES]
BLOCKADED : blockade [v]
BLOCKADES : blockade [v]
BLOCKAGE : the act of blocking [n -S]
BLOCKAGES : blockage [n]
BLOCKED : block [v]
BLOCKER : one that blocks [n -S]
BLOCKERS : blocker [n]
BLOCKIER : blocky [adj]
BLOCKIEST : blocky [adj]
BLOCKING : block [v]
BLOCKISH : blocky [adj]
BLOCKS : block [v]
BLOCKY : short and stout [adj BLOCKIER, BLOCKIEST]
BLOCS : bloc [n]
BLOG : a website containing a personal journal [n -S]
BLOGGER : one who maintains a blog [n -S]
BLOGGERS : blogger [n]
BLOGGING : the act or practice of maintaining a blog [n -S]
BLOGGINGS : blogging [n]
BLOGS : blog [n]
BLOKE : a fellow [n -S]
BLOKES : bloke [n]
BLOND : light-colored [adj BLONDER, BLONDEST] / a blond person [n -S]
BLONDE : blond [n -S]
BLONDER : blond [adj]
BLONDES : blonde [n]
BLONDEST : blond [adj]
BLONDINE : to bleach hair blond [v -INED, -INING, -INES]
BLONDINED : blondine [v]
BLONDINES : blondine [v]
BLONDISH : somewhat blond [adj]
BLONDS : blond [n]
BLOOD : to stain with blood (the fluid circulated by the heart) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLOODED : blood [v]
BLOODFIN : a freshwater fish [n -S]
BLOODFINS : bloodfin [n]
BLOODIED : bloody [v]
BLOODIER : bloody [adj]
BLOODIES : bloody [v]
BLOODIEST : bloody [adj]
BLOODILY : in a bloody manner [adv]
BLOODING : a fox hunting ceremony [n -S]
BLOODINGS : blooding [n]
BLOODRED : of the color of blood [adj]
BLOODS : blood [v]
BLOODY : stained with blood [adj BLOODIER, BLOODIEST] / to make bloody [v BLOODIED, BLOODYING, BLOODIES]
BLOODYING : bloody [v]
BLOOEY : being out of order [adj]
BLOOIE : blooey [adj]
BLOOM : to bear flowers [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLOOMED : bloom [v]
BLOOMER : a blooming plant [n -S]
BLOOMERS : bloomer [n]
BLOOMERY : a furnace for smelting iron [n -ERIES]
BLOOMIER : bloomy [adj]
BLOOMIEST : bloomy [adj]
BLOOMING : bloom [v]
BLOOMS : bloom [v]
BLOOMY : covered with flowers [adj BLOOMIER, BLOOMIEST]
BLOOP : to hit a short fly ball [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLOOPED : bloop [v]
BLOOPER : a public blunder [n -S]
BLOOPERS : blooper [n]
BLOOPING : bloop [v]
BLOOPS : bloop [v]
BLOSSOM : to bloom [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLOSSOMED : blossom [v]
BLOSSOMS : blossom [v]
BLOSSOMY : having blossoms [adj]
BLOT : to spot or stain [v BLOTTED, BLOTTING, BLOTS]
BLOTCH : to mark with large spots [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLOTCHED : blotch [v]
BLOTCHES : blotch [v]
BLOTCHIER : blotchy [adj]
BLOTCHING : blotch [v]
BLOTLESS : spotless [adj]
BLOTS : blot [v]
BLOTTED : blot [v]
BLOTTER : a piece of ink-absorbing paper [n -S]
BLOTTERS : blotter [n]
BLOTTIER : blotty [adj]
BLOTTIEST : blotty [adj]
BLOTTING : blot [v]
BLOTTO : drunk [adj]
BLOTTY : spotty [adj -TIER, -TIEST]
BLOUSED : blouse [v]
BLOUSES : blouse [v]
BLOUSIER : blousy [adj]
BLOUSIEST : blousy [adj]
BLOUSILY : blousy [adv]
BLOUSING : blouse [v]
BLOUSON : a woman’s garment [n -S]
BLOUSONS : blouson [n]
BLOVIATE : to speak pompously [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
BLOVIATED : bloviate [v]
BLOVIATES : bloviate [v]
BLOW : to damn [v BLEW, BLOWED, BLOWING, BLOWS] / to drive or impel by a current of air [v BLEW, BLOWN, BLOWING, BLOWS]
BLOWBACK : an escape of gases [n -S]
BLOWBACKS : blowback [n]
BLOWBALL : a fluffy seed ball [n -S]
BLOWBALLS : blowball [n]
BLOWBY : leakage of exhaust fumes [n -BYS]
BLOWBYS : blowby [n]
BLOWDOWN : a tree blown down by the wind [n -S]
BLOWDOWNS : blowdown [n]
BLOWED : blow [v]
BLOWER : one that blows [n -S]
BLOWERS : blower [n]
BLOWFISH : a marine fish [n -ES]
BLOWFLIES : blowfly [n]
BLOWFLY : a type of fly [n -FLIES]
BLOWGUN : a tube through which darts may be blown [n -S]
BLOWGUNS : blowgun [n]
BLOWHARD : a braggart [n -S]
BLOWHARDS : blowhard [n]
BLOWHOLE : an air or gas vent [n -S]
BLOWHOLES : blowhole [n]
BLOWIER : blowy [adj]
BLOWIEST : blowy [adj]
BLOWING : blow [v]
BLOWJOB : the act or an instance of fellatio -- an offensive term [n -S]
BLOWJOBS : blowjob [n]
BLOWN : blow [v]
BLOWOFF : the expelling of gas [n -S]
BLOWOFFS : blowoff [n]
BLOWOUT : a sudden rupture [n -S]
BLOWOUTS : blowout [n]
BLOWPIPE : a blowgun [n -S]
BLOWPIPES : blowpipe [n]
BLOWS : blow [v]
BLOWSED : blowsy [adj]
BLOWSIER : blowsy [adj]
BLOWSIEST : blowsy [adj]
BLOWSILY : blowsy [adv]
BLOWSY : slovenly [adj -SIER, -SIEST] : BLOWSILY [adv]
BLOWTUBE : a blowgun [n -S]
BLOWTUBES : blowtube [n]
BLOWUP : an explosion [n -S]
BLOWUPS : blowup [n]
BLOWZED : blowzy [adj]
BLOWZIER : blowzy [adj]
BLOWZIEST : blowzy [adj]
BLOWZILY : blowzy [adv]
BLOWZY : blowsy [adj -ZIER, -ZIEST] : BLOWZILY [adv]
BLUBBED : blub [v]
BLUBBER : to weep noisily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLUBBERED : blubber [v]
BLUBBERS : blubber [v]
BLUBBERY : fat; swollen [adj]
BLUBBING : blub [v]
BLUBS : blub [v]
BLUCHER : a half boot [n -S]
BLUCHERS : blucher [n]
BLUDGED : bludge [v]
BLUDGEON : to hit with a club [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLUDGEONS : bludgeon [v]
BLUDGER : a loafer or shirker [n -S]
BLUDGERS : bludger [n]
BLUDGES : bludge [v]
BLUDGING : bludge [v]
BLUE : having the color of the clear sky [adj BLUER, BLUEST] / to make blue [v BLUED, BLUEING or BLUING, BLUES]
BLUEBALL : a medicinal herb [n -S]
BLUEBALLS : blueball [n]
BLUEBEAT : ska [n -S]
BLUEBEATS : bluebeat [n]
BLUEBELL : a flowering plant [n -S]
BLUEBELLS : bluebell [n]
BLUEBILL : the scaup duck [n -S]
BLUEBILLS : bluebill [n]
BLUEBIRD : a songbird [n -S]
BLUEBIRDS : bluebird [n]
BLUEBOOK : an examination booklet [n -S]
BLUEBOOKS : bluebook [n]
BLUECAP : a flowering plant [n -S]
BLUECAPS : bluecap [n]
BLUECOAT : a police officer [n -S]
BLUECOATS : bluecoat [n]
BLUED : blue [v]
BLUEFIN : a large tuna [n -S]
BLUEFINS : bluefin [n]
BLUEFISH : a marine fish [n -ES]
BLUEGILL : an edible sunfish [n -S]
BLUEGILLS : bluegill [n]
BLUEGUM : a timber tree [n -S]
BLUEGUMS : bluegum [n]
BLUEHEAD : a marine fish [n -S]
BLUEHEADS : bluehead [n]
BLUEING : bluing [n -S]
BLUEINGS : blueing [n]
BLUEISH : bluish [adj]
BLUEJACK : an oak tree [n -S]
BLUEJACKS : bluejack [n]
BLUEJAY : a corvine bird [n -JAYS]
BLUEJAYS : bluejay [n]
BLUELINE : a line that divides a hockey rink [n -S]
BLUELINES : blueline [n]
BLUELY : in a blue manner [adv]
BLUENESS : the state of being blue [n -ES]
BLUENOSE : a puritanical person [n -S]
BLUENOSES : bluenose [n]
BLUER : blue [adj]
BLUES : blue [v]
BLUESIER : bluesy [adj]
BLUESIEST : bluesy [adj]
BLUESMAN : one who plays the blues [n BLUESMEN]
BLUESMEN : bluesman [n]
BLUEST : blue [adj]
BLUESTEM : a prairie grass [n -S]
BLUESTEMS : bluestem [n]
BLUESY : resembling the blues (a musical form) [adj BLUESIER, BLUESIEST]
BLUET : a meadow flower [n -S]
BLUETICK : a hunting dog [n -S]
BLUETICKS : bluetick [n]
BLUETS : bluet [n]
BLUEWEED : a bristly weed [n -S]
BLUEWEEDS : blueweed [n]
BLUEWOOD : a shrub [n -S]
BLUEWOODS : bluewood [n]
BLUEY : a bag of clothing carried in travel [n BLUEYS]
BLUEYS : bluey [n]
BLUFF : having a broad front [adj BLUFFER, BLUFFEST] : BLUFFLY [adv] / to mislead [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLUFFED : bluff [v]
BLUFFER : one that bluffs [n -S]
BLUFFERS : bluffer [n]
BLUFFEST : bluff [adj]
BLUFFING : bluff [v]
BLUFFLY : bluff [adv]
BLUFFS : bluff [v]
BLUING : a fabric coloring [n -S]
BLUINGS : bluing [n]
BLUISH : somewhat blue [adj]
BLUMED : blume [v]
BLUMES : blume [v]
BLUMING : blume [v]
BLUNDER : to make a mistake [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLUNDERED : blunder [v]
BLUNDERER : one that blunders [n -S]
BLUNDERS : blunder [v]
BLUNGE : to mix clay with water [v BLUNGED, BLUNGING, BLUNGES]
BLUNGED : blunge [v]
BLUNGER : one that blunges [n -S]
BLUNGERS : blunger [n]
BLUNGES : blunge [v]
BLUNGING : blunge [v]
BLUNT : not sharp or pointed [adj BLUNTER, BLUNTEST] : BLUNTLY [adv] / to make blunt [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLUNTED : blunt [v]
BLUNTER : blunt [adj]
BLUNTEST : blunt [adj]
BLUNTING : blunt [v]
BLUNTLY : blunt [adv]
BLUNTS : blunt [v]
BLUR : to make unclear [v BLURRED, BLURRING, BLURS]
BLURB : to praise in a publicity notice [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLURBED : blurb [v]
BLURBING : blurb [v]
BLURBIST : one that blurbs [n -S]
BLURBISTS : blurbist [n]
BLURBS : blurb [v]
BLURRED : blur [v]
BLURRIER : blurry [adj]
BLURRIEST : blurry [adj]
BLURRILY : blurry [adv]
BLURRING : blur [v]
BLURRY : unclear [adj -RIER, -RIEST] : BLURRILY [adv]
BLURS : blur [v]
BLURT : to speak abruptly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLURTED : blurt [v]
BLURTER : one that blurts [n -S]
BLURTERS : blurter [n]
BLURTING : blurt [v]
BLURTS : blurt [v]
BLUSH : to become red [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BLUSHED : blush [v]
BLUSHER : one that blushes [n -S]
BLUSHERS : blusher [n]
BLUSHES : blush [v]
BLUSHFUL : of a red color [adj]
BLUSHING : blush [v]
BLUSTER : to blow violently [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BLUSTERED : bluster [v]
BLUSTERS : bluster [v]
BLUSTERY : windy [adj]
BLYPE : a shred [n -S]
BLYPES : blype [n]
BO : a pal [n BOS]
BOA : a large snake [n -S]
BOAR : a male pig [n -S]
BOARD : to take meals for a fixed price [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOARDED : board [v]
BOARDER : one that boards [n -S]
BOARDERS : boarder [n]
BOARDING : a surface of wooden boards [n -S]
BOARDINGS : boarding [n]
BOARDMAN : a board member [n BOARDMEN]
BOARDMEN : boardman [n]
BOARDS : board [v]
BOARFISH : a marine fish [n -ES]
BOARISH : swinish; coarse [adj]
BOARS : boar [n]
BOART : bort [n -S]
BOARTS : boart [n]
BOAS : boa [n]
BOAST : to brag [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOASTED : boast [v]
BOASTER : one that boasts [n -S]
BOASTERS : boaster [n]
BOASTFUL : given to boasting [adj]
BOASTING : boast [v]
BOASTS : boast [v]
BOAT : to travel by boat (watercraft) [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BOATABLE [adj]
BOATABLE : boat [adj]
BOATBILL : a wading bird [n -S]
BOATBILLS : boatbill [n]
BOATED : boat [v]
BOATEL : a waterside hotel [n -S]
BOATELS : boatel [n]
BOATER : one that boats [n -S]
BOATERS : boater [n]
BOATFUL : as much as a boat can hold [n -S]
BOATFULS : boatful [n]
BOATHOOK : a pole with a metal hook for use aboard a boat [n -S]
BOATHOOKS : boathook [n]
BOATING : the sport of traveling by boat [n -S]
BOATINGS : boating [n]
BOATLIFT : to transport by boats [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOATLIFTS : boatlift [v]
BOATLIKE : resembling a boat [adj]
BOATLOAD : the amount that a boat holds [n -S]
BOATLOADS : boatload [n]
BOATMAN : one who works on boats [n BOATMEN]
BOATMEN : boatman [n]
BOATNECK : a wide neckline [n -S]
BOATNECKS : boatneck [n]
BOATS : boat [v]
BOATSMEN : boatsman [n]
BOATYARD : a marina [n -S]
BOATYARDS : boatyard [n]
BOB : to move up and down [v BOBBED, BOBBING, BOBS]
BOBBED : bob [v]
BOBBER : one that bobs [n -S]
BOBBERIES : bobbery [n]
BOBBERS : bobber [n]
BOBBERY : a disturbance [n -BERIES]
BOBBIES : bobby [n]
BOBBIN : a thread holder [n -S]
BOBBINET : a machine-made net [n -S]
BOBBINETS : bobbinet [n]
BOBBING : bob [v]
BOBBINS : bobbin [n]
BOBBLE : to fumble [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BOBBLED : bobble [v]
BOBBLES : bobble [v]
BOBBLING : bobble [v]
BOBBY : a police officer [n -BIES]
BOBBYSOX : girls’ socks that reach above the ankle [n]
BOBCAT : a lynx [n -S]
BOBCATS : bobcat [n]
BOBECHE : a glass collar on a candle holder [n -S]
BOBECHES : bobeche [n] BOBOLINK : a songbird [n -S] BOBOLINKS : bobolink [n]
BOBS : bob [v]
BOBSLED : to ride on a bobsled (a racing sled) [v -SLEDDED, -SLEDDING, -SLEDS]
BOBSLEDS : bobsled [v]
BOBSTAY : a steadying rope [n -STAYS]
BOBSTAYS : bobstay [n]
BOBTAIL : to cut short [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOBTAILED : bobtail [v]
BOBTAILS : bobtail [v]
BOBWHITE : a game bird [n -S]
BOBWHITES : bobwhite [n]
BOCACCIO : a rockfish [n -CIOS]
BOCACCIOS : bocaccio [n]
BOCCE : boccie [n -S]
BOCCES : bocce [n]
BOCCI : boccie [n -S]
BOCCIA : boccie [n -S]
BOCCIAS : boccia [n]
BOCCIE : an Italian bowling game [n -S]
BOCCIES : boccie [n]
BOCCIS : bocci [n]
BOCHE : a German -- a derogatory term [n -S]
BOCHES : boche [n]
BOCK : a dark beer [n -S]
BOCKS : bock [n]
BOD : a body [n -S]
BODE : to be an omen of [v BODED, BODING, BODES]
BODED : bode [v]
BODEGA : a grocery store [n -S]
BODEGAS : bodega [n]
BODEMENT : an omen [n -S]
BODEMENTS : bodement [n]
BODES : bode [v]
BODHRAN : an Irish drum [n -S]
BODHRANS : bodhran [n]
BODICE : a corset [n -S]
BODICES : bodice [n]
BODIED : body [v]
BODIES : body [v]
BODILESS : lacking material form [adj]
BODILY : of the body [adj]
BODING : an omen [n -S]
BODINGLY : ominously [adv]
BODINGS : boding [n]
BODKIN : a sharp instrument [n -S]
BODKINS : bodkin [n]
BODS : bod [n]
BODY : to give form to [v BODIED, BODYING, BODIES]
BODYING : body [v]
BODYSUIT : a one-piece garment for the torso [n -S]
BODYSUITS : bodysuit [n]
BODYSURF : to ride a wave without a surfboard [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BODYSURFS : bodysurf [v]
BODYWORK : a vehicle body [n -S]
BODYWORKS : bodywork [n]
BOEHMITE : a mineral [n -S]
BOEHMITES : boehmite [n]
BOFF : to have sexual intercourse with -- sometimes considered vulgar [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOFFED : boff [v]
BOFFIN : a scientific expert [n -S]
BOFFING : boff [v]
BOFFINS : boffin [n]
BOFFO : a boff [n -FOS]
BOFFOLA : a boff [n -S]
BOFFOLAS : boffola [n]
BOFFOS : boffo [n]
BOFFS : boff [v]
BOG : to impede [v BOGGED, BOGGING, BOGS]
BOGAN : a backwater or tributary [n -S]
BOGANS : bogan [n]
BOGART : to use without sharing [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOGARTED : bogart [v]
BOGARTING : bogart [v]
BOGARTS : bogart [v]
BOGBEAN : a marsh plant [n -S]
BOGBEANS : bogbean [n]
BOGEY : to shoot in one stroke over par in golf [v -GEYED, -GEYING, -GEYS]
BOGEYED : bogey [v]
BOGEYING : bogey [v]
BOGEYMAN : a terrifying creature [n BOGEYMEN]
BOGEYMEN : bogeyman [n]
BOGEYS : bogey [v]
BOGGED : bog [v]
BOGGIER : boggy [adj]
BOGGIEST : boggy [adj]
BOGGING : bog [v]
BOGGISH : boggy [adj]
BOGGLE : to hesitate [v -GLED, -GLING, -GLES]
BOGGLED : boggle [v]
BOGGLER : one that causes another to boggle [n -S]
BOGGLERS : boggler [n]
BOGGLES : boggle [v]
BOGGLING : boggle [v]
BOGGY : marshy [adj -GIER, -GIEST]
BOGIE : bogy [n -S]
BOGIES : bogie [n]
BOGLE : a bogy [n -S]
BOGLES : bogle [n]
BOGS : bog [v]
BOGUS : not genuine; fake [adj] : BOGUSLY [adv]
BOGUSLY : bogus [adv]
BOGWOOD : preserved tree wood [n -S]
BOGWOODS : bogwood [n]
BOGY : a goblin [n -GIES]
BOGYISM : behavior characteristic of a bogy [n -S]
BOGYISMS : bogyism [n]
BOGYMAN : bogeyman [n BOGYMEN]
BOGYMEN : bogyman [n]
BOHEA : a black tea [n -S]
BOHEAS : bohea [n]
BOHEMIA : a community of bohemians [n -S]
BOHEMIAN : an unconventional person [n -S]
BOHEMIANS : bohemian [n]
BOHEMIAS : bohemia [n]
BOHO : a Bohemian [n -HOS]
BOHOS : boho [n]
BOHRIUM : a radioactive element [n -S]
BOHRIUMS : bohrium [n]
BOHUNK : an unskilled laborer [n -S]
BOHUNKS : bohunk [n]
BOIL : to vaporize liquid [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BOILABLE [adj]
BOILABLE : boil [adj]
BOILED : boil [v]
BOILER : a vessel for boiling [n -S]
BOILERS : boiler [n]
BOILING : boil [v]
BOILOFF : the vaporization of a liquid [n -S]
BOILOFFS : boiloff [n]
BOILOVER : an overflowing while boiling [n -S]
BOILOVERS : boilover [n]
BOILS : boil [v]
BOING : the sound of reverberation or vibration [n -S]
BOINGS : boing [n]
BOINK : to have sexual intercourse with -- usually taken to be offensive [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOINKED : boink [v]
BOINKING : boink [v]
BOINKS : boink [v]
BOISERIE : wood paneling on a wall [n -S]
BOISERIES : boiserie [n]
BOITE : a nightclub [n -S]
BOITES : boite [n]
BOLA : a throwing weapon [n -S]
BOLAR : pertaining to bole [adj]
BOLAS : bola [n -ES]
BOLASES : bolas [n]
BOLD : daring [adj BOLDER, BOLDEST] : BOLDLY [adv] / boldface [n -S]
BOLDER : bold [adj]
BOLDEST : bold [adj]
BOLDFACE : to print in thick type [v -FACED, -FACING, -FACES]
BOLDFACED : boldface [v]
BOLDFACES : boldface [v]
BOLDLY : bold [adv]
BOLDNESS : the quality of being bold [n -ES]
BOLDS : bold [n]
BOLE : a fine clay [n -S]
BOLERO : a Spanish dance [n -ROS]
BOLEROS : bolero [n]
BOLES : bole [n]
BOLETE : boletus [n -S]
BOLETES : bolete [n]
BOLETI : boletus [n]
BOLETUS : a fungus [n -TUSES or -TI]
BOLETUSES : boletus [n]
BOLIDE : an exploding meteor [n -S]
BOLIDES : bolide [n]
BOLIVAR : a monetary unit of Venezuela [n -S or -ES]
BOLIVARES : bolivar [n]
BOLIVARS : bolivar [n]
BOLIVIA : a soft fabric [n -S]
BOLIVIAS : bolivia [n]
BOLL : to form pods [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOLLARD : a thick post on a ship or wharf [n -S]
BOLLARDS : bollard [n]
BOLLED : boll [v]
BOLLING : boll [v]
BOLLIX : to bungle [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BOLLIXED : bollix [v]
BOLLIXES : bollix [v]
BOLLIXING : bollix [v]
BOLLOCKS : testicles [n]
BOLLOX : to bollix [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BOLLOXED : bollox [v]
BOLLOXES : bollox [v]
BOLLOXING : bollox [v]
BOLLS : boll [v]
BOLLWORM : the larva of a certain moth [n -S]
BOLLWORMS : bollworm [n]
BOLO : a machete [n -LOS]
BOLOGNA : a seasoned sausage [n -S]
BOLOGNAS : bologna [n]
BOLONEY : bologna [n -NEYS]
BOLONEYS : boloney [n]
BOLOS : bolo [n]
BOLSHIE : a Bolshevik [n -S]
BOLSHIES : bolshie [n]
BOLSHY : bolshie [n -SHIES]
BOLSON : a flat arid valley [n -S]
BOLSONS : bolson [n]
BOLSTER : to support [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOLSTERED : bolster [v]
BOLSTERER : one that bolsters [n -S]
BOLSTERS : bolster [v]
BOLT : to sift [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOLTED : bolt [v]
BOLTER : a sifting machine [n -S]
BOLTERS : bolter [n]
BOLTHEAD : a matrass [n -S]
BOLTHEADS : bolthead [n]
BOLTHOLE : a place or way of escape [n -S]
BOLTHOLES : bolthole [n]
BOLTING : bolt [v]
BOLTLESS : having no bolt [adj]
BOLTLIKE : resembling a bolt [adj]
BOLTONIA : a perennial herb [n -S]
BOLTONIAS : boltonia [n]
BOLTROPE : a rope sewn to a sail [n -S]
BOLTROPES : boltrope [n]
BOLTS : bolt [v]
BOLUS : a large pill [n -ES]
BOLUSES : bolus [n]
BOMB : to attack with bombs (explosive projectiles) [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BOMBABLE [adj]
BOMBABLE : bomb [adj]
BOMBARD : to bomb [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOMBARDED : bombard [v]
BOMBARDS : bombard [v]
BOMBAST : pompous language [n -S]
BOMBASTS : bombast [n]
BOMBAX : pertaining to a family of tropical trees [adj]
BOMBE : a frozen dessert [n -S]
BOMBED : bomb [v]
BOMBER : one that bombs [n -S]
BOMBERS : bomber [n]
BOMBES : bombe [n]
BOMBESIN : a combination of amino acids [n -S]
BOMBESINS : bombesin [n]
BOMBING : an attack with bombs [n -S]
BOMBINGS : bombing [n]
BOMBLET : a small bomb [n -S]
BOMBLETS : bomblet [n]
BOMBLOAD : the quantity of bombs being carried [n -S]
BOMBLOADS : bombload [n]
BOMBS : bomb [v]
BOMBYCID : a moth [n -S]
BOMBYCIDS : bombycid [n]
BOMBYX : a silkworm [n -ES]
BOMBYXES : bombyx [n]
BONACI : an edible fish [n -S]
BONACIS : bonaci [n]
BONANZA : a rich mine [n -S]
BONANZAS : bonanza [n]
BONBON : a sugared candy [n -S]
BONBONS : bonbon [n]
BOND : to join together [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BONDABLE [adj]
BONDABLE : bond [adj]
BONDAGE : slavery [n -S]
BONDAGES : bondage [n]
BONDED : bond [v]
BONDER : one that bonds [n -S]
BONDERS : bonder [n]
BONDING : the formation of a close personal relationship [n -S]
BONDINGS : bonding [n]
BONDLESS : having no bond [adj]
BONDMAID : a female slave [n -S]
BONDMAIDS : bondmaid [n]
BONDMAN : a male slave [n BONDMEN]
BONDMEN : bondman [n]
BONDS : bond [v]
BONDSMEN : bondsman [n]
BONDUC : a prickly seed [n -S]
BONDUCS : bonduc [n]
BONE : to debone [v BONED, BONING, BONES]
BONED : bone [v]
BONEFISH : a slender marine fish [n -ES]
BONEHEAD : a stupid person [n -S]
BONEHEADS : bonehead [n]
BONELESS : having no bones (hard connective tissue) [adj]
BONEMEAL : fertilizer or feed made from crushed bone [n -S]
BONEMEALS : bonemeal [n]
BONER : a blunder [n -S]
BONERS : boner [n]
BONES : bone [v]
BONESET : a perennial herb [n -S]
BONESETS : boneset [n]
BONEYARD : a junkyard [n -S]
BONEYARDS : boneyard [n]
BONEYER : boney [adj]
BONEYEST : boney [adj]
BONFIRE : an open fire [n -S]
BONFIRES : bonfire [n]
BONG : to make a deep, ringing sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BONGED : bong [v]
BONGING : bong [v]
BONGO : a small drum [n -GOS or -GOES]
BONGOES : bongo [n]
BONGOIST : a bongo player [n -S]
BONGOISTS : bongoist [n]
BONGOS : bongo [n]
BONGS : bong [v]
BONHOMIE : friendliness [n -S]
BONHOMIES : bonhomie [n]
BONIATO : a sweet potato [n -TOS]
BONIATOS : boniato [n]
BONIER : boney [adj]
BONIEST : boney [adj]
BONIFACE : an innkeeper [n -S]
BONIFACES : boniface [n]
BONINESS : the state of being bony [n -ES]
BONING : bone [v]
BONITA : bonito [n -S]
BONITAS : bonita [n]
BONITO : a marine food fish [n -TOS or -TOES]
BONITOES : bonito [n]
BONITOS : bonito [n]
BONK : to hit on the head with a hollow blow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BONKED : bonk [v]
BONKERS : crazy [adj]
BONKING : bonk [v]
BONKS : bonk [v]
BONNE : a housemaid [n -S]
BONNES : bonne [n]
BONNET : to provide with a bonnet (a type of hat) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BONNETED : bonnet [v]
BONNETING : bonnet [v]
BONNETS : bonnet [v]
BONNIE : bonny [adj]
BONNIER : bonny [adj]
BONNIEST : bonny [adj]
BONNILY : bonny [adv]
BONNOCK : bannock [n -S]
BONNOCKS : bonnock [n]
BONNY : pretty [adj -NIER, -NIEST] : BONNILY [adv]
BONOBO : an anthropoid ape [n -BOS]
BONOBOS : bonobo [n]
BONSAI : a potted shrub that has been dwarfed [n BONSAI]
BONSPELL : bonspiel [n -S]
BONSPELLS : bonspell [n]
BONSPIEL : a curling match or tournament [n -S]
BONSPIELS : bonspiel [n]
BONTEBOK : an antelope [n -S]
BONTEBOKS : bontebok [n]
BONUS : an additional payment [n -ES]
BONUSES : bonus [n]
BONY : full of bones [adj BONIER, BONIEST]
BONZE : a Buddhist monk [n -S]
BONZER : very good [adj]
BONZES : bonze [n]
BOO : to cry ‘‘boo’’ [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOOB : to make a foolish mistake [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOOBED : boob [v]
BOOBIE : a breast -- an offensive term [n -S]
BOOBIES : boobie [n]
BOOBING : boob [v]
BOOBIRD : a fan who boos players of the home team [n -S]
BOOBIRDS : boobird [n]
BOOBISH : doltish [adj]
BOOBOO : a mistake [n -BOOS]
BOOBOOS : booboo [n]
BOOBS : boob [v]
BOOBY : a dolt [n -BIES]
BOOCOO : beaucoup [n -COOS]
BOOCOOS : boocoo [n]
BOODIES : boody [n]
BOODLE : to take bribes [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
BOODLED : boodle [v]
BOODLER : one that boodles [n -S]
BOODLERS : boodler [n]
BOODLES : boodle [v]
BOODLING : boodle [v]
BOODY : the buttocks -- usually considered vulgar [n -DIES]
BOOED : boo [v]
BOOGER : a bogeyman [n -S]
BOOGERS : booger [n]
BOOGEY : boogie [v -GEYED, -GEYING, -GEYS]
BOOGEYED : boogey [v]
BOOGEYING : boogey [v]
BOOGEYS : boogey [v]
BOOGIE : to dance to rock music [v -GIED, -GYING, -GIES]
BOOGIED : boogie [v]
BOOGIES : boogie [v]
BOOGY : boogie [v -GIED, -GYING, -GIES]
BOOGYING : boogie [v]
BOOGYMAN : bogeyman [n BOOGYMEN]
BOOGYMEN : boogyman [n]
BOOHOO : to weep noisily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOOHOOED : boohoo [v]
BOOHOOING : boohoo [v]
BOOHOOS : boohoo [v]
BOOING : boo [v]
BOOJUM : a spiny desert tree [n -S]
BOOJUMS : boojum [n]
BOOK : to engage services [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BOOKABLE [adj]
BOOKABLE : book [adj]
BOOKCASE : a case which holds books (literary volumes) [n -S]
BOOKCASES : bookcase [n]
BOOKED : book [v]
BOOKEND : a support for a row of books [n -S]
BOOKENDS : bookend [n]
BOOKER : one that books [n -S]
BOOKERS : booker [n]
BOOKFUL : as much as a book can hold [n -S]
BOOKFULS : bookful [n]
BOOKIE : a bet taker [n -S]
BOOKIES : bookie [n]
BOOKING : an engagement [n -S]
BOOKINGS : booking [n]
BOOKISH : pertaining to books [adj]
BOOKLET : a small book [n -S]
BOOKLETS : booklet [n]
BOOKLICE : wingless insects that damage books [n]
BOOKLORE : book learning [n -S]
BOOKLORES : booklore [n]
BOOKMAN : a scholar [n BOOKMEN]
BOOKMARK : a marker for finding a place in a book [n -S]
BOOKMARKS : bookmark [n]
BOOKMEN : bookman [n]
BOOKOO : beaucoup [n -KOOS]
BOOKOOS : bookoo [n]
BOOKRACK : a support for an open book [n -S]
BOOKRACKS : bookrack [n]
BOOKREST : a bookrack [n -S]
BOOKRESTS : bookrest [n]
BOOKS : book [v]
BOOKSHOP : a store where books are sold [n -S]
BOOKSHOPS : bookshop [n]
BOOKWORM : an avid book reader [n -S]
BOOKWORMS : bookworm [n]
BOOM : to make a deep, resonant sound [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOOMBOX : a portable radio and tape or compact disc player [n -ES]
BOOMBOXES : boombox [n]
BOOMED : boom [v]
BOOMER : one that booms [n -S]
BOOMERS : boomer [n]
BOOMIER : boomy [adj]
BOOMIEST : boomy [adj]
BOOMING : boom [v]
BOOMKIN : a bumkin [n -S]
BOOMKINS : boomkin [n]
BOOMLET : a small increase in prosperity [n -S]
BOOMLETS : boomlet [n]
BOOMS : boom [v]
BOOMTOWN : a prospering town [n -S]
BOOMTOWNS : boomtown [n]
BOOMY : prospering [adj BOOMIER, BOOMIEST]
BOON : a timely benefit [n -S]
BOONDOCK : pertaining to a backwoods area [adj]
BOONIES : a backwoods area [n]
BOONLESS : having no boon [adj]
BOONS : boon [n]
BOOR : a rude person [n -S]
BOORISH : rude [adj]
BOORS : boor [n]
BOOS : boo [v]
BOOST : to support [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOOSTED : boost [v]
BOOSTER : one that boosts [n -S]
BOOSTERS : booster [n]
BOOSTING : boost [v]
BOOSTS : boost [v]
BOOT : to load a program into a computer [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BOOTABLE [adj]
BOOTABLE : boot [adj]
BOOTED : boot [v]
BOOTEE : a baby’s sock [n -S]
BOOTEES : bootee [n]
BOOTERIES : bootery [n]
BOOTERY : a shoe store [n -ERIES]
BOOTH : a small enclosure [n -S]
BOOTHS : booth [n]
BOOTIE : bootee [n -S]
BOOTIES : bootie [n]
BOOTING : boot [v]
BOOTJACK : a device for pulling off boots [n -S]
BOOTJACKS : bootjack [n]
BOOTLACE : a shoelace [n -S]
BOOTLACES : bootlace [n]
BOOTLEG : to smuggle [v -LEGGED, -LEGGING, -LEGS]
BOOTLEGS : bootleg [v]
BOOTLESS : useless [adj]
BOOTLICK : to flatter servilely [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOOTLICKS : bootlick [v]
BOOTS : boot [v]
BOOTY : a rich gain or prize [n -TIES]
BOOZE : to drink liquor excessively [v BOOZED, BOOZING, BOOZES]
BOOZED : booze [v]
BOOZER : one that boozes [n -S]
BOOZERS : boozer [n]
BOOZES : booze [v]
BOOZIER : boozy [adj]
BOOZIEST : boozy [adj]
BOOZILY : boozy [adv]
BOOZING : booze [v]
BOOZY : drunken [adj BOOZIER, BOOZIEST] : BOOZILY [adv]
BOP : to hit or strike [v BOPPED, BOPPING, BOPS]
BOPEEP : a game of peekaboo [n -S]
BOPEEPS : bopeep [n]
BOPPED : bop [v]
BOPPER : a bebopper [n -S]
BOPPERS : bopper [n]
BOPPING : bop [v]
BOPS : bop [v]
BORA : a cold wind [n -S]
BORACES : borax [n]
BORACIC : boric [adj]
BORACITE : a mineral [n -S]
BORACITES : boracite [n]
BORAGE : a medicinal herb [n -S]
BORAGES : borage [n]
BORAL : a mixture of boron carbide and aluminum [n -S]
BORALS : boral [n]
BORANE : a chemical compound [n -S]
BORANES : borane [n]
BORAS : bora [n]
BORATE : to mix with borax or boric acid [v -RATED, -RATING, -RATES]
BORATED : borate [v]
BORATES : borate [v]
BORATING : borate [v]
BORAX : a white crystalline compound [n -RAXES or -RACES]
BORAXES : borax [n]
BORDEAUX : a red or white wine [n BORDEAUX]
BORDEL : a brothel [n -S]
BORDELLO : a brothel [n -LOS]
BORDELLOS : bordello [n]
BORDELS : bordel [n]
BORDER : to put a border (an edge) on [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BORDERED : border [v]
BORDERER : one that borders [n -S]
BORDERERS : borderer [n]
BORDERING : border [v]
BORDERS : border [v]
BORDURE : a border around a shield [n -S]
BORDURES : bordure [n]
BORE : to pierce with a rotary tool [v BORED, BORING, BORES]
BOREAL : pertaining to the north [adj]
BOREAS : the north wind [n -ES]
BOREASES : boreas [n]
BORECOLE : kale [n -S]
BORECOLES : borecole [n]
BORED : bore [v]
BOREDOM : tedium [n -S]
BOREDOMS : boredom [n]
BOREEN : a lane in Ireland [n -S]
BOREENS : boreen [n]
BOREHOLE : a hole bored in the earth [n -S]
BOREHOLES : borehole [n]
BORER : one that bores [n -S]
BORERS : borer [n]
BORES : bore [v]
BORESOME : tedious [adj]
BORIC : pertaining to boron [adj]
BORIDE : a boron compound [n -S]
BORIDES : boride [n]
BORING : an inner cavity [n -S]
BORINGLY : tediously [adv]
BORINGS : boring [n]
BORK : to attack a candidate in the media [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BORKED : bork [v]
BORKING : bork [v]
BORKS : bork [v]
BORN : having particular qualities from birth [adj]
BORNE : bear [v]
BORNEOL : an alcohol [n -S]
BORNEOLS : borneol [n]
BORNITE : an ore of copper [n -S] : BORNITIC [adj]
BORNITES : bornite [n]
BORNITIC : bornite [adj]
BORON : a nonmetallic element [n -S] : BORONIC [adj]
BORONIC : boron [adj]
BORONS : boron [n]
BOROUGH : an incorporated town [n -S]
BOROUGHS : borough [n]
BORRELIA : a coiled spirochete [n -S]
BORRELIAS : borrelia [n]
BORROW : to take on loan [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BORROWED : borrow [v]
BORROWER : one that borrows [n -S]
BORROWERS : borrower [n]
BORROWING : borrow [v]
BORROWS : borrow [v]
BORSCH : borscht [n -ES]
BORSCHES : borsch [n]
BORSCHT : a beet soup [n -S]
BORSCHTS : borscht [n]
BORSHT : borscht [n -S]
BORSHTS : borsht [n]
BORSTAL : a reformatory [n -S]
BORSTALS : borstal [n]
BORT : a low-quality diamond [n -S] : BORTY [adj]
BORTS : bort [n]
BORTY : bort [adj]
BORTZ : bort [n -ES]
BORTZES : bortz [n]
BORZOI : a Russian hound [n -S]
BORZOIS : borzoi [n]
BOS : bo [n]
BOSCAGE : a thicket [n -S]
BOSCAGES : boscage [n]
BOSCHBOK : bushbuck [n -S]
BOSCHBOKS : boschbok [n]
BOSH : nonsense [n -ES]
BOSHBOK : bushbuck [n -S]
BOSHBOKS : boshbok [n]
BOSHES : bosh [n]
BOSHVARK : a wild hog [n -S]
BOSHVARKS : boshvark [n]
BOSK : a small wooded area [n -S]
BOSKAGE : boscage [n -S]
BOSKAGES : boskage [n]
BOSKER : fine; very good [adj]
BOSKET : a thicket [n -S]
BOSKETS : bosket [n]
BOSKIER : bosky [adj]
BOSKIEST : bosky [adj]
BOSKS : bosk [n]
BOSKY : wooded; bushy [adj BOSKIER, BOSKIEST]
BOSOM : to embrace [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOSOMED : bosom [v]
BOSOMING : bosom [v]
BOSOMS : bosom [v]
BOSOMY : swelling outward [adj]
BOSON : a subatomic particle [n -S] : BOSONIC [adj]
BOSONIC : boson [adj]
BOSONS : boson [n]
BOSQUE : bosk [n -S]
BOSQUES : bosque [n]
BOSQUET : bosket [n -S]
BOSQUETS : bosquet [n]
BOSS : to supervise [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BOSSDOM : the domain of a political boss [n -S]
BOSSDOMS : bossdom [n]
BOSSED : boss [v]
BOSSES : boss [v]
BOSSIER : bossy [adj]
BOSSIES : bossy [n]
BOSSIEST : bossy [adj]
BOSSILY : bossy [adv]
BOSSING : boss [v]
BOSSISM : control by political bosses [n -S]
BOSSISMS : bossism [n]
BOSSY : domineering [adj BOSSIER, BOSSIEST] : BOSSILY [adv] / a cow [n BOSSIES]
BOSTON : a card game [n -S]
BOSTONS : boston [n]
BOSUN : a boatswain [n -S]
BOSUNS : bosun [n]
BOT : the larva of a botfly [n -S]
BOTA : a leather bottle [n -S]
BOTANIC : pertaining to botany [adj]
BOTANICA : a shop that sells herbs and magic charms [n -S]
BOTANICAS : botanica [n]
BOTANIES : botany [n]
BOTANISE : to botanize [v -NISED, -NISING, -NISES]
BOTANISED : botanise [v]
BOTANISES : botanise [v]
BOTANIST : one skilled in botany [n -S]
BOTANISTS : botanist [n]
BOTANIZE : to study plants [v -NIZED, -NIZING, -NIZES]
BOTANIZED : botanize [v]
BOTANIZES : botanize [v]
BOTANY : the science of plants [n -NIES]
BOTAS : bota [n]
BOTCH : to bungle [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BOTCHED : botch [v]
BOTCHER : one that botches [n -S]
BOTCHERS : botcher [n]
BOTCHERY : something botched [n -ERIES]
BOTCHES : botch [v]
BOTCHIER : botchy [adj]
BOTCHIEST : botchy [adj]
BOTCHILY : botchy [adv]
BOTCHING : botch [v]
BOTCHY : badly done [adj BOTCHIER, BOTCHIEST] : BOTCHILY [adv]
BOTEL : boatel [n -S]
BOTELS : botel [n]
BOTFLIES : botfly [n]
BOTFLY : a type of fly [n -FLIES]
BOTH : being the two [adj]
BOTHER : to annoy [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOTHERED : bother [v]
BOTHERING : bother [v]
BOTHERS : bother [v]
BOTHIES : bothy [n]
BOTHRIA : bothrium [n]
BOTHRIUM : a groove on a tapeworm [n -RIA or -RIUMS]
BOTHRIUMS : bothrium [n]
BOTHY : a hut in Scotland [n BOTHIES]
BOTONEE : having arms ending in a trefoil -- used of a heraldic cross [adj]
BOTONNEE : botonee [adj]
BOTRYOID : resembling a cluster of grapes [adj]
BOTRYOSE : botryoid [adj]
BOTRYTIS : a plant disease [n -TISES]
BOTS : bot [n]
BOTT : bot [n -S]
BOTTLE : to put into a bottle (a rigid container) [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BOTTLED : bottle [v]
BOTTLER : one that bottles [n -S]
BOTTLERS : bottler [n]
BOTTLES : bottle [v]
BOTTLING : a bottled beverage [n -S]
BOTTLINGS : bottling [n]
BOTTOM : to comprehend [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOTTOMED : bottom [v]
BOTTOMER : one that bottoms [n -S]
BOTTOMERS : bottomer [n]
BOTTOMING : bottom [v]
BOTTOMRY : a maritime contract [n -RIES]
BOTTOMS : bottom [v]
BOTTS : bott [n]
BOTULIN : a nerve poison [n -S]
BOTULINS : botulin [n]
BOTULISM : botulin poisoning [n -S]
BOTULISMS : botulism [n]
BOUBOU : a long flowing garment [n -S]
BOUBOUS : boubou [n]
BOUCHEE : a small patty shell [n -S]
BOUCHEES : bouchee [n]
BOUCLE : a knitted fabric [n -S]
BOUCLES : boucle [n]
BOUDIN : a spicy Cajun sausage [n -S]
BOUDINS : boudin [n]
BOUDOIR : a woman’s bedroom [n -S]
BOUDOIRS : boudoir [n]
BOUFFANT : a woman’s hairdo [n -S]
BOUFFANTS : bouffant [n]
BOUFFE : a comic opera [n -S]
BOUFFES : bouffe [n]
BOUGH : a tree branch [n -S] : BOUGHED [adj]
BOUGHED : bough [adj]
BOUGHPOT : a large vase [n -S]
BOUGHPOTS : boughpot [n]
BOUGHS : bough [n]
BOUGHT : buy [v]
BOUGHTEN : purchased [adj]
BOUGIE : a wax candle [n -S]
BOUGIES : bougie [n]
BOUILLON : a clear broth [n -S]
BOUILLONS : bouillon [n]
BOULDER : a large rock [n -S] : BOULDERY [adj]
BOULDERS : boulder [n]
BOULDERY : boulder [adj]
BOULE : buhl [n -S]
BOULES : boule [n]
BOULLE : buhl [n -S]
BOULLES : boulle [n]
BOUNCED : bounce [v]
BOUNCER : one that bounces [n -S]
BOUNCERS : bouncer [n]
BOUNCES : bounce [v]
BOUNCIER : bouncy [adj]
BOUNCIEST : bouncy [adj]
BOUNCILY : bouncy [adv]
BOUNCING : bounce [v]
BOUNCY : tending to bounce [adj BOUNCIER, BOUNCIEST] : BOUNCILY [adv]
BOUND : to leap [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOUNDARY : a dividing line [n -ARIES]
BOUNDED : bound [v]
BOUNDEN : obliged [adj]
BOUNDER : one that bounds [n -S]
BOUNDERS : bounder [n]
BOUNDING : bound [v]
BOUNDS : bound [v]
BOUNTIED : bounty [adj]
BOUNTIES : bounty [n]
BOUNTY : a reward [n -TIES] : BOUNTIED [adj]
BOUQUET : a bunch of flowers [n -S]
BOUQUETS : bouquet [n]
BOURBON : a whiskey [n -S]
BOURBONS : bourbon [n]
BOURDON : a part of a bagpipe [n -S]
BOURDONS : bourdon [n]
BOURG : a medieval town [n -S]
BOURGEON : to burgeon [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOURGEONS : bourgeon [v]
BOURGS : bourg [n]
BOURN : a stream [n -S]
BOURNE : bourn [n -S]
BOURNES : bourne [n]
BOURNS : bourn [n]
BOURREE : an old French dance [n -S]
BOURREES : bourree [n]
BOURRIDE : a fish stew [n -S]
BOURRIDES : bourride [n]
BOURSE : a stock exchange [n -S]
BOURSES : bourse [n]
BOURSIN : a mild, smooth, creamy cheese without rind -- a trademark [n -S]
BOURSINS : boursin [n]
BOURTREE : a European tree [n -S]
BOURTREES : bourtree [n]
BOUSE : to haul by means of a tackle [v BOUSED, BOUSING, BOUSES]
BOUSED : bouse [v]
BOUSES : bouse [v]
BOUSING : bouse [v]
BOUSOUKI : bouzouki [n -KIA or -KIS]
BOUSOUKIA : bousouki [n]
BOUSOUKIS : bousouki [n]
BOUSY : boozy [adj]
BOUT : a contest [n -S]
BOUTIQUE : a small shop [n -S]
BOUTIQUES : boutique [n]
BOUTON : an enlarged end of a nerve fiber [n -S]
BOUTONS : bouton [n]
BOUTS : bout [n]
BOUVIER : a large dog [n -S]
BOUVIERS : bouvier [n]
BOUZOUKI : a stringed musical instrument [n -KIA or -KIS]
BOUZOUKIA : bouzouki [n]
BOUZOUKIS : bouzouki [n]
BOVID : a bovine [n -S]
BOVIDS : bovid [n]
BOVINE : an ox-like animal [n -S]
BOVINELY : stolidly [adv]
BOVINES : bovine [n]
BOVINITY : the state of being a bovine [n -TIES]
BOW : to bend forward [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOWED : bow [v]
BOWEL : to disbowel [v -ELED, -ELING, -ELS or -ELLED, -ELLING, -ELS]
BOWELED : bowel [v]
BOWELING : bowel [v]
BOWELLED : bowel [v]
BOWELLING : bowel [v]
BOWELS : bowel [v]
BOWER : to embower [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOWERED : bower [v]
BOWERIES : bowery [n]
BOWERING : bower [v]
BOWERS : bower [v]
BOWERY : a colonial Dutch farm [n -ERIES]
BOWFIN : a freshwater fish [n -S]
BOWFINS : bowfin [n]
BOWFRONT : having a curved front [adj]
BOWHEAD : an arctic whale [n -S]
BOWHEADS : bowhead [n]
BOWING : the technique of managing the bow of a stringed instrument [n -S]
BOWINGLY : in a bowing manner [adv]
BOWINGS : bowing [n]
BOWKNOT : a type of knot [n -S]
BOWKNOTS : bowknot [n]
BOWL : to play at bowling [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOWLDER : boulder [n -S]
BOWLDERS : bowlder [n]
BOWLED : bowl [v]
BOWLEG : an outwardly curved leg [n -S]
BOWLEGS : bowleg [n]
BOWLER : one that bowls [n -S]
BOWLERS : bowler [n]
BOWLESS : being without an archery bow [adj]
BOWLFUL : as much as a bowl can hold [n -S]
BOWLFULS : bowlful [n]
BOWLIKE : curved [adj]
BOWLINE : a type of knot [n -S]
BOWLINES : bowline [n]
BOWLING : a game in which balls are rolled at objects [n -S]
BOWLINGS : bowling [n]
BOWLLIKE : concave [adj]
BOWLS : bowl [v]
BOWMAN : an archer [n BOWMEN]
BOWMEN : bowman [n]
BOWPOT : boughpot [n -S]
BOWPOTS : bowpot [n]
BOWS : bow [v]
BOWSED : bowse [v]
BOWSES : bowse [v]
BOWSHOT : the distance an arrow is shot [n -S]
BOWSHOTS : bowshot [n]
BOWSING : bowse [v]
BOWSPRIT : a ship’s spar [n -S]
BOWSPRITS : bowsprit [n]
BOWWOW : to bark like a dog [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOWWOWED : bowwow [v]
BOWWOWING : bowwow [v]
BOWWOWS : bowwow [v]
BOWYER : a maker of archery bows [n -S]
BOWYERS : bowyer [n]
BOX : to put in a box (a rectangular container) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BOXBALL : a form of handball [n -S]
BOXBALLS : boxball [n]
BOXBERRY : an evergreen plant [n -RIES]
BOXBOARD : stiff paperboard [n -S]
BOXBOARDS : boxboard [n]
BOXCAR : a roofed freight car [n -S]
BOXCARS : boxcar [n]
BOXED : box [v]
BOXER : one that packs boxes [n -S]
BOXERS : boxer [n]
BOXES : box [v]
BOXFISH : a marine fish [n -ES]
BOXFISHES : boxfish [n]
BOXFUL : as much as a box can hold [n -S]
BOXFULS : boxful [n]
BOXHAUL : to veer a ship around [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOXHAULED : boxhaul [v]
BOXHAULS : boxhaul [v]
BOXIER : boxy [adj]
BOXIEST : boxy [adj]
BOXILY : boxy [adv]
BOXINESS : the state of being boxy [n -ES]
BOXING : a casing [n -S]
BOXINGS : boxing [n]
BOXLIKE : resembling a box [adj]
BOXTHORN : a thorny shrub [n -S]
BOXTHORNS : boxthorn [n]
BOXWOOD : an evergreen shrub [n -S]
BOXWOODS : boxwood [n]
BOXY : resembling a box [adj BOXIER, BOXIEST] : BOXILY [adv]
BOY : a male child [n BOYS]
BOYAR : a former Russian aristocrat [n -S]
BOYARD : boyar [n -S]
BOYARDS : boyard [n]
BOYARISM : the rule of boyars [n -S]
BOYARISMS : boyarism [n]
BOYARS : boyar [n]
BOYCHICK : boychik [n -S]
BOYCHICKS : boychick [n]
BOYCHIK : a young man [n -S]
BOYCHIKS : boychik [n]
BOYCOTT : to refuse to buy [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BOYCOTTED : boycott [v]
BOYCOTTS : boycott [v]
BOYHOOD : the state of being a boy [n -S]
BOYHOODS : boyhood [n]
BOYISH : resembling a boy [adj] : BOYISHLY [adv]
BOYISHLY : boyish [adv]
BOYLA : a witch doctor [n -S]
BOYLAS : boyla [n]
BOYO : a boy [n BOYOS]
BOYOS : boyo [n]
BOYS : boy [n]
BOZO : a fellow [n -ZOS]
BOZOS : bozo [n]
BRA : a brassiere [n -S]
BRABBLE : to quarrel noisily [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BRABBLED : brabble [v]
BRABBLER : one that brabbles [n -S]
BRABBLERS : brabbler [n]
BRABBLES : brabble [v]
BRABBLING : brabble [v]
BRACED : brace [v]
BRACELET : a wrist ornament [n -S]
BRACELETS : bracelet [n]
BRACER : one that braces [n -S]
BRACERO : a Mexican laborer [n -ROS]
BRACEROS : bracero [n]
BRACERS : bracer [n]
BRACES : brace [v]
BRACH : a hound bitch [n -ES or -S]
BRACHES : brach [n]
BRACHET : a brach [n -S]
BRACHETS : brachet [n]
BRACHIA : brachium [n]
BRACHIAL : a part of the arm [n -S]
BRACHIALS : brachial [n]
BRACHIUM : the upper part of arm [n -IA]
BRACHS : brach [n]
BRACING : a brace or reinforcement [n -S]
BRACINGS : bracing [n]
BRACIOLA : a thin slice of meat [n -S]
BRACIOLAS : braciola [n]
BRACIOLE : braciola [n -S]
BRACIOLES : braciole [n]
BRACKEN : a large fern [n -S]
BRACKENS : bracken [n]
BRACKET : to classify [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRACKETED : bracket [v]
BRACKETS : bracket [v]
BRACKISH : salty [adj]
BRACONID : any of a family of flies [n -S]
BRACONIDS : braconid [n]
BRACT : a leaflike plant part [n -S] : BRACTEAL, BRACTED [adj]
BRACTEAL : bract [adj]
BRACTED : bract [adj]
BRACTLET : a small bract [n -S]
BRACTLETS : bractlet [n]
BRACTS : bract [n]
BRAD : to fasten with thin nails [v BRADDED, BRADDING, BRADS]
BRADAWL : a type of awl [n -S]
BRADAWLS : bradawl [n]
BRADDED : brad [v]
BRADDING : brad [v]
BRADOON : bridoon [n -S]
BRADOONS : bradoon [n]
BRADS : brad [v]
BRAE : a hillside [n -S]
BRAES : brae [n]
BRAG : first-rate [adj BRAGGER, BRAGGEST] / to speak vainly of one’s deeds [v BRAGGED, BRAGGING, BRAGS]
BRAGGART : one who brags [n -S]
BRAGGARTS : braggart [n]
BRAGGED : brag [v]
BRAGGER : a braggart [n -S]
BRAGGERS : bragger [n]
BRAGGEST : brag [adj]
BRAGGIER : braggy [adj]
BRAGGIEST : braggy [adj]
BRAGGING : brag [v]
BRAGGY : tending to brag [adj -GIER, -GIEST]
BRAGS : brag [v]
BRAHMA : a large domestic fowl [n -S]
BRAHMAS : brahma [n]
BRAID : to weave together [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRAIDED : braid [v]
BRAIDER : one that braids [n -S]
BRAIDERS : braider [n]
BRAIDING : something made of braided material [n -S]
BRAIDINGS : braiding [n]
BRAIDS : braid [v]
BRAIL : to haul in a sail [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRAILED : brail [v]
BRAILING : brail [v]
BRAILLE : to write in braille (raised writing for the blind) [v BRAILLED, BRAILLING, BRAILLES]
BRAILLED : braille [v]
BRAILLER : a machine for printing in braille [n -S]
BRAILLERS : brailler [n]
BRAILLES : braille [v]
BRAILLING : braille [v]
BRAILS : brail [v]
BRAIN : to hit on the head [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRAINED : brain [v]
BRAINIAC : a very intelligent person [n -S]
BRAINIACS : brainiac [n]
BRAINIER : brainy [adj]
BRAINIEST : brainy [adj]
BRAINILY : in a brainy manner [adv]
BRAINING : brain [v]
BRAINISH : impetuous [adj]
BRAINPAN : the skull [n -S]
BRAINPANS : brainpan [n]
BRAINS : brain [v]
BRAISED : braise [v]
BRAISES : braise [v]
BRAISING : braise [v]
BRAIZE : a marine fish [n -S]
BRAIZES : braize [n]
BRAKE : to slow down or stop [v BRAKED, BRAKING, BRAKES]
BRAKEAGE : the act of braking [n -S]
BRAKEAGES : brakeage [n]
BRAKED : brake [v]
BRAKEMAN : a trainman [n BRAKEMEN]
BRAKEMEN : brakeman [n]
BRAKES : brake [v]
BRAKIER : braky [adj]
BRAKIEST : braky [adj]
BRAKING : brake [v]
BRAKY : abounding in shrubs or ferns [adj BRAKIER, BRAKIEST]
BRALESS : wearing no bra [adj]
BRAMBLE : to gather berries [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BRAMBLED : bramble [v]
BRAMBLES : bramble [v]
BRAMBLIER : brambly [adj]
BRAMBLING : bramble [v]
BRAMBLY : prickly [adj -BLIER, -BLIEST]
BRAN : to soak in water mixed with bran (the outer coat of cereals) [v BRANNED, BRANNING, BRANS]
BRANCH : to form branches (offshoots) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BRANCHED : branch [v]
BRANCHES : branch [v]
BRANCHIA : a respiratory organ of aquatic animals [n -CHIAE]
BRANCHIAE : branchia [n]
BRANCHIER : branchy [adj]
BRANCHING : branch [v]
BRANCHY : having many branches [adj BRANCHIER, BRANCHIEST]
BRAND : to mark with a hot iron [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRANDED : brand [v]
BRANDER : one that brands [n -S]
BRANDERS : brander [n]
BRANDIED : brandy [v]
BRANDIES : brandy [v]
BRANDING : brand [v]
BRANDISH : to wave menacingly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BRANDS : brand [v]
BRANDY : to mix with brandy (a liquor) [v -DIED, -DYING, -DIES]
BRANDYING : brandy [v]
BRANK : a device used to restrain the tongue [n -S]
BRANKS : brank [n]
BRANNED : bran [v]
BRANNER : one that brans [n -S]
BRANNERS : branner [n]
BRANNIER : branny [adj]
BRANNIEST : branny [adj]
BRANNING : bran [v]
BRANNY : containing bran [adj -NIER, -NIEST]
BRANS : bran [v]
BRANT : a wild goose [n -S]
BRANTAIL : a singing bird [n -S]
BRANTAILS : brantail [n]
BRANTS : brant [n]
BRAS : bra [n]
BRASH : rash; hasty [adj BRASHER, BRASHEST] : BRASHLY [adv] / a mass of fragments [n -ES]
BRASHER : brash [adj]
BRASHES : brash [n]
BRASHEST : brash [adj]
BRASHIER : brashy [adj]
BRASHIEST : brashy [adj]
BRASHLY : brash [adv]
BRASIER : brazier [n -S]
BRASIERS : brasier [n]
BRASIL : brazil [n -S]
BRASILIN : brazilin [n -S]
BRASILINS : brasilin [n]
BRASILS : brasil [n]
BRASS : to coat with brass (an alloy of copper and zinc) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BRASSAGE : a fee for coining money [n -S]
BRASSAGES : brassage [n]
BRASSARD : an insignia [n -S]
BRASSARDS : brassard [n]
BRASSART : brassard [n -S]
BRASSARTS : brassart [n]
BRASSED : brass [v]
BRASSES : brass [v]
BRASSICA : a tall herb [n -S]
BRASSICAS : brassica [n]
BRASSIE : a golf club [n -S]
BRASSIER : brassy [adj]
BRASSIES : brassie [n]
BRASSIEST : brassy [adj]
BRASSILY : brassy [adv]
BRASSING : brass [v]
BRASSISH : resembling brass [adj]
BRASSY : resembling brass [adj BRASSIER, BRASSIEST] : BRASSILY [adv]
BRAT : a spoiled child [n -S] : BRATTISH [adj]
BRATS : brat [n]
BRATTICE : to partition [v -TICED, -TICING, -TICES]
BRATTICED : brattice [v]
BRATTICES : brattice [v]
BRATTIER : bratty [adj]
BRATTIEST : bratty [adj]
BRATTISH : brat [adj]
BRATTLE : to clatter [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BRATTLED : brattle [v]
BRATTLES : brattle [v]
BRATTLING : brattle [v]
BRATTY : resembling a brat [adj -TIER, -TIEST]
BRAUNITE : a mineral [n -S]
BRAUNITES : braunite [n]
BRAVA : a shout of approval [n -S]
BRAVADO : false bravery [n -DOS or -DOES]
BRAVADOES : bravado [n]
BRAVADOS : bravado [n]
BRAVAS : brava [n]
BRAVE : showing courage [adj BRAVER, BRAVEST] : BRAVELY [adv] / to face with courage [v BRAVED, BRAVING, BRAVES]
BRAVED : brave [v]
BRAVELY : brave [adv]
BRAVER : one that braves [n -S]
BRAVERIES : bravery [n]
BRAVERS : braver [n]
BRAVERY : courage [n -ERIES]
BRAVES : brave [v]
BRAVEST : brave [adj]
BRAVI : bravo [n]
BRAVING : brave [v]
BRAVO : a hired killer [n -VOS or -VOES or -VI] / to applaud by shouting ‘‘bravo’’ [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BRAVOED : bravo [v]
BRAVOES : bravo [n]
BRAVOING : bravo [v]
BRAVOS : bravo [n]
BRAVURA : fine musical technique [n -RAS or -RE]
BRAVURAS : bravura [n]
BRAVURE : bravura [n]
BRAW : splendid [adj BRAWER, BRAWEST]
BRAWER : braw [adj]
BRAWEST : braw [adj]
BRAWL : to fight [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRAWLED : brawl [v]
BRAWLER : a fighter [n -S]
BRAWLERS : brawler [n]
BRAWLIE : splendidly [adv]
BRAWLIER : brawly [adj]
BRAWLIEST : brawly [adj]
BRAWLING : brawl [v]
BRAWLS : brawl [v]
BRAWLY : inclined to brawl [adj BRAWLIER, BRAWLIEST]
BRAWN : muscular strength [n -S]
BRAWNIER : brawny [adj]
BRAWNIEST : brawny [adj]
BRAWNILY : brawny [adv]
BRAWNS : brawn [n]
BRAWS : fine clothes [n]
BRAXIES : braxy [n]
BRAXY : a fever of sheep [n BRAXIES]
BRAY : to utter a harsh cry [v BRAYED, BRAYING, BRAYS]
BRAYED : bray [v]
BRAYER : a roller used to spread ink [n -S]
BRAYERS : brayer [n]
BRAYING : bray [v]
BRAYS : bray [v]
BRAZA : a Spanish unit of length [n -S]
BRAZAS : braza [n]
BRAZE : to solder together [v BRAZED, BRAZING, BRAZES]
BRAZED : braze [v]
BRAZEN : to face boldly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRAZENED : brazen [v]
BRAZENING : brazen [v]
BRAZENLY : boldly [adv]
BRAZENS : brazen [v]
BRAZER : one that brazes [n -S]
BRAZERS : brazer [n]
BRAZES : braze [v]
BRAZIER : one who works in brass [n -S]
BRAZIERS : brazier [n]
BRAZIL : a dyewood [n -S]
BRAZILIN : a chemical compound [n -S]
BRAZILINS : brazilin [n]
BRAZILS : brazil [n]
BRAZING : braze [v]
BREACH : to break through [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BREACHED : breach [v]
BREACHER : one that breaches [n -S]
BREACHERS : breacher [n]
BREACHES : breach [v]
BREACHING : breach [v]
BREAD : to cover with crumbs of bread (a baked foodstuff made from flour) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BREADBOX : a container for bread [n -ES]
BREADED : bread [v]
BREADING : bread [v]
BREADNUT : a tropical fruit [n -S]
BREADNUTS : breadnut [n]
BREADS : bread [v]
BREADTH : width [n -S]
BREADTHS : breadth [n]
BREADY : resembling or characteristic of bread [adj]
BREAK : to reduce to fragments [v BROKE, BROKEN, BREAKING, BREAKS]
BREAKAGE : the act of breaking [n -S]
BREAKAGES : breakage [n]
BREAKER : one that breaks [n -S]
BREAKERS : breaker [n]
BREAKING : the change of a pure vowel to a diphthong [n -S]
BREAKINGS : breaking [n]
BREAKOUT : an escape [n -S]
BREAKOUTS : breakout [n]
BREAKS : break [v]
BREAKUP : the act of breaking up [n -S]
BREAKUPS : breakup [n]
BREAM : to clean a ship’s bottom [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BREAMED : bream [v]
BREAMING : bream [v]
BREAMS : bream [v]
BREAST : to confront boldly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BREASTED : breast [v]
BREASTING : breast [v]
BREASTS : breast [v]
BREATH : air inhaled and exhaled [n -S]
BREATHE : to inhale and exhale air [v BREATHED, BREATHING, BREATHES]
BREATHED : breathe [v]
BREATHER : one that breathes [n -S]
BREATHERS : breather [n]
BREATHES : breathe [v]
BREATHIER : breathy [adj]
BREATHING : breathe [v]
BREATHS : breath [n]
BREATHY : marked by loud breathing [adj BREATHIER, BREATHIEST]
BRECCIA : a type of rock [n -S] : BRECCIAL [adj]
BRECCIAL : breccia [adj]
BRECCIAS : breccia [n]
BRECHAM : a collar for a horse [n -S]
BRECHAMS : brecham [n]
BRECHAN : brecham [n -S]
BRECHANS : brechan [n]
BRED : breed [v]
BREDE : a braid [n -S]
BREDES : brede [n]
BREE : broth [n -S]
BREECH : to clothe with breeches (trousers) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BREECHED : breech [v]
BREECHES : breech [v]
BREECHING : breech [v]
BREED : to cause to give birth [v BRED, BREEDING, BREEDS]
BREEDER : one that breeds [n -S]
BREEDERS : breeder [n]
BREEDING : upbringing [n -S]
BREEDINGS : breeding [n]
BREEDS : breed [v]
BREEKS : breeches [n]
BREES : bree [n]
BREEZED : breeze [v]
BREEZES : breeze [v]
BREEZIER : breezy [adj]
BREEZIEST : breezy [adj]
BREEZILY : breezy [adv]
BREEZING : breeze [v]
BREGMA : a junction point of the skull [n -MATA] : BREGMATE [adj]
BREGMATA : bregma [n]
BREGMATE : bregma [adj]
BREN : a submachine gun [n -S]
BRENS : bren [n]
BRENT : brant [n -S]
BRENTS : brent [n]
BRETHREN : brother [n]
BREVE : a symbol used to indicate a short vowel [n -S]
BREVES : breve [n]
BREVET : to confer an honorary rank upon [v -VETED, -VETING, -VETS or -VETTED, -VETTING, -VETS]
BREVETCY : an honorary rank [n -CIES]
BREVETED : brevet [v]
BREVETING : brevet [v]
BREVETS : brevet [v]
BREVETTED : brevet [v]
BREVIARY : a prayer book [n -RIES]
BREVIER : a size of type [n -S]
BREVIERS : brevier [n]
BREVITIES : brevity [n]
BREVITY : shortness of duration [n -TIES]
BREW : to make beer or the like [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BREWAGE : a brewed beverage [n -S]
BREWAGES : brewage [n]
BREWED : brew [v]
BREWER : one that brews [n -S]
BREWERIES : brewery [n]
BREWERS : brewer [n]
BREWERY : a place for brewing [n -ERIES]
BREWING : a quantity brewed at one time [n -S]
BREWINGS : brewing [n]
BREWISES : brewis [n]
BREWPUB : a restaurant that sells beverages brewed on the premises [n -S]
BREWPUBS : brewpub [n]
BREWS : brew [v]
BREWSKI : a serving of beer [n -SKIES or -SKIS]
BREWSKIES : brewski [n]
BREWSKIS : brewski [n]
BRIAR : brier [n -S] : BRIARY [adj]
BRIARD : a large dog [n -S]
BRIARDS : briard [n]
BRIARS : briar [n]
BRIARY : briar [adj]
BRIBABLE : bribe [adj]
BRIBE : to practice bribery [v BRIBED, BRIBING, BRIBES] : BRIBABLE [adj]
BRIBED : bribe [v]
BRIBEE : one that is bribed [n -S]
BRIBEES : bribee [n]
BRIBER : one that bribes [n -S]
BRIBERIES : bribery [n]
BRIBERS : briber [n]
BRIBERY : an act of influencing corruptly [n -ERIES]
BRIBES : bribe [v]
BRIBING : bribe [v]
BRICK : to build with bricks (blocks of clay) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRICKBAT : a piece of brick [n -S]
BRICKBATS : brickbat [n]
BRICKED : brick [v]
BRICKIER : bricky [adj]
BRICKIEST : bricky [adj]
BRICKING : brick [v]
BRICKLE : a brittle candy [n -S]
BRICKLES : brickle [n]
BRICKS : brick [v]
BRICKY : made of bricks [adj BRICKIER, BRICKIEST]
BRICOLE : a cushion shot in billiards [n -S]
BRICOLES : bricole [n]
BRIDAL : a wedding [n -S]
BRIDALLY : in a manner befitting a bride [adv]
BRIDALS : bridal [n]
BRIDE : a woman just married or about to be married [n -S]
BRIDES : bride [n]
BRIDGED : bridge [v]
BRIDGES : bridge [v]
BRIDGING : a bracing [n -S]
BRIDGINGS : bridging [n]
BRIDLE : to control with a restraint [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
BRIDLED : bridle [v]
BRIDLER : one that bridles [n -S]
BRIDLERS : bridler [n]
BRIDLES : bridle [v]
BRIDLING : bridle [v]
BRIDOON : a device used to control a horse [n -S]
BRIDOONS : bridoon [n]
BRIE : bree [n -S]
BRIEF : short [adj BRIEFER, BRIEFEST] / to summarize [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRIEFED : brief [v]
BRIEFER : one that briefs [n -S]
BRIEFERS : briefer [n]
BRIEFEST : brief [adj]
BRIEFING : a short lecture [n -S]
BRIEFINGS : briefing [n]
BRIEFLY : in a brief manner [adv]
BRIEFS : brief [v]
BRIER : a thorny shrub [n -S] : BRIERY [adj]
BRIERS : brier [n]
BRIERY : brier [adj]
BRIES : brie [n]
BRIG : a two-masted ship [n -S]
BRIGADE : to group together [v -GADED, -GADING, -GADES]
BRIGADED : brigade [v]
BRIGADES : brigade [v]
BRIGADING : brigade [v]
BRIGAND : a bandit [n -S]
BRIGANDS : brigand [n]
BRIGHT : emitting much light [adj BRIGHTER, BRIGHTEST] : BRIGHTLY [adv] / a light-hued tobacco [n -S]
BRIGHTEN : to make bright [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRIGHTENS : brighten [v]
BRIGHTER : bright [adj]
BRIGHTEST : bright [adj]
BRIGHTLY : bright [adv]
BRIGHTS : bright [n]
BRIGS : brig [n]
BRILL : an edible flatfish [n -S]
BRILLO : a scouring pad -- a trademark [n -S]
BRILLOS : brillo [n]
BRILLS : brill [n]
BRIM : to fill to the top [v BRIMMED, BRIMMING, BRIMS]
BRIMFUL : ready to overflow [adj]
BRIMFULL : brimful [adj]
BRIMLESS : having no brim (an upper edge) [adj]
BRIMMED : brim [v]
BRIMMER : a brimming cup or glass [n -S]
BRIMMERS : brimmer [n]
BRIMMING : brim [v]
BRIMS : brim [v]
BRIN : a rib of a fan [n -S]
BRINDED : brindled [adj]
BRINDLE : a brindled color [n -S]
BRINDLED : streaked [adj]
BRINDLES : brindle [n]
BRINE : to treat with brine (salted water) [v BRINED, BRINING, BRINES]
BRINED : brine [v]
BRINER : one that brines [n -S]
BRINERS : briner [n]
BRINES : brine [v]
BRING : to take with oneself to a place [v BROUGHT, BRUNG, BRINGING, BRINGS]
BRINGER : one that brings [n -S]
BRINGERS : bringer [n]
BRINGING : bring [v]
BRINGS : bring [v]
BRINIER : briny [adj]
BRINIES : briny [n]
BRINIEST : briny [adj]
BRINING : brine [v]
BRINISH : resembling brine [adj]
BRINK : an extreme edge [n -S]
BRINKS : brink [n]
BRINS : brin [n]
BRINY : salty [adj BRINIER, BRINIEST] / the {sea=n} [n BRINIES]
BRIO : liveliness [n BRIOS]
BRIOCHE : a rich roll [n -S]
BRIOCHES : brioche [n]
BRIONIES : briony [n]
BRIONY : bryony [n -NIES]
BRIOS : brio [n]
BRIQUET : to mold into small bricks [v -QUETTED, -QUETTING, -QUETS]
BRIQUETS : briquet [v]
BRIS : a Jewish circumcision rite [n -ES]
BRISANCE : the shattering effect of an explosive [n -S] : BRISANT [adj]
BRISANCES : brisance [n]
BRISANT : brisance [adj]
BRISES : bris [n]
BRISK : lively [adj BRISKER, BRISKEST] / to make {brisk=adj} [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRISKED : brisk [v]
BRISKER : brisk [adj]
BRISKEST : brisk [adj]
BRISKET : the breast of an animal [n -S]
BRISKETS : brisket [n]
BRISKING : brisk [v]
BRISKLY : in a brisk manner [adv]
BRISKS : brisk [v]
BRISLING : a small herring [n -S]
BRISLINGS : brisling [n]
BRISS : bris [n -ES]
BRISSES : briss [n]
BRISTLE : to rise stiffly [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BRISTLED : bristle [v]
BRISTLES : bristle [v]
BRISTLIER : bristly [adj]
BRISTLING : bristle [v]
BRISTLY : stiffly erect [adj -TLIER, -TLIEST]
BRISTOL : a smooth cardboard [n -S]
BRISTOLS : bristol [n]
BRIT : a young herring [n -S]
BRITCHES : breeches; trousers [n]
BRITH : bris [n -S]
BRITHS : brith [n]
BRITS : brit [n]
BRITSKA : an open carriage [n -S]
BRITSKAS : britska [n]
BRITT : brit [n -S]
BRITTLE : likely to break [adj -TLER, -TLEST] / to become brittle [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BRITTLED : brittle [v]
BRITTLER : brittle [adj]
BRITTLES : brittle [v]
BRITTLEST : brittle [adj]
BRITTLING : brittle [v]
BRITTLY : in a brittle manner [adv]
BRITTS : britt [n]
BRITZKA : britska [n -S]
BRITZKAS : britzka [n]
BRITZSKA : britska [n -S]
BRITZSKAS : britzska [n]
BRO : a brother [n BROS]
BROACH : to pierce so as to withdraw a liquid [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BROACHED : broach [v]
BROACHER : one that broaches [n -S]
BROACHERS : broacher [n]
BROACHES : broach [v]
BROACHING : broach [v]
BROAD : wide [adj BROADER, BROADEST] / an expansion of a river [n -S]
BROADAX : a broad-edged ax [n -ES]
BROADAXE : broadax [n -S]
BROADAXES : broadaxe [n]
BROADEN : to make broad [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROADENED : broaden [v]
BROADENS : broaden [v]
BROADER : broad [adj]
BROADEST : broad [adj]
BROADISH : somewhat broad [adj]
BROADLY : in a broad manner [adv]
BROADS : broad [n]
BROCADE : to weave with a raised design [v -CADED, -CADING, -CADES]
BROCADED : brocade [v]
BROCADES : brocade [v]
BROCADING : brocade [v]
BROCATEL : a heavy fabric [n -S]
BROCATELS : brocatel [n]
BROCCOLI : a vegetable related to the cabbage [n -S]
BROCCOLIS : broccoli [n]
BROCHE : brocaded [adj]
BROCHURE : a pamphlet [n -S]
BROCHURES : brochure [n]
BROCK : a badger [n -S]
BROCKAGE : an imperfectly minted coin [n -S]
BROCKAGES : brockage [n]
BROCKET : a small, red deer [n -S]
BROCKETS : brocket [n]
BROCKS : brock [n]
BROCOLI : broccoli [n -S]
BROCOLIS : brocoli [n]
BROGAN : a heavy shoe [n -S]
BROGANS : brogan [n]
BROGUE : an Irish accent [n -S]
BROGUERY : the use of an Irish accent [n -ERIES]
BROGUES : brogue [n]
BROGUISH : resembling a brogue [adj]
BROIDER : to adorn with needlework [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROIDERED : broider [v]
BROIDERS : broider [v]
BROIDERY : the act of broidering [n -DERIES]
BROIL : to cook by direct heat [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROILED : broil [v]
BROILER : a device for broiling [n -S]
BROILERS : broiler [n]
BROILING : broil [v]
BROILS : broil [v]
BROKAGE : the business of a broker [n -S]
BROKAGES : brokage [n]
BROKE : break [v]
BROKEN : shattered [adj] : BROKENLY [adv]
BROKENLY : broken [adv]
BROKER : to act as a broker (an agent who buys and sells stocks) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROKERED : broker [v]
BROKERING : broker [v]
BROKERS : broker [v]
BROKING : brokerage [n -S]
BROKINGS : broking [n]
BROLLIES : brolly [n]
BROLLY : an umbrella [n -LIES]
BROMAL : a medicinal liquid [n -S]
BROMALS : bromal [n]
BROMATE : to combine with bromine [v -MATED, -MATING, -MATES]
BROMATED : bromate [v]
BROMATES : bromate [v]
BROMATING : bromate [v]
BROME : a tall grass [n -S]
BROMELIN : an enzyme [n -S]
BROMELINS : bromelin [n]
BROMES : brome [n]
BROMIC : containing bromine [adj]
BROMID : bromide [n -S]
BROMIDE : a bromine compound [n -S]
BROMIDES : bromide [n]
BROMIDIC : commonplace; trite [adj]
BROMIDS : bromid [n]
BROMIN : bromine [n -S]
BROMINE : a volatile liquid element [n -S]
BROMINES : bromine [n]
BROMINS : bromin [n]
BROMISM : a diseased condition of the skin [n -S]
BROMISMS : bromism [n]
BROMIZE : to treat with bromine or a bromide [v -MIZED, -MIZING, -MIZES]
BROMIZED : bromize [v]
BROMIZES : bromize [v]
BROMIZING : bromize [v]
BROMO : a medicinal compound [n -MOS]
BROMOS : bromo [n]
BRONC : bronco [n -S]
BRONCHI : bronchus [n]
BRONCHIA : the main air passages of the lungs [n]
BRONCHO : bronco [n -CHOS]
BRONCHOS : broncho [n]
BRONCHUS : a tracheal branch [n -CHI]
BRONCO : a wild horse [n -COS]
BRONCOS : bronco [n]
BRONCS : bronc [n]
BRONZE : to make brown or tan [v BRONZED, BRONZING, BRONZES]
BRONZED : bronze [v]
BRONZER : one that bronzes [n -S]
BRONZERS : bronzer [n]
BRONZES : bronze [v]
BRONZIER : bronzy [adj]
BRONZIEST : bronzy [adj]
BRONZING : a brownish coloring [n -S]
BRONZINGS : bronzing [n]
BRONZY : of a brownish color [adj BRONZIER, BRONZIEST]
BROO : a bree [n BROOS]
BROOCH : a decorative pin [n -ES]
BROOCHES : brooch [n]
BROOD : to ponder gloomily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROODED : brood [v]
BROODER : one that broods [n -S]
BROODERS : brooder [n]
BROODIER : broody [adj]
BROODIEST : broody [adj]
BROODILY : broody [adv]
BROODING : brood [v]
BROODS : brood [v]
BROODY : tending to brood [adj BROODIER, BROODIEST] : BROODILY [adv]
BROOK : to tolerate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROOKED : brook [v]
BROOKIE : a brook trout [n -S]
BROOKIES : brookie [n]
BROOKING : brook [v]
BROOKITE : a mineral [n -S]
BROOKITES : brookite [n]
BROOKLET : a small brook or creek [n -S]
BROOKLETS : brooklet [n]
BROOKS : brook [v]
BROOM : to sweep [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROOMED : broom [v]
BROOMIER : broomy [adj]
BROOMIEST : broomy [adj]
BROOMING : broom [v]
BROOMS : broom [v]
BROOMY : abounding in broom (a type of shrub) [adj BROOMIER, BROOMIEST]
BROOS : broo [n]
BROS : bro [n]
BROSE : a porridge [n -S]
BROSES : brose [n]
BROSY : smeared with brose [adj]
BROTH : a thin clear soup [n -S]
BROTHEL : a house of prostitution [n -S]
BROTHELS : brothel [n]
BROTHER : a male sibling [n -S or BRETHREN] / to treat like a brother [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROTHERED : brother [v]
BROTHERS : brother [n]
BROTHS : broth [n]
BROTHY : resembling broth [adj]
BROUGHAM : a type of carriage [n -S]
BROUGHAMS : brougham [n]
BROUGHT : bring [v]
BROUHAHA : an uproar [n -S]
BROUHAHAS : brouhaha [n]
BROW : the forehead [n -S] : BROWED [adj]
BROWBAND : a band designed to cross the forehead [n -S]
BROWBANDS : browband [n]
BROWED : brow [adj]
BROWLESS : lacking eyebrows [adj]
BROWN : of a dark color [adj BROWNER, BROWNEST] / to make brown [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BROWNED : brown [v]
BROWNER : brown [adj]
BROWNEST : brown [adj]
BROWNIE : a small sprite [n -S]
BROWNIER : browny [adj]
BROWNIES : brownie [n]
BROWNIEST : browny [adj]
BROWNING : brown [v]
BROWNISH : somewhat brown [adj]
BROWNOUT : a power reduction [n -S]
BROWNOUTS : brownout [n]
BROWNS : brown [v]
BROWNY : somewhat brown [adj BROWNIER, BROWNIEST]
BROWS : brow [n]
BROWSE : to look at casually [v BROWSED, BROWSING, BROWSES]
BROWSED : browse [v]
BROWSER : one that browses [n -S]
BROWSERS : browser [n]
BROWSES : browse [v]
BROWSING : browse [v]
BRR : brrr [interj]
BRRR : used to indicate that one feels cold [interj]
BRUCELLA : any of a genus of harmful bacteria [n -LAE or -LAS]
BRUCELLAE : brucella [n]
BRUCELLAS : brucella [n]
BRUCIN : brucine [n -S]
BRUCINE : a poisonous alkaloid [n -S]
BRUCINES : brucine [n]
BRUCINS : brucin [n]
BRUGH : a borough [n -S]
BRUGHS : brugh [n]
BRUIN : a bear [n -S]
BRUINS : bruin [n]
BRUISE : to injure without breaking the surface of the skin [v BRUISED, BRUISING, BRUISES]
BRUISED : bruise [v]
BRUISER : a big, husky man [n -S]
BRUISERS : bruiser [n]
BRUISES : bruise [v]
BRUISING : bruise [v]
BRUIT : to spread news of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BRUITED : bruit [v]
BRUITER : one that bruits [n -S]
BRUITERS : bruiter [n]
BRUITING : bruit [v]
BRUITS : bruit [v]
BRULOT : a biting fly [n -S]
BRULOTS : brulot [n]
BRULYIE : a noisy quarrel [n -S]
BRULYIES : brulyie [n]
BRULZIE : brulyie [n -S]
BRULZIES : brulzie [n]
BRUMAL : wintry [adj]
BRUMBIES : brumby [n]
BRUMBY : a wild horse [n -BIES]
BRUME : fog [n -S] : BRUMOUS [adj]
BRUMES : brume [n]
BRUMOUS : brume [adj]
BRUNCH : to eat a late morning meal [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BRUNCHED : brunch [v]
BRUNCHER : one that brunches [n -S]
BRUNCHERS : bruncher [n]
BRUNCHES : brunch [v]
BRUNCHING : brunch [v]
BRUNET : a dark-haired male [n -S]
BRUNETS : brunet [n]
BRUNETTE : a dark-haired female [n -S]
BRUNETTES : brunette [n]
BRUNG : bring [v]
BRUNIZEM : a prairie soil [n -S]
BRUNIZEMS : brunizem [n]
BRUNT : the main impact [n -S]
BRUNTS : brunt [n]
BRUSH : to touch lightly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BRUSHED : brush [v]
BRUSHER : one that brushes [n -S]
BRUSHERS : brusher [n]
BRUSHES : brush [v]
BRUSHIER : brushy [adj]
BRUSHIEST : brushy [adj]
BRUSHING : brush [v]
BRUSHOFF : an abrupt dismissal [n -S]
BRUSHOFFS : brushoff [n]
BRUSHUP : a quick review [n -S]
BRUSHUPS : brushup [n]
BRUSHY : shaggy; rough [adj BRUSHIER, BRUSHIEST]
BRUSKER : brusk [adj]
BRUSKEST : brusk [adj]
BRUSQUE : abrupt in manner [adj BRUSQUER, BRUSQUEST]
BRUSQUER : brusque [adj]
BRUSQUEST : brusque [adj]
BRUT : a very dry champagne [n -S]
BRUTAL : cruel; savage [adj] : BRUTALLY [adv]
BRUTALLY : brutal [adv]
BRUTE : to shape a diamond by rubbing it with another diamond [v BRUTED, BRUTING, BRUTES]
BRUTED : brute [v]
BRUTELY : in a brutal manner [adv]
BRUTES : brute [v]
BRUTIFIED : brutify [v]
BRUTIFIES : brutify [v]
BRUTIFY : to make brutal [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
BRUTING : brute [v]
BRUTISH : brutal [adj]
BRUTISM : the state of being brutal [n -S]
BRUTISMS : brutism [n]
BRUTS : brut [n]
BRUX : to grind the teeth [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BRUXED : brux [v]
BRUXES : brux [v]
BRUXING : brux [v]
BRUXISM : a nervous grinding of the teeth [n -S]
BRUXISMS : bruxism [n]
BRYOLOGY : the study of mosses [n -GIES]
BRYONIES : bryony [n]
BRYONY : a climbing plant [n -NIES]
BRYOZOAN : a type of small aquatic animal [n -S]
BRYOZOANS : bryozoan [n]
BUB : young fellow [n -S]
BUBAL : a large antelope [n -S]
BUBALE : bubal [n -S]
BUBALES : bubale [n]
BUBALINE : pertaining to the bubal [adj]
BUBALIS : bubal [n -LISES]
BUBALISES : bubalis [n]
BUBALS : bubal [n]
BUBBA : a white working-class man of the southern United States -- an offensive term [n -S]
BUBBAS : bubba [n]
BUBBIES : bubby [n]
BUBBLE : to form bubbles (bodies of gas contained within a liquid) [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BUBBLED : bubble [v]
BUBBLER : a drinking fountain [n -S]
BUBBLERS : bubbler [n]
BUBBLES : bubble [v]
BUBBLIER : bubbly [adj]
BUBBLIES : bubbly [n]
BUBBLIEST : bubbly [adj]
BUBBLING : bubble [v]
BUBBLY : full of bubbles [adj -BLIER, -BLIEST] / champagne [n -BLIES]
BUBBY : a breast -- often considered vulgar [n BUBBIES]
BUBINGA : an African tree [n -S]
BUBINGAS : bubinga [n]
BUBKES : the least amount [n]
BUBO : a swelling of a lymph gland [n -BOES] : BUBOED [adj]
BUBOED : bubo [adj]
BUBOES : bubo [n]
BUBONIC : pertaining to a bubo [adj]
BUBS : bub [n]
BUBU : boubou [n -S]
BUBUS : bubu [n]
BUCCAL : pertaining to the cheek [adj] : BUCCALLY [adv]
BUCCALLY : buccal [adv]
BUCK : to leap forward and upward suddenly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUCKAROO : a cowboy [n -ROOS]
BUCKAROOS : buckaroo [n]
BUCKAYRO : buckaroo [n -ROS]
BUCKAYROS : buckayro [n]
BUCKBEAN : a marsh plant [n -S]
BUCKBEANS : buckbean [n]
BUCKED : buck [v]
BUCKEEN : a poor man who acts as if wealthy [n -S]
BUCKEENS : buckeen [n]
BUCKER : a bucking horse [n -S]
BUCKEROO : buckaroo [n -ROOS]
BUCKEROOS : buckeroo [n]
BUCKERS : bucker [n]
BUCKET : to hurry [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUCKETED : bucket [v]
BUCKETING : bucket [v]
BUCKETS : bucket [v]
BUCKEYE : a nut-bearing tree [n -S]
BUCKEYES : buckeye [n]
BUCKING : buck [v]
BUCKISH : foppish [adj]
BUCKLE : to bend under pressure [v -LED, -LING, -LES]
BUCKLED : buckle [v]
BUCKLER : to shield [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUCKLERED : buckler [v]
BUCKLERS : buckler [v]
BUCKLES : buckle [v]
BUCKLING : buckle [v]
BUCKO : a bully [n BUCKOS or BUCKOES]
BUCKOES : bucko [n]
BUCKOS : bucko [n]
BUCKRA : a white man -- often used disparagingly [n -S]
BUCKRAM : to stiffen [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUCKRAMED : buckram [v]
BUCKRAMS : buckram [v]
BUCKRAS : buckra [n]
BUCKS : buck [v]
BUCKSAW : a wood-cutting saw [n -S]
BUCKSAWS : bucksaw [n]
BUCKSHEE : something extra obtained free [n -S]
BUCKSHEES : buckshee [n]
BUCKSHOT : a large lead shot [n BUCKSHOT]
BUCKSKIN : the skin of a male deer [n -S]
BUCKSKINS : buckskin [n]
BUCKTAIL : a fishing lure [n -S]
BUCKTAILS : bucktail [n]
BUCOLIC : a pastoral poem [n -S]
BUCOLICS : bucolic [n]
BUD : to put forth buds (undeveloped plant parts) [v BUDDED, BUDDING, BUDS]
BUDDED : bud [v]
BUDDER : one that buds [n -S]
BUDDERS : budder [n]
BUDDHA : a person who has attained Buddhahood [n -S]
BUDDHAS : buddha [n]
BUDDIED : buddy [v]
BUDDIES : buddy [v]
BUDDING : a type of asexual reproduction [n -S]
BUDDINGS : budding [n]
BUDDLE : an apparatus on which crushed ore is washed [n -S]
BUDDLEIA : a tropical shrub [n -S]
BUDDLEIAS : buddleia [n]
BUDDLES : buddle [n]
BUDDY : to become close friends [v -DIED, -DYING, -DIES]
BUDDYING : buddy [v]
BUDGE : to move slightly [v BUDGED, BUDGING, BUDGES]
BUDGED : budge [v]
BUDGER : one that budges [n -S]
BUDGERS : budger [n]
BUDGES : budge [v]
BUDGET : to estimate expenditures [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUDGETED : budget [v]
BUDGETER : one that budgets [n -S]
BUDGETERS : budgeter [n]
BUDGETING : budget [v]
BUDGETS : budget [v]
BUDGIE : a small parrot [n -S]
BUDGIES : budgie [n]
BUDGING : budge [v]
BUDLESS : being without buds [adj]
BUDLIKE : resembling a bud [adj]
BUDS : bud [v]
BUDWORM : a caterpillar that eats buds [n -S]
BUDWORMS : budworm [n]
BUFF : to polish [v -ED, -ING, -S] : BUFFABLE [adj] / having a muscular physique [adj BUFFER, BUFFEST]
BUFFABLE : buff [adj]
BUFFALO : an ox-like animal [n -LOES or -LOS] / to intimidate [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BUFFALOED : buffalo [v]
BUFFALOES : buffalo [n]
BUFFALOS : buffalo [n]
BUFFED : buff [v]
BUFFER : to cushion [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUFFERED : buffer [v]
BUFFERING : buffer [v]
BUFFERS : buffer [v]
BUFFEST : buff [adj]
BUFFET : to hit sharply [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUFFETED : buffet [v]
BUFFETER : one that buffets [n -S]
BUFFETERS : buffeter [n]
BUFFETING : buffet [v]
BUFFETS : buffet [v]
BUFFI : buffo [n]
BUFFIER : buffy [adj]
BUFFIEST : buffy [adj]
BUFFING : buff [v]
BUFFO : an operatic clown [n -FI or -FOS]
BUFFOON : a clown [n -S]
BUFFOONS : buffoon [n]
BUFFOS : buffo [n]
BUFFS : buff [v]
BUFFY : of a yellowish-brown color [adj BUFFIER, BUFFIEST]
BUG : to annoy [v BUGGED, BUGGING, BUGS]
BUGABOO : a bugbear [n -BOOS]
BUGABOOS : bugaboo [n]
BUGBANE : a perennial herb [n -S]
BUGBANES : bugbane [n]
BUGBEAR : an object or source of dread [n -S]
BUGBEARS : bugbear [n]
BUGEYE : a small boat [n -S]
BUGEYES : bugeye [n]
BUGGED : bug [v]
BUGGER : to damn [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUGGERED : bugger [v]
BUGGERIES : buggery [n]
BUGGERING : bugger [v]
BUGGERS : bugger [v]
BUGGERY : sodomy [n -GERIES]
BUGGIER : buggy [adj]
BUGGIES : buggy [n]
BUGGIEST : buggy [adj]
BUGGING : bug [v]
BUGGY : infested with bugs [adj -GIER, -GIEST] / a light carriage [n -GIES]
BUGHOUSE : an insane asylum [n -S]
BUGHOUSES : bughouse [n]
BUGLE : to play a bugle (a brass wind instrument) [v -GLED, -GLING, -GLES]
BUGLED : bugle [v]
BUGLER : one that plays a bugle [n -S]
BUGLERS : bugler [n]
BUGLES : bugle [v]
BUGLING : bugle [v]
BUGLOSS : a coarse plant [n -ES]
BUGLOSSES : bugloss [n]
BUGOUT : one that leaves hurriedly [n -S]
BUGOUTS : bugout [n]
BUGS : bug [v]
BUGSEED : an annual herb [n -S]
BUGSEEDS : bugseed [n]
BUGSHA : buqsha [n -S]
BUGSHAS : bugsha [n]
BUHL : a style of furniture decoration [n -S]
BUHLS : buhl [n]
BUHLWORK : buhl [n -S]
BUHLWORKS : buhlwork [n]
BUHR : a heavy stone [n -S]
BUHRS : buhr [n]
BUILDED : build [v]
BUILDER : one that builds [n -S]
BUILDERS : builder [n]
BUILDING : something that is built [n -S]
BUILDINGS : building [n]
BUILDS : build [v]
BUILDUP : an accumulation [n -S]
BUILDUPS : buildup [n]
BUILT : build [v]
BUIRDLY : burly [adj]
BULB : an underground bud [n -S] : BULBAR, BULBED [adj]
BULBAR : bulb [adj]
BULBED : bulb [adj]
BULBEL : bulbil [n -S]
BULBELS : bulbel [n]
BULBIL : a small bulb [n -S]
BULBILS : bulbil [n]
BULBLET : a small bulb [n -S]
BULBLETS : bulblet [n]
BULBOUS : bulb-shaped; bulging [adj]
BULBS : bulb [n]
BULBUL : a songbird [n -S]
BULBULS : bulbul [n]
BULGE : to swell out [v BULGED, BULGING, BULGES]
BULGED : bulge [v]
BULGER : a golf club [n -S]
BULGERS : bulger [n]
BULGES : bulge [v]
BULGHUR : bulgur [n -S]
BULGHURS : bulghur [n]
BULGIER : bulgy [adj]
BULGIEST : bulgy [adj]
BULGING : bulge [v]
BULGUR : crushed wheat [n -S]
BULGURS : bulgur [n]
BULIMIA : insatiable appetite [n -S] : BULIMIC, BULIMIAC [adj]
BULIMIAC : bulimia [adj]
BULIMIAS : bulimia [n]
BULIMIC : one afflicted by bulimia [n -S]
BULIMICS : bulimic [n]
BULK : to gather into a mass [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BULKAGE : a peristaltic stimulant [n -S]
BULKAGES : bulkage [n]
BULKED : bulk [v]
BULKHEAD : an upright partition in a ship [n -S]
BULKHEADS : bulkhead [n]
BULKIER : bulky [adj]
BULKIEST : bulky [adj]
BULKILY : bulky [adv]
BULKING : bulk [v]
BULKS : bulk [v]
BULKY : massive [adj BULKIER, BULKIEST] : BULKILY [adv]
BULL : to push ahead [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BULLA : a large blister [n -LAE]
BULLACE : a purple plum [n -S]
BULLACES : bullace [n]
BULLAE : bulla [n]
BULLATE : having a blistered appearance [adj]
BULLBAT : a nocturnal bird [n -S]
BULLBATS : bullbat [n]
BULLDOG : to throw a steer [v -DOGGED, -DOGGING, -DOGS]
BULLDOGS : bulldog [v]
BULLDOZED : bulldoze [v]
BULLDOZES : bulldoze [v]
BULLDYKE : an aggressively masculine lesbian -- a derogatory term [n -S]
BULLDYKES : bulldyke [n]
BULLED : bull [v]
BULLET : to move swiftly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BULLETED : bullet [v]
BULLETIN : to issue a news item [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BULLETING : bullet [v]
BULLETINS : bulletin [v]
BULLETS : bullet [v]
BULLFROG : a large frog [n -S]
BULLFROGS : bullfrog [n]
BULLHEAD : a freshwater catfish [n -S]
BULLHEADS : bullhead [n]
BULLHORN : an electric megaphone [n -S]
BULLHORNS : bullhorn [n]
BULLIED : bully [v]
BULLIER : bully [adj]
BULLIES : bully [v]
BULLIEST : bully [adj]
BULLING : bull [v]
BULLION : uncoined gold or silver [n -S]
BULLIONS : bullion [n]
BULLISH : stubborn [adj]
BULLNECK : a thick neck [n -S]
BULLNECKS : bullneck [n]
BULLNOSE : a disease of swine [n -S]
BULLNOSES : bullnose [n]
BULLOCK : a castrated bull [n -S] : BULLOCKY [adj]
BULLOCKS : bullock [n]
BULLOCKY : bullock [adj]
BULLOUS : resembling bullae [adj]
BULLPEN : an enclosure for bulls [n -S]
BULLPENS : bullpen [n]
BULLPOUT : a bullhead [n -S]
BULLPOUTS : bullpout [n]
BULLRING : a bullfight arena [n -S]
BULLRINGS : bullring [n]
BULLRUSH : bulrush [n -ES]
BULLS : bull [v]
BULLSHAT : bullshit [v]
BULLSHIT : to talk foolishly, boastfully, or idly -- usually considered vulgar [v -SHITTED or -SHAT, -SHITTING, -SHITS]
BULLSHITS : bullshit [v]
BULLSHOT : a drink made of vodka and bouillon [n -S]
BULLSHOTS : bullshot [n]
BULLWEED : knapweed [n -S]
BULLWEEDS : bullweed [n]
BULLWHIP : to strike with a long whip [v -WHIPPED, -WHIPPING, -WHIPS]
BULLWHIPS : bullwhip [v]
BULLY : wonderful [adj -LIER, -LIEST] / to treat abusively [v -LIED, -LYING, -LIES]
BULLYBOY : a ruffian [n -BOYS]
BULLYBOYS : bullyboy [n]
BULLYING : bully [v]
BULLYRAGS : bullyrag [v]
BULRUSH : a tall marsh plant [n -ES]
BULRUSHES : bulrush [n]
BULWARK : to fortify with a defensive wall [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BULWARKED : bulwark [v]
BULWARKS : bulwark [v]
BUM : of little value; worthless [adj BUMMER, BUMMEST] / to live idly [v BUMMED, BUMMING, BUMS]
BUMBLE : to bungle [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BUMBLED : bumble [v]
BUMBLER : one that bumbles [n -S]
BUMBLERS : bumbler [n]
BUMBLES : bumble [v]
BUMBLING : an instance of clumsiness [n -S]
BUMBLINGS : bumbling [n]
BUMBOAT : a boat used to peddle wares to larger ships [n -S]
BUMBOATS : bumboat [n]
BUMELIA : a thorny tree [n -S]
BUMELIAS : bumelia [n]
BUMF : paperwork [n -S]
BUMFS : bumf [n]
BUMKIN : a ship’s spar [n -S]
BUMKINS : bumkin [n]
BUMMALO : a small Asian fish [n -LOS]
BUMMALOS : bummalo [n]
BUMMED : bum [v]
BUMMER : one that bums [n -S]
BUMMERS : bummer [n]
BUMMEST : bum [adj]
BUMMING : bum [v]
BUMP : to knock against [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUMPED : bump [v]
BUMPER : to fill to the brim [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUMPERED : bumper [v]
BUMPERING : bumper [v]
BUMPERS : bumper [v]
BUMPH : bumf [n -S]
BUMPHS : bumph [n]
BUMPIER : bumpy [adj]
BUMPIEST : bumpy [adj]
BUMPILY : bumpy [adv]
BUMPING : bump [v]
BUMPKIN : an unsophisticated rustic [n -S]
BUMPKINS : bumpkin [n]
BUMPS : bump [v]
BUMPY : of uneven surface [adj BUMPIER, BUMPIEST] : BUMPILY [adv]
BUMS : bum [v]
BUN : a small bread roll [n -S]
BUNA : a synthetic rubber [n -S]
BUNAS : buna [n]
BUNCH : to group together [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BUNCHED : bunch [v]
BUNCHES : bunch [v]
BUNCHIER : bunchy [adj]
BUNCHIEST : bunchy [adj]
BUNCHILY : bunchy [adv]
BUNCHING : bunch [v]
BUNCO : to swindle [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUNCOED : bunco [v]
BUNCOING : bunco [v]
BUNCOMBE : nonsense [n -S]
BUNCOMBES : buncombe [n]
BUNCOS : bunco [v]
BUND : a political association [n -S]
BUNDIST : a member of a bund [n -S]
BUNDISTS : bundist [n]
BUNDLE : to fasten a group of objects together [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
BUNDLED : bundle [v]
BUNDLER : one that bundles [n -S]
BUNDLERS : bundler [n]
BUNDLES : bundle [v]
BUNDLING : a former courtship custom [n -S]
BUNDLINGS : bundling [n]
BUNDS : bund [n]
BUNDT : a type of cake pan [n -S]
BUNDTS : bundt [n]
BUNG : to plug with a cork or stopper [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUNGALOW : a small cottage [n -S]
BUNGALOWS : bungalow [n]
BUNGED : bung [v]
BUNGEE : an elasticized cord [n -S]
BUNGEES : bungee [n]
BUNGHOLE : a hole in a keg or barrel [n -S]
BUNGHOLES : bunghole [n]
BUNGING : bung [v]
BUNGLE : to work, make, or do clumsily [v -GLED, -GLING, -GLES]
BUNGLED : bungle [v]
BUNGLER : one that bungles [n -S]
BUNGLERS : bungler [n]
BUNGLES : bungle [v]
BUNGLING : an instance of clumsiness [n -S]
BUNGLINGS : bungling [n]
BUNGS : bung [v]
BUNION : a painful swelling of the foot [n -S]
BUNIONS : bunion [n]
BUNK : to go to bed [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUNKED : bunk [v]
BUNKER : to store in a large bin [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUNKERED : bunker [v]
BUNKERING : bunker [v]
BUNKERS : bunker [v]
BUNKING : bunk [v]
BUNKMATE : a person with whom sleeping quarters are shared [n -S]
BUNKMATES : bunkmate [n]
BUNKO : to bunco [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUNKOED : bunko [v]
BUNKOING : bunko [v]
BUNKOS : bunko [v]
BUNKS : bunk [v]
BUNKUM : nonsense [n -S]
BUNKUMS : bunkum [n]
BUNN : bun [n -S]
BUNNIES : bunny [n]
BUNNS : bunn [n]
BUNNY : a rabbit [n -NIES]
BUNRAKU : a Japanese puppet show [n -S]
BUNRAKUS : bunraku [n]
BUNS : bun [n]
BUNT : to butt [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUNTED : bunt [v]
BUNTER : one that bunts [n -S]
BUNTERS : bunter [n]
BUNTING : a fabric used for flags [n -S]
BUNTINGS : bunting [n]
BUNTLINE : a rope used to haul up a sail [n -S]
BUNTLINES : buntline [n]
BUNTS : bunt [v]
BUNYA : an evergreen tree [n -S]
BUNYAS : bunya [n]
BUOY : to mark with a buoy (a warning float) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUOYAGE : a group of buoys [n -S]
BUOYAGES : buoyage [n]
BUOYANCE : buoyancy [n -S]
BUOYANCES : buoyance [n]
BUOYANCY : the tendency to float [n -CIES]
BUOYANT : having buoyancy [adj]
BUOYED : buoy [v]
BUOYING : buoy [v]
BUOYS : buoy [v]
BUPKES : bubkes [n]
BUPKUS : bubkes [n]
BUPPIE : a black professional person working in a city [n -S]
BUPPIES : buppie [n]
BUPPY : buppie [n -PIES]
BUQSHA : a monetary unit of Yemen [n -S]
BUQSHAS : buqsha [n]
BURA : buran [n -S]
BURAN : a violent windstorm [n -S]
BURANS : buran [n]
BURAS : bura [n]
BURB : a suburb [n -S]
BURBLE : to speak quickly and excitedly [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
BURBLED : burble [v]
BURBLER : one that burbles [n -S]
BURBLERS : burbler [n]
BURBLES : burble [v]
BURBLIER : burbly [adj]
BURBLIEST : burbly [adj]
BURBLING : burble [v]
BURBLY : burbling [adj -BLIER, -BLIEST]
BURBOT : a freshwater fish [n -S]
BURBOTS : burbot [n]
BURBS : the suburbs [n]
BURD : a maiden [n -S]
BURDEN : to load heavily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BURDENED : burden [v]
BURDENER : one that burdens [n -S]
BURDENERS : burdener [n]
BURDENING : burden [v]
BURDENS : burden [v]
BURDIE : burd [n -S]
BURDIES : burdie [n]
BURDOCK : a coarse weed [n -S]
BURDOCKS : burdock [n]
BURDS : burd [n]
BUREAU : a chest of drawers [n -REAUS or -REAUX]
BUREAUS : bureau [n]
BUREAUX : bureau [n]
BURET : burette [n -S]
BURETS : buret [n]
BURETTE : a measuring tube [n -S]
BURETTES : burette [n]
BURG : a city or town [n -S]
BURGAGE : a feudal tenure [n -S]
BURGAGES : burgage [n]
BURGEE : a small flag [n -S]
BURGEES : burgee [n]
BURGEON : to develop rapidly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BURGEONED : burgeon [v]
BURGEONS : burgeon [v]
BURGER : a hamburger [n -S]
BURGERS : burger [n]
BURGESS : a citizen of an English borough [n -ES]
BURGESSES : burgess [n]
BURGH : a Scottish borough [n -S] : BURGHAL [adj]
BURGHAL : burgh [adj]
BURGHER : a citizen of a borough [n -S]
BURGHERS : burgher [n]
BURGHS : burgh [n]
BURGLAR : one who commits burglary [n -S]
BURGLARS : burglar [n]
BURGLARY : a felonious theft [n -GLARIES]
BURGLE : to commit burglary [v -GLED, -GLING, -GLES]
BURGLED : burgle [v]
BURGLES : burgle [v]
BURGLING : burgle [v]
BURGONET : an open helmet [n -S]
BURGONETS : burgonet [n]
BURGOO : a thick oatmeal [n -GOOS]
BURGOOS : burgoo [n]
BURGOUT : burgoo [n -S]
BURGOUTS : burgout [n]
BURGRAVE : a German nobleman [n -S]
BURGRAVES : burgrave [n]
BURGS : burg [n]
BURGUNDY : a red wine [n -DIES]
BURIAL : the act of burying [n -S]
BURIALS : burial [n]
BURIED : bury [v]
BURIER : one that buries [n -S]
BURIERS : burier [n]
BURIES : bury [v]
BURIN : an engraving tool [n -S]
BURINS : burin [n]
BURKA : a long loose outer garment worn by some Muslim women [n -S]
BURKAS : burka [n]
BURKE : to murder by suffocation [v BURKED, BURKING, BURKES]
BURKED : burke [v]
BURKER : one that burkes [n -S]
BURKERS : burker [n]
BURKES : burke [v]
BURKING : burke [v]
BURKITE : a burker [n -S]
BURKITES : burkite [n]
BURL : to finish cloth by removing lumps [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BURLAP : a coarse fabric [n -S]
BURLAPS : burlap [n]
BURLED : burl [v]
BURLER : one that burls [n -S]
BURLERS : burler [n]
BURLESK : a type of stage show [n -S]
BURLESKS : burlesk [n]
BURLEY : a light tobacco [n -LEYS]
BURLEYS : burley [n]
BURLIER : burly [adj]
BURLIEST : burly [adj]
BURLILY : burly [adv]
BURLING : burl [v]
BURLS : burl [v]
BURLY : heavy and muscular [adj -LIER, -LIEST] : BURLILY [adv]
BURN : to destroy by fire [v BURNED or BURNT, BURNING, BURNS]
BURNABLE : something that can be burned [n -S]
BURNABLES : burnable [n]
BURNED : burn [v]
BURNER : one that burns [n -S]
BURNERS : burner [n]
BURNET : a perennial herb [n -S]
BURNETS : burnet [n]
BURNIE : a brooklet [n -S]
BURNIES : burnie [n]
BURNING : the firing of ceramic materials [n -S]
BURNINGS : burning [n]
BURNISH : to polish [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BURNISHED : burnish [v]
BURNISHES : burnish [v]
BURNOOSE : a hooded cloak [n -S]
BURNOOSES : burnoose [n]
BURNOUS : burnoose [n -ES]
BURNOUSES : burnous [n]
BURNOUT : a destructive fire [n -S]
BURNOUTS : burnout [n]
BURNS : burn [v]
BURNT : burn [v]
BURP : to belch [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BURPED : burp [v]
BURPING : burp [v]
BURPS : burp [v]
BURQA : burka [n -S]
BURQAS : burqa [n]
BURR : to remove a rough edge from [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BURRED : bur [v]
BURRER : one that burrs [n -S]
BURRERS : burrer [n]
BURRIER : burry [adj]
BURRIEST : burry [adj]
BURRING : bur [v]
BURRITO : a tortilla rolled around a filling [n -TOS]
BURRITOS : burrito [n]
BURRO : a small donkey [n -ROS]
BURROS : burro [n]
BURROW : to dig a hole or tunnel in the ground [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BURROWED : burrow [v]
BURROWER : one that burrows [n -S]
BURROWERS : burrower [n]
BURROWING : burrow [v]
BURROWS : burrow [v]
BURRS : burr [v]
BURRY : prickly [adj -RIER, -RIEST]
BURS : bur [v]
BURSA : a bodily pouch [n -SAS or -SAE] : BURSAL [adj]
BURSAE : bursa [n]
BURSAL : bursa [adj]
BURSAR : a college treasurer [n -S]
BURSARIES : bursary [n]
BURSARS : bursar [n]
BURSARY : a college treasury [n -RIES]
BURSAS : bursa [n]
BURSATE : pertaining to a bursa [adj]
BURSE : a small bag or pouch [n -S]
BURSEED : a coarse weed [n -S]
BURSEEDS : burseed [n]
BURSERA : designating a family of shrubs and trees [adj]
BURSES : burse [n]
BURSITIS : inflammation of a bursa [n -TISES]
BURST : to break open suddenly or violently [v BURST or BURSTED, BURSTING, BURSTS]
BURSTED : burst [v]
BURSTER : one that bursts [n -S]
BURSTERS : burster [n]
BURSTING : burst [v]
BURSTONE : a heavy stone [n -S]
BURSTONES : burstone [n]
BURSTS : burst [v]
BURTHEN : to burden [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BURTHENED : burthen [v]
BURTHENS : burthen [v]
BURTON : a hoisting tackle [n -S]
BURTONS : burton [n]
BURWEED : a coarse weed [n -S]
BURWEEDS : burweed [n]
BURY : to put in the ground and cover with earth [v BURIED, BURYING, BURIES]
BURYING : bury [v]
BUS : to transport by bus (a large motor vehicle) [v BUSED, BUSING, BUSES or BUSSED, BUSSING, BUSSES]
BUSBAR : a type of electrical conductor [n -S]
BUSBARS : busbar [n]
BUSBIES : busby [n]
BUSBOY : a waiter’s assistant [n -BOYS]
BUSBOYS : busboy [n]
BUSBY : a tall fur hat [n -BIES]
BUSED : bus [v]
BUSES : bus [v]
BUSGIRL : a girl or woman who is a server’s assistant in a restaurant [n -S]
BUSGIRLS : busgirl [n]
BUSH : to cover with bushes (shrubs) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BUSHBUCK : a small antelope [n -S]
BUSHBUCKS : bushbuck [n]
BUSHED : bush [v]
BUSHEL : to mend clothing [v -ELED, -ELING, -ELS or -ELLED, -ELLING, -ELS]
BUSHELED : bushel [v]
BUSHELER : one that bushels [n -S]
BUSHELERS : busheler [n]
BUSHELING : bushel [v]
BUSHELLED : bushel [v]
BUSHELS : bushel [v]
BUSHER : a minor league baseball player [n -S]
BUSHERS : busher [n]
BUSHES : bush [v]
BUSHFIRE : a fire in a wooded area [n -S]
BUSHFIRES : bushfire [n]
BUSHGOAT : a bushbuck [n -S]
BUSHGOATS : bushgoat [n]
BUSHIDO : the code of the samurai [n -DOS]
BUSHIDOS : bushido [n]
BUSHIER : bushy [adj]
BUSHIEST : bushy [adj]
BUSHILY : in a bushy manner [adv]
BUSHING : a lining for a hole [n -S]
BUSHINGS : bushing [n]
BUSHLAND : unsettled forest land [n -S]
BUSHLANDS : bushland [n]
BUSHLESS : having no bushes [adj]
BUSHLIKE : resembling a bush [adj]
BUSHMAN : a woodsman [n BUSHMEN]
BUSHMEN : bushman [n]
BUSHPIG : a wild African pig [n -S]
BUSHPIGS : bushpig [n]
BUSHTIT : a titmouse [n -S]
BUSHTITS : bushtit [n]
BUSHVELD : a veld with shrubby vegetation [n -S]
BUSHVELDS : bushveld [n]
BUSHWA : nonsense [n -S]
BUSHWAH : bushwa [n -S]
BUSHWAHS : bushwah [n]
BUSHWAS : bushwa [n]
BUSHY : covered with bushes [adj BUSHIER, BUSHIEST]
BUSIED : busy [v]
BUSIER : busy [adj]
BUSIES : busy [v]
BUSIEST : busy [adj]
BUSILY : in a busy manner [adv]
BUSINESS : an occupation, profession, or trade [n -ES]
BUSING : the act of transporting by bus [n -S]
BUSINGS : busing [n]
BUSK : to prepare [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUSKED : busk [v]
BUSKER : a roaming entertainer [n -S]
BUSKERS : busker [n]
BUSKIN : a high shoe [n -S] : BUSKINED [adj]
BUSKINED : buskin [adj]
BUSKING : busk [v]
BUSKINS : buskin [n]
BUSKS : busk [v]
BUSLOAD : a load that fills a bus [n -S]
BUSLOADS : busload [n]
BUSMAN : a bus operator [n BUSMEN]
BUSMEN : busman [n]
BUSS : to kiss [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BUSSED : bus [v]
BUSSES : bus [v]
BUSSING : busing [n -S]
BUSSINGS : bussing [n]
BUST : to burst [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUSTARD : a game bird [n -S]
BUSTARDS : bustard [n]
BUSTED : bust [v]
BUSTER : one that breaks up something [n -S]
BUSTERS : buster [n]
BUSTIC : a tropical tree [n -S]
BUSTICS : bustic [n]
BUSTIER : a woman’s undergarment [n -S]
BUSTIERS : bustier [n]
BUSTIEST : busty [adj]
BUSTING : bust [v]
BUSTLE : to move energetically [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
BUSTLED : bustle [v]
BUSTLER : one that bustles [n -S]
BUSTLERS : bustler [n]
BUSTLES : bustle [v]
BUSTLINE : the distance around the bust (the upper torso of a woman) [n -S]
BUSTLINES : bustline [n]
BUSTLING : bustle [v]
BUSTS : bust [v]
BUSTY : full-bosomed [adj BUSTIER, BUSTIEST]
BUSULFAN : a medicine [n -S]
BUSULFANS : busulfan [n]
BUSY : occupied [adj BUSIER, BUSIEST] / to make busy [v BUSIED, BUSYING, BUSIES]
BUSYBODY : a nosy person [n -BODIES]
BUSYING : busy [v]
BUSYNESS : the state of being busy [n -ES]
BUSYWORK : active but valueless work [n -S]
BUSYWORKS : busywork [n]
BUT : a flatfish [n -S]
BUTANE : a flammable gas [n -S]
BUTANES : butane [n]
BUTANOL : a flammable alcohol [n -S]
BUTANOLS : butanol [n]
BUTANONE : a flammable ketone [n -S]
BUTANONES : butanone [n]
BUTCH : a lesbian with mannish traits [n -ES]
BUTCHER : to slaughter [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUTCHERED : butcher [v]
BUTCHERS : butcher [v]
BUTCHERY : wanton or cruel killing [n -ERIES]
BUTCHES : butch [n]
BUTE : a drug for treating arthritis [n -S]
BUTENE : butylene [n -S]
BUTENES : butene [n]
BUTEO : a hawk [n -TEOS]
BUTEOS : buteo [n]
BUTES : bute [n]
BUTLE : to serve as a butler [v -LED, -LING, -LES]
BUTLED : butle [v]
BUTLER : a male servant [n -S]
BUTLERIES : butlery [n]
BUTLERS : butler [n]
BUTLERY : a storage room [n -LERIES]
BUTLES : butle [v]
BUTLING : butle [v]
BUTS : but [n]
BUTT : to hit with the head [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUTTALS : boundary lines [n]
BUTTE : an isolated hill [n -S]
BUTTED : butt [v]
BUTTER : to spread with butter (a milk product) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUTTERED : butter [v]
BUTTERIER : buttery [adj]
BUTTERIES : buttery [n]
BUTTERING : butter [v]
BUTTERS : butter [v]
BUTTERY : containing butter [adj -TERIER, -TERIEST] / a wine cellar [n -TERIES]
BUTTES : butte [n]
BUTTHEAD : a stupid person [n -S]
BUTTHEADS : butthead [n]
BUTTIES : butty [n]
BUTTING : butt [v]
BUTTOCK : either of the two rounded parts of the rump [n -S]
BUTTOCKS : buttock [n]
BUTTON : to fasten with a button (a small disk) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BUTTONED : button [v]
BUTTONER : one that buttons [n -S]
BUTTONERS : buttoner [n]
BUTTONING : button [v]
BUTTONS : button [v]
BUTTONY : resembling a button [adj]
BUTTRESS : to prop up [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BUTTS : butt [v]
BUTTY : a fellow workman [n -TIES]
BUTUT : a monetary unit of Gambia [n -S]
BUTUTS : butut [n]
BUTYL : a hydrocarbon radical [n -S]
BUTYLATE : to add a butyl to [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
BUTYLATED : butylate [v]
BUTYLATES : butylate [v]
BUTYLENE : a gaseous hydrocarbon [n -S]
BUTYLENES : butylene [n]
BUTYLS : butyl [n]
BUTYRAL : a chemical compound [n -S]
BUTYRALS : butyral [n]
BUTYRATE : a chemical salt [n -S]
BUTYRATES : butyrate [n]
BUTYRIC : derived from butter [adj]
BUTYRIN : a chemical compound [n -S]
BUTYRINS : butyrin [n]
BUTYROUS : resembling butter [adj]
BUTYRYL : a radical of butyric acid [n -S]
BUTYRYLS : butyryl [n]
BUXOM : healthily plump [adj -OMER, -OMEST] : BUXOMLY [adv]
BUXOMER : buxom [adj]
BUXOMEST : buxom [adj]
BUXOMLY : buxom [adv]
BUY : to purchase [v BOUGHT, BUYING, BUYS] : BUYABLE [adj]
BUYABLE : buy [adj]
BUYBACK : the repurchase by a corporation of its own stock [n -S]
BUYBACKS : buyback [n]
BUYER : one that buys [n -S]
BUYERS : buyer [n]
BUYING : buy [v]
BUYOFF : a payment for a consideration [n -S]
BUYOFFS : buyoff [n]
BUYOUT : the purchase of a business [n -S]
BUYOUTS : buyout [n]
BUYS : buy [v]
BUZUKI : bouzouki [n -KIA or -KIS]
BUZUKIA : buzuki [n]
BUZUKIS : buzuki [n]
BUZZ : to make a vibrating sound [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BUZZARD : a large bird of prey [n -S]
BUZZARDS : buzzard [n]
BUZZCUT : a very short haircut [n -S]
BUZZCUTS : buzzcut [n]
BUZZED : buzz [v]
BUZZER : a signaling device [n -S]
BUZZERS : buzzer [n]
BUZZES : buzz [v]
BUZZING : buzz [v]
BUZZWIG : a large, thick wig [n -S]
BUZZWIGS : buzzwig [n]
BUZZWORD : a word used to impress someone [n -S]
BUZZWORDS : buzzword [n]
BWANA : master; boss [n -S]
BWANAS : bwana [n]
BY : a pass in certain card games [n BYS]
BYCATCH : marine animals caught unintentionally [n -ES]
BYCATCHES : bycatch [n]
BYE : a side issue [n -S]
BYELAW : bylaw [n -S]
BYELAWS : byelaw [n]
BYES : bye [n]
BYGONE : a past occurrence [n -S]
BYGONES : bygone [n]
BYLAW : a secondary law [n -S]
BYLAWS : bylaw [n]
BYLINE : to write under a byline (a line giving the author’s name) [v -LINED, -LINING, -LINES]
BYLINED : byline [v]
BYLINER : one that writes under a byline [n -S]
BYLINERS : byliner [n]
BYLINES : byline [v]
BYLINING : byline [v]
BYNAME : a secondary name [n -S]
BYNAMES : byname [n]
BYPASS : to avoid by going around [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
BYPASSED : bypass [v]
BYPASSES : bypass [v]
BYPASSING : bypass [v]
BYPAST : ; gone by [adj past]
BYPATH : an indirect road [n -S]
BYPATHS : bypath [n]
BYPLAY : secondary action [n -PLAYS]
BYPLAYS : byplay [n]
BYRE : a cowshed [n -S]
BYRES : byre [n]
BYRL : to birle [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BYRLED : byrl [v]
BYRLING : byrl [v]
BYRLS : byrl [v]
BYRNIE : an armored shirt [n -S]
BYRNIES : byrnie [n]
BYROAD : a side road [n -S]
BYROADS : byroad [n]
BYS : by [n]
BYSSAL : byssus [adj]
BYSSI : byssus [n]
BYSSUS : a fine linen [n BYSSUSES or BYSSI] : BYSSAL [adj]
BYSSUSES : byssus [n]
BYSTREET : a side street [n -S]
BYSTREETS : bystreet [n]
BYTALK : small talk [n -S]
BYTALKS : bytalk [n]
BYTE : a group of adjacent binary digits [n -S]
BYTES : byte [n]
BYWAY : a side road [n -WAYS]
BYWAYS : byway [n]
BYWORD : a well-known saying [n -S]
BYWORDS : byword [n]
BYWORK : work done during leisure time [n -S]
BYWORKS : bywork [n]
BYZANT : bezant [n -S]
BYZANTS : byzant [n]
CAB : to take or drive a taxicab [v CABBED, CABBING, CABS]
CABAL : to conspire [v -BALLED, -BALLING, -BALS]
CABALA : an occult or secret doctrine [n -S]
CABALAS : cabala [n]
CABALISM : adherence to a cabala [n -S]
CABALISMS : cabalism [n]
CABALIST : one who practices cabalism [n -S]
CABALISTS : cabalist [n]
CABALLED : cabal [v]
CABALLING : cabal [v]
CABALS : cabal [v]
CABANA : a small cabin [n -S]
CABANAS : cabana [n]
CABARET : a music hall [n -S]
CABARETS : cabaret [n]
CABBAGE : to steal [v -BAGED, -BAGING, -BAGES]
CABBAGED : cabbage [v]
CABBAGES : cabbage [v]
CABBAGEY : resembling a cabbage (a leafy vegetable) [adj]
CABBAGING : cabbage [v]
CABBAGY : cabbagey [adj]
CABBALA : cabala [n -S]
CABBALAH : cabala [n -S]
CABBALAHS : cabbalah [n]
CABBALAS : cabbala [n]
CABBED : cab [v]
CABBIE : cabby [n -S]
CABBIES : cabby [n]
CABBING : cab [v]
CABBY : a driver of a cab [n -BIES]
CABER : a heavy pole thrown as a trial of strength [n -S]
CABERNET : a dry red wine [n -S]
CABERNETS : cabernet [n]
CABERS : caber [n]
CABESTRO : a lasso [n -TROS]
CABESTROS : cabestro [n]
CABEZON : a large, edible fish [n -S]
CABEZONE : cabezon [n -S]
CABEZONES : cabezone [n]
CABEZONS : cabezon [n]
CABILDO : a town council [n -DOS]
CABILDOS : cabildo [n]
CABIN : to live in a cabin (a roughly built house) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CABINED : cabin [v]
CABINET : a piece of furniture with shelves and drawers [n -S]
CABINETS : cabinet [n]
CABINING : cabin [v]
CABINS : cabin [v]
CABLE : to fasten with a cable (a heavy rope) [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES]
CABLED : cable [v]
CABLER : one that supplies a cable [n -S]
CABLERS : cabler [n]
CABLES : cable [v]
CABLET : a small cable [n -S]
CABLETS : cablet [n]
CABLEWAY : a suspended cable [n -WAYS]
CABLEWAYS : cableway [n]
CABLING : cable [v]
CABMAN : a driver of a cab [n CABMEN]
CABMEN : cabman [n]
CABOB : kabob [n -S]
CABOBS : cabob [n]
CABOCHED : full-faced -- used of an animal’s head in heraldry [adj]
CABOCHON : a precious stone [n -S]
CABOCHONS : cabochon [n]
CABOMBA : an aquatic plant [n -S]
CABOMBAS : cabomba [n]
CABOODLE : a collection [n -S]
CABOODLES : caboodle [n]
CABOOSE : the last car of a freight train [n -S]
CABOOSES : caboose [n]
CABOSHED : caboched [adj]
CABOTAGE : coastal trade [n -S]
CABOTAGES : cabotage [n]
CABRESTA : cabestro [n -S]
CABRESTAS : cabresta [n]
CABRESTO : cabestro [n -TOS]
CABRESTOS : cabresto [n]
CABRETTA : a soft leather [n -S]
CABRETTAS : cabretta [n]
CABRILLA : a sea bass [n -S]
CABRILLAS : cabrilla [n]
CABRIOLE : a curved furniture leg [n -S]
CABRIOLES : cabriole [n]
CABS : cab [v]
CABSTAND : a place where cabs await hire [n -S]
CABSTANDS : cabstand [n]
CACA : excrement [n -S]
CACAO : a tropical tree [n -CAOS]
CACAOS : cacao [n]
CACAS : caca [n]
CACHALOT : a large whale [n -S]
CACHALOTS : cachalot [n]
CACHE : to store in a hiding place [v CACHED, CACHING, CACHES]
CACHED : cache [v]
CACHEPOT : an ornamental container for a flowerpot [n -S]
CACHEPOTS : cachepot [n]
CACHES : cache [v]
CACHET : to print a design on an envelope [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CACHETED : cachet [v]
CACHETING : cachet [v]
CACHETS : cachet [v]
CACHEXIA : general ill health [n -S] : CACHEXIC [adj]
CACHEXIAS : cachexia [n]
CACHEXIC : cachexia [adj]
CACHEXIES : cachexy [n]
CACHEXY : cachexia [n -CHEXIES]
CACHING : cache [v]
CACHOU : catechu [n -S]
CACHOUS : cachou [n]
CACHUCHA : a Spanish dance [n -S]
CACHUCHAS : cachucha [n]
CACIQUE : a tropical oriole [n -S]
CACIQUES : cacique [n]
CACKLE : to make the sound of a hen [v -LED, -LING, -LES]
CACKLED : cackle [v]
CACKLER : one that cackles [n -S]
CACKLERS : cackler [n]
CACKLES : cackle [v]
CACKLING : cackle [v]
CACODYL : a poisonous liquid [n -S]
CACODYLS : cacodyl [n]
CACOMIXL : a raccoon-like mammal [n -S]
CACOMIXLS : cacomixl [n]
CACONYM : an erroneous name [n -S]
CACONYMS : caconym [n]
CACONYMY : the state of having an erroneous name [n -MIES]
CACTI : cactus [n]
CACTOID : cactus [adj]
CACTUS : a plant native to arid regions [n -TI or -TUSES] : CACTOID [adj]
CACTUSES : cactus [n]
CAD : an ungentlemanly man [n -S]
CADASTER : a public record of land ownership [n -S]
CADASTERS : cadaster [n]
CADASTRE : cadaster [n -S]
CADASTRES : cadastre [n]
CADAVER : a corpse [n -S]
CADAVERS : cadaver [n]
CADDICE : caddis [n -S]
CADDICES : caddice [n]
CADDIE : to serve as a golfer’s assistant [v -DIED, -DYING, -DIES]
CADDIED : caddy [v]
CADDIES : caddy [v]
CADDIS : a coarse woolen fabric [n -DISES] : CADDISED [adj]
CADDISED : caddis [adj]
CADDISES : caddis [n]
CADDISH : resembling a cad [adj]
CADDY : to caddie [v -DIED, -DYING, -DIES]
CADDYING : caddy [v]
CADE : a European shrub [n -S]
CADELLE : a small, black beetle [n -S]
CADELLES : cadelle [n]
CADENCE : to make rhythmic [v -DENCED, -DENCING, -DENCES]
CADENCED : cadence [v]
CADENCES : cadence [v]
CADENCIES : cadency [n]
CADENCING : cadence [v]
CADENCY : a rhythm [n -CIES]
CADENT : having rhythm [adj]
CADENZA : an elaborate musical passage [n -S]
CADENZAS : cadenza [n]
CADES : cade [n]
CADET : a student at a military school [n -S]
CADETS : cadet [n]
CADGE : to get by begging [v CADGED, CADGING, CADGES]
CADGED : cadge [v]
CADGER : one that cadges [n -S]
CADGERS : cadger [n]
CADGES : cadge [v]
CADGING : cadge [v]
CADGY : cheerful [adj]
CADI : a Muslim judge [n -S]
CADIS : cadi [n]
CADMIC : cadmium [adj]
CADMIUM : a metallic element [n -S] : CADMIC [adj]
CADMIUMS : cadmium [n]
CADRE : a nucleus of trained personnel [n -S]
CADRES : cadre [n]
CADS : cad [n]
CADUCEAN : caduceus [adj]
CADUCEI : caduceus [n]
CADUCEUS : a heraldic wand or staff [n -CEI] : CADUCEAN [adj]
CADUCITY : senility [n -TIES]
CADUCOUS : transitory; perishable [adj]
CAECA : caecum [n]
CAECAL : caecum [adj]
CAECALLY : caecum [adv]
CAECUM : cecum [n -CA] : CAECAL [adj], CAECALLY [adv]
CAEOMA : a spore-forming organ of a fungus [n -S]
CAEOMAS : caeoma [n]
CAESAR : an emperor [n -S]
CAESARS : caesar [n]
CAESIUM : cesium [n -S]
CAESIUMS : caesium [n]
CAESTUS : cestus [n -ES]
CAESTUSES : caestus [n]
CAESURA : a pause in a line of verse [n -RAS or -RAE] : CAESURAL, CAESURIC [adj]
CAESURAE : caesura [n]
CAESURAL : caesura [adj]
CAESURAS : caesura [n]
CAESURIC : caesura [adj]
CAFE : a small restaurant [n -S]
CAFES : cafe [n]
CAFF : a cafe [n -S]
CAFFEIN : caffeine [n -S]
CAFFEINE : a bitter alkaloid used as a stimulant [n -S]
CAFFEINES : caffeine [n]
CAFFEINS : caffein [n]
CAFFS : caff [n]
CAFTAN : a full-length tunic [n -S] : CAFTANED [adj]
CAFTANED : caftan [adj]
CAFTANS : caftan [n]
CAGE : to confine [v CAGED, CAGING, CAGES]
CAGED : cage [v]
CAGEFUL : the number held in a cage (an enclosure) [n -S]
CAGEFULS : cageful [n]
CAGELIKE : resembling a cage (an enclosure) [adj]
CAGELING : a caged bird [n -S]
CAGELINGS : cageling [n]
CAGER : a basketball player [n -S]
CAGERS : cager [n]
CAGES : cage [v]
CAGEY : shrewd [adj CAGIER, CAGIEST]
CAGIER : cagy [adj]
CAGIEST : cagy [adj]
CAGILY : in a cagey manner [adv]
CAGINESS : the quality of being cagey [n -ES]
CAGING : cage [v]
CAGY : cagey [adj CAGIER, CAGIEST]
CAHIER : a notebook [n -S]
CAHIERS : cahier [n]
CAHOOT : partnership [n -S]
CAHOOTS : cahoot [n]
CAHOW : a sea bird [n -S]
CAHOWS : cahow [n]
CAID : a Muslim leader [n -S]
CAIDS : caid [n]
CAIMAN : a tropical reptile [n -S]
CAIMANS : caiman [n]
CAIN : kain [n -S]
CAINS : cain [n]
CAIQUE : a long, narrow rowboat [n -S]
CAIQUES : caique [n]
CAIRD : a gypsy [n -S]
CAIRDS : caird [n]
CAIRN : a mound of stones set up as a memorial [n -S] : CAIRNED, CAIRNY [adj]
CAIRNED : cairn [adj]
CAIRNS : cairn [n]
CAIRNY : cairn [adj]
CAISSON : a watertight chamber [n -S]
CAISSONS : caisson [n]
CAITIFF : a despicable person [n -S]
CAITIFFS : caitiff [n]
CAJAPUT : cajeput [n -S]
CAJAPUTS : cajaput [n]
CAJEPUT : an Australian tree [n -S]
CAJEPUTS : cajeput [n]
CAJOLE : to persuade by flattery [v -JOLED, -JOLING, -JOLES]
CAJOLED : cajole [v]
CAJOLER : one that cajoles [n -S]
CAJOLERS : cajoler [n]
CAJOLERY : persuasion by flattery [n -ERIES]
CAJOLES : cajole [v]
CAJOLING : cajole [v]
CAJON : a steep-sided canyon [n -ES]
CAJONES : cajon [n]
CAJUPUT : cajeput [n -S]
CAJUPUTS : cajuput [n]
CAKE : to form into a hardened mass [v CAKED, CAKING, CAKES]
CAKED : cake [v]
CAKES : cake [v]
CAKEWALK : to step stylishly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAKEWALKS : cakewalk [v]
CAKEY : tending to form lumps [adj CAKIER, CAKIEST]
CAKIER : caky [adj]
CAKIEST : caky [adj]
CAKINESS : the state of being caky [n -ES]
CAKING : cake [v]
CAKY : cakey [adj CAKIER, CAKIEST]
CALABASH : a gourd [n -ES]
CALABAZA : a large winter squash [n -S]
CALABAZAS : calabaza [n]
CALADIUM : a tropical plant [n -S]
CALADIUMS : caladium [n]
CALAMAR : calamary [n -S]
CALAMARI : squid used as food [n -S]
CALAMARIS : calamari [n]
CALAMARS : calamar [n]
CALAMARY : a squid [n -MARIES]
CALAMATA : kalamata [n -S]
CALAMATAS : calamata [n]
CALAMI : calamus [n]
CALAMINE : to apply an ointment for skin ailments [v -MINED, -MINING, -MINES]
CALAMINED : calamine [v]
CALAMINES : calamine [v]
CALAMINT : a perennial herb [n -S]
CALAMINTS : calamint [n]
CALAMITE : an extinct treelike plant [n -S]
CALAMITES : calamite [n]
CALAMITY : a grievous misfortune [n -TIES]
CALAMUS : a marsh plant [n -MI]
CALANDO : gradually diminishing [adj]
CALASH : a light carriage [n -ES]
CALASHES : calash [n]
CALATHI : calathos [n]
CALATHOS : a fruit basket [n -THI]
CALATHUS : calathos [n -THI]
CALCANEA : calcanei [n]
CALCANEI : bones of the heel [n]
CALCAR : an anatomical projection [n -CARIA] / a type of oven [n -S]
CALCARIA : calcar [n]
CALCARS : calcar [n]
CALCEATE : wearing shoes [adj]
CALCES : calx [n]
CALCIC : pertaining to lime or calcium [adj]
CALCIFIC : containing salts of calcium [adj]
CALCIFIED : calcify [v]
CALCIFIES : calcify [v]
CALCIFY : to harden [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
CALCINE : to reduce to a calx by heat [v -CINED, -CINING, -CINES]
CALCINED : calcine [v]
CALCINES : calcine [v]
CALCINING : calcine [v]
CALCITE : a mineral [n -S] : CALCITIC [adj]
CALCITES : calcite [n]
CALCITIC : calcite [adj]
CALCIUM : a metallic element [n -S]
CALCIUMS : calcium [n]
CALCSPAR : a calcite [n -S]
CALCSPARS : calcspar [n]
CALCTUFA : a mineral deposit [n -S]
CALCTUFAS : calctufa [n]
CALCTUFF : calctufa [n -S]
CALCTUFFS : calctuff [n]
CALCULI : calculus [n]
CALCULUS : a branch of mathematics [n -LI or -LUSES]
CALDARIA : rooms for taking hot baths [n]
CALDERA : a large crater [n -S]
CALDERAS : caldera [n]
CALDRON : a large kettle or boiler [n -S]
CALDRONS : caldron [n]
CALECHE : calash [n -S]
CALECHES : caleche [n]
CALENDAL : pertaining to calends [adj]
CALENDAR : to schedule [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CALENDARS : calendar [v]
CALENDER : to smooth by pressing between rollers [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CALENDERS : calender [v]
CALENDS : the first day of the Roman month [n CALENDS]
CALESA : a calash [n -S]
CALESAS : calesa [n]
CALF : a young cow or bull [n CALVES or CALFS] : CALFLIKE [adj]
CALFLIKE : calf [adj]
CALFS : calf [n]
CALFSKIN : the skin of a calf [n -S]
CALFSKINS : calfskin [n]
CALIBER : the diameter of a gun barrel [n -S]
CALIBERS : caliber [n]
CALIBRE : caliber [n -S] : CALIBRED [adj]
CALIBRED : calibre [adj]
CALIBRES : calibre [n]
CALICES : calix [n]
CALICHE : a mineral deposit [n -S]
CALICHES : caliche [n]
CALICLE : a cup-shaped, anatomical structure [n -S]
CALICLES : calicle [n]
CALICO : a cotton fabric [n -COES or -COS]
CALICOES : calico [n]
CALICOS : calico [n]
CALIF : caliph [n -S]
CALIFATE : the domain of a calif [n -S]
CALIFATES : califate [n]
CALIFS : calif [n]
CALIPASH : an edible part of a turtle [n -ES]
CALIPEE : an edible part of a turtle [n -S]
CALIPEES : calipee [n]
CALIPER : to use a type of measuring device [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CALIPERED : caliper [v]
CALIPERS : caliper [v]
CALIPH : a Muslim leader [n -S] : CALIPHAL [adj]
CALIPHAL : caliph [adj]
CALIPHS : caliph [n]
CALISAYA : the medicinal bark of the cinchona [n -S]
CALISAYAS : calisaya [n]
CALIX : a cup [n -LICES]
CALK : to caulk [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CALKED : calk [v]
CALKER : one that calks [n -S]
CALKERS : calker [n]
CALKIN : a gripping projection on a horseshoe [n -S]
CALKING : material used to calk [n -S]
CALKINGS : calking [n]
CALKINS : calkin [n]
CALKS : calk [v]
CALL : to summon [v -ED, -ING, -S] : CALLABLE [adj]
CALLA : a tropical plant [n -S]
CALLABLE : call [adj]
CALLALOO : a crabmeat soup [n -LOOS]
CALLALOOS : callaloo [n]
CALLAN : callant [n -S]
CALLANS : callan [n]
CALLANT : a lad [n -S]
CALLANTS : callant [n]
CALLAS : calla [n]
CALLBACK : a recall of a defective product [n -S]
CALLBACKS : callback [n]
CALLBOY : a bellboy [n -BOYS]
CALLBOYS : callboy [n]
CALLED : call [v]
CALLEE : one that is called [n -S]
CALLEES : callee [n]
CALLER : one that calls [n -S]
CALLERS : caller [n]
CALLET : a prostitute [n -S]
CALLETS : callet [n]
CALLING : a vocation or profession [n -S]
CALLINGS : calling [n]
CALLIOPE : a keyboard musical instrument [n -S]
CALLIOPES : calliope [n]
CALLIPEE : calipee [n -S]
CALLIPEES : callipee [n]
CALLIPER : to caliper [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CALLIPERS : calliper [v]
CALLOSE : a part of a plant cell wall [n -S]
CALLOSES : callose [n]
CALLOUS : to make or become hard [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CALLOUSED : callous [v]
CALLOUSES : callous [v]
CALLOW : immature [adj -LOWER, -LOWEST]
CALLOWER : callow [adj]
CALLOWEST : callow [adj]
CALLS : call [v]
CALLUS : to form a hard growth [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CALLUSED : callus [v]
CALLUSES : callus [v]
CALLUSING : callus [v]
CALM : free from agitation [adj CALMER, CALMEST] : CALMLY [adv] / to make calm [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CALMED : calm [v]
CALMER : calm [adj]
CALMEST : calm [adj]
CALMING : calm [v]
CALMLY : calm [adv]
CALMNESS : the state of being calm [n -ES]
CALMS : calm [v]
CALO : a Spanish argot used by Chicano youths [n -S]
CALOMEL : a chemical compound used as a purgative [n -S]
CALOMELS : calomel [n]
CALORIC : heat [n -S]
CALORICS : caloric [n]
CALORIE : a unit of heat [n -S]
CALORIES : calorie [n]
CALORIZE : to coat steel with aluminum [v -RIZED, -RIZING, -RIZES]
CALORIZED : calorize [v]
CALORIZES : calorize [v]
CALORY : calorie [n -RIES]
CALOS : calo [n]
CALOTTE : a skullcap [n -S]
CALOTTES : calotte [n]
CALOTYPE : a kind of photograph [n -S]
CALOTYPES : calotype [n]
CALOYER : a monk of the Eastern Church [n -S]
CALOYERS : caloyer [n]
CALPAC : a sheepskin hat [n -S]
CALPACK : calpac [n -S]
CALPACKS : calpack [n]
CALPACS : calpac [n]
CALPAIN : an enzyme for digesting proteins [n -S]
CALPAINS : calpain [n]
CALQUE : to model a word’s meaning upon that of an analogous word in another language [v CALQUED, CALQUING, CALQUES]
CALQUED : calque [v]
CALQUES : calque [v]
CALQUING : calque [v]
CALTHROP : caltrop [n -S]
CALTHROPS : calthrop [n]
CALTRAP : caltrop [n -S]
CALTRAPS : caltrap [n]
CALTROP : a spiny plant [n -S]
CALTROPS : caltrop [n]
CALUMET : a ceremonial pipe [n -S]
CALUMETS : calumet [n]
CALUMNIES : calumny [n]
CALUMNY : a false and malicious accusation [n -NIES]
CALUTRON : a device used for separating isotopes [n -S]
CALUTRONS : calutron [n]
CALVADOS : a dry apple brandy [n -ES]
CALVARIA : the dome of the skull [n -S]
CALVARIAS : calvaria [n]
CALVARIES : calvary [n]
CALVARY : a representation of the Crucifixion [n -RIES]
CALVE : to give birth to a calf [v CALVED, CALVING, CALVES]
CALVED : calve [v]
CALVES : calf [n]
CALVING : calve [v]
CALX : a mineral residue [n -ES or CALCES]
CALXES : calx [n]
CALYCATE : calycine [adj]
CALYCEAL : calycine [adj]
CALYCES : calyx [n]
CALYCINE : pertaining to a calyx [adj]
CALYCLE : an outer calyx [n -S]
CALYCLES : calycle [n]
CALYCULI : small, cup-shaped structures [n]
CALYPSO : an improvised song [n -SOS or -SOES]
CALYPSOES : calypso [n]
CALYPSOS : calypso [n]
CALYPTER : calyptra [n -S]
CALYPTERS : calypter [n]
CALYPTRA : a hood-shaped organ of flowers [n -S]
CALYPTRAS : calyptra [n]
CALYX : the outer protective covering of a flower [n -LYXES or -LYCES]
CALYXES : calyx [n]
CALZONE : a turnover with a savory filling [n -S]
CALZONES : calzone [n]
CAM : a rotating or sliding piece of machinery [n -S]
CAMAIL : a piece of armor for the neck [n -S] : CAMAILED [adj]
CAMAILED : camail [adj]
CAMAILS : camail [n]
CAMAS : camass [n -ES]
CAMASES : camas [n]
CAMASS : a perennial herb [n -ES]
CAMASSES : camass [n]
CAMBER : to arch slightly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAMBERED : camber [v]
CAMBERING : camber [v]
CAMBERS : camber [v]
CAMBIA : cambium [n]
CAMBIAL : pertaining to cambium [adj]
CAMBISM : the theory and practice of exchange in commerce [n -S]
CAMBISMS : cambism [n]
CAMBIST : a dealer in bills of exchange [n -S]
CAMBISTS : cambist [n]
CAMBIUM : a layer of plant tissue [n -BIUMS or -BIA]
CAMBIUMS : cambium [n]
CAMBOGIA : a gum resin [n -S]
CAMBOGIAS : cambogia [n]
CAMBRIC : a fine linen [n -S]
CAMBRICS : cambric [n]
CAME : a leaden window rod [n -S]
CAMEL : a large, humped mammal [n -S]
CAMELEER : a camel driver [n -S]
CAMELEERS : cameleer [n]
CAMELIA : camellia [n -S]
CAMELIAS : camelia [n]
CAMELID : any of a family of 2-toed ruminant mammals [n -S]
CAMELIDS : camelid [n]
CAMELLIA : a tropical shrub [n -S]
CAMELLIAS : camellia [n]
CAMELS : camel [n]
CAMEO : to portray in sharp, delicate relief [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAMEOED : cameo [v]
CAMEOING : cameo [v]
CAMEOS : cameo [v]
CAMERA : a judge’s chamber [n -ERAS or -ERAE] : CAMERAL [adj]
CAMERAE : camera [n]
CAMERAL : camera [adj]
CAMERAS : camera [n]
CAMES : came [n]
CAMION : a military truck [n -S]
CAMIONS : camion [n]
CAMISA : a shirt or chemise [n -S]
CAMISADE : camisado [n -S]
CAMISADES : camisade [n]
CAMISADO : an attack made at night [n -DOS or -DOES]
CAMISADOS : camisado [n]
CAMISAS : camisa [n]
CAMISE : a loose shirt or gown [n -S]
CAMISES : camise [n]
CAMISIA : camise [n -S]
CAMISIAS : camisia [n]
CAMISOLE : a brief negligee [n -S]
CAMISOLES : camisole [n]
CAMLET : a durable fabric [n -S]
CAMLETS : camlet [n]
CAMMIE : camouflage [n -S]
CAMMIES : cammie [n]
CAMO : a camouflage pattern [n CAMOS]
CAMOMILE : a medicinal herb [n -S]
CAMOMILES : camomile [n]
CAMORRA : an unscrupulous secret society [n -S]
CAMORRAS : camorra [n]
CAMOS : camo [n]
CAMP : to live in the open [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAMPAGNA : a flat, open plain [n -PAGNE]
CAMPAGNE : campagna [n]
CAMPAIGN : to conduct a series of operations to reach a specific goal [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAMPAIGNS : campaign [v]
CAMPED : camp [v]
CAMPER : one that camps [n -S]
CAMPERS : camper [n]
CAMPFIRE : an outdoor fire [n -S]
CAMPFIRES : campfire [n]
CAMPHENE : camphine [n -S]
CAMPHENES : camphene [n]
CAMPHINE : an explosive liquid [n -S]
CAMPHINES : camphine [n]
CAMPHIRE : a flowering plant [n -S]
CAMPHIRES : camphire [n]
CAMPHOL : borneol [n -S]
CAMPHOLS : camphol [n]
CAMPHOR : a volatile compound [n -S]
CAMPHORS : camphor [n]
CAMPI : campo [n]
CAMPIER : campy [adj]
CAMPIEST : campy [adj]
CAMPILY : in a campy manner [adv]
CAMPING : the act of living outdoors [n -S]
CAMPINGS : camping [n]
CAMPION : an herb [n -S]
CAMPIONS : campion [n]
CAMPO : an open space in a town [n -PI] / a level, grassy plain [n -POS]
CAMPONG : kampong [n -S]
CAMPONGS : campong [n]
CAMPOREE : a gathering of Boy Scouts [n -S]
CAMPOREES : camporee [n]
CAMPOS : campo [n]
CAMPOUT : a camping out by a group [n -S]
CAMPOUTS : campout [n]
CAMPS : camp [v]
CAMPSITE : an area suitable for camping [n -S]
CAMPSITES : campsite [n]
CAMPUS : to restrict a student to the school grounds [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CAMPUSED : campus [v]
CAMPUSES : campus [v]
CAMPUSING : campus [v]
CAMPY : comically exaggerated [adj CAMPIER, CAMPIEST]
CAMS : cam [n]
CAMSHAFT : a shaft fitted with cams [n -S]
CAMSHAFTS : camshaft [n]
CAN : to put in a can (a cylindrical container) [v CANNED, CANNING, CANS] / used as an auxiliary to express ability [v CANST, COULD, COULDEST, COULDST present sing. 2d person CAN or CANST, past sing. 2d person COULD, COULDEST, or COULDST]
CANAILLE : the common people [n -S]
CANAILLES : canaille [n]
CANAKIN : cannikin [n -S]
CANAKINS : canakin [n]
CANAL : to dig an artificial waterway through [v -NALLED, -NALLING, -NALS or -NALED, -NALING, -NALS]
CANALED : canal [v]
CANALING : canal [v]
CANALISE : to canalize [v -ISED, -ISING, -ISES]
CANALISED : canalise [v]
CANALISES : canalise [v]
CANALIZE : to canal [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
CANALIZED : canalize [v]
CANALIZES : canalize [v]
CANALLED : canal [v]
CANALLER : a freight boat [n -S]
CANALLERS : canaller [n]
CANALLING : canal [v]
CANALS : canal [v]
CANAPE : a food served before a meal [n -S]
CANAPES : canape [n]
CANARD : a false story [n -S]
CANARDS : canard [n]
CANARIES : canary [n]
CANARY : a songbird [n -NARIES]
CANASTA : a card game [n -S]
CANASTAS : canasta [n]
CANCAN : a dance marked by high kicking [n -S]
CANCANS : cancan [n]
CANCELED : cancel [v]
CANCELER : one that cancels [n -S]
CANCELERS : canceler [n]
CANCELING : cancel [v]
CANCELLED : cancel [v]
CANCELS : cancel [v]
CANCER : a malignant growth [n -S] : CANCERED [adj]
CANCERED : cancer [adj]
CANCERS : cancer [n]
CANCHA : a jai alai court [n -S]
CANCHAS : cancha [n]
CANCROID : a skin cancer [n -S]
CANCROIDS : cancroid [n]
CANDELA : a unit of luminous intensity [n -S]
CANDELAS : candela [n]
CANDENT : glowing [adj]
CANDID : frank and sincere [adj -DIDER, -DIDEST] / an unposed photograph [n -S]
CANDIDA : a parasitic fungus [n -S] : CANDIDAL [adj]
CANDIDAL : candida [adj]
CANDIDAS : candida [n]
CANDIDER : candid [adj]
CANDIDEST : candid [adj]
CANDIDLY : in a candid manner [adv]
CANDIDS : candid [n]
CANDIED : candy [v]
CANDIES : candy [v]
CANDLE : to examine eggs in front of a light [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
CANDLED : candle [v]
CANDLER : one that candles [n -S]
CANDLERS : candler [n]
CANDLES : candle [v]
CANDLING : candle [v]
CANDOR : frankness; sincerity [n -S]
CANDORS : candor [n]
CANDOUR : candor [n -S]
CANDOURS : candour [n]
CANDY : to coat with sugar [v -DIED, -DYING, -DIES]
CANDYING : candy [v]
CANE : to beat with a rod [v CANED, CANING, CANES]
CANED : cane [v]
CANELLA : a medicinal tree bark [n -S]
CANELLAS : canella [n]
CANEPHOR : a Greek maiden bearing a basket on her head [n -S]
CANEPHORS : canephor [n]
CANER : one that canes [n -S]
CANERS : caner [n]
CANES : cane [v]
CANEWARE : a yellowish stoneware [n -S]
CANEWARES : caneware [n]
CANFIELD : a card game [n -S]
CANFIELDS : canfield [n]
CANFUL : as much as a can holds [n CANFULS or CANSFUL]
CANFULS : canful [n]
CANGUE : an ancient Chinese punishing device [n -S]
CANGUES : cangue [n]
CANID : a dog [n -S]
CANIDS : canid [n]
CANIKIN : cannikin [n -S]
CANIKINS : canikin [n]
CANINE : a dog [n -S]
CANINES : canine [n]
CANING : cane [v]
CANINITY : the state of being a canine [n -TIES]
CANISTEL : a tropical tree [n -S]
CANISTELS : canistel [n]
CANISTER : a small, metal box [n -S]
CANISTERS : canister [n]
CANITIES : the turning gray of the hair [n CANITIES]
CANKER : to affect with ulcerous sores [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CANKERED : canker [v]
CANKERING : canker [v]
CANKERS : canker [v]
CANNA : a tropical plant [n -S]
CANNABIC : pertaining to cannabis [adj]
CANNABIN : a resin extracted from cannabis [n -S]
CANNABINS : cannabin [n]
CANNABIS : hemp [n -BISES]
CANNAS : canna [n]
CANNED : can [v]
CANNEL : an oily, compact coal [n -S]
CANNELON : a stuffed roll [n -S]
CANNELONS : cannelon [n]
CANNELS : cannel [n]
CANNER : one that cans food [n -S]
CANNERIES : cannery [n]
CANNERS : canner [n]
CANNERY : a place where food is canned [n -NERIES]
CANNIBAL : one who eats his own kind [n -S]
CANNIBALS : cannibal [n]
CANNIE : canny [adj -NIER, -NIEST]
CANNIER : cannie [adj]
CANNIEST : cannie [adj]
CANNIKIN : a small can or cup [n -S]
CANNIKINS : cannikin [n]
CANNILY : in a canny manner [adv]
CANNING : the business of preserving food in airtight containers [n -S]
CANNINGS : canning [n]
CANNOLI : a tube of pastry with a sweet filling [n -S]
CANNOLIS : cannoli [n]
CANNON : to fire a cannon (a heavy firearm) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CANNONED : cannon [v]
CANNONING : cannon [v]
CANNONRY : artillery [n -RIES]
CANNONS : cannon [v]
CANNOT : the negative form of can [v]
CANNULA : a tube inserted into a bodily cavity [n -LAS or -LAE] : CANNULAR [adj]
CANNULAE : cannula [n]
CANNULAR : cannula [adj]
CANNULAS : cannula [n]
CANNY : prudent [adj -NIER, -NIEST]
CANOE : to paddle a canoe (a light, slender boat) [v -NOED, -NOEING, -NOES]
CANOED : canoe [v]
CANOEING : canoe [v]
CANOEIST : one who canoes [n -S]
CANOEISTS : canoeist [n]
CANOER : one who canoes [n -S]
CANOERS : canoer [n]
CANOES : canoe [v]
CANOLA : an oil from the seeds of a kind of herb [n -S]
CANOLAS : canola [n]
CANON : a law decreed by a church council [n -S] : CANONIC [adj]
CANONESS : a woman who lives according to a canon [n -ES]
CANONIC : canon [adj]
CANONISE : to canonize [v -ISED, -ISING, -ISES]
CANONISED : canonise [v]
CANONISES : canonise [v]
CANONIST : a specialist in canon law [n -S]
CANONISTS : canonist [n]
CANONIZE : to declare to be a saint [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
CANONIZED : canonize [v]
CANONIZES : canonize [v]
CANONRIES : canonry [n]
CANONRY : a clerical office [n -RIES]
CANONS : canon [n]
CANOODLE : to caress [v -DLED, -DLING, -DLES]
CANOODLED : canoodle [v]
CANOODLES : canoodle [v]
CANOPIC : pertaining to an Egyptian jar [adj]
CANOPIED : canopy [v]
CANOPIES : canopy [v]
CANOPY : to cover from above [v -PIED, -PYING, -PIES]
CANOPYING : canopy [v]
CANOROUS : melodic [adj]
CANS : can [v]
CANSFUL : canful [n]
CANSO : a love song [n -SOS]
CANSOS : canso [n]
CANST : can [v]
CANT : to tilt or slant [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CANTAL : a hard cheese of France [n -S]
CANTALA : a tropical plant [n -S]
CANTALAS : cantala [n]
CANTALS : cantal [n]
CANTATA : a vocal composition [n -S]
CANTATAS : cantata [n]
CANTDOG : a device used to move logs [n -S]
CANTDOGS : cantdog [n]
CANTED : cant [v]
CANTEEN : a small container for carrying water [n -S]
CANTEENS : canteen [n]
CANTER : to ride a horse at a moderate pace [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CANTERED : canter [v]
CANTERING : canter [v]
CANTERS : canter [v]
CANTHAL : canthus [adj]
CANTHI : canthus [n]
CANTHUS : a corner of the eye [n -THI] : CANTHAL [adj]
CANTIC : slanted [adj]
CANTICLE : a hymn [n -S]
CANTICLES : canticle [n]
CANTINA : a saloon [n -S]
CANTINAS : cantina [n]
CANTING : cant [v]
CANTLE : the rear part of a saddle [n -S]
CANTLES : cantle [n]
CANTO : a division of a long poem [n -TOS]
CANTON : to divide into cantons (districts) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CANTONAL : pertaining to a canton [adj]
CANTONED : canton [v]
CANTONING : canton [v]
CANTONS : canton [v]
CANTOR : a religious singer [n -S]
CANTORS : cantor [n]
CANTOS : canto [n]
CANTRAIP : cantrip [n -S]
CANTRAIPS : cantraip [n]
CANTRAP : cantrip [n -S]
CANTRAPS : cantrap [n]
CANTRIP : a magic spell [n -S]
CANTRIPS : cantrip [n]
CANTS : cant [v]
CANTUS : a style of church music [n CANTUS]
CANTY : cheerful [adj]
CANULA : cannula [n -LAS or -LAE] : CANULAR [adj]
CANULAE : canula [n]
CANULAR : canula [adj]
CANULAS : canula [n]
CANULATE : to insert a canula into [v -LATED, -LATING, -LATES]
CANULATED : canulate [v]
CANULATES : canulate [v]
CANVAS : to canvass [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CANVASED : canvas [v]
CANVASER : one that canvases [n -S]
CANVASERS : canvaser [n]
CANVASES : canvas [v]
CANVASING : canvas [v]
CANVASS : to examine thoroughly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CANVASSED : canvass [v]
CANVASSES : canvass [v]
CANYON : a deep valley with steep sides [n -S]
CANYONS : canyon [n]
CANZONA : canzone [n -S]
CANZONAS : canzona [n]
CANZONE : a form of lyric poetry [n -NI or -NES]
CANZONES : canzone [n]
CANZONET : a short song [n -S]
CANZONETS : canzonet [n]
CANZONI : canzone [n]
CAP : to provide with a cap (a type of head covering) [v CAPPED, CAPPING, CAPS]
CAPABLE : having ability [adj -BLER, -BLEST] : CAPABLY [adv]
CAPABLER : capable [adj]
CAPABLEST : capable [adj]
CAPABLY : capable [adv]
CAPACITY : the ability to receive or contain [n -TIES]
CAPE : a sleeveless garment [n -S] : CAPED [adj]
CAPED : cape [adj]
CAPELAN : capelin [n -S]
CAPELANS : capelan [n]
CAPELET : a small cape [n -S]
CAPELETS : capelet [n]
CAPELIN : a small, edible fish [n -S]
CAPELINS : capelin [n]
CAPER : to frolic [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAPERED : caper [v]
CAPERER : one that capers [n -S]
CAPERERS : caperer [n]
CAPERING : caper [v]
CAPERS : caper [v]
CAPES : cape [n]
CAPESKIN : a soft leather [n -S]
CAPESKINS : capeskin [n]
CAPEWORK : a bullfighting technique [n -S]
CAPEWORKS : capework [n]
CAPFUL : as much as a cap can hold [n -S]
CAPFULS : capful [n]
CAPH : kaph [n -S]
CAPHS : caph [n]
CAPIAS : a judicial writ [n -ES]
CAPIASES : capias [n]
CAPITA : caput [n]
CAPITAL : the upper part of a column [n -S]
CAPITALS : capital [n]
CAPITATE : head-shaped [adj]
CAPITOL : a building occupied by a state legislature [n -S]
CAPITOLS : capitol [n]
CAPITULA : flower clusters [n]
CAPIZ : a bivalve mollusk [n -ES]
CAPIZES : capiz [n]
CAPLESS : being without a cap [adj]
CAPLET : a coated tablet [n -S]
CAPLETS : caplet [n]
CAPLIN : capelin [n -S]
CAPLINS : caplin [n]
CAPMAKER : one that makes caps [n -S]
CAPMAKERS : capmaker [n]
CAPO : a pitch-raising device for fretted instruments [n -POS]
CAPOEIRA : a Brazilian dance [n -S]
CAPOEIRAS : capoeira [n]
CAPON : a gelded rooster [n -S]
CAPONATA : a relish made with eggplant [n -S]
CAPONATAS : caponata [n]
CAPONIER : a type of defense [n -S]
CAPONIERS : caponier [n]
CAPONIZE : to geld a rooster [v -IZED, -IZING, -IZES]
CAPONIZED : caponize [v]
CAPONIZES : caponize [v]
CAPONS : capon [n]
CAPORAL : a coarse tobacco [n -S]
CAPORALS : caporal [n]
CAPOS : capo [n]
CAPOTE : a hooded cloak or overcoat [n -S]
CAPOTES : capote [n]
CAPOUCH : capuche [n -ES]
CAPOUCHES : capouch [n]
CAPPED : cap [v]
CAPPER : a capmaker [n -S]
CAPPERS : capper [n]
CAPPING : a wax covering in a honeycomb [n -S]
CAPPINGS : capping [n]
CAPRIC : pertaining to a goat [adj]
CAPRICCI : caprices [n]
CAPRICE : a whim [n -S]
CAPRICES : caprice [n]
CAPRIFIG : a European tree [n -S]
CAPRIFIGS : caprifig [n]
CAPRINE : capric [adj]
CAPRIOLE : to leap [v -OLED, -OLING, -OLES]
CAPRIOLED : capriole [v]
CAPRIOLES : capriole [v]
CAPRIS : pants for women [n]
CAPROCK : an overlying rock layer [n -S]
CAPROCKS : caprock [n]
CAPS : cap [v]
CAPSICIN : a liquid used as a flavoring [n -S]
CAPSICINS : capsicin [n]
CAPSICUM : a tropical herb [n -S]
CAPSICUMS : capsicum [n]
CAPSID : the outer shell of a virus particle [n -S] : CAPSIDAL [adj]
CAPSIDAL : capsid [adj]
CAPSIDS : capsid [n]
CAPSIZE : to overturn [v -SIZED, -SIZING, -SIZES]
CAPSIZED : capsize [v]
CAPSIZES : capsize [v]
CAPSIZING : capsize [v]
CAPSOMER : a protein forming the capsid [n -S]
CAPSOMERS : capsomer [n]
CAPSTAN : a machine used to hoist weights [n -S]
CAPSTANS : capstan [n]
CAPSTONE : the top stone of a structure [n -S]
CAPSTONES : capstone [n]
CAPSULAR : enclosed and compact [adj]
CAPSULE : to condense into a brief form [v -SULED, -SULING, -SULES]
CAPSULED : capsule [v]
CAPSULES : capsule [v]
CAPSULING : capsule [v]
CAPTAIN : to lead or command [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAPTAINED : captain [v]
CAPTAINS : captain [v]
CAPTAN : a fungicide [n -S]
CAPTANS : captan [n]
CAPTION : to provide with a title [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAPTIONED : caption [v]
CAPTIONS : caption [v]
CAPTIOUS : tending to find fault [adj]
CAPTIVE : a prisoner [n -S]
CAPTIVES : captive [n]
CAPTOR : one who takes or holds a captive [n -S]
CAPTORS : captor [n]
CAPTURE : to take by force or cunning [v -TURED, -TURING, -TURES]
CAPTURED : capture [v]
CAPTURER : one that captures [n -S]
CAPTURERS : capturer [n]
CAPTURES : capture [v]
CAPTURING : capture [v]
CAPUCHE : a hood or cowl [n -S] : CAPUCHED [adj]
CAPUCHED : capuche [adj]
CAPUCHES : capuche [n]
CAPUCHIN : a long-tailed monkey [n -S]
CAPUCHINS : capuchin [n]
CAPUT : a head or head-like part [n CAPITA]
CAPYBARA : a large rodent [n -S]
CAPYBARAS : capybara [n]
CAR : an automobile [n -S]
CARABAO : a water buffalo [n -BAOS]
CARABAOS : carabao [n]
CARABID : a predatory beetle [n -S]
CARABIDS : carabid [n]
CARABIN : carbine [n -S]
CARABINE : carbine [n -S]
CARABINES : carabine [n]
CARABINS : carabin [n]
CARACAL : an African lynx [n -S]
CARACALS : caracal [n]
CARACARA : a large hawk [n -S]
CARACARAS : caracara [n]
CARACK : carrack [n -S]
CARACKS : carack [n]
CARACOL : to caracole [v -COLLED, -COLLING, -COLS]
CARACOLE : to perform a half turn on a horse [v -COLED, -COLING, -COLES]
CARACOLED : caracole [v]
CARACOLES : caracole [v]
CARACOLS : caracol [v]
CARACUL : karakul [n -S]
CARACULS : caracul [n]
CARAFE : a glass bottle [n -S]
CARAFES : carafe [n]
CARAGANA : an Asian shrub [n -S]
CARAGANAS : caragana [n]
CARAGEEN : an edible seaweed [n -S]
CARAGEENS : carageen [n]
CARAMBA : used to express surprise or dismay [interj]
CARAMEL : a chewy candy [n -S]
CARAMELS : caramel [n]
CARANGID : a marine fish [n -S]
CARANGIDS : carangid [n]
CARAPACE : a hard, protective outer covering [n -S]
CARAPACES : carapace [n]
CARAPAX : carapace [n -ES]
CARAPAXES : carapax [n]
CARASSOW : curassow [n -S]
CARASSOWS : carassow [n]
CARAT : a unit of weight for gems [n -S]
CARATE : a tropical skin disease [n -S]
CARATES : carate [n]
CARATS : carat [n]
CARAVAN : to travel in a group [v -VANED, -VANING, -VANS or -VANNED, -VANNING, -VANS]
CARAVANED : caravan [v]
CARAVANS : caravan [v]
CARAVEL : a small sailing ship [n -S]
CARAVELS : caravel [n]
CARAWAY : an herb used in cooking [n -WAYS]
CARAWAYS : caraway [n]
CARB : a carburetor [n -S]
CARBAMIC : pertaining to a type of acid [adj]
CARBAMYL : a chemical radical [n -S]
CARBAMYLS : carbamyl [n]
CARBARN : a garage for buses [n -S]
CARBARNS : carbarn [n]
CARBARYL : an insecticide [n -S]
CARBARYLS : carbaryl [n]
CARBIDE : a carbon compound [n -S]
CARBIDES : carbide [n]
CARBINE : a light rifle [n -S]
CARBINES : carbine [n]
CARBINOL : an alcohol [n -S]
CARBINOLS : carbinol [n]
CARBO : a carbohydrate [n -S]
CARBOLIC : an acidic compound [n -S]
CARBOLICS : carbolic [n]
CARBON : a nonmetallic element [n -S] : CARBONIC [adj]
CARBONIC : carbon [adj]
CARBONS : carbon [n]
CARBONYL : a chemical compound [n -S]
CARBONYLS : carbonyl [n]
CARBORA : a wood-boring worm [n -S]
CARBORAS : carbora [n]
CARBOS : carbo [n]
CARBOXYL : a univalent acid radical [n -S]
CARBOXYLS : carboxyl [n]
CARBOY : a large bottle [n -BOYS] : CARBOYED [adj]
CARBOYED : carboy [adj]
CARBOYS : carboy [n]
CARBS : carb [n]
CARBURET : to combine chemically with carbon [v -RETED, -RETING, -RETS or -RETTED, -RETTING, -RETS]
CARBURETS : carburet [v]
CARCAJOU : a carnivorous mammal [n -S]
CARCAJOUS : carcajou [n]
CARCANET : a jeweled necklace [n -S]
CARCANETS : carcanet [n]
CARCASE : carcass [n -S]
CARCASES : carcase [n]
CARCASS : the body of a dead animal [n -ES]
CARCASSES : carcass [n]
CARCEL : a unit of illumination [n -S]
CARCELS : carcel [n]
CARCERAL : pertaining to a prison [adj]
CARD : to provide with a card (a stiff piece of paper) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARDAMOM : a tropical herb [n -S]
CARDAMOMS : cardamom [n]
CARDAMON : cardamom [n -S]
CARDAMONS : cardamon [n]
CARDAMUM : cardamom [n -S]
CARDAMUMS : cardamum [n]
CARDCASE : a case for holding cards [n -S]
CARDCASES : cardcase [n]
CARDED : card [v]
CARDER : one that does carding [n -S]
CARDERS : carder [n]
CARDIA : an opening of the esophagus [n -DIAS or -DIAE]
CARDIAC : a person with a heart disorder [n -S]
CARDIACS : cardiac [n]
CARDIAE : cardia [n]
CARDIAS : cardia [n]
CARDIGAN : a type of sweater [n -S]
CARDIGANS : cardigan [n]
CARDINAL : a bright red bird [n -S]
CARDINALS : cardinal [n]
CARDING : the process of combing and cleaning cotton fibers; cleaned and combed fibers [n -S]
CARDINGS : carding [n]
CARDIO : pertaining to the heart and blood vessels [adj]
CARDIOID : a heart-shaped curve [n -S]
CARDIOIDS : cardioid [n]
CARDITIC : carditis [adj]
CARDITIS : inflammation of the heart [n -TISES] : CARDITIC [adj]
CARDON : cardoon [n -S]
CARDONS : cardon [n]
CARDOON : a perennial plant [n -S]
CARDOONS : cardoon [n]
CARDS : card [v]
CARE : to be concerned or interested [v CARED, CARING, CARES]
CARED : care [v]
CAREEN : to lurch while moving [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAREENED : careen [v]
CAREENER : one that careens [n -S]
CAREENERS : careener [n]
CAREENING : careen [v]
CAREENS : careen [v]
CAREER : to go at full speed [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAREERED : career [v]
CAREERER : one that careers [n -S]
CAREERERS : careerer [n]
CAREERING : career [v]
CAREERS : career [v]
CAREFREE : being without worry or anxiety [adj]
CAREFUL : cautious [adj -FULLER, -FULLEST]
CARELESS : inattentive; negligent [adj]
CARER : one that cares [n -S]
CARERS : carer [n]
CARES : care [v]
CARESS : to touch lovingly [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CARESSED : caress [v]
CARESSER : one that caresses [n -S]
CARESSERS : caresser [n]
CARESSES : caress [v]
CARESSING : caress [v]
CARET : a proofreaders’ symbol [n -S]
CARETAKE : to take care of someone else’s house or land [v -TOOK, -TAKEN, -TAKING, -TAKES]
CARETAKEN : caretake [v]
CARETAKES : caretake [v]
CARETOOK : caretake [v]
CARETS : caret [n]
CAREWORN : haggard [adj]
CAREX : a marsh plant [n CARICES]
CARFARE : payment for a bus or car ride [n -S]
CARFARES : carfare [n]
CARFUL : as much as a car can hold [n -S]
CARFULS : carful [n]
CARGO : conveyed merchandise [n -GOS or -GOES]
CARGOES : cargo [n]
CARGOS : cargo [n]
CARHOP : a waitress at a drive-in restaurant [n -S]
CARHOPS : carhop [n]
CARIBE : the piranha [n -S]
CARIBES : caribe [n]
CARIBOU : a large deer [n -S]
CARIBOUS : caribou [n]
CARICES : carex [n]
CARIED : caries [adj]
CARIES : tooth decay [n CARIES] : CARIED [adj]
CARILLON : to play a set of bells [v -LONNED, -LONNING, -LONS]
CARILLONS : carillon [v]
CARINA : a carinate anatomical part [n -NAS or -NAE] : CARINAL [adj]
CARINAE : carina [n]
CARINAL : carina [adj]
CARINAS : carina [n]
CARINATE : shaped like the keel of a ship [adj]
CARING : care [v]
CARIOCA : a South American dance [n -S]
CARIOCAS : carioca [n]
CARIOLE : a small, open carriage [n -S]
CARIOLES : cariole [n]
CARIOUS : decayed [adj]
CARITAS : love for all people [n -ES]
CARITASES : caritas [n]
CARJACK : to steal a vehicle from its driver by force [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARJACKED : carjack [v]
CARJACKS : carjack [v]
CARK : to worry [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARKED : cark [v]
CARKING : cark [v]
CARKS : cark [v]
CARL : a peasant [n -S]
CARLE : carl [n -S]
CARLES : carle [n]
CARLESS : being without a car [adj]
CARLIN : an old woman [n -S]
CARLINE : carling [n -S]
CARLINES : carline [n]
CARLING : a beam supporting a ship’s deck [n -S]
CARLINGS : carling [n]
CARLINS : carlin [n]
CARLISH : resembling a carl [adj]
CARLOAD : as much as a car can hold [n -S]
CARLOADS : carload [n]
CARLS : carl [n]
CARMAKER : an automobile manufacturer [n -S]
CARMAKERS : carmaker [n]
CARMAN : a streetcar driver [n CARMEN]
CARMEN : carman [n]
CARMINE : a vivid red color [n -S]
CARMINES : carmine [n]
CARN : cairn [n -S]
CARNAGE : great and bloody slaughter [n -S]
CARNAGES : carnage [n]
CARNAL : pertaining to bodily appetites [adj] : CARNALLY [adv]
CARNALLY : carnal [adv]
CARNAUBA : a palm tree [n -S]
CARNAUBAS : carnauba [n]
CARNET : an official permit [n -S]
CARNETS : carnet [n]
CARNEY : carny [n -NEYS]
CARNEYS : carney [n]
CARNIE : carny [n -S]
CARNIES : carnie [n]
CARNIFIED : carnify [v]
CARNIFIES : carnify [v]
CARNIFY : to form into flesh [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
CARNIVAL : a traveling amusement show [n -S]
CARNIVALS : carnival [n]
CARNS : carn [n]
CARNY : a carnival [n -NIES]
CAROACH : caroche [n -ES]
CAROACHES : caroach [n]
CAROB : an evergreen tree [n -S]
CAROBS : carob [n]
CAROCH : caroche [n -ES]
CAROCHE : a stately carriage [n -S]
CAROCHES : caroche [n]
CAROL : to sing joyously [v -OLED, -OLING, -OLS or -OLLED, -OLLING, -OLS]
CAROLED : carol [v]
CAROLER : one that carols [n -S]
CAROLERS : caroler [n]
CAROLI : carolus [n]
CAROLING : carol [v]
CAROLLED : carol [v]
CAROLLER : caroler [n -S]
CAROLLERS : caroller [n]
CAROLLING : carol [v]
CAROLS : carol [v]
CAROLUS : an old English coin [n -LUSES or -LI]
CAROLUSES : carolus [n]
CAROM : to collide with and rebound [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAROMED : carom [v]
CAROMING : carom [v]
CAROMS : carom [v]
CAROTENE : a plant pigment [n -S]
CAROTENES : carotene [n]
CAROTID : an artery in the neck [n -S]
CAROTIDS : carotid [n]
CAROTIN : carotene [n -S]
CAROTINS : carotin [n]
CAROUSAL : a boisterous drinking party [n -S]
CAROUSALS : carousal [n]
CAROUSE : to engage in a carousal [v -ROUSED, -ROUSING, -ROUSES]
CAROUSED : carouse [v] CAROUSEL : an amusement park ride [n -S]
CAROUSELS : carousel [n]
CAROUSER : one that carouses [n -S]
CAROUSERS : carouser [n]
CAROUSES : carouse [v]
CAROUSING : carouse [v]
CARP : to find fault unreasonably [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARPAL : carpale [n -S]
CARPALE : a bone of the wrist [n -LIA]
CARPALIA : carpale [n]
CARPALS : carpal [n]
CARPED : carp [v]
CARPEL : a simple pistil [n -S]
CARPELS : carpel [n]
CARPER : one that carps [n -S]
CARPERS : carper [n]
CARPET : to cover a floor with a heavy fabric [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARPETED : carpet [v]
CARPETING : carpet [v]
CARPETS : carpet [v]
CARPI : carpus [n]
CARPING : the act of one who carps [n -S]
CARPINGS : carping [n]
CARPOOL : to take turns driving a group of commuters [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARPOOLED : carpool [v]
CARPOOLS : carpool [v]
CARPORT : a shelter for a car [n -S]
CARPORTS : carport [n]
CARPS : carp [v]
CARPUS : the wrist [n -PI]
CARR : a marsh [n -S]
CARRACK : a type of merchant ship [n -S]
CARRACKS : carrack [n]
CARREL : a desk in a library stack for solitary study [n -S]
CARRELL : carrel [n -S]
CARRELLS : carrell [n]
CARRELS : carrel [n]
CARRIAGE : a wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle [n -S]
CARRIAGES : carriage [n]
CARRIED : carry [v]
CARRIER : one that carries [n -S]
CARRIERS : carrier [n]
CARRIES : carry [v]
CARRIOLE : cariole [n -S]
CARRIOLES : carriole [n]
CARRION : dead and putrefying flesh [n -S]
CARRIONS : carrion [n]
CARRITCH : a religious handbook [n -ES]
CARROCH : caroche [n -ES]
CARROCHES : carroch [n]
CARROM : to carom [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARROMED : carrom [v]
CARROMING : carrom [v]
CARROMS : carrom [v]
CARROT : an edible orange root [n -S]
CARROTIER : carroty [adj]
CARROTIN : carotene [n -S]
CARROTINS : carrotin [n]
CARROTS : carrot [n]
CARROTY : resembling a carrot in color [adj -ROTIER, -ROTIEST]
CARRS : carr [n]
CARRY : to convey from one place to another [v -RIED, -RYING, -RIES]
CARRYALL : a light covered carriage [n -S]
CARRYALLS : carryall [n]
CARRYING : carry [v]
CARRYON : a small piece of luggage [n -S]
CARRYONS : carryon [n]
CARRYOUT : a take-out order of food [n -S]
CARRYOUTS : carryout [n]
CARS : car [n]
CARSE : low, fertile land along a river [n -S]
CARSES : carse [n]
CARSICK : nauseated from riding in a car [adj]
CART : to convey in a cart (a two-wheeled vehicle) [v -ED, -ING, -S] : CARTABLE [adj]
CARTABLE : cart [adj]
CARTAGE : the act of carting [n -S]
CARTAGES : cartage [n]
CARTE : a menu [n -S]
CARTED : cart [v]
CARTEL : a business organization [n -S]
CARTELS : cartel [n]
CARTER : one that carts [n -S]
CARTERS : carter [n]
CARTES : carte [n]
CARTING : cart [v]
CARTLOAD : as much as a cart can hold [n -S]
CARTLOADS : cartload [n]
CARTON : to pack in a cardboard box [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARTONED : carton [v]
CARTONING : carton [v]
CARTONS : carton [v]
CARTOON : to sketch a cartoon (a humorous representation) of [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CARTOONED : cartoon [v]
CARTOONS : cartoon [v]
CARTOONY : resembling a cartoon [adj]
CARTOP : able to fit on top of a car [adj]
CARTOUCH : a scroll-like tablet [n -ES]
CARTS : cart [v]
CARUNCLE : a fleshy outgrowth [n -S]
CARUNCLES : caruncle [n]
CARVE : to form by cutting [v CARVED, CARVING, CARVES]
CARVED : carve [v]
CARVEL : caravel [n -S]
CARVELS : carvel [n]
CARVEN : carved [adj]
CARVER : one that carves [n -S]
CARVERS : carver [n]
CARVES : carve [v]
CARVING : a carved figure or design [n -S]
CARVINGS : carving [n]
CARWASH : an establishment equipped to wash automobiles [n -ES]
CARWASHES : carwash [n]
CARYATIC : resembling a caryatid [adj]
CARYATID : a sculptured female figure used as a column [n -S or -ES]
CARYATIDS : caryatid [n]
CARYOTIN : karyotin [n -S]
CARYOTINS : caryotin [n]
CASA : a dwelling [n -S]
CASABA : a variety of melon [n -S]
CASABAS : casaba [n]
CASAS : casa [n]
CASAVA : cassava [n -S]
CASAVAS : casava [n]
CASBAH : the old section of a North African city [n -S]
CASBAHS : casbah [n]
CASCABEL : the rear part of a cannon [n -S]
CASCABELS : cascabel [n]
CASCABLE : cascabel [n -S]
CASCABLES : cascable [n]
CASCADE : to fall like a waterfall [v -CADED, -CADING, -CADES]
CASCADED : cascade [v]
CASCADES : cascade [v]
CASCADING : cascade [v]
CASCARA : a medicinal tree bark [n -S]
CASCARAS : cascara [n]
CASE : to put in a case (a container or receptacle) [v CASED, CASING, CASES]
CASEASE : an enzyme [n -S]
CASEASES : casease [n]
CASEATE : to become cheesy [v -ATED, -ATING, -ATES]
CASEATED : caseate [v]
CASEATES : caseate [v]
CASEATING : caseate [v]
CASEBOOK : a law textbook [n -S]
CASEBOOKS : casebook [n]
CASED : case [v]
CASEFIED : casefy [v]
CASEFIES : casefy [v]
CASEFY : to caseate [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
CASEFYING : casefy [v]
CASEIC : casein [adj]
CASEIN : a milk protein [n -S] : CASEIC [adj]
CASEINS : casein [n]
CASELOAD : the number of cases being handled [n -S]
CASELOADS : caseload [n]
CASEMATE : a bombproof shelter [n -S]
CASEMATES : casemate [n]
CASEMENT : a type of window [n -S]
CASEMENTS : casement [n]
CASEOSE : a proteose [n -S]
CASEOSES : caseose [n]
CASEOUS : cheesy [adj]
CASERN : a barracks for soldiers [n -S]
CASERNE : casern [n -S]
CASERNES : caserne [n]
CASERNS : casern [n]
CASES : case [v]
CASETTE : cassette [n -S]
CASETTES : casette [n]
CASEWORK : a form of social work [n -S]
CASEWORKS : casework [n]
CASEWORM : an insect larva [n -S]
CASEWORMS : caseworm [n]
CASH : to convert into cash (ready money) [v -ED, -ING, -ES] : CASHABLE [adj]
CASHABLE : cash [adj]
CASHAW : cushaw [n -S]
CASHAWS : cashaw [n]
CASHBOOK : a book of monetary records [n -S]
CASHBOOKS : cashbook [n]
CASHBOX : a container for money [n -ES]
CASHBOXES : cashbox [n]
CASHED : cash [v]
CASHES : cash [v]
CASHEW : a nut-bearing tree [n -S]
CASHEWS : cashew [n]
CASHIER : to dismiss in disgrace [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CASHIERED : cashier [v]
CASHIERS : cashier [v]
CASHING : cash [v]
CASHLESS : having no cash [adj]
CASHMERE : a fine wool [n -S]
CASHMERES : cashmere [n]
CASHOO : catechu [n -SHOOS]
CASHOOS : cashoo [n]
CASIMERE : a woolen fabric [n -S]
CASIMERES : casimere [n]
CASIMIRE : casimere [n -S]
CASIMIRES : casimire [n]
CASING : a protective outer covering [n -S]
CASINGS : casing [n]
CASINI : casino [n]
CASINO : a gambling room [n -NOS or -NI]
CASINOS : casino [n]
CASITA : a small house [n -S]
CASITAS : casita [n]
CASK : to store in a cask (a strong barrel) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CASKED : cask [v]
CASKET : to place in a casket (a burial case) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CASKETED : casket [v]
CASKETING : casket [v]
CASKETS : casket [v]
CASKING : cask [v]
CASKS : cask [v]
CASKY : resembling a cask [adj]
CASQUE : a helmet [n -S] : CASQUED [adj]
CASQUED : casque [adj]
CASQUES : casque [n]
CASSABA : casaba [n -S]
CASSABAS : cassaba [n]
CASSATA : an Italian ice cream [n -S]
CASSATAS : cassata [n]
CASSAVA : a tropical plant [n -S]
CASSAVAS : cassava [n]
CASSENA : cassina [n -S]
CASSENAS : cassena [n]
CASSENE : cassina [n -S]
CASSENES : cassene [n]
CASSETTE : a small case containing audiotape or videotape [n -S]
CASSETTES : cassette [n]
CASSIA : a variety of cinnamon [n -S]
CASSIAS : cassia [n]
CASSINA : an evergreen tree [n -S]
CASSINAS : cassina [n]
CASSINE : cassina [n -S]
CASSINES : cassine [n]
CASSINO : a card game [n -NOS]
CASSINOS : cassino [n]
CASSIS : a European bush [n -SISES]
CASSISES : cassis [n]
CASSOCK : a long garment worn by clergymen [n -S]
CASSOCKS : cassock [n]
CAST : to throw with force [v CAST, CASTING, CASTS] : CASTABLE [adj]
CASTABLE : cast [adj]
CASTANET : a rhythm instrument [n -S]
CASTANETS : castanet [n]
CASTAWAY : an outcast [n -WAYS]
CASTAWAYS : castaway [n]
CASTE : a system of distinct social classes [n -S]
CASTEISM : the use of a caste system [n -S]
CASTEISMS : casteism [n]
CASTER : a small, swiveling wheel [n -S]
CASTERS : caster [n]
CASTES : caste [n]
CASTING : something made in a mold [n -S]
CASTINGS : casting [n]
CASTLE : to make a certain move in chess [v -TLED, -TLING, -TLES]
CASTLED : castle [v]
CASTLES : castle [v]
CASTLING : castle [v]
CASTOFF : a discarded person or thing [n -S]
CASTOFFS : castoff [n]
CASTOR : caster [n -S]
CASTORS : castor [n]
CASTRATE : to remove the testes of [v -TRATED, -TRATING, -TRATES]
CASTRATED : castrate [v]
CASTRATES : castrate [v]
CASTRATI : castrato [n]
CASTRATO : a singer castrated in boyhood [n -TI]
CASTRATOR : one that castrates [n -S]
CASTS : cast [v]
CASUAL : one who works occasionally [n -S]
CASUALLY : informally [adv]
CASUALS : casual [n]
CASUALTY : a victim of war or disaster [n -TIES]
CASUIST : one who resolves ethical problems [n -S]
CASUISTS : casuist [n]
CASUS : a legal occurrence or event [n CASUS]
CAT : to hoist an anchor to the cathead [v CATTED, CATTING, CATS]
CATACOMB : an underground cemetery [n -S]
CATACOMBS : catacomb [n]
CATALASE : an enzyme [n -S]
CATALASES : catalase [n]
CATALO : a hybrid between a buffalo and a cow [n -LOS or -LOES]
CATALOES : catalo [n]
CATALOG : to classify information descriptively [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CATALOGED : catalog [v]
CATALOGS : catalog [v]
CATALOS : catalo [n]
CATALPA : a tree [n -S]
CATALPAS : catalpa [n]
CATALYST : a substance that accelerates a chemical reaction [n -S]
CATALYSTS : catalyst [n]
CATALYZE : to act as a catalyst [v -LYZED, -LYZING, -LYZES]
CATALYZED : catalyze [v]
CATALYZES : catalyze [v]
CATAMITE : a boy used in sodomy [n -S]
CATAMITES : catamite [n]
CATAPULT : to hurl through the air [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CATAPULTS : catapult [v]
CATARACT : a tremendous waterfall [n -S]
CATARACTS : cataract [n]
CATARRH : inflammation of a mucous membrane [n -S]
CATARRHS : catarrh [n]
CATAWBA : a variety of fox grape [n -S]
CATAWBAS : catawba [n]
CATBIRD : a songbird [n -S]
CATBIRDS : catbird [n]
CATBOAT : a small sailboat [n -S]
CATBOATS : catboat [n]
CATBRIER : a thorny vine [n -S]
CATBRIERS : catbrier [n]
CATCALL : to deride by making shrill sounds [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CATCALLED : catcall [v]
CATCALLS : catcall [v]
CATCH : to capture after pursuit [v CAUGHT, CATCHING, CATCHES]
CATCHALL : a container for odds and ends [n -S]
CATCHALLS : catchall [n]
CATCHER : one that catches [n -S]
CATCHERS : catcher [n]
CATCHES : catch [v]
CATCHFLY : an insect-catching plant [n -FLIES]
CATCHIER : catchy [adj]
CATCHIEST : catchy [adj]
CATCHING : catch [v]
CATCHUP : ketchup [n -S]
CATCHUPS : catchup [n]
CATCHY : pleasing and easily remembered [adj CATCHIER, CATCHIEST]
CATCLAW : a flowering shrub [n -S]
CATCLAWS : catclaw [n]
CATE : a choice food [n -S]
CATECHIN : a chemical used in dyeing [n -S]
CATECHINS : catechin [n]
CATECHOL : a chemical used in photography [n -S]
CATECHOLS : catechol [n]
CATECHU : a resin used in tanning [n -S]
CATECHUS : catechu [n]
CATEGORY : a division in any system of classification [n -RIES]
CATENA : a closely linked series [n -NAS or -NAE]
CATENAE : catena [n]
CATENARY : a mathematical curve [n -NARIES]
CATENAS : catena [n]
CATENATE : to link together [v -NATED, -NATING, -NATES]
CATENATED : catenate [v]
CATENATES : catenate [v]
CATENOID : a geometric surface [n -S]
CATENOIDS : catenoid [n]
CATER : to provide food and service for [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CATERAN : a brigand [n -S]
CATERANS : cateran [n]
CATERED : cater [v]
CATERER : one that caters [n -S]
CATERERS : caterer [n]
CATERESS : a woman who caters [n -ES]
CATERING : cater [v]
CATERS : cater [v]
CATES : cate [n]
CATFACE : a deformity of fruit [n -S]
CATFACES : catface [n]
CATFALL : an anchor line [n -S]
CATFALLS : catfall [n]
CATFIGHT : a fight between two women [n -S]
CATFIGHTS : catfight [n]
CATFISH : a scaleless, large-headed fish [n -ES]
CATFISHES : catfish [n]
CATGUT : a strong cord [n -S]
CATGUTS : catgut [n]
CATHEAD : a beam projecting from a ship’s bow [n -S]
CATHEADS : cathead [n]
CATHECT : to invest with psychic energy [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CATHECTED : cathect [v]
CATHECTS : cathect [v]
CATHEDRA : a bishop’s throne [n -DRAS or -DRAE]
CATHEDRAE : cathedra [n]
CATHEDRAS : cathedra [n]
CATHETER : a medical instrument [n -S]
CATHETERS : catheter [n]
CATHEXES : cathexis [n]
CATHEXIS : the concentration of psychic energy on a person or idea [n -THEXES]
CATHODAL : cathode [adj]
CATHODE : a negatively charged electrode [n -S] : CATHODAL, CATHODIC [adj]
CATHODES : cathode [n]
CATHODIC : cathode [adj]
CATHOLIC : a member of the early Christian church [n -S]
CATHOLICS : catholic [n]
CATHOUSE : a brothel [n -S]
CATHOUSES : cathouse [n]
CATION : a positively charged ion [n -S] : CATIONIC [adj]
CATIONIC : cation [adj]
CATIONS : cation [n]
CATJANG : an African shrub [n -S]
CATJANGS : catjang [n]
CATKIN : a flower cluster [n -S]
CATKINS : catkin [n]
CATLIKE : resembling a cat; stealthy; silent [adj]
CATLIN : catling [n -S]
CATLING : a surgical knife [n -S]
CATLINGS : catling [n]
CATLINS : catlin [n]
CATMINT : catnip [n -S]
CATMINTS : catmint [n]
CATNAPER : one that steals cats [n -S]
CATNAPERS : catnaper [n]
CATNAPPED : catnap [v]
CATNAPS : catnap [v]
CATNIP : an aromatic herb [n -S]
CATNIPS : catnip [n]
CATS : cat [v]
CATSPAW : a light wind [n -S]
CATSPAWS : catspaw [n]
CATSUIT : a close-fitting one-piece garment [n -S]
CATSUITS : catsuit [n]
CATSUP : ketchup [n -S]
CATSUPS : catsup [n]
CATTAIL : a marsh plant [n -S]
CATTAILS : cattail [n]
CATTALO : catalo [n -LOS or -LOES]
CATTALOES : cattalo [n]
CATTALOS : cattalo [n]
CATTED : cat [v]
CATTERIES : cattery [n]
CATTERY : an establishment for breeding cats [n -TERIES]
CATTIE : an Asian unit of weight [n -S]
CATTIER : catty [adj]
CATTIES : cattie [n]
CATTIEST : catty [adj]
CATTILY : in a catty manner [adv]
CATTING : cat [v]
CATTISH : catty [adj]
CATTLE : domesticated bovines [n]
CATTLEYA : a tropical orchid [n -S]
CATTLEYAS : cattleya [n]
CATTY : catlike; spiteful [adj -TIER, -TIEST]
CATWALK : a narrow walkway [n -S]
CATWALKS : catwalk [n]
CAUCUS : to hold a political meeting [v -CUSED, -CUSING, -CUSES or -CUSSED, -CUSSING, -CUSSES]
CAUCUSED : caucus [v]
CAUCUSES : caucus [v]
CAUCUSING : caucus [v]
CAUCUSSED : caucus [v]
CAUCUSSES : caucus [v]
CAUDAD : toward the tail [adv]
CAUDAL : taillike [adj] : CAUDALLY [adv]
CAUDALLY : caudal [adv]
CAUDATE : a basal ganglion of the brain [n -S]
CAUDATED : having a tail [adj]
CAUDATES : caudate [n]
CAUDEX : the woody base of some plants [n -DICES or -DEXES]
CAUDEXES : caudex [n]
CAUDICES : caudex [n]
CAUDILLO : a military dictator [n -LLOS]
CAUDILLOS : caudillo [n]
CAUDLE : a warm beverage [n -S]
CAUDLES : caudle [n]
CAUGHT : catch [v]
CAUL : a fetal membrane [n -S]
CAULD : cold [n -S]
CAULDRON : caldron [n -S]
CAULDRONS : cauldron [n]
CAULDS : cauld [n]
CAULES : caulis [n]
CAULICLE : a small stem [n -S]
CAULICLES : caulicle [n]
CAULINE : pertaining to a stem [adj]
CAULIS : a plant stem [n -LES]
CAULK : to make the seams of a ship watertight [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAULKED : caulk [v]
CAULKER : one that caulks [n -S]
CAULKERS : caulker [n]
CAULKING : the material used to caulk [n -S]
CAULKINGS : caulking [n]
CAULKS : caulk [v]
CAULS : caul [n]
CAUSABLE : capable of being caused [adj]
CAUSAL : a word expressing cause or reason [n -S]
CAUSALLY : by way of causing [adv]
CAUSALS : causal [n]
CAUSE : to bring about [v CAUSED, CAUSING, CAUSES]
CAUSED : cause [v]
CAUSER : one that causes [n -S]
CAUSERIE : an informal conversation [n -S]
CAUSERIES : causerie [n]
CAUSERS : causer [n]
CAUSES : cause [v]
CAUSEWAY : to build a causeway (a raised roadway) over [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAUSEWAYS : causeway [v]
CAUSEY : a paved road [n -SEYS]
CAUSEYS : causey [n]
CAUSING : cause [v]
CAUSTIC : a corrosive substance [n -S]
CAUSTICS : caustic [n]
CAUTERIES : cautery [n]
CAUTERY : something used to destroy tissue [n -TERIES]
CAUTION : to warn [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAUTIONED : caution [v]
CAUTIONS : caution [v]
CAUTIOUS : exercising prudence to avoid danger [adj]
CAVALERO : a horseman [n -ROS]
CAVALEROS : cavalero [n]
CAVALIER : to behave haughtily [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAVALIERS : cavalier [v]
CAVALLA : a large food fish [n -S]
CAVALLAS : cavalla [n]
CAVALLIES : cavally [n]
CAVALLY : cavalla [n -LIES]
CAVALRIES : cavalry [n]
CAVALRY : a mobile army unit [n -RIES]
CAVATINA : a simple song [n -NAS or -NE]
CAVATINAS : cavatina [n]
CAVATINE : cavatina [n]
CAVE : to hollow out [v CAVED, CAVING, CAVES]
CAVEAT : to enter a type of legal notice [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAVEATED : caveat [v]
CAVEATING : caveat [v]
CAVEATOR : one that files a caveat [n -S]
CAVEATORS : caveator [n]
CAVEATS : caveat [v]
CAVED : cave [v]
CAVEFISH : a sightless fish [n -ES]
CAVELIKE : resembling a cave (an underground chamber) [adj]
CAVEMAN : a cave dweller [n CAVEMEN]
CAVEMEN : caveman [n]
CAVER : one that caves [n -S]
CAVERN : to hollow out [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAVERNED : cavern [v]
CAVERNING : cavern [v]
CAVERNS : cavern [v]
CAVERS : caver [n]
CAVES : cave [v]
CAVETTI : cavetto [n]
CAVETTO : a concave molding [n -TOS or -TI]
CAVETTOS : cavetto [n]
CAVIAR : the roe of sturgeon [n -S]
CAVIARE : caviar [n -S]
CAVIARES : caviare [n]
CAVIARS : caviar [n]
CAVICORN : having hollow horns [adj]
CAVIE : a hencoop [n -S]
CAVIES : cavy [n]
CAVIL : to carp [v -ILED, -ILING, -ILS or -ILLED, -ILLING, -ILS]
CAVILED : cavil [v]
CAVILER : one that cavils [n -S]
CAVILERS : caviler [n]
CAVILING : cavil [v]
CAVILLED : cavil [v]
CAVILLER : caviler [n -S]
CAVILLERS : caviller [n]
CAVILLING : cavil [v]
CAVILS : cavil [v]
CAVING : the sport of exploring caves [n -S]
CAVINGS : caving [n]
CAVITARY : pertaining to the formation of cavities in tissue [adj]
CAVITATE : to form cavities [v -TATED, -TATING, -TATES]
CAVITATED : cavitate [v]
CAVITATES : cavitate [v]
CAVITIED : cavity [adj]
CAVITIES : cavity [n]
CAVITY : an unfilled space within a mass [n -TIES] : CAVITIED [adj]
CAVORT : to frolic [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAVORTED : cavort [v]
CAVORTER : one that cavorts [n -S]
CAVORTERS : cavorter [n]
CAVORTING : cavort [v]
CAVORTS : cavort [v]
CAVY : a short-tailed rodent [n -VIES]
CAW : to utter the sound of a crow [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CAWED : caw [v]
CAWING : caw [v]
CAWS : caw [v]
CAY : a small low island [n CAYS]
CAYENNE : a hot seasoning [n -S] : CAYENNED [adj]
CAYENNED : cayenne [adj]
CAYENNES : cayenne [n]
CAYMAN : caiman [n -S]
CAYMANS : cayman [n]
CAYS : cay [n]
CAYUSE : an Indian pony [n -S]
CAYUSES : cayuse [n]
CAZIQUE : cacique [n -S]
CAZIQUES : cazique [n]
CEASED : cease [v]
CEASES : cease [v]
CEASING : cease [v]
CEBID : ceboid [n -S]
CEBIDS : cebid [n]
CEBOID : one of a family of monkeys [n -S]
CEBOIDS : ceboid [n]
CECA : cecum [n]
CECAL : cecum [adj]
CECALLY : cecum [adv]
CECITIES : cecity [n]
CECITY : blindness [n -TIES]
CECROPIA : a large North American moth [n -S]
CECROPIAS : cecropia [n]
CECUM : a bodily cavity with one opening [n CECA] : CECAL [adj], CECALLY [adv]
CEDAR : an evergreen tree [n -S] : CEDARN, CEDARY [adj]
CEDARN : cedar [adj]
CEDARS : cedar [n]
CEDARY : cedar [adj]
CEDE : to yield [v CEDED, CEDING, CEDES]
CEDED : cede [v]
CEDER : one that cedes [n -S]
CEDERS : ceder [n]
CEDES : cede [v]
CEDI : a monetary unit of Ghana [n -S]
CEDILLA : a pronunciation mark [n -S]
CEDILLAS : cedilla [n]
CEDING : cede [v]
CEDIS : cedi [n]
CEDULA : a Philippine tax [n -S]
CEDULAS : cedula [n]
CEE : the letter C [n -S]
CEES : cee [n]
CEIBA : a tropical tree [n -S]
CEIBAS : ceiba [n]
CEIL : to furnish with a ceiling [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CEILED : ceil [v]
CEILER : one that ceils [n -S]
CEILERS : ceiler [n]
CEILI : ceilidh [n -S]
CEILIDH : an Irish or Scottish party [n -S]
CEILIDHS : ceilidh [n]
CEILING : the overhead lining of a room [n -S]
CEILINGS : ceiling [n]
CEILIS : ceili [n]
CEILS : ceil [v]
CEINTURE : a belt for the waist [n -S]
CEINTURES : ceinture [n]
CEL : a sheet of celluloid used in animation [n -S]
CELADON : a pale green color [n -S]
CELADONS : celadon [n]
CELEB : a celebrity; a famous person [n -S]
CELEBS : celeb [n]
CELERIAC : a variety of celery [n -S]
CELERIACS : celeriac [n]
CELERIES : celery [n]
CELERITY : swiftness [n -TIES]
CELERY : a plant with edible stalks [n -ERIES]
CELESTA : a keyboard instrument [n -S]
CELESTAS : celesta [n]
CELESTE : celesta [n -S]
CELESTES : celeste [n]
CELIAC : one that has a chronic nutritional disturbance [n -S]
CELIACS : celiac [n]
CELIBACY : abstention from sexual intercourse [n -CIES]
CELIBATE : one who lives a life of celibacy [n -S]
CELIBATES : celibate [n]
CELL : to store in a honeycomb [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CELLA : the interior of an ancient temple [n -LAE]
CELLAE : cella [n]
CELLAR : to store in an underground room [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CELLARED : cellar [v]
CELLARER : the steward of a monastery [n -S]
CELLARERS : cellarer [n]
CELLARET : a cabinet for wine bottles [n -S]
CELLARETS : cellaret [n]
CELLARING : cellar [v]
CELLARS : cellar [v]
CELLED : cell [v]
CELLI : cello [n]
CELLING : cell [v]
CELLIST : one who plays the cello [n -S]
CELLISTS : cellist [n]
CELLMATE : one of two or more prisoners sharing a cell [n -S]
CELLMATES : cellmate [n]
CELLO : a stringed muscial instrument [n -LOS or -LI]
CELLOS : cello [n]
CELLS : cell [v]
CELLULAR : pertaining to a cell (a basic unit of life) [adj]
CELLULE : a small cell [n -S]
CELLULES : cellule [n]
CELOM : coelom [n -LOMS or -LOMATA]
CELOMATA : celom [n]
CELOMS : celom [n]
CELOSIA : a flowering plant [n -S]
CELOSIAS : celosia [n]
CELOTEX : a building board that is employed as insulation or paneling -- a trademark [n -ES]
CELOTEXES : celotex [n]
CELS : cel [n]
CELT : a primitive ax [n -S]
CELTS : celt [n]
CEMBALI : cembalo [n]
CEMBALO : a harpsichord [n -LI or -LOS]
CEMBALOS : cembalo [n]
CEMENT : to bind firmly [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CEMENTA : cementum [n]
CEMENTED : cement [v]
CEMENTER : one that cements [n -S]
CEMENTERS : cementer [n]
CEMENTING : cement [v]
CEMENTS : cement [v]
CEMENTUM : the hard tissue covering the roots of the teeth [n -TA]
CEMETERY : a burial ground [n -TERIES]
CENACLE : a small dining room [n -S]
CENACLES : cenacle [n]
CENOBITE : a member of a religious order [n -S]
CENOBITES : cenobite [n]
CENOTAPH : an empty tomb [n -S]
CENOTAPHS : cenotaph [n]
CENOTE : a sinkhole in limestone [n -S]
CENOTES : cenote [n]
CENOZOIC : of or pertaining to a certain geologic time period [adj]
CENSE : to perfume with incense [v CENSED, CENSING, CENSES]
CENSED : cense [v]
CENSER : a vessel for burning incense [n -S]
CENSERS : censer [n]
CENSES : cense [v]
CENSING : cense [v]
CENSOR : to delete an objectionable word or passage [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CENSORED : censor [v]
CENSORING : censor [v]
CENSORS : censor [v]
CENSUAL : pertaining to the act of censusing [adj]
CENSURE : to criticize severely [v -SURED, -SURING, -SURES]
CENSURED : censure [v]
CENSURER : one that censures [n -S]
CENSURERS : censurer [n]
CENSURES : censure [v]
CENSURING : censure [v]
CENSUS : to take an official count of [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CENSUSED : census [v]
CENSUSES : census [v]
CENSUSING : census [v]
CENT : the 100th part of a dollar [n -S]
CENTAI : centas [n]
CENTAL : a unit of weight [n -S]
CENTALS : cental [n]
CENTARE : a measure of land area [n -S]
CENTARES : centare [n]
CENTAS : a monetary unit of Lithuania [n CENTAI or CENTU]
CENTAUR : a mythological creature [n -S]
CENTAURS : centaur [n]
CENTAURY : a medicinal herb [n -RIES]
CENTAVO : a coin of various Spanish-American nations [n -VOS]
CENTAVOS : centavo [n]
CENTER : to place at the center (the midpoint) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CENTERED : center [v]
CENTERING : center [v]
CENTERS : center [v]
CENTESES : centesis [n]
CENTESIS : a surgical puncture [n -TESES]
CENTIARE : centare [n -S]
CENTIARES : centiare [n]
CENTILE : a value of a statistical variable [n -S]
CENTILES : centile [n]
CENTIME : the 100th part of a franc [n -S]
CENTIMES : centime [n]
CENTIMO : any of various small coins [n -MOS]
CENTIMOS : centimo [n]
CENTNER : a unit of weight [n -S]
CENTNERS : centner [n]
CENTO : a literary work made up of parts from other works [n -TONES or -TOS]
CENTONES : cento [n]
CENTOS : cento [n]
CENTRA : centrum [n]
CENTRAL : situated at, in, or near the center [adj -TRALER, -TRALEST] / a telephone exchange [n -S]
CENTRALER : central [adj]
CENTRALS : central [n]
CENTRE : to center [v -TRED, -TRING, -TRES]
CENTRED : centre [v]
CENTRES : centre [v]
CENTRIC : situated at the center [adj]
CENTRING : a temporary framework for an arch [n -S]
CENTRINGS : centring [n]
CENTRISM : moderate political philosophy [n -S]
CENTRISMS : centrism [n]
CENTRIST : an advocate of centrism [n -S]
CENTRISTS : centrist [n]
CENTROID : the center of mass of an object [n -S]
CENTROIDS : centroid [n]
CENTRUM : the body of a vertebra [n -TRUMS or -TRA]
CENTRUMS : centrum [n]
CENTS : cent [n]
CENTU : centas [n]
CENTUM : one hundred [n -S]
CENTUMS : centum [n]
CENTUPLE : to increase a hundredfold [v -PLED, -PLING, -PLES]
CENTUPLED : centuple [v]
CENTUPLES : centuple [v]
CENTURIES : century [n]
CENTURY : a period of 100 years [n -RIES]
CEORL : a freeman of low birth [n -S] : CEORLISH [adj]
CEORLISH : ceorl [adj]
CEORLS : ceorl [n]
CEP : cepe [n -S]
CEPE : a large mushroom [n -S]
CEPES : cepe [n]
CEPHALAD : toward the head [adv]
CEPHALIC : pertaining to the head [adj]
CEPHALIN : a bodily chemical [n -S]
CEPHALINS : cephalin [n]
CEPHEID : a giant star [n -S]
CEPHEIDS : cepheid [n]
CEPS : cep [n]
CERAMAL : a heat-resistant alloy [n -S]
CERAMALS : ceramal [n]
CERAMIC : an item made of baked clay [n -S]
CERAMICS : ceramic [n]
CERAMIDE : any of various lipids [n -S]
CERAMIDES : ceramide [n]
CERAMIST : one who makes ceramics [n -S]
CERAMISTS : ceramist [n]
CERASTES : a venomous snake [n CERASTES]
CERATE : a medicated ointment [n -S]
CERATED : covered with wax [adj]
CERATES : cerate [n]
CERATIN : keratin [n -S]
CERATINS : ceratin [n]
CERATOID : hornlike [adj]
CERCAL : cercus [adj]
CERCARIA : a parasitic worm [n -IAE or -IAS]
CERCARIAE : cercaria [n]
CERCARIAS : cercaria [n]
CERCI : cercus [n]
CERCIS : a shrub [n -CISES]
CERCISES : cercis [n]
CERCUS : a sensory appendage of an insect [n CERCI] : CERCAL [adj]
CERE : to wrap in a waxy cloth [v CERED, CERING, CERES]
CEREAL : a food made from grain [n -S]
CEREALS : cereal [n]
CEREBRA : cerebrum [n]
CEREBRAL : a kind of consonant [n -S]
CEREBRALS : cerebral [n]
CEREBRIC : cerebrum [adj]
CEREBRUM : a part of the brain [n -BRUMS or -BRA] : CEREBRIC [adj]
CEREBRUMS : cerebrum [n]
CERED : cere [v]
CEREMENT : a waxy cloth [n -S]
CEREMENTS : cerement [n]
CEREMONY : a formal observance [n -NIES]
CERES : cere [v]
CEREUS : a tall cactus [n -ES]
CEREUSES : cereus [n]
CERIA : a chemical compound [n -S]
CERIAS : ceria [n]
CERIC : containing cerium [adj]
CERING : cere [v]
CERIPH : serif [n -S]
CERIPHS : ceriph [n]
CERISE : a red color [n -S]
CERISES : cerise [n]
CERITE : a mineral [n -S]
CERITES : cerite [n]
CERIUM : a metallic element [n -S]
CERIUMS : cerium [n]
CERMET : ceramal [n -S]
CERMETS : cermet [n]
CERNUOUS : drooping or nodding [adj]
CERO : a large food fish [n CEROS]
CEROS : cero [n]
CEROTIC : pertaining to beeswax [adj]
CEROTYPE : a process of engraving using wax [n -S]
CEROTYPES : cerotype [n]
CEROUS : pertaining to cerium [adj]
CERTAIN : absolutely confident [adj -TAINER, -TAINEST]
CERTAINER : certain [adj]
CERTES : in truth [adv]
CERTIFIED : certify [v]
CERTIFIES : certify [v]
CERTIFY : to confirm [v -FIED, -FYING, -FIES]
CERULEAN : a blue color [n -S]
CERULEANS : cerulean [n]
CERUMEN : a waxy secretion of the ear [n -S]
CERUMENS : cerumen [n]
CERUSE : a lead compound [n -S]
CERUSES : ceruse [n]
CERUSITE : a lead ore [n -S]
CERUSITES : cerusite [n]
CERVELAS : cervelat [n -ES]
CERVELAT : a smoked sausage [n -S]
CERVELATS : cervelat [n]
CERVEZA : beer [n -S]
CERVEZAS : cerveza [n]
CERVICAL : pertaining to the cervix [adj]
CERVICES : cervix [n]
CERVID : of the deer family [adj]
CERVINE : pertaining to deer [adj]
CERVIX : the neck [n -VICES or -VIXES]
CERVIXES : cervix [n]
CESAREAN : a method of child delivery [n -S]
CESAREANS : cesarean [n]
CESARIAN : cesarean [n -S]
CESARIANS : cesarian [n]
CESIUM : a metallic element [n -S]
CESIUMS : cesium [n]
CESS : to tax or assess [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
CESSED : cess [v]
CESSES : cess [v]
CESSING : cess [v]
CESSION : the act of ceding [n -S]
CESSIONS : cession [n]
CESSPIT : a cesspool [n -S]
CESSPITS : cesspit [n]
CESSPOOL : a covered well or pit for sewage [n -S]
CESSPOOLS : cesspool [n]
CESTA : a basket used in jai alai [n -S]
CESTAS : cesta [n]
CESTI : cestus [n]
CESTODE : a tapeworm [n -S]
CESTODES : cestode [n]
CESTOI : cestos [n]
CESTOID : cestode [n -S]
CESTOIDS : cestoid [n]
CESTOS : cestus [n -TOI]
CESTUS : a hand covering for ancient Roman boxers [n -ES] / a belt or girdle [n -TI]
CESTUSES : cestus [n]
CESURA : caesura [n -RAS or -RAE]
CESURAE : cesura [n]
CESURAS : cesura [n]
CETACEAN : an aqua