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See also the highest-rated active players living in DC.
Aaron McPhee
Alyssa Faria
ISC: cheezchick. Appreciates fruit scents and pakora.

Austin Nichols
The economist, not the actor.
Avis Casely

Barry Jones
Dances like Fred Astaire. Cha-cha-cha!
Brian Bailey
ISC: ataraxy. Works in the field of biomedical intellectual property, learned to play competitively in Montana. Major travel geek.

Brian Galebach
ISC: MrBrain. An electrical engineer, computer programmer and website developer. In his spare time he enjoys playing piano, singing and curling.
Bev Roberts

Bob Linn (co-director)
ISC: rlinn. Financial advisor and money manager at Ferris, Baker Watts, Inc. for 38 years. 31st in World's Scrabble tourney, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2003. Enjoys teaching Scrabble. Come and ask for "Scrabble School."
Cara Bowen-Goldberg

Carole Denton
Doug Hoylman
Six-time winner of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

Gail Linn
An audiologist who lives in Potomac, MD
Grant Guenzel

Harvey Solomon James Flomo

Jennifer Cohen
Works as a content editor and creative director for a website.
Jim Cassidy
ISC: squire, jmcassidy. A lawyer, has lived in Washington since 1945 and has been playing in Club 171 since 1988. He also plays in southern CA, where he has a home.

Jim Crouch Joel Unowsky

John Stinson
K.C. Frodyma
ISC: majotaur.

Lee Pearson
Lynda Unowsky

Lorraine Cirina
Brooklyn transplant thriving on Connecticut Ave with its generous watering of noise. Club regular since 1998, now serving as treasurer.
Lowell Starr

Marcia Bowen
Retired restaurant owner from Kensington, Maryland.
Marcia Richards

Nandini Dickens
Pat Brown
An investigative criminal profiler.

Paula McMartin Ralph Moore
Retired U.S. Foreign Service officer, lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Randy Taylor
A former real estate agent who lives in Washington, DC. Possibly the only club member to have traveled to Antarctica. Purportely a part-time emperor of a remote galaxy.
Sarel Kromer
A retired lawyer who lives in Chevy Chase. Recently traveled to Rwanda.

Shah Ali
Stefan Fatsis
Author of the bestselling book on the contemporary Scrabble condition, Word Freak.

Tat Reistrup
Ted Gest
ISC: tgest. Club co-director, runs the national Criminal Justice Journalists & a coalition of journalism groups. Notable Scrabble achievement: bingos on 4 consecutive plays.

Teresa Schaeffer
ISC: tereoca. Works as a chess coach/instructor, club member since 1992, best play - 9 letter word - triple/triple at the Nationals.
Tom and Thomas Draper
Thomas loves climbing, T-ball & word games. Scrabbles ~2 hours daily w/ 2k+ wins vs. Maven. Beaten every member of his extended family. The only 5yo ever to wish for a Scrabble B-day cake? Tom has been a Mathematician at the DoD for 8+ years. Enjoys strategy games, computers & table tennis.

Vince Castellano
A software engineer from Fairfax, VA.
Zobo the Chimp
Manager of a local waterpark. Earned his pilots license in 2004. Enjoys scuba diving, karaoke and monster truck rallies.