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North American SCRABBLE® Players Association (NASPA) Club 171 Regular Events

Our regular meeting is 5:30-10 p.m. every Tuesday at the Chevy Chase Community Center. Please bring equipment if possible and contribute $1 toward photocopying, etc.
NSA Club 171 Special Events

14-game NASPA-Rated Tournament
Saturday & Sunday, March 19 & 20, 2011
9:30 a.m. Saturday 8 games
9:30 a.m. Sunday 6 games
4805 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda, MD
Past events
(in reverse chronological order)
One-day rated tournament on Sat., July 24, 2010, in Rockville; see the details on cross-tables.com.
Results of the 2009 Rockville tournament at NSA website or Cross-tables.
Results of the 4/10/2010 tournament on cross-tables.com.
Flyer for the Rockville Tournament, March 21-22, 2009 and results at NSA website or Cross-tables

Results of the summer 2008 tournament.
Results of the summer 2007 tournament.
CAPITAL LETTERS: A multi-day tournament, November 10-12, 2006
Results of the summer 2006 tournament.
Results of the summer 2005 tournament.
Results of the summer 2004 tournament.
Results of the summer 2003 tournament.
Results of the summer 2002 tournament.
Results of the summer 2001 tournament.
Results of the long (29 February 2000 through 25 July 2000) unrated tournament in 2000.